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Facebook Announces Android App Beta Program, Signups Are Live

Facebook Beta

Facebook announced at an Android whiteboard meeting today, a beta program to help strengthen their mobile app offering. Allowing a small portion of users access to software before a full on update/launch, Facebook is hoping to cut down on issues that could potentially arise if they miss something during their internal testing phases. 

This beta is just like similar ones we have seen from apps such as Falcon Pro, Nova Launcher and Sliding Messaging. What makes this one different is that Facebook is the first major company to adopt Google’s newest beta program platform. So far, we’re digging it.

Beginning today, the Android beta program will give users who opt-in access to the latest versions of Facebook for Android before the general release. Our goals with this program are to expand our pool of testers and gain feedback across a more diverse set of devices. Just by using the app and reporting issues, beta testers will be able to help us improve performance on a wide variety of Android devices we may have  otherwise been unable to test at scale.

To sign up and get yourself into the beta, join this Google Apps group here and then download the app from Google Play. It’s that simple to become a tester.

Via: Facebook

  • wewenk

    it says version 3.4 is it really the beta version?

  • docbro

    i cant find the beta app even If i follow the link

    • antinorm

      You have to join the Google Apps group first. When you do that, you’ll be given the ‘Become a tester’ link. This is what will allow you to download the beta version from the Play Store.

  • Raven65

    They better back off on the ridiculous permissions their last update added. I will not be installing that or any future update until they do. Facebook doesn’t need to know what apps I’m running (or be allowed to reorder or otherwise control them), they don’t need access to my accounts (!), they don’t need access to my contacts, and they don’t need the ability to directly dial phone numbers.

    • Mike Jones

      Cry baby

  • I mean, the beta app can’t be any worse than the released one, right?

    • Manthas

      If there is one thing I have learned in my life, it is this: never challenge worse.

    • Suddenly, bricked phone.

  • signed up for beta and downloaded from play store…….see no difference

    • Opinionated_In_Bangor

      Not sure if NEW or not.. But I have a settings wheel next to messages where I can access OTHER or ARCHIVED messages now…. I didn’t notice this before

      • PaulSchroeder

        I believe this is new. Also, when you send a message to someone, “Sending” appears, followed by “Sent” beneath the message. That’s definitely new, prior to this I had no idea if messages were being sent fully until the red exclamation point would show up (with a poor connection, this can take 10 minutes).

        • Sending and Sent has always been in the Facebook Messenger app right…?

          • PaulSchroeder

            “Sent” and “Read” has, and maybe even “Sending”. But either the implementation is better or it is new, because I have awful service in my office and can never tell if a message goes through until a few minutes later. Now I know instantaneously.

      • antinorm

        Now if only they would do away with ‘Other’ entirely (or at least allow users to turn it off). It’s useless, and I’ve heard stories of people missing out on seeing messages because they were dumped into ‘Other’ without notification of any sort.

    • anezarati

      i noticed that little icon in the top right that gets to messaging now displays the number of people online.

  • Bigsike

    Becoming a tester should come with a free punch in the face.

  • Manthas

    And they would pay more attention to this feedback than they do to the numerous reports that are submitted regularly regarding bugs and issues in their published app? To be fair, many of their problems are systemic, and cannot be addressed on a mobile client when it is the underlying, back end structure that is fundamentally flawed and broken.

    • Chad

      NAIL on the head!

    • Google translate just spit out the same words… halp.

  • ddevito

    For such an important app, Facebook on Android has sucked balls.

    • Chad

      Has since day 1 and always will!

    • michael arazan

      FaceBook sucks worse than a loose hooker after a busy weekend

  • sc4fpse

    Somehow, each and every Facebook app update manages to be worse than the one before it… and that’s assuming that the user can even open it. Half the time it just fails to run. I’m not sure why you would be eager to update to a new version of Facebook sooner. Facebook is the only app that I make a backup of in Titanium Backup before I update… and that’s even after I wait for a few weeks before updating only to get rid of the notification.

  • anezarati

    why are they doing this through a google group and not a google+ community?

    this google group page looks so outdated.

    • Brandon Hawkins

      because Google+ is a direct competitor to Facebook…

      • anezarati

        haha good point

  • Bobby

    Why is this a thing still?

  • Blue Sun

    I’ll get right on that! /s

    On a more serious note. I’m glad to see more use of the Google App beta program.