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Vine Receives Big Update, Front Facing Camera Support and Plenty More


Vine for Android is getting a major update today, full of amazing new features that users have been clamoring for since it first launched earlier this month. Oh wait, most of these things should have been there since day one. I forgot that their development team rushed to get this app out of the door as quickly as possible and might have skipped a few things along the way. 

In the update, which is now live on Google Play, users can finally take advantage of their front-facing cameras while taking videos. In addition, you might notice some “overall speed improvements” and enhancements to the performance of the camera load time, as well as a new upload manager.

What’s New:

  • Front-facing camera
  • New upload manager for unsubmitted posts
  • Improvements to settings
  • Improvements to camera loading time and support for more devices
  • Speed improvements overall
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

Finally doesn’t even begin to express my feelings toward this update. But then again, now that Instagram does video, I find myself not even opening this app anymore.

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  • heather

    I think video on instagram has ruined the app.

  • Talk about a rollercoaster. I thought Vine was going to be awesome. Then it launched and it sucked. Then it updated, and it still sucked. Then Instagram updated to video and I thought it was going to be awesome especially with 15 seconds because 6 seconds was too short. Then I discovered Instagram video wouldn’t work for my Samsung Blaze 4G unless I rooted it since it only updates to 4.0.4. Then I found some Vine-ers who make amazing 6 second Vines and I started to get it. Then I started seeing Instagram videos pop up in my Instagram feed and I realized I hated having them there and now I’m not sure I’m really interested in 15 second Instagram videos. But Vine still sucked on Droid… until yesterday and now it seems to FINALLY work…? Whoo hop!

    • Not sure how whoo hoo became whoo hop. Ugh.

  • TrevorKai

    LOL! Whose actually is using Vine????

  • EvanTheGamer

    New upload manager for unsubmitted posts

    I don’t think this option was included in the Android version? I can’t find it. I record a clip then hit the X button but it doesn’t show an option to save it to the Upload Manager. Unless I’m doing something wrong I don’t think this feature is there.

    • BRIM

      This is what I’m looking for as well. Glad it wasn’t only me. I’m lost.

  • Ray Gray

    The best part is you can switch between front and back cam in the same video Instagram needs that too

    • BRIM

      This is what IG needs (iOS can do this already).

      The only thing that’s off is on VINE it’s mirrored. Record yourself with a magazine in front of you, using the front camera, and you’ll see what I mean.

    • chris420o

      how hard is it to turn the phone around…u really need to see ur face make sure u look pretty while posting selfie videos…smh

      • bkosh84

        Yes.. Yes I do..

      • Ray Gray

        You just don’t get it

  • timsim38

    Well it was cool to get vine. But after Instagram added video i hardly open vine.

  • richkoos

    I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but the only update I want from Vine is for it to stop taking forever to initialize…

    • S2556

      Mine is quick since the last update.

  • Jerry13

    Reading this reminded me to uninstall Vine. Thanks

  • Their lack of dedication to the android app makes me concerned and pretty much sold on switching to IG video. IG launched and updated 3 times in 48hrs to get rid of major bugs in their app.
    I just REALLY want IG video to be able to tap to record instead of having to hold. I hate that so much. (also annoying in snapchat. always have to do like 3 takes or miss my cat doing something funny cause of the delay)

    • Chris

      Its better to gather all the bugs together and issue one update rather then an update for each bug. Unless theres a major flaw in the app.

      • There was major flaws in the IG app. There has been major flaws in the vine app up till now. Took way to long this update.
        For the most part i agree with you, but also being able to use the app is quite important. IG wanted people to be able to use the app as fast as possible and release an update after a few hours that fixed a big problem: uploading images from gallery. Proceeded to fix other annoying issues within the next 48hours.
        Vines feed was broken for idk like 3 days after 1.1 udpate. unacceptable.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Couldn’t agree more about the ‘tapping to record’ option. That’s like the only thing I really do not like about Instagram Video. They need to add that option. But then again, don’t think they’ll ever add that ’cause that’s Vine’s thing.

      • Its the only thing stopping me from moving over and deleting vine completely. Cause its Vine’s thing is exactly why they should do it. lol

  • Blue Sun

    It must have been Tim’s use of the word finally… all the “Related Posts” below the article are articles about Verizon updates. Too funny.

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  • Ian Smith