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Leaked DROID MAXX and ULTRA Ads Hint at 48 Hour Battery Life and August 8 Release


There is no doubt that when a new DROID is launching on Verizon, the nation’s largest carrier makes darn sure that everyone is aware. The upcoming DROID ULTRA and DROID MAXX are clearly not going to be an exception, as leaked commercial storyboards have since been found posted on the web. Filled with speed boats and tropical islands, each commercial highlights a specific feature of their respective devices, two of which should have battery life advocates very happy. 

During the DROID MAXX commercial, it states that the device has “48 hours of worry-free battery life.” Yep, two full days. Verizon’s previous battery champ, the RAZR MAXX HD, sported 32 hours of talk time battery life, so it’s clear that Moto was able to fit one beast of a power source in there.


Up next is the ULTRA. In this storyboard, Verizon highlights voice actions found on the device, showcasing a man telling his phone, “Hello Moto, Open Spotify. Play Coltrane Mix.” Then, Blue Train begins playing. What makes the ULTRA ad stand apart is that there is specific date posted on this one, 8-8-13 (August 8, 2013). It’s not an official date from Verizon, but it could be a safe bet to at least pencil in the date if you were hoping to pick it up.

Which one are you leaning more towards?

Via: Android Central [2]

  • Nikolay Argirov

    Don’t forget Max Battery Booster, it can combine with every other energy saver https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.faygroup.maxbatterybooster

  • Nikolay Argirov

    Don’t forget Max Battery Booster. It can combine with every other energy saver


  • Nostromo

    Hoping for a 4.9″ or 5″ screen, a micro SD slot, 32 Gigs ( minimum) onboard storage and a 12 or 13 megapixel, refined camera that no one will need apologize for.

  • I’m all about replaceable batteries, but 48h of battery life might make me reconsider, especially since 2.0A pocket chargers are just as portable as spare batteries.

  • Every Moto device from now on should be a MAXX. {{-_-}}

  • Michael Werling

    James Bond is owned by Sony! There have even been Xperia commercials with him in it! Why would Sony allow Verizon to use their character to advertise for a Moto Phone?

    Unless it is just a storyboard to get a sense of what the commercial will look like.

  • ImmaDroid

    Its Halle Berry and Daniel Craig in the ad. must be for the new James bond movie

  • chris420o

    none of your phones get 20+ hour battery life…STOP LYING…i dont care what phone you have besides maybeee the max and note 2 even then shut the f up you dont ever use your phone nor do you have a social life nor do you use your phone for work…no way ive had every phone and i barely get to end of workday with any of them esp the gnex id lucky to get to 11am on a charge

    • SA_NYC


    • roaminglion

      A period is a good thing sometimes.

  • Albert Reyna

    Hoping moto x variants have battery performance like this.

  • Deylune

    Damn. Stock Android and a great battery sounds great!

  • gonga

    is that james bond and halle berry?

  • Bob G

    Can’t believe that it took them THIS LONG just to finally implement “Hello, Moto” into a working awesomesauce amazeballs voice command.

  • I heard the moto x will be $199 off contract (probably free on contract?).

    This is definitely the phone to get for power users. So excited! Can’t wait to get more specs.

  • Terrance Steiner

    Assume that the pictures in the ad write up are not generic (to give a feel for the commercial), it looks like Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) will be in the next Moto commercial. That does look like him in the top photo.

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    SFX: [DROID MNEMONIC] … oh hell yes! (still love that sound… reminds me of my Droid Incredible lol)

  • fd2blk78

    Same phone besides the battery right? Or is one gonna be the “more durable” of the two?

  • Kyle Miller

    Halle Berry and Daniel Craig?

  • Cory

    Am I crazy, some kind of anomaly, or am I the only one getting 2.5 – 3 hours of screen-on time and routinely getting 50+ hours of battery life out of my GS4 on Verizon? I guess I wouldn’t expect any *less* than 48 hours out of today’s top phones. I’m sure some of you will backlash, but I’m just comparing this to my previous experience of 18 – 20 hours total and 1.5 – 2 hours of screen-on time on my GNex.

    • cortesjues

      that is a very low screen on time…. i get 6 hours screen on time and 20 hours of battery life on my droid DNA, but i would not consider a true 48hours phone unless its at least 9 hours of screen on time

  • PaulSchroeder

    “Conspiratorily” isn’t even a word…

    • OochieWallie

      Congratulations, you win the Internet!!

  • sirmeili

    I’m curious if these will hit outside of Verizon. I know Droid-Life started as a verizon “droid” site, but I’ve noticed a move to a more broader android topic. With that said, I cracked the screeen on my GNex and I’m looking for a new phone and I am seriously considering leaving Verizon for a cheaper t-Mobile or straight talk plan.

    I was really hoping that the new Motorola phones would offer GSM variants so that I could put those in my pile of considerations. Right now the Nexus 4 is at the top with the Galaxy s4 (perhaps Google edition) right below it.

  • Alexander Anteneh


  • BRIM

    I’m sure Verizon will release these 3 phones before the HTC One to maximize sales of these.


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      …..sigh. I’m guessing you’re right. They didn’t want to throw ad money at the ONE. So they can make room for the DROID Line…. I’m guessing the SEPT 5th date may be a reality

      • Bob G

        Well, why would they throw ad money at a product that they do not hold any value in? We have to remember that Verizon owns the DROID branding and so gotta promote their own product to make that money to pay off George Lucas for the rights to that silly word.

    • michael arazan

      Also a few weeks before the Moto X will be out too.

      I’ve Never seen 2 different Phones by the same company lauch at the same time on Verizon. So I’m guessing something is getting pushed back for “testing” and it will be the Moto X

  • MarcusSchoen

    Pardon me, I just crapped my pants at the sight of that number.

  • a.c. slater

    my s4 gets 48 hours per charge… maxx disappointment. moto much like apple just can’t get ahead of the curve. you’re doing it wrong motorola. gimmicks are gimmicks.

    • Alan

      48 hours of mostly non-use I bet.

      • a.c. slater

        you would lose that bet. that is with 3 to 4 hours screen on time. 4g no wifi

        • Unknown

          Stock, out of the box though?

          • a.c. slater

            No it’s not stock.

          • jboogie1289


        • Diablo81588

          3 to 4 hours of screen on time is nothing to brag about. The original Razr Maxx easily gets around 7 hours. This I’m assuming should get close to 10. Your S4 is a good phone, but doesn’t even come close to the battery life of the Maxx phones.

          • Dave

            My original RMaxx tanked after the ICS update.

          • Diablo81588

            My girlfriends OG Maxx gets charged every other day, with 5-7 hours of screen on time and around 20% battery life left on average running 4.1.2.

          • Dave

            That’s real good. I lost about 15-20% of my capacity after ICS update. It did a lot of cycling from 4G to 3G after the update, radio probably killed it. My GN2 goes 2 days with about 6.5-7.5 screen time on 4.1.2., leaving 20-35% left. Although now I admit, I just charge it every night anyway.

          • Diablo81588

            I agree, the ICS radio for the OG RAZR was horrible. Lots of dropped connections and unfortunately wasn’t fixed until the JB update.

        • PhillipCun

          Say what? in 48 hours you only used your phone for 3-4 hours? That’s not very impressive at all. 3-4 hours should be used in 24 hours to make your 48 hour per charge impressive (if you had 6-8 hours of on screen time, that would be impressive).

        • kixofmyg0t

          Congratulations. A Nexus 4 can get that amount of on screen time.

      • Dave

        My GN2 does that on every charge.

    • Weber

      Remember when you and Zack used to always fight over who Kelly liked more? You two ever resolve your issues?

      • a.c. slater

        Once Zack got herpes from Kelly i moved on to Lisa Turtle.

        • Weber

          Smart man

    • NexusMan

      yea right

      • a.c. slater

        why is it so hard to believe? do you have an s4?

        • Rob Platt

          I get awesome battery life with my s4… average is 25 hours (with normal use), with ds battery saver i’ve pushed it to nearly 40…

          if i’m on it, solid, screen on, it still makes it through the day. i didnt use airplane mode the other night, and the battery only dropped 7% through 8 hours. i’d say thats pretty good.

          • cortesjues

            my droid DNA drops only 2 percent a night with lte on… and with 6 hours screen on its usually 20 hours battery…. on the droid MAXX i could easily get 35 hours with 8+ hours screen on time. not that was ridicoulous

    • Droid

      Your s4 with 48 hours of battery life is probably 90% just sitting there and being on WiFi the whole time with data off.

      • a.c. slater

        if you could read further down you would see i said 3 to 4 hours screen on time, 4g no wifi

        • cortesjues

          10% just sitting there is 5 hours, so yeah its more than 90% just sitting there, and when you say 4g im guessing you mean hspa+ not lte? hspa is much better with battery (envy people with hspa as a backup)

    • chris420o

      im guessing samsung paid for you lil college textbook huh…get off this website if you get time like that you obcviously dont use technology nor do you have a social life since ur phone sits off 90% of the day

  • satsmine2k4

    “48 hours of worry-free battery life.”

    means they just removed blur and let stock android prevail…which boasts the battery by 50%…

    • possomcrast1

      I highly doubt this phone runs stock android.

      • Josh C

        It will be 98% stock. Guaranteed.

        • possomcrast1

          By which you mean the “blurred” Stock Android we’ve seen in Droid Razr updates.

          • Josh C

            Yes, which is a million times better than TouchWiz, Sense, or whatever LG uses.

      • kixofmyg0t

        What if I told you.


        It’s stock with a Blur icon pack.

        That’s what I’m thinking.

    • LiterofCola

      “Blur” is the closet to stock Android of all other manufactuers

    • supermiah

      I just hope they work out the bugs for the sluggishness of Blurred stock. I had the RAZR Maxx and loved the battery life, but it just was ssssllllooowwwww

      • LiterofCola

        Really? I haven’t noticed any sluggishness on mine.

        • supermiah

          I did. I hated to get rid of it, but like opening the messaging app or Chrome, would be delayed. Got a Galaxy Nexus again and didn’t like the battery life or signal, but it was a WHOLE lot snappier.
          I now have Galaxy S4 with AOKP and am LOVING IT!!!

          • kixofmyg0t

            You know before I would have said I didn’t notice lag or sluggishness on my RAZR HD….until I installed XenonHD.

            Now I totally get it. It’s night and day difference.

          • RayLovesick

            This, a million times. XenonHD gives the MAXX HD new life. You wouldn’t think a phone this great would lag, but stock Blur really was horrible. XenonHD is buttery smooth, the way it should have been. Not to mention it’s nice having a fully working 4.2.2 ROM. I have yet to find something that doesn’t work. Plus it’s a nice bonus that the Moto Blur service isn’t uploading all of my activity to their servers. Never, ever going back to stock.

          • kixofmyg0t

            I still wouldn’t say that stock blur was horrible, but XenonHD is obviously better.

            Oh and I can list off a number of things that didn’t work until the July 9th update. Video playback in portrait mode, screen wake up during calls, I/o scheduler couldn’t be changed from deadline, kernel doesn’t like deep sleep, OTA updater breaks Gapps, etc. Most of that has been fixed now though. Its not perfect but its by far the best.

          • RayLovesick

            Yes horrible is a strong word, but it certainly wasn’t the kind of performance I would expect from a top tier phone. It seems that other people’s experiences have varied greatly from the comments on the official forums.

            I actually started on the July 9th update, so I guess I got lucky =)

          • chris420o

            this…i must do…i literally been debating what rom to load on my hd…i downloaded xenon literally the other night havent had a chance to sit n flash im going to do it later f it!

      • michael arazan

        That’s why I never got another Droid phone after my D1 after seeing blur, TW, and sence

  • James

    Battery life is the number one thing for me nowadays. Hardware spec is second and a stock vs non-stock OS is a distant third.

    • MyNameIsJamesToo!

      Judging by the above either a Droid Maxx or Moto-X is likely your next…

    • Trueblue711

      Agreed. I feel like I can only use my phone half the amount I want to because it runs out of battery so quickly. (I’m on a GS3)

    • TheRobotCow

      Agreed, I have a galaxy nexus and this battery sucks!!! What good is a device if it can’t last. And NO i’m not buying a $100 battery for this damn thing. If the MAXX gets that good of a battery life than i’m getting it day 1. yes my nexus is “open” but the battery life is atrocious.

      • Still hard to beat replaceable batteries. Batteries are tiny and inexpensive (amazon typically sells legitimate OEM ones very inexpensively). True power users that don’t want to cripple their phones by turning off all sorts of data, syncing, etc aren’t going to make it through a day, much less 48 hours with the current battery technology, a nice big, bright screen and powerful processors – it just isn’t going to happen.

        • Tyler

          But it kinda does, my mom is a light user and has the RAZR MAXX HD and sometimes gets 4 days out of her battery with phone calls and texting and occasional web browsing. I see it as easily possible if its a step up from the current MAXX.

          • It sounds like you’re disagreeing with me, but I’m not certain of the basis or even the argument. I pointed out that for power users, removable batteries trump built-in ones because with that type of use, no battery is going to keep up for a day (or two). I’ve witnessed this from personal experience and a significant amount of reading in various forums. You cited the unsurprising fact that your mother can milk out 4 days with practically no use and what I assume is almost no data syncing or background processes running. I could achieve equally impressive battery life with my old Droid X if I pulled all my apps off of it and hardly ever used it…