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Control Center App Brings the Look of iOS 7 to Your Android Device

Control Center

We don’t want to get into the argument of which OS is better, which one looks cooler or anything like that. People like what they like. And you know what, we like the look of iOS7’s Control Center. While the basic idea of having system toggles and controls have been a part of Android for some time, the way Apple implemented it looks pretty nice. An Android developer decided to bring Control Center to Android and it works wonderfully. 

With the app installed, which doesn’t even need root, users can control their WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, display brightness and even set shortcuts to applications on the device. It’s a neat little tool that definitely ups the productivity of any device.

It’s free on Google Play, but one of the shortcuts is unchangeable and stuck on a “Game Center” ad network. Kind of lame, but developers also have bills to pay. We’re hoping a paid version is released that allows for its removal. Go check it out.

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Via: BGR

  • Tower72

    Seems to constantly crash on my One, so atm its pretty useless

  • john

    people will always bitch about the iOS but who cares. If someone creates an app with any features of some sort so what if it looks like Apple. People are just too funny and complain that Apple is the plague. But you know, if you don’t like it then don’t download it. I like it and its pretty cool. There are some thing Apple has thats good that Android fans would like, and vice-versa. So let it be and the person who did this app, awesome job.

  • JulianZHuang

    Why copy ios?

  • R

    IMO if you want your phone to act or look like an i-shiz, then buy an i-shiz

  • Dorian Brooks
  • jon

    why use this over quick toggles? it gets in teh way of my appdrawer button

    • Anguy

      Easier to swipe from bottom than from the top. Plus it’s good to reduced clutter in notification bar.

  • Anguy

    Control center from Lonetooth is much better, than this.

  • I dont need to make my Android look like Android,this is stupid -_-.

  • Martin

    Well, I don’t see anything wrong with it. If anything, this again shows how powerful Android is; compared to iOS. I saw another theme on the play store called AndiOs7. Along with control center look it also has notification center, lockscreen slider & clock, weather app, icons etc. i.e. – the complete iOS7 look for android. As the developer says in the description, “Compare screenshots below with actual iOS7 screenshots shown in Apple website and then tell me if this is not the best reproduction of that.”. Gotta agree with them.

  • Jackson Emch

    I still think Power Toggles is much better since it sits in the notification bar.

  • TheCheapGamer

    So basically it will continue to look like Android with one of it’s many custom skins out there?

  • Sirx

    Especially since Android’s interpretation is actually PRETTY F’ING TERRIBLE–and needlessly so, mind you–since half of the controls don’t actually toggle, but just take you into the settings where you have to do your switching. Which you could have MORE EASILY DONE by just tapping on the “Settings” icon on your screen (1 step) instead of pulling down notifications + pressing controls button (2 steps). If this app covers this obvious defect in Android’s version of control center, then I’m definitely game!

    This is just like the inability to hang up a beeped-in call without ending the entire thing: Just senselessly missed opportunities in everybody’s favorite OS…

  • Mark Mann

    imo, if you want ios, buy an ios device, don’t buy an android device and make it look like ios

    • Android Telegraph

      What about someone wanting the flexibility of Android but making it look like iOS? I don’t get this “get an iOS device if you want your phone to look like iOS” argument, something people especially say to those who use MIUI.

  • Trevor

    I wonder how many Apple apps there are to make your iPoop look like an Android phone.

    • trwb

      With jail break you can make your iPhone look like HTC sense v1 or Android donut lol, that’s about it.

  • T4rd

    He is sooooooooo sued. Apple is going to sue his ass and his balls.

    • a.d.AM

      Dont forget the TAINT!!! Thats getting sued too!

  • Joey Sandoval

    You guys just don’t understand the innovative genius that is apple. I mean who else could think of an area where you could change your settings with one swipe? Oh wait…Yeah good job apple.nice to know you could add another way to change the volume. What is that 3 ways now?

  • Joey Sandoval

    You guys just don’t understand the innovative genius that is apple. I mean who else could think of an area where you could change your settings with one swipe? Oh wait…Yeah good job apple.nice to know you could add another way to change the volume. What is that 3 ways now?

  • Timothy Sternig

    Ewwwwww! Quick someone kill it before it lays even more eggs! lulz

    The Control Center app in iOS7 is one of the designs that needs the most help, IMO. It’s just horrible. I don’t know why anyone would want to imitate it, but to each their own.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I don’t understand why you guys even post stuff like this. You should already know that no one(Android enthusiasts) would give two sh*ts about wanting our superior Android devices to look anything like that wretched OS. I mean, come on. What ya thinkin’, Tim? lol

    • TylerChappell

      The important thing meant to be taken away from this article, is that we Android users can have anything we want on our devices, which completely diminishes the false value that “new” iOS features are presented as having to the public. ;]

      • EvanTheGamer

        Well said. But even so, I still wouldn’t want my superior Android device to have the same look as that horrible OS. I don’t want my Android device anywhere near that. Just my opinion/choice is all.

        • MK17

          Just like many other apps, this could also be used for pranks, gags, just to try it out, or just to prove Android is actually a transformer that can disguise itself.

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          I completely agree with you but to me the real fun behind this app is the slap in the face toward iOS. If I want I can show my iPhone using friends that I have something from iOS7 before them, even though Android has technically had it for a while now.

          The developer even completed the iOS feel by allowing the user virtually no customization options.

        • Respen

          Saying “my superior Android device” all the time makes you sound like a tool, just so you know.

    • Mark Mann

      tell that to the creator of Miui(i agree with you, but still)

  • EvanTheGamer

    No…freakin’…thanks! They can keep their so-called, boring arse look, and I’ll keep Android(with the help of many fantastic roms and themes)’s superior look any day of the freakin’ century.

  • anezarati

    i just tried the airplane mode toggle and it didnt do anything. immediately uninstalled after that.

  • chris420o

    kill it kill it!

  • romma

    What’s right about it is we can do whatever WE do… and whatever they do.

  • DanWazz

    I think that people are kind of missing the point to how awesome this app is. You may not use it, but it’s on android before most iPhones and it’s their control center!

    • Mark Mann

      i agree with you, that that really says something about ios that we can have one of their ideas on our phones before it’s even released for the os it’s been created for…but i still stand by my comment of if you want ios you should be an ios device, not make android look like ios

      • DanWazz

        I get that view point. I personally love the look of stock Android and don’t want it looking like iOS in any form, but an argument could be made that some people like the aesthetics of iOS, and the functionality and customization ability of Android. Even if they wish it to resemble iOS only for a short time. To me, that’s part of the charm of Android.

        • michael arazan

          iOS is idiot proof and great for people who are non techies and just need something to work for them. I’m not an apple fan, I don’t hate their product, just their ethics

  • zurginator

    I like the frosted glass/parallax effects they’re putting in, but that’s about it.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Nuke it from orbit.

  • Daniel

    Ew, really? I think Notification Toggle is a far-better app to use, and fits more with Android overall…and is fully customizable and is just floating in the notification blind at the top instead of being it’s own thing that comes up from the bottom, competing with the Google Now gesture. Also works without root on ICS and above:


  • MotoRulz

    Just what I’ve been waiting for.. A control center app with quick toggles for the calculator and flashlight.. Innovation at its finest /S

  • Octotron

    This is great for when you want to make your phone look like a pastel, 80’s nightmare.

  • fauxshizzl


    • shecalledmejay


    • feztheforeigner

      Yo dawg I heard you like imitating OSs…

    • Elliot Kotis

      Your Disqus pic is perfect for that comment!

  • Verizon

    Excellent! Now I can install this and use it with my iOs 7 launcher to be the ultimate looser! Finally!

    • fauxshizzl


      • Verizon

        lol it is even worser than a loser. LMAO!

        • JonathonFlores


          • Verizon

            lol “Worser” – much more very bader than the previously mentioned worse.

          • Verizon

            lol “Worser” – much more very bader than the previously mentioned worse.

          • Mark Mann

            bader? isn’t there an actor in hollywood with that last name?

          • Guest

            lol I think he’s doing that on purpose… yeah he’s definitely trolling us.

          • JonathonFlores

            LOL! I think he’s trolling us… he better be trolling us haha

          • Verizon

            Yep, had to do it. The first one was a typo and I decided to make think much more worser from there.

          • sonicemerald

            I think you mean Vader…

  • mustbepbs

    “We don’t want to get into the argument of which OS is better, which one looks cooler or anything like that.”


    I think you already have.

    • Tim242

      Yeah, my lover timotato tries too hard sometimes to be politically correct. He still tries to just call me a friend, when around his family.

  • david allen stevens

    Id rather have a sixth row of icons!

  • Tyler Durden

    Dat shyt ugly son

  • MK17

    Shouldn’t you have saved this for Throwback Thursday?

  • dcc_tech

    Control center is one of the uglier parts of iOS, IMO. No matter what background you use or apps you have, you’ll be treated to something that looks inspired by Steve Jobs’ crazy LSD dreams. http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2013/06/ios-control-center-2.jpg

    • The interface looks so cluttered with all of the volume bars, seek bars and brightness bars…or is it just me?

      • zurginator

        It’s definitely cluttered as currently presented. It needs to all get lined up on a grid at the very least.

    • Jason Brown

      i guess we would have to be on lsd to actually enjoy it.

    • George264

      If you actually tried it first hand it’s not bad, I like it, it’s also pretty nice to be able to change brightness manually wherever, not just on set brightness levels. I prefer Control Center than the quick toggles, just me I guess. There’s app that can do that on Android, but none of them look polished and are buggy most of the time. Having access to camera is also pretty cool. They just need to work on Control Center more.

      • zurginator

        Yeah, I think Google could use this as a cue on what to add to Quick toggles. Also make the toggles…. toggles. Not links.

        Brightness control on the other hand is my favorite feature of TouchWiz – slide your finger over the notification tray to control it. This needs to be stock functionality.

        • I think that was in a few AOKP roms, you could just slide your finger across the top part of the screen and it would change the brightness (I think its along the same lines, I haven’t actually used a TouchWiz based device tho).

  • Jokesy

    Hah! Am I the only one that think this(iOS 7 control center) looks awful?

    • No, you are definitely not the only one! The whole font, color scheme and even the way the icons / toggles are arranged make the interface seem cluttered.

      On another note it is kinda cool that an Android dev can put out a stable(ish) release of an app that offers functionality Apple only publicly released a month ago.

    • EvanTheGamer

      You are not the only way. All Androiders think the same thing about that horrible OS.

  • Cory_S

    This is as wrong as a midget bearded man in a schoolgirl uniform.

    • dcc_tech

      I know it’s wrong, but what you described feels sooo so right.

    • It would be cool to use only to make those die hard Apple fans cringe! Especially because this app is completely functional while Apple won’t release their version until this fall.

      • michael arazan

        Hilarious, tease them and say look at how much android is copying ios for gits and shiggles

        • More like tease them about how Android devs can get sh!t done faster than Apple.

    • garyjimmy3

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  • Brian


  • Captain Spaulding

    If I wanted that, I would buy the iDroid 5S when iODroid 7 rolls out. No thanks.