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Verizon Pushing Out VRBMF1 Update to Samsung Galaxy S3, Hopefully This Addresses Connectivity Issues

galaxy s3 update

This evening, Verizon began pushing out a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 as build VRBMF1. After pulling the previous update (build VRBMD3) because it caused severe connectivity issues, we would imagine that this new update will help return the device to normal. Verizon and Samsung were supposedly working on a fix – hopefully this is it.

We have yet to find support documents that detail changes, however, the update was small enough that it likely is a bug fixer.

To pull the update, head into Settings>About phone>Software update. It should be live for everyone.

Afterwards, be sure to let us know if your LTE connection returns or stabilizes.

Cheers Matt and Tareck!

  • sourabh

    i am from india n i dont have verizon no. so how would i update my software for my samsung gs3

  • astan

    The new update makes this a true world phone. It allows APN settings with use of GSM sim cards. I put in an AT&T sim and can set the APN to get data as well as use the Verizon S3 for phone calls and text.

  • trebis

    Got 4g back but my battery is still draining rapidly! Went to 69% in 3 hours with minimal use.

  • karim

    I have a gs3 from Verizon and it’s 7/3/13 and i cannot get the update. I tried settings/about phone/software update, and I get a message telling me that the service is not available. somebody help me

  • rockymtranger

    True story, and Droid RAZR was a joke. I went through five of them in a year’s time (luckily under warranty). Never again.