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Pebble Partners With Best Buy to Sell Popular Smartwatch – Available Online Today, in Stores July 7

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Due to increased demand, Pebble has partnered with Best Buy to make their popular smartwatch available across the country in retail shops. The device will sell for $149.99, is available online today, and will reach store shelves by July 7. The black version (Jet Black) is the only model currently available, but the Pebble team has plans to make the red version available in August.

Be sure to read our full review of the Pebble if you haven’t yet, but are considering joining the wearable tech trend.

All of the details can be found below. 

General Info

  • Pebble’s price at Best Buy remains the same: $149.99.
  • Cherry Red Pebbles will be the second color available at Best Buy, coming in August.
  • All five Pebble colors are still available for pre-order with us at getpebble.com.
  • Grey, Orange, and White Pebbles are only available for pre-order with us at getpebble.com at this time.
  • Best Buy Mobile locations are not included.

Unpaid Pre-Orders

  • If you decide to pick up a Jet Black Pebble at Best Buy, no action is needed to cancel your unpaid pre-order from getpebble.com.
  • We’ll still invite you to finalize payment and create a Pebble Account when we approach your place in the pre-order queue: just ignore that invite if you no longer want it.
  • We started fulfilling paid pre-orders in May—we’ll continue shipping Pebbles in the US and internationally as quickly as possible.

Paid Pre-orders

  • Paid pre-orders for Black, Red, Orange, and Grey should all be in Step 3 or later when you log in to your Pebble Account. Email order<at>getpebble.com if this isn’t the case for you.
  • We’ll continue to produce and ship all five Pebble colors and fulfill outstanding orders placed directly with us.
  • US retail availability of Jet Black now and Cherry Red in August will relieve some demand on the getpebble.com pre-order queue.

Kickstarter Backers

  • This milestone is as big for us as it is for you: as retail customers discover Pebble, savor the fact that your support got us to this point in about a year’s time.
  • For all Pebble colors, Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled first before being available to others elsewhere. Best Buy availability of Jet Black now and Cherry Red in August doesn’t prevent us from honoring our commitment to our earliest supporters.
  • Kickstarter orders for Black, Red, Orange, and Grey should all have shipping notices now. Email kickstarter<at>getpebble.com if this is not the case.
  • The first batch of Arctic White sent to our distribution centers covers the first 58% of our Kickstarter orders for this color. The second batch should capture the remaining ones.

Via:  Pebble | Best Buy

  • DanSan


  • DanSan

    just got mine from best buy 🙂

  • Travis Oakshott

    Actually interested in this new smartwatch coming soon: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kreyos-the-only-smartwatch-with-voice-gesture-control
    anyone else?

  • I quit wearing a watch long ago. Once upon a time I had one of these when they were still ‘cutting edge’. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sinclair_Black_Watch.jpg

    • michael arazan

      My Casio calculator watch has a calculator, plays 8 bit music, a stop watch and timer, alarm, and a couple games on it, and still works from 1991, and only cost me about $30 back then. I’d rather have that than this.

  • nesdude

    If you decide to get a Pebble, I highly recommend a screen protector. The “scratch-resistant” coating isn’t very good and you’re more likely to scratch something that’s extruding on your wrist then, say, a cell phone.

    I really enjoy my Pebble. I dunno if I would pay $150+tax for it, but the $115 I paid I certainly feel like I got my moneys worth

  • Shopper

    Sold out online @ bestbuy.com

  • Ej McCarty

    Hate that it says works with android but made for ipod and iphone….

    • SemahjLam

      why? I’m pretty sure all 3rd party apple products say that

      • Ej McCarty

        what are you talking about? honestly. People need to realize that there’s more than just an ip*one out there. If I were to ever make a product it would be exclusively for android. Oh I wonder how many people using iph*nes would be in an uproar if it were a decent product.

        • SemahjLam

          I think you took what I wrote the complete wrong way, but I’m to lazy to actually try and make you understand. But what youngest wrote made no sense

          • Ej McCarty

            yeah i know something about lazy arabs

          • SemahjLam

            ….really? you just lost all respect, and I’m actually black nutface.

  • DanSan

    love it, been on preorder status from pebble directly for god knows how long with no info…

    and now they start selling them in stores..

  • Ryan

    did all the backers get their colored watches? if not I would think this would be a slap in the face to backers.

    • evcon

      I think pretty much every color has gone out in full to backers, except for white, which they’re working on now.

    • James Melli

      I got slapped… Hard

  • Michael Bassett

    Dang it Google, show us your Smartwatch and specs so I can wait for it or buy this thing!

  • Jason13L

    I have my black kickstarter pebble and I think this goes a long way to becoming a legitimate watch manufacturer; but, I think the Pebble is still very much a *Beta* product. I am surprised they released to the public before their entire SDK was released. There are still features that are “Coming soon”. I absolutely love my watch as an early adopter and tinkerer, but I don’t recommend it for the general public yet.

  • Chris

    Hell ya. Employee discount for my new pebble.

    • DanSan

      looks like ill be asking my girlfriend to pick me up one 🙂

  • asdfdas

    DROID-Life, not SMARTWATCH-life.

    • Ryan

      no just no. go troll somewhere else

    • bradywassam

      So they shouldn’t cover Galaxy phones either? You sir are a tool. anDROID-accessory-LIFE

      • Marcus

        Galaxy phones run android…

        • gdfsghdfsh

          I think the point was “DROID” life not “ANDROID” life.

          There’s still http://an.droid-life.com

          • raddacle

            Which hasn’t been updated for over a year now…so yea no

    • Ian

      There’s the door…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      How about you just get a life

    • Respen

      It’s called being a well rounded consumer, it’s the same reason why they post info on other carriers and other platforms. Ignore the fanboys, the more information we have, the better.