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Samsung Announces Galaxy S4 LTE-A, World’s First LTE-Advanced Smartphone

Galaxy S4 LTE A

This evening, Samsung and SK Telecom, a Korean carrier that recently finished construction on the world’s first commercially available LTE-Advanced network, announced the Galaxy S4 LTE-A. The LTE-A is the world’s first device able to connect to an LTE Advanced network, as well as containing Qualcomm’s newest flagship processor, the Snapdragon 800

Earlier today, a leaked hands-on and unboxing went up on the web of the new Galaxy device, complete with full retail packaging. In terms of what separates this and the regular S4 that everyone knows and loves, inside the LTE-A is upgraded GPUs, the 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon chipset and the LTE-Advanced radios. It still features the same 13MP camera, 2GB of RAM, Android 4.2.2 software, as well as all of that Samsung proprietary software.

The device will be available in both red and blue, hitting shelves sometime this summer in Korea. For now, Americans will have to remain patient to see something like this hit our shores.


Samsung LTE Leadership and Future-Focused Innovation Produces World’s First LTE-Advanced Smartphone

Breakthrough GALAXY S4 LTE-A doubles network connection speeds and reimagines the smartphone multimedia experience

SEOUL, Korea – June 26th, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a leader in mobile technology and digital solutions, today announced the GALAXY S4 LTE-A, accelerating smartphone expectations with advanced multimedia experiences and the fastest downloads, web browsing, multimedia streaming and applications loading. The world’s first commercially available LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) smartphone, Samsung’s GALAXY S4 LTE-A, combines technology innovations included in the highly acclaimed GALAXY S4 with new advanced features and twice-as-fast network speeds to produce an unparalleled multimedia experience.

“Samsung maintains a unique position for delivering LTE innovations as a provider of the parts, devices and equipment required to deliver next generation 4G LTE services,” said JK Shin, CEO and President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “The introduction of the GALAXY S4 LTE-A demonstrates Samsung’s desire and ability to provide consumers with technological innovations that take advantage of increased network speeds to deliver richer and fuller experiences.”

World’s First LTE-A Smartphone

Samsung’s introduction of the GALAXY S4 LTE-A, the world’s first LTE Advanced-capable smartphone, is the latest expression of the company’s efforts in leading LTE technology. Samsung’s commitment to driving LTE adoption achieved its first milestone in 2010 with the launch of the Craft, the world’s first LTE feature phone, and continued in 2011 with the delivery of the Indulge, the world’s first LTE smartphone. In the last year, Samsung has also pioneered efforts to bring VoLTE network capabilities to users with the launch of the GALAXY S III LTE.

Doubled Network Speeds

The GALAXY S4 LTE-A’s advanced network enables users to experience substantially faster speeds – double today’s LTE speeds – by leveraging carrier aggregation, an approach that combines different frequencies and uses them as one. With this groundbreaking technology, users can enjoy uninterrupted high-resolution streaming of their favorite shows and stronger, faster speeds when playing games, browsing the internet, and downloading files and applications.

Unmatched Multimedia Experience

Featuring a powerful 2.3GHz quad core processor and a long-lasting 2,600mAh battery, and capable of accessing significantly faster network speeds, the GALAXY S4 LTE-A delivers an enriched multimedia experience to users. New features such as ImageON* – which analyzes images that users view, then identifies and plays videos related to the image with just one click – extend access to relevant content on the internet and create new ways to experience and interact with multimedia resources. A high resolution Digital Media Broadcasting* service delivers unparalleled clarity and viewing experiences for on-the-go consumption of live television programs or sporting events. In addition, the GALAXY S4 LTE-A is equipped with the same innovative features of the GALAXY S4 that help make daily life richer, simpler and more fun.

*ImageON and a high resolution DMB are only available for the Korean version.

The GALAXY S4 LTE-A will be available this summer starting in Korea in two colors: Blue Arctic and Red Aurora. More color options will be available at a later date.

Samsung GALAXY S4 LTE-A Product Specifications

  • Network – LTE-A
  • Processor – Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 Processor with 2.3GHz Quad Core CPUs
  • Display – 5.0” Full HD Super AMOLED (441 PPI)
  • OS – Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Camera – Main (Rear): 13MP Sub (Front): 2MP
  • 3.5mm Ear Jack
  • Connectivity – WiFi HT80, Bluetooth® 4.0 LE, NFC Technology
  • Memory – 32GB Internal memory (User Memory approximately 24GB)
  • micro SD slot (up to 64GB), 2GB RAM
  • Dimension – 136.6x69.8x7.9mm, 131g
  • Battery – 2,600mAh

* All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Via: Samsung | Samsung Tomorrow

  • cheet

    another week of a phantom Variant.. Where are they?? 32gig 64gig etc .. its a bunch of crap..

  • Benji

    Sooooo…if I had a free roundtrip plane ticket to South Korea, would it be worth picking one up even though the “Advance” won’t work on U.S. towers? (I would have the latest and greatest S4!!!) 🙂

  • MentatYP

    Calm down, S4 owners. There’s no LTE-A network in the U.S. so this phone won’t be coming to the States.

  • Sorry GS4 owners you’re already outdated.

  • XphoneTroll

    MY S4 may not be 4G LTE advanc, but I sure get high speed. Between 25 to 35 download.

  • Can we get a steady LTE network setup for my current phone to use before we start talking about LTEA? lol

  • Bionic

    The verizon GS4 is LTE – A enabled as well.

    • nvitone23

      I’ve actually read that that is a misconception. It will support a more advanced form of LTE but will not get the speeds of LTE-A…I’ll look for where I read that.

      • Bionic

        It’s a moot point with me. I consistently get 20mbps all over town. Why do I need faster? Besides, when I get a new phone in 2015 it’ll be ready for me.

        • nvitone23

          true. by the time we get this stuff in its full glory it will be a few years.

  • To anyone who would actually have the audacity to be pissed off about this, all I can say is that’s called being an early adopter. You can’t keep holding out indefinitely for the next best thing because there will ALWAYS be something better. So stick a tampon in that giant mangina of yours and enjoy your damn phone!

  • JonathonFlores

    There are how many different GS4’s now??? Samsung isn’t going to make a bunch of different phones throughout the year, they’re just gonna make a bunch of different same phones throughout the year..but hey what do I know… I don’t make billions

  • Tobiwan

    ” a Korean carrier that recently finished construction on the world’s first commercially available LTE-Advanced network” < This is untrue. "On 9 October, 2012, Russian carrier Yota launched the first-ever commercial implementation of the technology, at 11 of its base-stations around Moscow. However compatible handsets won't be available until the first-half of 2013." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LTE_Advanced) However, Samsung did indeed release the first commercially available SMARTPHONE as stated in the press release.

  • nvitone23

    Samsung turning into Motorola of the past with all of these phone releases so closely together. This is like them releasing the RZR and then the RZR Maxx just a few months later…unbelievable…

    • JoshGroff

      The Bionic was due to delays, it was slated for release well before the RAZR.

      • nvitone23

        Correct, however that’s not the point. They still released the two very closely together upsetting many customers.

        • Bionic

          I’m not upset.

          • nvitone23

            I was talking about Motorola. I know you are saying that but in all reality, you have to be thinking that if you had the 800 (which is BEASTLY) and at least the comfort of knowing you’d have the LTE-A support in the future, that you’d be somewhat happier.

        • JoshGroff

          So it’s a good idea to delay another device and your entire portfolio because 1 device got hit with delay after delay?

          • nvitone23

            no, should have scratched it unless they were already out of production

          • JoshGroff

            Odds are, if it’s about to be released, they would be out of production. The delays, as far as I remember, were on Verizon’s end.

          • nvitone23

            Yea, I understand. Just think that they should have then released it as a midrange phone along with the RAZR after all of that time had passed instead of pissing off loyal customers.

          • JoshGroff

            Considering it had the same internals with a different body, there’s no reason to make it a midrange device and the Razr the flagship.

  • droidrazredge

    I wonder how Bionic feels about his Galaxy S4 being replaced by a better updated version of the S4 ? I bet he wishes he would have waited a little longer for Motorola X Phone at this point =p. I know I would have been pissed if I was him.

    • Bionic

      Mine is enabled for LTE A as well. Only difference is the CPU. I’m very happy with mine.

      • Greyhame

        LTE-A != AWS

  • Nagini

    If this thing has ANY lag whatsoever I am suing Samsung. Plain and simple.
    The normal S4 is a laggy POS.

    • zurginator

      Good luck with that…

    • Bionic

      Seriously? I run a ton of widgets and apps and see no lag

  • Trevor

    Wasn’t it already confirmed that the Verizon S4 was LTE-A ready?

    • No, all AWS means is that when Verizon rolls out LTE on the 1700 MHz (AWS band), the phone will be able to connect and use it. They will use the AWS band to re-inforce and improve LTE coverage to some areas. So think of AWS as a supplement to their existing 700 MHz LTE network. You won’t see speed improvements, just some coverage improvements if you have a phone that can connect to the AWS band like the VZW GS4 can.

      • JoshGroff

        So that should give it full AT&T and T-Mobile HSPA+ as well. 🙂 Always good to have a phone that works on the 3 relevant carriers.

        • No, AT&T does HSPA+ on 1900, not 1700. Only T-Mobile does HSPA+ on 1700. Also, don’t bet on having GSM compatibility. Just because it works on the AWS band doesn’t mean the phone will have HSPA+ capable radios.

          • JoshGroff

            I know AT&T has HSPA+ on the 1900mhz band, but I haven’t seen many GSM capable Verizon devices (referring to the latest gen with Note 2, DNA, and Razr HD) that have been missing said band.

  • Thomas Cholette

    It’s irritating that Samsung is taking better hardware and wrapping it in the same crappy plastic burrito instead of making it something completely new (and unique.)

  • Tyler Durden

    This is useless in the US. Greedy companies would give you 1gb of data for $100 a month. 5gb for $400 a month.

    • Weber

      The 5gb deal sounds like a discount to me

      • hkklife

        The 32Gb STANDARD internal storage is a nice touch and would certainly be welcome for the US market.

      • Tyler Durden

        Don’t sass me. Watch your mouth. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

        • Weber

          I just thought the $20/gb was a steal. I’m sorry, I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE INTERNET AND OUR OPINIONS WERE TREATED WITH RESPECT

          • Bill Hill

            Oh, I’m Sorry, I Thought This Was America!

  • Daniel Tifft

    Cool. I have unlimited 4G LTE through Verizon. But, with this I can blow through it in 60 seconds on a limited plan. Please tell me the practicality of this on a limited 4G plan. None, that’s all.

    • Decembri

      I don’t see your logic in this statement. 100MB is 100MB regardless of how fast your connection is… The only difference is you don’t have to wait as long. Whether you burn through your data cap or not is entirely dependant on your usage.

      • Daniel Tifft

        With unlimited data and LTE-A, these speeds would be be amazing for those that are still on an unlimited data plan. For those that aren’t.. well.. watch a couple HD videos and you’re done for. Believe me, higher speeds will ultimately lead to higher data usage, there’s no doubt about it.

        • n11

          You can cap yourself. And if you don’t and can’t control yourself you have no one but YOURSELF to blame.

          • Daniel Tifft

            You have a valid point. I guess what I’m trying to explain is that if you have Bugatti Veyron that can go 250+ mph wouldn’t you want to use all of that speed, for as long as you can, without limitations?

          • blacklobo78

            The Bugatti Veyron can run for ~18 minutes (26 gallon tank, 1.4 gallons/minute at top speed) at top speed, assuming it took no fuel to get to top speed. So Just like a Veyron you can only use top speed for a short time.

          • normmcgarry

            That’s about 2.6mpg. Awesome. Btw, the Buggati tires can only last 37 miles at 254mph. And the tires cost $42,000 to replace. Totally worth it.

          • KG

            Wow. So you wear out the tires in 8 minutes? The tank is still half-full at that time…

          • rutgersjaffo

            Come on, man. People should get everything they want and they should get it immediately and for free. What are you, new here?

        • moe6

          A good argument is not for truly uncapped data plans, it’s of plans that are in place that have caps that are too low for even HSPA, nevermind 4G or more.

      • Geoff Johnson

        Partially true, but if that 100MB file downloads several times faster, it encourages you to use your phone more and to download more during a given time frame. If I use my phone for 15 minutes on 1x, I’ll use a lot less data than on LTE even if I’m just surfing the web as I’m able to surf faster.

        • rutgersjaffo

          “Self control”. Go buy some.

          • Bill Hill

            Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

          • rutgersjaffo

            Pathetic. Blaming the carrier for (gasp!) “daring” to charge you the agreed upon fees for going over your limit because you “just couldn’t resist the temptation.” Seriously, what are you, 7? It’s called working within the budget. You get the data you pay for. Want more? Pay for more. You have no right to excess data on your service. It’s a business. They are here to make a profit, not enable your gaming or streaming or whatever for free. Want everything for free? Start your own company, dude. Until then, exist at your budgeted level or pay the fees. Jesus, I’m guessing you voted for Obama…twice.

          • Bill Hill

            I just spilled my beer… Thanks, Obama!

          • rutgersjaffo

            I love that people down voted self control. Truly this is the entitlement nation of Hussein Obama. I weep for the future…

          • Robert Lemiesz

            Its not a self control question. When I had 3G, watching HD-videos, surfing the web was kind slow so I did it less. So I used it for facebook, checking emails, etc.

            What is the point of a 30mb/s connection if I cant use those options that require high bandwidth for fear of going over my plan. Might as well stick to 3G right?

          • rutgersjaffo

            At the end of the day, it’s up to you to be responsible and to be aware of what you are doing with your device. My car can go way faster than 65, but I’m not allowed to do so or I will pay penalties. Same applies for your phone. Sure you could use its capabilities to eat data like it was your job, but doing so over what you are paying to receive will cost you. Therefore it’s on you to exercise discipline and self-control. Again, if you want to use that high speed connection to watch tons of HD movies and so forth, it’s on you to monitor your data and to get a bigger plan if you need one. The company doesn’t owe you any duty to give you more than what you pay for and you don’t have any right to ask for it for free or to blame them if you go over what you paid for. This is a business, not a charity. I’m just saying that blaming the company because you go over your limit by deliberate action is ridiculous.

          • Robert Lemiesz

            Thats not my point… all im saying is having 4G LTE is kind of pointless without an unlimited plan, because the kind of apps that demand high speeds will blow through your data instantly.

            Kind of the same way that owning a ferrari is pointless, if you use it to commute through traffic jams on the way to work.

  • EvanTheGamer

    When will the SGS4 LTE-A be available in the States? After it releases in Korea? So maybe later this year? Or right after Summer ends?

    I’m not up for an upgrade until mid-Aug so I might just be getting this phone if it’s available at around that time. Here’s hoping!

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I thought I just felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of S4 users just screamed out all at once that their phone was obsolete by a new S4.

  • Rocketjrb

    Notice the 32 GBs of storage too.

    • JoserJDM

      Well… technically 24GB but awesome nonetheless.

  • ITGuy11

    Another week another S4 variant…

    • Kevin Kaykay Kim

      Actually it’s a bigger issue then just being another S4 variant, as LTE-A is currently candidate for true 4G, and is backward compatible with all service providers who carry LTE (assuming the band fits)

      • michael arazan

        This should come to verizon, since they are talking about opening up their lte network more, if they could implement more lte spectrum bands, it would help all the congestion and bring speeds back up, that is if their towers are capable. But IMO I still say Verizon needs to implement more LTE towers to reinforce the netrwork, than doing the bare minimum to label an area “covered”

    • Tyler Durden

      Another week for people to complain that.something is released after they purchase their device.

      • Daniel Tifft

        Another week of your stupid Brad Pitt troll face avatar

        • Tyler Durden

          I don’t troll. But I appreciate the love. Show me some more.

          • Daniel Tifft


          • Tyler Durden

            LOL oh man. So pathetic I can’t even answer you

          • Viva Movil

            I dont see this person as a troll, he’s more of a guy who points out the truth lol.

          • Tyler Durden

            Who are we referring to?

          • DINGUS


  • Blue Sun

    Personally I think they should have called it LTE 2. What is the industry planning to call the next version after LTE-A that would sound more advanced & easy for the consumer to understand?

  • Kane

    Doesn’t Long-Term-Evolution by its name imply that its getting advanced already?

    • Yes but try working in retail having to explain to ma and pa why this S4 is able to download their apps and stuff 2x as fast as the S4 that was released a few months ago.

    • this