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NVIDIA SHIELD Price Lowered to $299, Release Date Scheduled for June 27

Project SHIELD

This morning, NVIDIA dropped a bomb, announcing that they have lowered the price of SHIELD from the original $349 mark, to just $299. Thanks to enough community feedback and response to the product from potential buyers, NVIDIA felt it best to lower the price, allowing them to get the device into the hands of even more dedicated gamers. For those that already pre-ordered SHIELD at the $349 price, NVIDIA says that once the device ships, only the new price of $299 will be charged to their cards. 

In addition to the lower price tag, NVIDIA placed an official ship date for the device, finally. The release date for SHIELD has been set for next Thursday, June 27. As far as we know, at that time, you will be able to purchase the device online through several online retailers, as well as in several brick and mortar partners like GameStop.

So, does this lower price tag ignite a new desire for the device? Does this change anything? Let’s hear your thoughts.


  • dmagicp

    Today I spent 459 bucks on a gaming system. I had no problem committing to it. Didn’t feel like it was over priced in any way, and I am looking forward to many great experiences with it. That system is the PS4 with 2 controllers. I am also going to be shelling out about 250 for a handheld. That will compliment the stellar game play on the PS4 when it is delivered. That handheld will be the Vita. I just cannot see how they plan on selling this shield when you can put a few bucks more down and get a full fledged gaming powerhouse for your family. If they were selling the shield for 49.99 then I could probably see people buying it. And I am sure that within the next 6 months they will be selling for exactly that.

  • Lucy Lestat

    I would never spend 300 on this, looks terrible

  • NorCalGuy

    Haha with a $50 difference in its original price to that of the new Xbox one I hope they would change the price, not to mention with the new Xbox announcement were internet will no longer be required and the ability to have a game work on more than one console has brought the Xbox right back to the top of every per sale list out there

  • TheBigNoob

    I just want to rip out that pc game streaming apk, I really want to see if it can be tricked into running on a non-shield device. would be pretty cool to use my phone to plug into the family room TV to play a game from my bed room’s PC and use a bluetooth gamepad to control it.

    Of course it’s just a theory.

    • Rick Todman

      tegra four has dedicated h.264 chip like kepler. so no

      • TheBigNoob

        Exynos has a dedicated h.264 controller as well, just because you say it’s impossible doesn’t make it fact.

  • Prime7

    I played with this at E3, and it’s actually way better than I expected. I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if I owned one of these.

    That said, I’m still not buying one because I already have a PS Vita and am buying a PS4.

  • joe

    Microsoft are you paying attention??? I’m guessing not.

  • YourFriend

    Portable gamers should stick with a 3DS or a Vita (which hopefully finally catches up with the former in terms of games and sales). I know there are a lot of great titles for smart phones and tablets, but they suck when it comes to gaming from a hardware perspective. They have the advantage when it comes to specs, but touchscreen control will always be obsolete, and nobody important has time to buy a gamepad that’s okay at best and has some compatibility with some games for a smartphone. Most smartphone games are mere Indie time wasters anyways.

    In conclusion, only a fool would buy a smartphone/tablet for gaming.

  • Eric G Canoy
  • George

    They made the date my birthday! 😀
    Now if only I had $299…

  • punkroyale

    At first I did not find it interesting but now I do. I do think that pricing is a HUGE barrier to adoption. I would not pay $300 for this. Slice $100 more off and I am there.

  • Milind Shah

    man, a tablet with tegra 4 for $300 would have been amazing, this wouldn’t sell more simply because most of the public not being gamers and especially the fact that people would think of buying a per by adding in $100 more

  • hkklife

    I would pay $300 for a Nexus 10. I would pay $300 for a 1080P Nexus 7 successor, especially with 32Gb+ storage and a bump in screen size and a beastly SoC and battery. But I would not pay more than $200-$250 TOPS for a an ill-conceived product like this (and that’s only if it is a quality device). I STILL say Nvidia should have done everything possible to debut the T4 in the N7 refresh (or a vanilla N7 “killer” from someone like Acer/HiSense etc) instead of this likely flop.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Sadly they picked the wrong year to release some sort of gaming device. My money is on the PS4 so im pretty much gonna be tapped out on cash for gaming systems.

  • bkosh84

    Can’t I connect my Bluetooth PS3 controller to my Android phone (or tablet, pick your poison) and gain the same thing? Sorry, I haven’t been following this at all, lol.

    • jgabler5025

      Kind of? First of all, the Tegra 4 chip in the Shield isn’t in a whole lot of devices. Secondly, the Shield’s secondary purpose is to act like a Wii U Gamepad for PC gaming. So, if you already have a high-end Android device and you’re not a big PC gamer, then pairing an existing controller works fine.

  • maybe if it were $100-150 but still no thanks. On top of that I have a 500 series so need to get a new graphics card (600 series another $180) just to use the damn thing.

    • While that price point seems great, you just can’t make any money off of that if you’re NVIDIA. They put tons of money into the device, so there needs to be some return. They aren’t Google, able to lose money on every device they sell.

      • I agree to a point but they make so much money off the graphic cards that are required to get the pc interaction that it would counter it and they would still come up ahead. Their problem is that unfortunately for them they dont (or at least at this point) sell software/games to sell more systems. I just cant see spending the same amount, or in this case more, money than say a PS Vita that has its own games and can remote play on the ps3/ps4.

  • Tyler Durden

    Almost as pathetic as Microsoft.

    • Milind Shah

      not really mate, i can still see people buying this.

    • decayo

      “Gamers” are the worst demographic. You can’t win with a bunch of butthurt neckbeards who are just looking to pick everything apart. If you can’t divine their demands ahead of time, they will accuse you of trying to screw them and not even moving heaven and earth to satisfy their demands will be enough. Dropping the price of a product to better meet market conditions is “pathetic”? Something is certainly pathetic here.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Blah. They try to make the future a brighter one for gaming with the Xbox One and after everyone cries like little babies because of what they’re trying to do, they decide to reverse it to please complainers. And now because of it, we lost some really cool features that would have been in the Xbox One(post-launch) if they didn’t change anything. Thanks to all those who complained and whined about something that wasn’t THAT big of a deal in the first place.

      • NorCalGuy

        Some Xbox ideas could have been beneficial maybe later on but there is large percent of the US that does not have the internet connectivity. Also the whole game licence thing was a joke, u finish a game and the only way your buddy could play it after is if you sell it to GS for a minimum so they can resell it at a priemum? Don’t get me wrong other feature could have made it better but for now a drastic change like that after people have invested almost 10 years into their current systems does not give the consumer a great feeling about shelling out minimum $600 (system+game+ tax) for something with so many demands and not a lot to give back. All that being said I have already pre ordered my Xbox ONE ( and it was before the major reversal.)

      • michael arazan

        The xbox one would limit how many people can watch a movie at a time with the camera, if more than 4 people it won’t even show the movie, unless you pay. The camera will stay on 24/7 no matter if the unit is on or off. The camera has to be attached in order for the console to even work. And these are just a few of the issues people have with xbox one.

        • EvanTheGamer

          I honestly have no issues with any of that stuff. I don’t really have a large family(at least not in my immediate family) nor do any of them play video games or watch movies on an Xbox console(mainly PS3). Also I have nothing to hide anyways so the 24/7 Kinect 2 thing doesn’t really affect me that much.

          I mean, it SUCKS for those with large families where they’ll have to pay more to watch movies if there’s more than 4 watching, also those with privacy issues and that are really paranoid(24/7 Kinect 2).

          I was going to get the Xbox One this November even if they didn’t reverse their DRM policy. Well…that’s that.

  • Higher_Ground

    It’s better but really if it’s going to compete with the cheaper tablets it needs to be priced closer to $199. Because that’s basically what it is, right? A small tablet w/controller.

    • j__h

      The components are not cheap though

    • j

      It’s a very nicely powered tablet with a nice controller.
      Trying to recreate this with new parts would require:
      $200 Nexus 7
      $50 PS3 bt enabled controller
      So, $50 for the game delivery system, controller integration, etc.
      Honestly seems fine to me if you’re big into android gaming.

      • j__h

        Also the Tegra 4 is a big improvement to the Nexus 7, and still is better than the rumored new Nexus 7 specs.

      • Rick Todman

        lets not forget the beast sound system

  • Victor

    If they started out with a price drop then they were overcharging for the item from the beginning. I’ll wait for it to drop to $149-199 before I will jump on it.

    • Logan Jinks

      Same here. It’s too much of a jump to justify that price for something that doesn’t have the games to support it, especially if I’m not doing PC gaming.

  • r0lct

    Well for starters it’s now actually worth looking closely at the offering. Something about seeing >$300 for a single purpose game/tech device was an immediate turn off. Too close to upgrading my phone/tablet which I care a lot more about and is multi-purpose.

    • Yeah, if they somehow hit the $249 pricepoint, it would’ve been REALLY interesting.

      Either way, I wish them luck. I wonder how many were preordered!

      • r0lct

        I’m out of the running as soon as I stare at the Ouya sitting on my desk I barely use to remind me not to buy stuff like this. Not because it isn’t any good, but I realized I just don’t have any time for a dedicated gaming device any more. Every time I turn on my XB360 at home there’s always a system update to do.

  • Matthew

    Where i can buy it for poland(europe)?

  • xFrozenMANGO

    Good news!

    • Sirx