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Verizon Releases Update to Samsung Stratosphere 2, Squashes Lots of Bugs Found in Jelly Bean Update


Back in March of this year, the Stratosphere 2 from Samsung on Verizon’s network received a major update to Android 4.1. With this new update, which is set to begin rolling out today, a lot of the bugs that were in the Jelly Bean build are getting squashed, along with a couple of feature additions. 

For example, a nasty bug that rendered your display useless and with a blue monotone look has been fixed, as well as a reset bug that plagued the stock Internet application. About five other major fixes are included, so if you have noticed any of those problems on your device, you will want to pick up this update.

As for enhancements, the SIM pin entry screen will now display the correct amount of remaining attempts (oh gee, that’s nice), lockscreen functionality has been improved and there is now enhanced lockscreen security, whatever that means.

If you have a Stratosphere 2, go grab the update through the Settings>About Phone menu. If it’s not there yet, keep trying over the next few days.

The size for this software upgrade is approximately 91 MB

Via: Verizon

  • Tony

    I purchased it for the QWERTY. Stratosphere 2 is the WORST phone I have owned. I’m now on my third one in 6 months and just received my latest replacement. The first one kept dropping the outgoing voice, the second had the blue screen and I’m holding my breath to see hat surprises the third one has inrstore. If it wasn’t for the fact I would have to spend at least $350.00 at Verizon to change to a different phone I’d sling it into a lake to see how many skips I could get off it.
    Never again will I purchase a Samsung product, and I’m not nuts about continuing with Verizon who will not let me change phones without a lot of $$$’s.

  • Christina Bauer

    Does anyone know how long the Stratosphere 2 has been available as a free upgrade???

  • joefresco

    I own this phone. I’m more concerned with the update to Android 4.3 which includes Bluetooth 4.0 LE support. This phone is BT4 capable but still doesn’t work properly with StickNFind.

    That changelist is pretty weak. I wish VZ allowed permanently disallowing updates as I wouldn’t put it past them to cut off free tethering or screw something up. I’ll put it off as long as I can.

    • joefresco

      And by the way for everyone who is tossing this phone in the garbage, It’s STILL the only QWERTY Qualcomm S4 Verizon LTE phone. Since QWERTY and Verizon LTE are must haves for me, and the S4 in it is on par with the GS III just with half the RAM. I’m slowly becoming resigned to QWERTY disappearing but I’m going to stick with it until I’m forced out.

  • tabassamed

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  • MacNificent

    I’m not here for up or down votes! I come here to get great tech news and voice my opinion when the comments aren’t too stupid. so down vote that!

    • RAWR

      So I see the first batch of heat-induced lunatics are starting to reveal themselves…

      • MacNificent

        i guess so. thank goodness i dont know them

  • joejoe5709

    I love my Nexus. It’s been just about exactly a year now since I got 4.1 JB. I couldn’t even wait for Verizon to figure it out and had to finally root my GNex. I certainly can’t imagine a world waiting an entire year for this software. Then again, owners of this phone probably don’t even know what Jelly Bean is or why it’s awesome.

  • Damian

    No 4.2.2 update for my DNA?

  • MacNificent

    When i buy The Moto X or whatever dope Moto phone comes out soon, I will set my galaxy s3 on fire in front of a verizon store

    • Verizon

      Just bring marshmallows for everyone.

      • David Narada Brown

        Not our fault Verizon has us feelin salty. Nothing they do benefits the consumer, they think they know what we want then down vote us for telling the truth. Go ahead and down vote this too we all know its coming. Lol!

        • Verizon

          I’m not trying to be an a$$hat here, but I keep reading things where people expect a corporation to do things for them and I don’t understand it. Why are you expecting them to do anything to benefit you? None of these companies are out to be your friend or your parent. They are a corporation and they are in business to make money. I think too many people see Google and the way they give stuff away for “free” and for some reason they expect everyone else to function the same way. They are different business models though. Wireless carriers offer a service and the ability to get a subsidized phone. We all pay for that service and you pay for the service that works for you. Google makes their money on advertising (mostly) and they are willing to offer you as many “free” services as you want to get a chance to show you ads. It is a great business model, but doesn’t really work in the wireless world. Imagine if you had to listen to an add every time you wanted to call or text someone or use any data.

          Really though, If someone doesn’t like them or the way they do business there are other options out there for wireless service. At the same time, we aren’t talking about a necessity here. Smartphones and even cell phones aren’t required to function in life. Some jobs make them a requirement and most of our lifestyles have made them a “need”, but in reality most people don’t really have to have one. People survived for millennia without any of this stuff.

          • David Narada Brown

            The usual smoke screen! Which post that u down voted here is askin for free stuff? I dont mind payin for the service verizon offers, i dislike slow or in some cases no updates, blocking useful apps i want like google wallet, and loading phones with verizon apps i dont want or use when they already have minimal storage. I think everyone is aware verizon isnt giving away anything, so not sure what u were saying there.

          • Verizon

            LOL I think you actually believe I work for Verizon or am connected with them in any way. Not the case, sorry. So there is no smoke screen and I have no idea what you are talking about with the down votes.

            As far as updates go, I root my phones so it is never and issue. Apps are only blocked if you don’t know how to sideload them. The bloatware is garbage, but I don’t buy phones with minimal storage.

            My other comments were directed at your “Nothing they do benefits the consumer” remark. When I read things like that it is usually from people who are expecting something other than what they pay for.

          • David Narada Brown

            I too have rooted my phone and tablet so I’m not speaking for myself or the majority that reads this site. Its the average consumer that I was speaking up for. I treated u like a rep cause u respond like 1 (other than saying your not trying to be an ass). Verizon has till the end of the year to try and regain my business or else its str8 talk for me!

  • Weber

    People…uh…people actually own this, um, phone? *snickers*

  • azndan4

    Wheres the HTC One?

    • duke69111

      Delayed because they were to busy testing the Stratosphere 2 update.

      • Weber


  • David Narada Brown

    really! verizon doesnt have any better phones to update other than a stratosphere 2? the owners of this phone probably dont know what an update is.

  • ßen Murphy

    The Strato what?!