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Designer Posts “Pitch Work” for New Motorola Campaign, Media Turns It Into Something It Probably Isn’t

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Over the weekend, designer B.A. Bakken posted to creative outlet Behance what he is referring to as “pitch work” for a couple of Motorola ad campaigns. The campaigns take into account that we are looking at a brand new Motorola, so he focused one on a goodbye to the old, with the second being used as a platform to welcome in the new Moto. It’s certainly a neat idea, especially after seeing new CEO Dennis Woodside stand on stage last fall, telling everyone that we should expect big things from the new Motorola. Problem is, the tech media world has now decided to transform this “pitch work” into what they believe to be the roadmap for the Moto X. Hell, one publication even posted an image used in the campaign of the RAZR HD and blatantly called it the Moto X. They also claim that this is a “leaked” campaign, when it’s pretty clear that the Bakken posted this on purpose to his own portfolio. Not sure how that qualifies as “leaked.” Ugh. Let’s talk about this. 

The “goodbye” campaign feature ideas from t-shirt graphics to inspirational quotes about saying goodbye to going silent until new products are ready to full-page newspaper ads. The return is anchored by a “Hello again” quote, along with grammatically awkward sayings like “Nothing won’t change.” There is even long quote of “A word to the billion people the world has never heard from before. Hello.” Again, the idea makes sense, but the delivery here is all over the place and super awkward.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 8.34.04 AM

So why has the tech media decided that this is now the ultimate leaked roadmap and campaign for the Moto X? Because the “pitch work” included a date.

In the proposed ads, Bakken tosses out dates of June 11 and another for August 1. He doesn’t mention these being tied to product launches or anything of that sort, so as is typical with the media, they overlooked the fact that June 11 has since passed and instead are onto, “Zomg, August 1 could be the launch date of the Moto X!” Headline! Link bait! “We should have put EXCLUSIVE, but held back!”

So folks, as you cruise around the internet today, you’ll likely see sites suggesting that the Moto X is launching on August 1. Truth is, the date was only mentioned in “pitch work” from someone who pitches ad campaigns to companies. Being pitch work, I’d assume Motorola didn’t accept the ideas and the Bakken has since posted the work to his portfolio to show potential clients what he is capable of. And if Motorola did like his ideas, I doubt any of what  you are seeing in this “pitch work” is even close to final. It’s PITCH WORK.

Does anyone really believe that a a designer is going to sign a major ad campaign deal with Motorola and then out the entire thing, including specific dates, before Motorola can even start pushing it publicly? Come on. I know we have seen some crazy things in our day, but this would be a new one.

Edit:  As commenters have pointed out, Behance is not an ad agency, but more of an outlet for designers to post their work. One even called it the “Myspace for designers.” So we’ve tweaked the post to reference that, but again, this just proves that this is complete crap. It’s “pitch work,” not a legitimate ad campaign that you should buy into. As you see the reports flooding in today, suggesting that August 1 is now the launch date for the Moto X, remember this.

Via:  Behance [2]

  • Remember when Arris bought Moto from Google? Was this this the day Moto Died?


    • needa

      arris bought the cable box part from google. and google still owns 17% of that. and comcast owns another 17%

  • master94

    If I saw a big poster of Moto saying goodbye I would think it was closing and Google them to see why. This could give them a lot of hype or kill them. I dont see moto risking it

  • Weber

    But…what does this have to do with Viva Movil?

  • mike

    Bionic pt 2?

  • shelooga

    kellex, do you ever get tired of not replying angrily to some of the idiotic posts made? bc id like to do it on your behalf. as for the article, i agree with daeshaun g. can it please say ‘Hello Moto’ before going into awful(all) techno music?

  • Brandon Golway

    Definitely would be better than the “DROOOOOIIIIIIIDDDDDDDD” back on the Droid sliders. I hated having to reboot my phone during class and have it scream that lol

  • lye

    It’d be a great marketing technique to release something new and interesting ever.

  • needa

    i dont understand why people think this is a good campaign. what company in their right mind would say ‘stop buying our products until we come back with a new one. our products were crap before so please trust us that when we return, they will be better.’ or ‘we arent going to come back for a while so please by all means buy our competitors products until we do.’

    it sends the wrong message. the billboard with a countdown though… i would like to see immediately.

    • needa

      hmm. i deleted this because i didnt want to complain. yet here it is.

  • needa

    i dont understand why people think this is a good campaign. what company in their right mind would say ‘stop buying our products until we come back with a new one. our products were crap before so please trust us that when we return, they will be better.’ or ‘we arent going to come back for a while so please by all means buy our competitors products until we do.’

    it sends the wrong message. the billboard with a countdown though… i would like to see immediately.

  • It’s not even pitch work.

  • breadable

    Is there anything we can take from this pitch work though? Sure the dates are likely made up and the ads not accepted ones which will be used by Motorola, but would hopeful ad designers have been given a briefing or a request for proposal with some key themes for the product to go off of?

    My untrained eye sees the goodbye in industrial gray and Black, like Moto phones of the past, where as the hello ad shows a lot of colors. (On an old phone, yes clearly this designer wasn’t given access to prototypes)

  • Bionic

    Good bye moto makes you think they are closing down or being sold to Samsung. LOL

    • cmonnats23

      plot twist: the ‘new moto’ is some sort of partnership/takeover of motorola by samsung!

  • richkoos

    Wasn’t this their ad campaign before? I think we all want to relive these days http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOkgLQdyQOs

    • Joseph Pojunis

      The Divamoto HD 4G LTE. Now available at select Viva Movil retailers.

  • j

    Please delete the post cause it is irrelevant In so many ways. As a designer this is the low road, he knows you folks have wet pants for anything like this leak or whatever crap. He is getting massive back links now thanks to the breaking leak tards! Behance is not a agency, so fix or edit the post bro! It’s MySpace for designers!

    • Fixed the agency part.

      • calum wilper

        you must have an unbelievable amount of patience for people on teh interwebz

        • LiterofCola

          Exactly, who are these asshats to tell you what you do with your own blog?

          • breadable

            Droid life does not have enough cats. What kind of blog can be successful without cats. It’s a waste of time otherwise!

  • bionics skid mark

    inbound retarded Bionic comment coming in ……3…2…….

    • Bionic

      nope, we figured this out last night that it was crap

    • Pedro

      Per Sarge?

  • Thomas O’Brien

    I didn’t realize Bionic has a job at a trolling, I mean advertising, agency…

    • Thomas O’Brien

      That info came per Sarge

    • Bionic

      nah, this isnt my work. My work would be to rent a billboard and put a massive sign that simply said “X phone” on it, LOL

  • Frettfreak

    thank you for being realistic! It drives me NUTS when sites do crap like you are talking about. ESPECIALLY when its pretty obvious that this is not a road map for anything but a failed media attempt!

  • j

    Ha ha you guys are suckers man, Behance is not a ad agency its a place for your own online portfolio…..Jesus read more into the stuff bro! I had one and moved on to my own portfolio. These are fake not to misslead you fake but just what the designer can do. No way he has a contract cause he just broke it and would be sued out the ass. When I did work for Roku player and Cartoon Network I had to wait 2 years to even post what I had done, by that time I just never posted it anyway. Droid life could use some design pitch…..

    • You clearly didn’t read the post.

  • normmcgarry

    It’s actually a cool campaign idea. The intent is to inspire articles like the one you’ve posted here. Seems to work.

    • Completely agree, it is a cool idea. I just can’t handle the reports of August 1 now being a launch date, and others saying that the phone pictured is the Moto X when it’s clearly the RAZR HD. Ugh.

      • Bionic

        people sure are giving you a hard time over this, wow.

        • No worries, just couldn’t stand the BS being spread around today and wanted to address it. 🙂

  • Let the media circle jerk begin. I have no idea why the tech media is so enamored with Motorola the last year. So they’re owned by Google now. Big deal. None of their phones will be stock AOSP Android ROMs, which means they’ll still take months and months to get updates. They’re still subject to carriers and international regulations.

    If you honestly believe that Google ownership is going to mean unlocked phones, stock Android with immediate updates, etc., go back to sleep and dream some more. In the end, that’s really all the tech media cares about. It’s not happening, so at what point do these people stop salivating?

    New ownership, same old Motorola. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Some things may change. But you’re right, the dream team people are salivating for and the products people want are not going to be seen for some time, if ever. I’ve used my cousin’s RAZR and honestly my nexus was better. The screens didn’t compare. People love moto but the screen, which is what we see the most, are sub-par to other companies.

      • My biggest fear is that Google’s ownership is going to have a negative impact on Motorola’s products. Motorola has never been known for their screens. They’re known for their radios and their build quality. Motorola’s stuff is built like a brick $h1thouse. My Motorola Xoom doubled as an assault weapon.

        The screenshots we’ve seen of the X look more like a Nexus phone and not like the tanks that we’ve come to expect from Motorola.

        • Jonathan Ofalla

          Yup Motorola build quality is solid. I remember my Xoom dropped from my backpack onto a hotel room floor. The Xoom was fine but I seriously thought the wooden floor might have been dented. LOL.

          • I used to joke that, if someone broke into my house, I could use the Xoom to beat them over the head unconscious, then use it to post about the incident on Twitter while I waited for the cops. 😀

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          I honestly don’t care samsung makes their phones qith cheap plastic. I’m gonna end up putting a case on it anyway. What I care about are the screens and internals. Moto hasn’t released anything worth a Damn in a long time. People love the build quality but I hated the look of kevlar. The seriously need to come up with something great to compete. If they keep saying wait for our hero/nova device in 6 months/next yr then they’ve already lost. Look at RIM

          • Brandon Golway

            I’d say their only worthwhile recent offering was the RAZR HD MAXXX.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            Yeah you might be right. That battery would be nice. But aside from that, nothing much ;/

          • mxracer9111

            Please don’t compare Motorola to RIM. They are not even in the same category. Moto started the real success of android with the OG DROID.I love to see my phone without a case, so having the build quality/ battery life of the Motorola does it for me. Plastic breaks, diamond spun aluminum will take more of a beating before it breaks.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            You’re right, I loved my OGDroid, I even had 2. But has moto made anything like that? Vanilla/unlocked competitive phone? No. It’s been a long time, and in tech it equals years, meanwhile samsung eats the market. They cannot afford to just say “wait for our hero device in 6 months!’ /rant

        • Brandon Golway

          The OG Droid was a freaking tank, I loved that thing.

    • LiterofCola

      You seem to have it all figuered out huh?

    • normmcgarry

      You do realize that Samsung and HTC both released Google Edition phones. You don’t think Motorola, now a Google company, has the potential of releasing one? That would essentially throw your argument out the door. Cheers.

      • Not really, because chances are overwhelming that the GES4 and GEOne will run OEM ROMs, not ROMs from Google. This means that there will still be a delay for updates.

        Remember, all Hugo Barra said about the S4 at I/O was that it would receive “prompt system updates”. That’s intentionally vague. Even if there was a 2 month delay, that would still be “prompt” compared to every other phone on the market. Further proof of this was provided yesterday when Samsung dropped the kernel source for GT-I9505G which is almost certainly the GES4. Samsung doesn’t drop kernel source for Google ROMs. There was never any verification from anyone that the GES4 will have updates from Google like a Nexus 4 does.

        As for the GEOne, I know HTC’s marketing page specifically said “from Google”, but I call that marketing and nothing else. I won’t believe otherwise until I see a screenshot. A screenshot will instantly tell us whether it’s a Google or OEM ROM.

        If the GES4 and GEOne run stock Android ROMs that come from OEMs rather than Google, there is really no advantage to owning one over a Touchwiz or Sense version, unless you just love stock Android that much.

        So cool your jets until someone gets one of those Google Experience phones. There’s no guarantee those ROMs come from Google.

        • Brian Himes

          It has been confirmed that Good Edition phones will all be undated directly from google and run completely stock software. Long story short is is a non nexus branded phone that runs exactly like a nexus.

          • Confirmed where? Show me that exact phrasing by anyone in the know. What did I miss?

      • RW-1

        Just how many more times do you need to be screwed over by Moto before you realize the next big thing from them will simply be the $$$ you fork over for one?

        I was pure Moto (OG) thru the mid JhaTool Years, but left and haven’t looked back… the broken promises, the bionic (if it came out on time and with all that it had on paper as first announced it would have been sick, but alas, when it came out my GNex already had a later version of Android running faster on it than it did stock)

        Can they release a G edition? Dev edition? sure! Will they? I don’t see it.

        The whole Dev edition on VZW tends to eliminate their whole lying PR responses about unlocked devices on their network anyway – if they don’t want to compromise customer experiences, then say so but add for retail cost you can go ahead and ruin customer experiences. It’s $$$ not truth.

        Moto has a long way to go – Show us the finished hardware, I don’t care about specsheets and planned releases or that you must be running through the last of Jhatools inventory. Prove it or lose it. They will release locked devices, and VZ may not even pick them up.

    • Brandon Golway

      And how do you know this? Do you work for Google or Motorola? How do you know they won’t begin selling stock unlocked Motorola phones via the Play Store just like they do with Nexus devices?

      • It wouldn’t matter. A stock, unlocked Motorola phone COULD still not get updates from Google. So far, it’s yet to be proven that the GES4 and GEOne will run ROMs that are built and updated by Google. Actually, yesterday we got more credibility for the theory that the GES4 will run a stock Android ROM that comes from Samsung. Sammy released kernel source for the phone yesterday (GT-I9505G). Samsung doesn’t release kernel source for Google ROMs.

        That’s what people don’t get around here. Stock Android ROMs don’t necessarily mean that they’re updated by Google. I owned a T-Mobile G2 which ran a bone stock Android ROM, but since it was created and updated by HTC, it took just as long to get updates for it as it did for regular HTC Sense phones of the time.

        Unless the stock Android ROM is actually updated by Google (and there is no hard evidence to support that the GES4 or GEOne will), there’s no advantage to owning an S4, One, or theoretical Motorola Google Experience device with a stock Android ROM over one with a skinned ROM unless you just love the stock Android UI that much.

        • Brandon Golway

          “A stock, unlocked Motorola phone COULD still not get updates from Google.”

          And why would that be? Because you said so? Also why wouldn’t they get updates directly from Google considering they’re GOOGLE EDITION devices? Why would Samsung push out Vanilla Android ROMs along with TouchWiz ROMs and just let Google take care of it?

          • The same reason Samsung builds the vast majority of Galaxy Nexus ROMs? The stock ROMs on the Sprint Galaxy Nexus (mysidspr) and all the yakju(xx) ROMs like yakjuxw, yakjuxe, yakjudv, etc. (which make up over 90% of the ROMs that run on Galaxy Nexus devices worldwide) all come from Samsung. The Nexus One’s european ROMs came from HTC. And those Samsung yakjuxx ROMs, as well as the HTC-made Nexus One ROMs, took forever to get updates.

            Who knows why Google does some and OEMs do others. That’s not something I know the answer to. I’m just saying that it’s not a given that the stock Android ROMs on the Google Experience S4 and One will be updated by Google. Google Experience just means stock Android and Google apps. IT doesn’t mean Google updates the ROMs.

            As soon as someone posts a screenshot of the About Phone screen on the Google Experience S4 or One, we’ll know whether it’s a Google ROM or an OEM ROM.

  • bd1212

    This would be perfect.