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AT&T Fires Up 7 New 4G LTE Markets, Continues to Boast Nation’s Fastest Speeds

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This morning, there are seven new 4G LTE markets available to AT&T subscribers, bringing the grand total to around 315+. According to recent tests that brought a showdown between the top U.S. carriers, AT&T still had a dominant lead in overall speed of their network. 

While 4G LTE still gets some folks excited, it’s hard not to think about the future and what LTE-Advanced could do for us. Is it possible for a webpage to load too fast? I didn’t think so.

New Markets:

  • Grand Rapids, Minnesota
  • Minot, North Dakota
  • Mount Vernon, Ohio
  • Jackson County, Georgia
  • Brainerd Lakes, Minnesota
  • Visalia, California
  • Hot Springs, Arkansas

Via: AT&T

  • JoeTi

    Good for at&t considering their data network track record. If memory serves correctly, at&t always laid just enough tracks to reach everyone but didn’t deal well with overcapacity on hspa+. I would consider giving them a shot down the road if they didn’t repeat this mistake, the speeds remain good and the capacity stays high. It just seems like VZW always stays just one step ahead and at 18 down and 12 up most the time I check I don’t see the advantage in network. But VZW lacks Hero Android phones right now big time and have their own lousy track record with slow updates, bloat, poor nexus phones (1 to date)…

  • Rambocombo

    To Everyone here that says Verizon has more LTE conjestion than ATT its not true.

    Verizon had a leg up on the initial rollout so yes they initially had a higher adoption rate.

    That changed when the iPhone 5 was realeased. Remember ATt sales 2-3 mil more iPhones than verizon on
    Average per quarter. Att did there best ever quarter last year with the iPhone 5. Att is also knownw to
    have the most LTe tables on thier network nationwide. Look at fierce wireless for that stat. ATT has gotten that good
    they even hold up or beat verizon in cities like Los Angeles where because of spectrum limitations ( Verizon Outbide them in the 2007 auction )
    they are running LTE on 5MHZ chanels instead of double. This will be remedied when the Qualcom spectrum comes online later in the year
    and the rest of the verizon A/B block 700 mhz spectrum that they were forced to sale to ATT inorder to purchase the AWS spectrum.

    Att only has about 12% of users on their EDGE 2G spectrum which runs nationwide. They have about 55 mhz of 1900/850 mhz specrtrum.

    In the next year or 2 they will start refarming that for LTE this is evident by LTE band 2 and 5 being included on the ATT Iphone 5 HTC one and
    Galaxy S4. ATT is improving at an alarming rate and they still have the highest Smartphone users per total subscribers ratio of all the carriers as they
    should since they were the first to get the iPhone. Couple that with their phone selection and the ability to import GSM/ LTE hadsets
    or tablest like the Transformer Pad LTE or the Padfone LTe and drop a sim in and ATT is a winner.

  • coolsilver

    You know if I am gonna continue to get raped by Verizon they better be kicking on AWS/LTE-A soon. I am sure they were smart on easy tower upgrades for this.

  • d-rock

    I pulled 63Mbps yesterday on AT&T LTE

  • feztheforeigner

    And all of this just became obsolete 🙁

    When do I get my LTE-Advanced network!?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Quick Question to the Unlimited Elite. If you didn’t have Unlimited would you consider switching to At&t?

    I mean they do get *ALL* devices. And they are GSM. Unlocked anything (read Nexus) will work without issue.

    • ostensibly


    • Geoff Johnson

      I just signed up with AT&T last weekend. 450 minutes and 5GB data for $75 after discount. I kept Verizon though as I have unlimited data and only pay $60/mo, but I wanted to have a good phone and good LTE speeds.

    • Nope, their pricing models are too close to Verizon and their coverage is significantly less! If I was gonna give up Verizon’s basically nationwide coverage, I would expect to be paying significantly less, not the same!

  • AT&T’s LTE is 100% awesome sauce.

    • I would have to agree.

    • flosserelli

      I am not trying to troll, but how is the building penetration? That was the main reason why I left ATT for VZW. When I had ATT and walked into a building, I got nothing (but that was before LTE)

      • Building penetration is good for me. I live in a metal-framed apartment complex and ironically, AT&T is the only carrier whose LTE I can actually pick up inside my apartment. The service is the best out of VZW, Tmo, and ATT. Your mileage may vary.

  • Nathan D

    So is AT&T’s network actually faster, or are there just less people using it?

    • htowngtr

      For me it varies. The verizon LTE was on average better, but had lower peak speed if ATT had a good signal. Generally though I’d rather have a sustained 20/15 over a peak 50/15 but sustained 10/10 with poor signal. Verizon always had better signal and connectivity.

    • gadget_hero

      Probably a bit of both. I imagine they have less LTE users than Verizon, but they are also faster. Basically its 3G all over again, Verizon has consistent LTE with deep coverage. AT&T has faster speeds but less coverage, though I do think they will eventually close the coverage gap they had in the 3G days.

      • Mchl496

        Probably more just less people using it. I was on Verizon’s 4g with a thunderbolt. I’d pull 30+mbs easy on a speed test for downloads and uploads. Now that’s down by a 2/3s most of the time.

        • gadget_hero

          In the Mid-TN (Nashville Metro Area) AT&T LTE gets ~50-60 Mbps DL vs Verizon that gets ~15-25 Mbps DL (as by what I have seen, for disclosure purposes I moved my parents from AT&T to Verizon last Sept, and I use T-Mobile, lest I be called a fan-boy).

          • It’s all about the area and time of day! In my smallish town that was somehow picked first on the list for Verizon 4G LTE a few years ago, I can rock 15-40 down all day long and at off-peak hours I can top 60 down! Of course I have noticed a little bit of slowing down after the iCrap 5 was released….

        • coolsilver

          I ditched my thunderbolt and got my speed back with my S4. 30down happens a lot more. Before I was lucky to get 5 off same tower after all the radio updates.

    • Blue Sun

      Lots of users still on HSPA I bet.

  • Geoff Johnson

    I really hope the carriers either bring back unlimited data (unlikely), or at least give us more data for what we pay. We’ve been getting faster and faster speeds but the price per GB has been going up.

    • htowngtr

      I would honestly re-up with vzw if they did a double data promo now.

      • red014


        • gadget_hero

          I would probably switch back to Verizon if they did that…

    • gadget_hero

      I wouldn’t mind a bucket if it was all data, no forced unlimited minutes/texts.

      • Justin W

        Agreed. I want just data and about 100 minutes for those cases that I need to talk over the network. Outside of that, I’ll use a VoIP software or Google Voice for messaging.

        Edit: No, T-Mo’s plan won’t work. Sadly, we have literally no T-Mo towers in my region.

    • Verizon CEO
  • KleenDroid


    • Brandon S.

      Its amazing that they are lighting up Brainerd Lakes area, before St.Cloud MN. But I guess it is a vacation area for a lot of people with money while St.Cloud is just homes thousands of permanent residents :/
      They should be here in St.Cloud Soon enough.

      • KleenDroid

        I used to live in Minot North Dakota. Surprised they would get it over a big city.

        • Raven

          I live in ND and go through Minot quite often. Huge oil boom going on there and the place is growing like you wouldn’t believe. It is nice to know that ND is getting some love and I might have a Verizon alternative some day because currently AT&T sucks across most of the state.

          • KleenDroid

            I loved Minot. I also used to work on an exploration crew laying cable.And we used to own a shot hole plugging business.

            I went to high school in Minot. Both at Ryan and the high school.

          • Brandon S.

            Heading to silver lake ND near rutland for the weekend. Have lots of family near Devils Lake and Silver Lake ND

          • Brandon S.

            Still no lte in cloud.

        • Justin W

          Yeah… They haven’t even gotten to Sioux Falls South Dakota yet.. and we have about 3-4 times the population of Minot.

          Plus side, they are testing it and I’ll be hopping on their prepaid plan once it’s on.

      • michael arazan

        An ATT executive probably has one of his several homes there