Vine Makes it Easy to Add Music to Your Clips, Create Perfect Loops

Vine, the social media platform that allows you to post six second clips, is receiving an update to bring an easier process for adding music. To start, Vine is introducing Snap to Beat. With this feature, under the details page, Vine can help you create a “perfect loop” or “seamless loop,” which is a loop featuring music where the listener/watcher can’t tell the beginning from the end. Until now, only those are who obsessed with creating perfect Vines were able to produce this.  (more…)

Vine Updated With New Settings and Capture Buttons

Vine, an app you stopped using once Instagram introduced videos, received an update today via Google Play for Android devices. Inside the update, new capture screen settings are included for those who still use the service, making it easier to upload your previously recorded work.

The new settings include a button to access videos already in your gallery for uploading, an undo last recording button, and a flashlight button for recording in low light areas.

Full and official changelog can be viewed below.  (more…)

Vine Update Brings Direct “Vine” Messaging, Profile Customization

For anyone still rocking Vine, you will be happy to learn that the company has introduced a direct messaging feature, known as Vine Messaging, into the application. Basically, you can make private Vines and then send them to your friends that you have added onto your friends list. You can also send Vines to people you are not friends with, but that might come off as a little stalkerish(more…)

Vine for Android Receives Update – Includes Capture Widget, Channels, Other Capture Tools


If you are still holding on to the glory days of Vine, even after Instagram tried its best to kill it by introducing its own video service, you’ll be happy to hear about the latest update. Released this afternoon to Google Play, the new version of Vine includes channels (15 of them to be precise), “revining” of favorite posts, a fast capture widget, new capture tools (focus, grid, and ghost), and more.

Go get it! (Assuming it’s not a staged rollout.)  (more…)

Vine Receives Big Update, Front Facing Camera Support and Plenty More


Vine for Android is getting a major update today, full of amazing new features that users have been clamoring for since it first launched earlier this month. Oh wait, most of these things should have been there since day one. I forgot that their development team rushed to get this app out of the door as quickly as possible and might have skipped a few things along the way.  (more…)

Facebook Announces Instagram with Video, Will be Available Day One for Android


Today at Facebook’s small press event, Mark Zuckerburg and Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced Instagram with video. Yep, Instagram will now have video capabilities. Using the same app that everyone already has installed, users can record up to 15 seconds with the ability to add separate clips, just like Vine and Cinemagram. In addition, users can choose from 13 custom video filters for their clips.  (more…)

Report: Instagram to Announce Vine-like Video Support at Facebook Event

instagram logo onex (1)

With Facebook hosting a small press event on June 20, sources close to both Instagram and Facebook are stating that the social network has something big planned for the photo-sharing filter-happy network. According to TechCrunch, Facebook intends to announce video capabilities for Instagram, almost identical to what Twitter’s Vine application offers. Users can record up 5 or 10 second videos, then upload them for sharing.  (more…)