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Staples Drops Nexus 7 16GB to $179, 32GB to $199 – Here Comes the New Nexus

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Ready for the retail clear-out of the Nexus 7? As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago in our latest Q&A session, Google was preparing to drop the price of the Nexus 7 to make way for the new model which could launch by the end of the month. While we’re waiting for that to happen through Google Play, the discounts at retailers have already begun. 

Staples dropped the price of the 16GB and 32GB Nexus 7s to $179 and $199, respectively. Their website claims that this offer expires on July 13, but I’d imagine that the deal will run until they can clear out whatever stock they have left. With the new Nexus 7 potentially launching on July 30 (though nothing is ever solid with Google), the sooner they can get rid of these the better.

But keep in mind, should you now be considering a purchase of one of these, that the new version will be an upgrade. It’ll likely sport a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, better display, 4G LTE radios and rear camera. If I were you, and you were in the tablet buying market, I’d wait a few more weeks.

Staples Links:  16GB Nexus 7 | 32GB Nexus 7

Via:  Android Police

  • Hopefully the new lineup won’t include the horrid, rager-inducing lag that plagues the current N7!

    • PaladinPierce

      Remove the encryption option that you must have surly must have set up on the device. That will restore the fast “snappy” action of your N7. This will require you to restart the device, so back up your files.

      • I don’t have any encryption enabled nor do I run any security apps (avast always slowed down application launches and installs). I have tried everything short of a factory reset and looking online it seems this is a widespread issue amongst many N7 owners! Its just one of those things that Google still hasn’t been able to fix even with updates..

        • PaladinPierce

          I would try the full the factory reset then, you will be surprised how fast the nexus 7 restarts all your programs and re-installs them just by signing in to google (back up your personal files like pictures). The N7 runs quite fast overall and there should be no reason yours should not. Passwords and signing in are not a problem if you use a program like Lasspass and keep it current… but nothing slowed down my N7 like the encryption option.

    • fonseca898

      Run this app and update if it fixes the lag: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kovit.p.forevergone This fixed the issue on my 8GB N7.

      See this article for more info: http://www.howtogeek.com/164106/why-is-my-nexus-7-so-slow-8-ways-to-speed-it-up-again/

  • n11

    I can’t wait! I want the new N7!!!

  • I just sold my 32 GB N7 and bought a Galaxy Note 8.0 (AT&T LTE model) on Friday. I recently replaced my N4 with a Galaxy S4 as well since the N4 met an untimely demise.

    I will always keep one Nexus device, though. I won’t be letting go of my N10 any time soon except to buy its successor whenever it arrives. My OCD won’t let me NOT own a Nexus device. I need the latest version of Android when it comes out. Having one Nexus still allows me to do that. I just didn’t need 3 of them. After spending years on stock Android (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, N4, N7, N10) and refusing to even consider a skinned version of Android, I admit the error of my ways. Touchwiz has been very refreshing. There is so much in the way of extra features…extra features that are actually useful. Having an N10 and a couple of Galaxy devices gives me the best of both worlds.

    • Colin Huber

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Ray Gray

      I feel the exact same way got ride of my galaxy nexus for a s4 and I love most of the touchwiz features and I feel bad that it took me this long to give it a try and like you I still have my N7 for stock android

    • Flame Blade

      What kind of touchwiz features do you find you like? Personally I have the s4 and I don’t think I used any of the features aside from the ir blaster. It feels like a much better phone to me with a cm10.1 rom on it.

      • Well there are several things I love. Mostly it’s small stuff. For instance:

        – The ability to have separate wallpaper for the home and lock screens.
        – Being able to create folders in the app tray and the ability to hide app icons without having to explicitly disable the app.
        – The smart stay feature that keeps the screen on as long as you’re looking at it.
        – As far I’m concerned, the air view feature is genius. It takes something the web perfected long ago (hovering for more information without a click) and integrates it seamlessly into world of native apps.
        – The fact that you can show your battery percentage on the right side next to the battery icon instead of taking up space on the left that could otherwise be used for notifications.

        As I said, it’s the little things. I feel Android’s user experience would benefit immensely from little UX embellishments like that. I realize some of these things are achieved by custom launchers and custom ROMs, but generally I like my devices stock as I have neither the time nor desire to spend tons of time customizing my devices. I went through a flashaholic and customization phase with my Nexus S but I’ve outgrown it. Touchwiz has opened my eyes to the fact that there is a lot of room for improvement in stock Android’s UI and UX.

        I love stock Android’s simplicity and minimalistic approach, but just find TouchWiz to be more enjoyable to use on a day to day basis.

        • George264

          I agree, but I went with HTC since the Galaxy nexus and I’ve realized the same thing. There’s so many refreshing new and I guess gimmicky features that are very nice. BlinkFeed is one thing that I use every day because it just removes the need to go into separate apps and websites to get information. Also the UI improvements all look fantastic.

    • JayX

      Have fun getting the newest update on a GS4!

      • I guess you didn’t read my entire post. That’s EXACTLY why I’m keeping my Nexus 10. I will always have a Nexus so I can always have the the latest version of Android play with. Updates aren’t everything, though. Plus, Samsung has a very good track record for updating the Galaxy S line of devices. The original GS was updated to Gingerbread and the only reason it didn’t see ICS was because of how it was partitioned. The GS2 launched with Gingerbread, and was subsequently upgraded to ICS and Jelly Bean 4.1. The GS3 launched on ICS, got upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.1 and will be receiving Jelly Bean 4.2 soon. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the GS3 get Key Lime Pie, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t either. The point is, Samsung supports their high-end smartphones well. Is it delayed significantly compared to a Nexus? Of course. Updates aren’t all that’s important, though.

  • Tony James

    Sadly I doubt they will make too many more versions of the Nexus tablets. They have been a relative sales flop. The margins on these are super low and they only sold an estimated 5 million units in 2012. Compare that to CrApple and iPads which sold 10M Mini and 23M total iPads in just 3 months. Pretty sad for us Android fans considering that the base model Nexus 7 is $199 while the base model iPad is $329 and $499.

    • NAM37

      Stick them on the shelves of Walmart or Target and they’d sell just fine.

      • justin

        100% agree. I’ve seen plenty Nexus 7s leave Walmart

        • hkklife

          The Nexus 10 COULD have been a solid seller had Google:
          1. Released it $50 cheaper across the board and/or just had a single SKU (32Gb) priced $50-$100 below the “standard” 16Gb iPad 4 $499 SKU
          2. Had MUCH better B&M distribution/exposure and displays.
          3. Let Samsung use their retail muscle to push it out everywhere

          Around me, the local Sam’s has a N10 demo that’d been dead for months. Staples has a functioning demo that someone put a screen lock on and the employees said they cannot figure out how to clear it (duh!). Two of the four local WalMarts have N10 displays (as photocopied print outs of the retail packaging in a frame) but have not had actual stock to sell for months. What a disaster.

          Nexus 7 has done much better but I still wish they had had a better strategy at launch (no 8Gb to start work, 16 & 32Gb at launch etc).

    • JoeN

      Um, they don’t need to make $ on the hardware lol. Google makes their profits on selling ads and other services, using the Google platform. This is about adoption. Force other manufacturers to push prices down by having a reference model that consumers can purchase. It’s also about developing ‘mindshare’ of Google products and their quality (and that you can get timely updates from Google directly, not forced to wait for another vendor to push an update)

      • Carlos Brown

        Finally, someone who gets it: Google’s goal was always to drive down tablet prices so that more people see their ads.

        • Eric R.

          They are doing what they did with Chrome and that’s why one day the Nexus tablet line will be the the #1 tablets.

      • Tony James

        Who said anything about profit from hardware. Reread what I wrote. Android is getting outsold nearly 5 to 1 on tablets, probably closer to 4 to 1 if you include all Android tablets. Google does not earn 4 to 1 in Ad revenue vs Apple’s hardware revenue + iTunes. According to the MotleyFool(a well respected financial magazine) the average Google user is worth $44 dollars annually. The average Apple user through iTunes is worth about $36 dollars and that doesn’t include the 40% margin on the Apple hardware. So this idea that Google just needs users is ridiculous, if that was the case they don’t buy Moto(it wasn’t the patents). They need hardware to make up the difference or they get even further left behind on the ecosystem.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I think you might be forgetting that Google also makes money off users on iPads/iPhones and the like that are using their services. Google is first an foremost a services company.

          • Tony James

            You are correct, according to Eric Schmidt before Congress they make 66% of their mobile ad revenue from iOS devices. However, Apple is slowly but surely removing those services one by one and cutting into Google’s revenues. Also Google’s yearly ad revenue has been going shrinking and not growing over the past few years as their click rate has been steadily dropping. This is why hardware and ecosystem revenues as so important to Google this past couple years.

  • Phil

    I want a New Nexus 10

    • BeLogical

      Ditto, been waiting for revision 2. Can’t wait!

    • zurginator


      The Nexus 7 is close enough to both the N4 and N10 to cannibalize the sales of either — hence the 6-month split.

      The N4 and N10 are far enough apart in screen size for it to not be worried about.

  • decidedtochangename

    I wonder if Google will bother selling them directly cheaper or just dump the inventory to places like Woot to liquidate the remains.

  • MikeCiggy

    My mom went and picked one up at staples a few days ago. Her xoom broke and she’s a kind of ‘I want it and I want it now’ person. I could not convince her to wait. I wonder if they will refund her $50?

    • Christopher Kroupa

      I’ve had good luck with it in the past at similar retailers. Usually if it goes on sale less than 14 days after the purchase, and you bring in the original receipt and be nice. You might only get store credit though.

    • BeLogical

      Yes they will. If not, return it and buy again.

  • AndreKP2124

    Would someone please tell me? How many Android tablet apps are there right now? I was trying to do a research on that, but I couldn’t find any information that have to be with the amount Android tablet apps.

    • Carlos Brown

      Tablified is an app that features all of the tablet apps that they’ve found in the Play Store. Currently, they link to about 3,000.

      • AndreKP2124

        That’s a big misery. Google should do something.

        • Carlos Brown

          You need more than 3,000 apps on your tablet?

          There is absolutely NOTHING that I want to do on my tablet for which there is not a VERY NICE tablet app available for it

          • AndreKP2124

            The iPad has more than 300,000 Apps so far. Perhaps, that tells you something.

          • Carlos Brown

            But if I plan to put 100 apps on my tablet, whether an app store has 1,000 or 100,000 is pretty much irrelevant.

          • Tony James

            That is true if all apps on the market are equal. They are not.

          • AndreKP2124

            My question is: What have to do Google for making the developers increase the amount of Android tablet apps and at the same time increase these apps quality? I hope Google is keeping an ace up its sleeve.

          • zurginator

            Google can’t do anything.

            More Android tablets need to be sold for developers to spend the money on tablet UI….

            …but more tablet apps need to exist for people to justify buying a tablet.

          • Jason

            I take it that in the beginning your question was nothing more than bait? Almost all android apps will work on both the 7 inch and 10 inch. The numbers you were quoted was for optimized android apps for tablets, nothing more.

  • Lucky Armpit

    Good to hear. I’m in the tablet buying market but I really want the Nexus 10. Not in a huge rush so I’ll wait to see what Google releases in the next few months. My TF101 still works but would love an upgrade.

  • CodeToJoy

    Almost jumped on this over the weekend, the 32GB model was at $219. Would have been pissed. Rumors of an upgrade around the corner stopped me.

  • Edwin M

    Crap, time to sell my 32GB Nexus 7.

    • NYCHitman1

      Selling my 32GB Nexus 10 to get the refreshed Nexus 7. Can’t wait.

      • TylerChappell

        Not a bad deal, smaller resolution, but better performance.

    • NYCHitman1

      Selling my 32GB Nexus 10 to get the refreshed Nexus 7. Can’t wait.