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App Sales: Granny Smith, R-Type, Another World, Raiden Legacy and More

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Here are a few app sales taking place to get you through the day. And seriously, if you have yet to buy and try out Granny Smith, you’re doing it wrong. Another World, a game which is praised for its storyline and gameplay can easily keep you busy until the weekend. To top it off, if you enjoy the superhero stuff, go get on that Avengers Initiative game. It’s solid. 

Today’s Sales:

Go get ’em while they’re hot.

  • Raven

    I bought R-Type because I love Gradius and Life Force, but it is wicked hard compared to them, especially with the on screen controls.

  • michael arazan

    Avengers doesn’t work on the Galaxy Nexus, but does work ok on the Nexus 7. The only character is Hulk, no updates, no other characters. Don’t Bother

  • I know this is kinda off topic but is there a way to tell if an app has integrated the Google Play Services (leader-boards, multiplayer, and cross-device syncing) from the store listing?

    • d

      on the app page it lists under “game features” – leaderboards and achievements. but not cloud saving. i wish it would.

  • Josh Shaw

    I just bought granny smith! Google should do that thing like some stores do where if it goes on sale(within a week or so) you can get the difference back

  • Dan Lopez

    Raiden Legacy? SOLD!!