Don’t Get too Excited for Upcoming ‘Need for Speed’ Title From EA Games, Gas Prices are Going Up

I have fond memories of the last Need for Speed title for Android from EA Games, but if the latest news from overseas is to be the same game plan for the US release of NFS: No Limits, then my excitement for the upcoming racing title has been completely depleted.

According to iOS users in select regions where the game has already launched, EA Games is bringing on the IAPs (in-app purchases) hard in their newest game. Going beyond making people pay for upgrades or to unlock cool vehicles, EA Games is going to make you pay for virtual gas to use in your virtual car. Kill me.  (more…)

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Hits Google Play Australia, Should Launch Globally “Shortly”

plants vs zombies2

If you are one of the millions of people patiently waiting for Plants vs. Zombies 2 to launch onto Google Play here in America, the time may be right around the corner. Apparently, the app finally launched in Australia and New Zealand Play stores this week, and Ausdroid has received word that it should roll out globally “shortly.”  (more…)

EA Games Hosts Sales on Game of Life, Monopoly, and Bejeweled 2

EA Games

Have you been looking for a classic board game to play on your mobile or possibly looking to fill that Bejeweled craze you currently have? EA Games is hosting a little sale on a few titles that most certainly carry some weight. You can grab either Monopoly or The Game of Life for $2 or Bejeweled 2 for $1. Not too shabby.

I have played Monopoly on my phone and it isn’t too bad. Sometimes the animations are a bit unnecessary, since I’m more into the strategy of the game and not the looks, but it’s still a classic.

Play Link: Monopoly ($1.99) | Game of Life ($1.99) | Bejeweled 2 ($0.99)

Need for Speed Most Wanted Released to Google Play, You Might Want to Hold On

Big day for apps, as EA Games just released Need for Speed Most Wanted to Google Play. From what we can see in the trailer and press images, the game looks like one major piece of work – highly detailed sports cars, extreme environments, and the ability to compete with friends across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, and Kindle devices.  (more…)

EA Games’ Download Portal Origin Coming to Android in the Near Future

EA announced at the recent GamesCon press conference that they are going to bring their Origin game download portal to Android, expanding its reach from the PC. Origin is similar to Steam where games are downloaded directly from a web portal to the device, and EA thinks they have a big enough fan base to sell their games through their own service. Currently Star Wars: The Old Republic and Battlefield 3 are some of the top games being sold through Origin.

If Origin does come to Android, all of the EA Games in the Play Store now would probably disappear, and from then on out only be sold through the Origin application. A tentative February 2013 date was thrown out but they were not very firm on that. EA doesn’t have the best reputation in the Android community as of late, would you buy any games through Origin on your phone or tablet?

Via: The Verge