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Moto X to be Unveiled on August 1

moto x invite

It’s official, the Moto X will be unveiled on August 1 in NYC. A press invite just arrived in our inbox, with nothing more than “moto x – August 1 – New York” included. Well, you can see the device in both white and black hanging out as well.

From what we can tell, this won’t be the classic live press event. We’re looking at an opportunity for press to get their hands on the device behind the scenes and then report back. So be sure to stick with us on August 1.


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  • Guest
  • Chick in the red snapback looks cool

  • Tyler Casilio

    Notice the different fashions that they are all wearing. That’s hinting at the Customizable stuff….Maybe

  • SamusDroid

    I think this will finally be the phone that will make me retire my Droid X I’ve had since launch day.

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      Lol you’ve had your phone for nearly 5 years

    • kali bred

      I’m sure Its extremely slow i still have mine and use it for internet and music but its slow compared to my bionic and the bionic is slow compared to a lot of phones still gets the job done tho even if it takes a little longer to do some stuff

  • So I have a Gnex(vzw) and I cannot WAIT to get rid of it. The phone has become so slow; Almost unusable at times, and I am not a fan of how Vzw handled having a nexus advice. Rumor has it that the Gnex will be $199 off contract, which would be GREAT, but everyone is saying that this will be a midrange phone. Would it even be worth getting this from a gnex?

    • NexusMan

      I am sooo with you, man.

  • Tyler J

    This may be a stupid question but are any of these phone reveals open to the public? I mean if i live in new york could i ever go or is it media/press only?

    • Xcalibur

      No, invite only. I live NYC as well, and worked in Marketing, I’ve asked Verizon and other mobile companies when then did a Focus group at my office and they said it is only open to certain media companies by invite only.

      • Tyler J

        Damn well thanks for the reply. I just moved to NYC and thought it would be kind of cool to get a first look at stuff. Thanks

        • Xcalibur

          No problem, and welcome to HOT & SMELLY NYC lol

  • DJyoSNOW

    No thanks I’m good

  • John Jenness

    Pretty obvious here guys that this phone is going to be targeting the ladies.

    • NexusMan

      Or men who like ladies.

  • trwb

    So this phone is for hipster women?

  • Sequence of Sound…

    This looks like it’s being marketed towards young people, as a “hip” device. I am young and I am hip… I just hope that it doesn’t end up too much like the iPhone. But as long as it functions smoothly…

    • kali bred

      I don’t want it to be like the iPhone in the sense that the iPhone gui is very bland to me and that every version has minor changes but I’ve always wanted an Android with the mystique and form factor of the iPhone five just with all of Androids customize ability roms and all other great things that are Android which i think is what they’re trying to do here but with more of that lil green guy we all love