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SwiftKey Celebrating 150k 5-Star Reviews with 50% Off Sale


We here at Droid Life have been fans of SwiftKey for a long time now, but you already knew that as we have written about it dozens of times now. Still, if you have yet to try it and are looking for a keyboard to replace the stock one on your device, SwiftKey is one of the best out there. The predictions are so good, it probably knew that I was going to write this paragraph before I did. We aren’t the only fans of the keyboard though, SwiftKey is celebrating 150,000 5-star reviews on Google Play. What better way to celebrate than to cut the price of an already awesome application in half? 

The good people over at SwiftKey report that 93% of people who downloaded the app rated it 4-stars and above, and 77% gave it the full 5-stars. For a short time the app is only $1.99 in Google Play. Not only does it come with awesome word prediction, but also SwiftKey Flow which is swiping-based form of typing.

What did you rate SwiftKey after using it?


Via: SwiftKey

  • ZookMechanic

    Thanks for nothing Swiftkey…You hook up the people that haven’t even paid for the app yet, then leave the people who bought the app and gave it rave reviews out in the dark?! Don’t get me wrong…I love the keyboard, but how about hooking up the people that made the app what it is. Just sayin.

    • Noel

      I also have swiftkey both on my phone and Tab…but pls suggest how the good ppl at swiftkey can hook up those of us who already have the KB. On a side note…i really love the Stock Android KB…swiping and voice to text input is smooth, but it really needs improvement on word prediction. If u can give the stock Android KB the predictive engine of Swifkey…it will be the perfect KB. The voice to text input and to some extent swipe on Swiftkey still need to be improved.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    i tried a whole lot of keyboards and always came back to swiftkey…I think its ugly (all themes) but hell, its so good!

  • mark

    I prefer touchpal, much better interface. but thats just my small opinion out of hundreds.

  • SubMatrix

    Flow, as a swiping based keyboard, is horrible compared to Swype.

  • nimbyist

    swiftkey is my main driver now. broke my hand and started using flow, which works awesome, but miss the delete gesture from the non-flow layout. this app has become one of the reasons i couldn’t get used to a new windows8 phone.

  • Wolfpack93

    Went from diehard Swype user to SwiftKey fanboy. Now using the JellyBean keyboard and finding it just as effective at knowing what I am trying to type as SK was.

  • rutgersjaffo

    Again I will say that I just don’t get all the love for Swiftkey. Tried it twice for extended periods and went back to Swype.

  • Michael33704

    Swiftkey Flow is the best!…..although it’s kinda spooky when it seems to know where I’m going even before I do….

  • I still prefer the stock 4.2 keyboard. I’ve never liked predictive keyboards all that much.

  • picaso86

    Whoever doesn’t have SwiftKey this is your opportunity to get it… Don’t miss it!

    • jzwerlz43

      it rly is something else

  • echz

    Got SK as the “Free App of The Day” on the Amazon Appstore a long time ago, haven’t looked back since!

    • middlehead

      I got it from Amazon too, but I might actually buy it here just because they deserve the $2.

  • Mohammed Bin Abdulah

    It still $2.3 :O , Not as you said :/

  • brad0383

    Too bad that SwiftKey has become so laggy, it is unusable.

    • Bionic

      that must be just you, cuz mine is faster than anything

      • abc

        It’s not just him. I’ve installed the paid version of the app on two phones including a GS4, and in my experience not only is the keyboard laggy, it also makes the entire phone slow to a crawl. Uninstalled, and the problem goes away. The stock Android keyboard by Google released in the Play store runs the cleanest without slowing the phone down.

  • John

    Fleksy keyboard FTW

  • Bionic

    LOL, this article immediately trumps the one before it.

  • Silver Veloz
  • Man I love Swiftkey, but it’s been getting more and more laggy on my GNex recently. Not really a knock on SK, more just me realizing that if my phone is having a hard time keeping up with a KEYBOARD, it’s time to upgrade!

    Come on Google Edition Galaxy S4 Active with LTE-A and Snapdragon 800! I SO hope that’s announced today…I’m so ready for a new phone!

    • Bionic

      or wipe cache

      • Hmm…not sure if that would help much or not. The cache for SK on my phone right now is only 48K. That doesn’t seem like much.

        • Bionic

          not just for that, the other big apps like chrome and other stuff.

        • nimbyist

          go into recovery and clear cache

  • Stephen

    swiftkey is the only keyboard i use now, and pretty much the only one i suggest people use