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Humble Bundle 6 Updated With Three More Games: McPixel, Walking Mars and NightSky HD


Been scoring deals through the Humble Bundle for Android? If you have yet to pick up #6, you can score three additional games, bringing the total to ten games for just $5. Score! The extra games that were just added are McPixel (an awesome title), Walking Mars and NightSky HD. Again, for $5 and the option for some to go to charity, it’s a win-win situation for players, developers and the community.

Go grab the Humble Bundle right here.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I already have Waking Mars(this game was part of Humble Bundle with Android 4) and also have NightSky HD(Humble Bundle with Android 5) but actually never purchased McPixel so this is still kinda awesome. Not bad.

  • kuboo99

    Just so you know the name of the game is “Waking Mars” and not “Walking Mars.”

    • breadable

      Darn, Walking Mars sounds like fun. All the red rocks to kick on your journey. Developers, get on this!

      • EvanTheGamer

        Maybe Walking Mars has space zombies? That would be AWESOME! haha.

  • Mike

    Just FYI for anyone that already purchased the HB6 before these games were added, these extra games have already been pre-added to your games list (I’m assuming if you beat the average at the time of purchasing). Downloading the extra games now. =D