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Contest: Win 1 of 6 Android Foundry Cruzerlite Cases for the One, Note 2, and Galaxy S3 (Updated: Winners Picked)

cruzerlite android foundry

The folks at Cruzerlite recently partnered up with Andrew Bell and the Android Foundry to create two special edition TPU cases for their ever-growing line. They sent us over a few samples to show off and then give away to DL readers, so since it’s a holiday week, we thought we’d do that today. We have six of these new Android Foundry cases, along with two EXO cases for the Galaxy S4. Not a bad little contest, right?

The first case is called Anderoids, which as you can tell from the picture above, is a take on Asteroids. The second is called Circuitry, and is a look at the electrical side of our friend, the Bugdroid. Each case is made of TPU, however, this is the nicest TPU I have ever felt. I’m not sure what has changed with TPU over the last year, but it no longer feels like cheap slippery plastic. These two cases have a soft-touch to them that not only feels premium, but also gives you a sense of protection. So far, I’m a huge fan of both.

To check out the rest of Cruzerlite’s line, be sure to hit up their online shop.

After doing that, get back here and enter the contest below for your chance to win one!

cruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundry

cruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundry


Update:  Winners have been picked and emailed!

Prizes:  6 (six) Android Foundry Cruzerlite cases (2 Galaxy Note II, 2  Galaxy S3, and 2 HTC One), plus 2 (two) bonus EXO Galaxy S4 cases.

How to enter:

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Our six (6) winners will be selected tomorrow morning at 9AM Pacific.

  • Jason Allen

    Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Иван Панкратов

    Galaxy S3. Nice cases!

  • Jody Harvey

    Galaxy S3!

  • t3chi3

    Galaxy Note 2 is the sh*t!!! 😉

  • 4n1m4L

    HTC One. FTW

  • Sparktweek

    Galaxy S3. Thanks DL!

  • SJ Prettyman

    Galaxy S3. Thanks DL!

  • Avinash Kumar

    S4 🙂

  • JaseYANG


  • Oscar Hagstrom

    HTC one!!!!

  • Romius T.

    i have a galaxy s3

  • Regino

    Samsung S3 is the best smart phone I have ever had.

  • Shon holder

    Sexy Cases

  • Nicholassss

    Note 2

  • pharmdy

    Galaxy s3!

  • Galaxy s3

  • Jason Brown

    galaxy s4

  • dannyyang524

    galaxy s3!

  • Adam Lurie

    Verizon galaxy S3

  • chris

    HTC one

  • adam t

    Note 2

  • AntiJeff

    Galaxy S# – there’s a chance –

  • Drooblz

    Galaxy S3!

  • Saurabh

    Those are some sweet cases. I would love the blue case for my S3. And I think I’ll get the circuitry case for my N4 🙂

  • jra716

    Galaxy S3

  • Trevon

    I’ve been dying for a cool case to my brand new Galaxy s4!

  • HTC One here!

  • TheChanDroid

    Note 2, baby! (Hope I win 🙂 )

  • Christian Farr

    If i win a note 2 case or a s4 case it will decide what phone i buy this week. got to play to win

  • Chillum Pujari

    S4 baby

  • valapsp

    htc one ftw.

  • knoxweather

    Galaxy S 3 please

  • Steve


  • Mikey Styles

    Me me me!! Haha I could really use one for my Note 2 as lately I’ve been on the clumsy side dropping it. These contests are awesome guys & thnx as usual!

  • KC

    Looking forward to winning one of these cases for my HTC One! Thanks! 😀

  • Scottyb112

    The Galaxy S3, still chugging along just fine!

  • Shawn Mayers

    These cases are cool looking. Galaxy S3.

  • Rojo623

    Would love note 2 case!

  • villian1998

    Jesus be a hot comb

  • Bryant Mosley

    Galaxy S3. I hope I win I just got a new S3 that I bought on Swappa a new case would be great

  • prttyboiii007

    Note 2!

  • Ruvim

    galaxy s4!

  • Buckoman

    Galaxy S3. Still running strong. I love this phone to death.

  • NickSkelton

    HTC one

  • Esteban Ventura

    HTC One!!!!!! The best 🙂

  • Stretch44

    Note 2!!!! I was converted and am officially in the cult! There’s no going back!!!

  • Jeff

    GS3, BAM!

  • Austin Conatser

    Note 2 beats all!

  • Ahmed

    HTC One!

  • John

    Note 2 !