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EA Games Releases Fancy New Tetris App to Google Play


Very recently, EA Games decided to remove the old Tetris app that was found on Google Play and added in the newest version, the same that has been on iOS for some time. It features a more modern look, complete with fancy tiles and newer music. Why they decided to completely remove the old one, we don’t know. 

This is the same Tetris game that we all grew up with, but with some added features such as Facebook leaderboards, as well as a new Tetris Galaxy mode. In Galaxy mode, you have to make split-second decisions, while also getting various power-ups to help you through different levels.

If you still love yourself some Tetris, go grab the newest version through Google Play. It’s free to play, but be aware of the ads. They’re quite nasty.

Play Link

  • Zach Davis

    Stupid they took away the old Tetris app, I like the look of it a lot more than this new one, and I really hate that there’s adds and more in-app purchases. Glad I have the old Tetris on my Nexus 7 and a Titanium Backup file for it 😀

  • Ben

    I’ll stick with Tetris Blitz, tyvm.

  • Uncle Paul

    God why can’t someone release a TETRINET app for mobile?
    I would triple going rate of a typical top tier game..

    TETRINET would be HUGE!

  • ddh819

    does this replace Tetris Blitz?

  • Joel Joseph

    not compatible with S4 from NZ… 🙁

  • yungtris

    This app is incompatible with the Gnex and the Nexus 7. Seriously?

    • NoBullet

      Says its compatible with my Nexus 7

  • Perv Bear

    Bitch about ads writes on a site that survives because of ads classic,

    • Would rather pay $0.99 to see no ads. If we could intro a paid-for blog, that’d be sweet lol

      • michael arazan

        Just don’t tell the advertisers

    • Intellectua1

      This site has ads?? I never even knew that.. (I’m being serious) My point exactly…

    • Intellectua1

      Had to pause my ad blocker.. Wow I never knew this site had ads.. I’ve been using Ad blocker for so long I forgot sites put ads on their pages…

  • Daniel

    It’s a shame that Tetris is basically horrible on a touch screen and really requires actual, physical buttons to be any good. Tetris DS remains the best Tetris version imo

  • Bryan

    EA sucks! They need to release the restriction on other tetris-like app development, because clearly something can be learned. There were so many tetris apps that were so much better than EA’s before they laid their big corporate johnson on the android market.

  • Intellectua1

    They should stop mentioning Ads (I mean thanks for the heads up) majority of the people that browse tech forums and blogs use some sort of Ad Blocker, they’ll never see em.

  • Shane Redman

    So are there (going to be) any games that utilize the play gaming system on Android??? Is that service even live yet?

    • John Burke

      Don’t count on EA supporting it, they use their own stuff like Origin…not that it saves either, but just saying EA typically goes their own route.

  • King Lo

    The old versions didn’t have in-app purchases and social crap they could ram down your throat.

    • EvanTheGamer

      lol…considering that in-app and social media didn’t even exist in 1984.

      • hkklife

        no, he is talking about the previous version of Tetris that was released in 2010 I believe. that’s the one that was part of the big Electronic Arts holiday sale that year that later disappeared from the Play Store and was relisted and you had to re-buy it if you ever changed devices or did a hard reset