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Verizon’s HTC One Finally Stops by the FCC

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Hey look, Verizon’s HTC One finally taking a step closer to becoming a reality! The device, which we are expecting “later this summer,” stopped by the FCC today showing off CDMA, GSM, and LTE radios. Of course, the only LTE band tested was Big Red’s band 13, but the GSM radios could lead to it being global ready. There is also a mention of the model number HTC6500LVW which was the dead giveaway.

I guess now we sit back and wait for Verizon to tell us when they plan on unleashing this beast. Since it’s through the FCC, it technically should be all ready to go. Then again, further extensively painful and ridiculously unnecessary testing is probably needed, just like with all of their phones. The Galaxy S4 launched a full month on Verizon after it did on all other carriers – they’ve clearly broken that record with the One. 

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Via:  FCC | Blog of Mobile

Cheers Sean and Tony!

  • mur731

    Only band class 13 LTE support , no AWS (BC4)–> bad bad bad! even lumia 928 released back in may has AWS built in.

  • Kevin McDole

    Just left Verizon for AT&T yesterday when I got the HTC One for $24.99. Smell ya later, Verizon!

  • fauxshizzl

    If other carriers are already discounting a phone because it has been out a while and you still haven’t even brought it to market you are doing it wrong VZ. No amount of testing can fix the lost sales because of it.

  • Vanquishgc

    I just don’t get this whole thing. With the lack of Moto phones this spring, and customers really only having Samsung options or the DNA *shudder*, the One would have been a great addition to the lineup. Instead, it almost seemed like they were trying not to give up on the DNA, and toss Samsung a bone, to help them move more. I don’t know, the whole thing makes my head want to explode. I already have a concussion, don’t need more head issues….

    • Zacharypt

      To be fair, the only real limitation the DNA had was probably its 16GB storage. Battery life has been more than reasonable IMO. Screen is beautiful and form factor is great. Now Boom Sound is boomtastic, but I would not rate the DNA as a “Shudder” phone.

      • Ian

        SIM card issues have been rampant. Co-worker just won a case filled with the FCC against Verizon and HTC over the DNA and SIM issues.

  • trophynuts

    at which point by the time this device launches on VZW it will be lame

  • D.B.Evans

    Late to the party, now competing against other big releases, and no longer eligible for the (now expired) limited-time rebate HTC had offered to early adopters that were on the other three big US network.

    This would have been a slam-dunk had Verizon carried it from the beginning. Now, it’ll barely have an impact due to Verizon botching the product release.

  • rotard

    so whatever happened to that DLX+ phone that entered the fcc? the HTC6455 or something along those lines? did verizon want to snag the butteryfly 2 as the DNA plus and passed since there was soo much want for the htc one? or was that just some sort of fluke?

    • droidbeat

      Stay tuned..

      • rotard

        stay tuned for what do you think?

        • droidbeat

          For the DNA 2 based on the Butterfly S.

          • rotard

            you think they would even release it at this point? and it doesnt explain the earlier HTC6445 verizon phone that entered the FCC earlier this year when people assumed it was the HTC one variant for verizon. so what happened to that phone?

          • droidbeat


  • shecalledmejay

    my theory is a lot of people’s 2 year contracts are about to be up so Verizon is trying to put out a lot of phones at once to sway people into a new 2 year contact or get rid of their unlimited contracts

  • kev2684

    no band 4? isn’t verizon putting out 2x20mhz LTE on AWS?

  • Byron

    I got tired of waiting and got me the S4 over the 4th of July weekend.

  • Christopher Moore

    This phone is already too late. In this business you have a limited window of opportunity to impress potential buyers or else they will move on. Now were getting into Note 3 rumor territory and we still have Motorola/Google to surprise us. Maybe if this launches at $100 on contract it could save face.

  • Humberto

    Thanks but no thanks…. I’ll wait for the DNA2

    • rotard

      i feel like it wont happen, just like they waited this long to release the one on verizon youd wait another half year to 8 months for the dna 2, if it came, while another newer and better htc phone would be out.

      • SkylaC90

        I’m actually looking forward to the Droid Dna plus or Moto X or the Optimus G2 and if I can’t have any of those phones and Sony isn’t and an option, then i’ll get another Galaxy S4

  • Rob

    I still need to hear these speakers in person, everything I keep hearing about this phone still makes me interested because of the speakers. But so late to the party.

    • Travis

      Personally, it’s not so much that the speakers are that much better than the competition. It’s moreso that they are positioned in the front of the phone and have stereo separation being placed at opposite sides. THAT makes a big difference. The Beats implementation is more or less just an EQ that makes the audio sound fuller with more bass response… it’s not revolutionary, IMO. The speakers are definitely a consideration not to be taken lightly, however!

    • Arwen_in_nj

      They are effing awesome. When I first showed my new One to a colleague at the office and brought up Pandora, in 30 seconds I had 4 people in my cubicle asking “what’s that?”. They couldn’t believe that sound was coming from a phone…

    • PhoenixPath

      They were amazing when compared to just about anything else…

      Then I realized how little I actually use them. It’s almost always either plugged into speakers or operating through BT.

      So yeah, the speakers are great…but how important is it?

      • Rob

        For me it’s important because I watch a lot of videos on my phone. I would also listen to it more often without headphones (or more in general around the house) when doing things like feeding my daughter or something, since she likes to play with the controls on the remote, Xbox, DVD player, etc…

        • PhoenixPath

          Hadn’t even thought of that. Hated the speakers on my Galaxy Nexus for that reason. Bought a Nexus 10 and haven’t really watched *anything* on my HTC One because of it…bigger screen and all.

          Apparently I have a short memory. 🙂

  • Travis

    I just don’t get it… Verizon has had a drought of phones all year, and now it appears that the next few months are going to be overcrowded with phones. How does this make any sense (pun intended) at all?

    They were late on the GS4.
    Upcoming HTC One
    Upcoming Moto X
    Upcoming Droid Ultra and Ultra Max
    Upcoming iPhone 5S

    I’m sure I’m missing some. Verizon lost my business for the following reasons: 1) poor phone choices, 2) phones late to market, 3) phones updated slower than anyone else, 4) phones with annoying Verizon customizations like that pesky WIFI notification that can’t be disabled, and 5) CDMA network that has great coverage but is controlled too tightly, which likely means no more Nexus phones or Google Play editions.

    • tyguy829

      don’t forget the LG G2 and possibly another ‘hero’ x phone in october

      • beaumac

        yea how about the Note 3 or One Max. If they don’t bump the specs on this phone it is going to bomb. All these GNex owners are due for an upgrade 8/15. I for one will now be waiting to see what else drops this year before plunking down.

    • trwb

      I agree. Verizon is really not worth the hassle. I have been doing just fine since I left them 1.5 years ago.

  • BRIM

    For as long as I’ve waited, I’ve decided to wait longer for the One Max

    • Bionic

      so……..an 80’s boombox then?

      • Jacob Hanson

        Yes, with awesome jams.

  • Greg

    Anyone know typical time frames for Verizon phones after they pass through the FCC? I know Thursdays are big launch days for Verizon so could it possibly this week?

    • tomn1ce

      This week, not a chance try at least another month or 6 weeks

  • dcc_tech

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Galaxy S4 went through FCC on March 29 and was released May 23rd, which was about 8 weeks apart. So HTC One is still around 8 weeks away? Verizon’s really taking this “late summer” thing a bit too literally..

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You can’t compare those. Going through FCC is always just a formality

      • trwb

        When Verizon says late summer it usually means September though.

  • Liderc

    This could have been a mega-success for HTC if they would have done this 6 months ago.

    • LionStone

      1) I don’t think they would’ve been able to handle the extra production and 2) I believe VZW were holding them off. 3) It would have been though

      • guvofosariwy

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        I’m sure I’m missing some. Verizon lost my business for the
        following reasons: 1) poor phone choices, 2) phones late to market, 3)
        phones updated slower than anyone else, 4) phones with annoying Verizon
        customizations like that pesky WIFI notification that can’t be disabled,
        and 5) CDMA network that has great coverage but is controlled too
        tightly, which likely means no more Nexus phones or Google Play

      • michael arazan

        So is it going to be held off again, they don’t like phones competing against Droid Branded phone with a new Razr Ultra line coming out. Can see verizon pushing this thing back to october

        • LionStone

          I don’t believe so, HTC just again confirmed “‘before’ the end of the summer…” So it could even be “before” Sept. 21st. I don’t think VZW will be too worried about pitting them together near the same time frame because the HTC ONE is 1 phone and the Moto line will be several.

    • rogerpeele3

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    • abqnm

      It is Verizon and their testing procedure.

      Before any device can be sold on their network, it has to be tested on EVERY Verizon tower. The replacement for the “can you hear me now” guy has to use these phones on every single tower. They have a lot of towers. It takes him a while.

      I will just leave this here (somewhat related)… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMblePw7eJs

      • aQuickBit

        So….that’s a good thing right? I mean they want to make sure that their customers will be able to use their phone anywhere without any problems.

        • abqnm

          If that is what they were actually doing, maybe. It is definitely not. Just a sensationalized explanation of the really, really, really ungodly long testing phase Verizon puts everything through.

  • gregwlsn

    No LTE-AWS? Wireless Charging?

    • Bionic

      why? They are not gonna change the specs for the verizon only edition

    • droidbeat

      +1 on the wireless charging.

  • violator702

    I feel so unsatisfied.

    • Bionic

      Viagra can help

      • Thomas

        You mean beer & Vicidon

        • Matt Laney

          You mean breakfast?

    • Bill Hill
      • Vanquishgc

        LOL! you can never go wrong with the awesome Archer my friend

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    yay! only months later!

  • Sam

    It’s been so long I lost interest in the phone.

    • Futbolrunner

      Just like the Bionic.

    • michael arazan

      And that’s what verizon wants, They want you to buy a Droid Razr Ultra. They payed millions of dollars to Lucas for that licensing and will run it into the ground

  • Bionic

    Just in time for the new motorola phones to steal some of its thunder.

  • 4n1m4L

    Shut up and take my money

  • Jason Bittner

    By the time it is released it will be pointless.
    People will be getting the “HTC two” on other carriers when this is out on Verizon.

    • Bionic

      HTC drop a deuce

      • esther

        blame verizon. verizon go fck yourself

    • Tim242

      HTC TWO, or HTC ONE 2 (II)? : /

  • BCoils

    would ya look at that?

  • Eric


  • Qbancelli

    CDMA blows!

    • Bionic

      ok………,and it’ll only be a major factor for another year.

    • gr227

      I always tell the GSM people all huddled by windows and outside trying to get a signal the same thing…CDMA blows. While I get a signal inside a building.

      But onto the subject at hand .. its about time Verizon gets a good phone and not that shitware Motorola crap that has been shown. They better not put stupid “Droid” branding on this.

    • Tim242

      What does CDMA have to do with it? Sprint’s version released long ago. Besides, CDMA is far superior to GSM.