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Verizon Pushing Out VRBMF1 Update to Samsung Galaxy S3, Hopefully This Addresses Connectivity Issues

galaxy s3 update

This evening, Verizon began pushing out a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 as build VRBMF1. After pulling the previous update (build VRBMD3) because it caused severe connectivity issues, we would imagine that this new update will help return the device to normal. Verizon and Samsung were supposedly working on a fix – hopefully this is it.

We have yet to find support documents that detail changes, however, the update was small enough that it likely is a bug fixer.

To pull the update, head into Settings>About phone>Software update. It should be live for everyone.

Afterwards, be sure to let us know if your LTE connection returns or stabilizes.

Cheers Matt and Tareck!

  • sourabh

    i am from india n i dont have verizon no. so how would i update my software for my samsung gs3

  • astan

    The new update makes this a true world phone. It allows APN settings with use of GSM sim cards. I put in an AT&T sim and can set the APN to get data as well as use the Verizon S3 for phone calls and text.

  • trebis

    Got 4g back but my battery is still draining rapidly! Went to 69% in 3 hours with minimal use.

  • karim

    I have a gs3 from Verizon and it’s 7/3/13 and i cannot get the update. I tried settings/about phone/software update, and I get a message telling me that the service is not available. somebody help me

  • rockymtranger

    True story, and Droid RAZR was a joke. I went through five of them in a year’s time (luckily under warranty). Never again.

  • Matt

    I have multi window.. whoopedee-doo. Don’t even care, but now my phone randomly and repeatedly (30+ times in a row) tries to launch something that needs S-Voice, the Clock, or VZ Navigator (which I wish I could uninstall). I don’t think my phone installed the update correctly. Looking for a fix cuz I really don’t feel like doing a hard reset and then having to get everything back the way I like it.

  • rich r

    lost my root.. and the method i used for the version before isnt working.. what do i do?

  • Matt

    I got the update on Friday. In rural Harrington Delaware, I am getting 9.7mbps down, 1.2mbps up. This is with only 2 bars in 4G mode (-110dbm/30asu). I am sure the speeds are higher in Dover where I have full signal bars….. To be speedtest’d at a later date

  • Crabtree

    How do I tell which version I’ve downloaded?

  • Boxfullabats

    Connectivity is fine…. but the upgrade hosed all my gallery settings, and restored a whole bunch of Google+ crap images it took me a week to kill. And now they appear indestructible. Pffffft.

  • Bridget

    Mine was really unstable for a while. seems to be better today, only time will tell for sure.

  • bananatroll

    What rhymes with Samsung?


  • Queen of Heart

    I just did the update and I guess its better. I have a signal back in my apartment now. cause that last update cause me to not even have a signal when I was inside. will let you know if I still receive last text messages. sad part is even when I called they never told me that they was having a problem with the update. was telling me they may need to send me a new phone.smh good thing I got insurance so it wouldn’t have cost me dime.

  • Chris Cox

    Haven’t really noticed a difference after this update. I did when the last one came out, like it attenuated my signal to the towers. So far I haven’t seen any improvement. The bars are the same and the speed test comes out the same. The dB to the cell tower is the same. I’ll give it a few more days and see if it really fixed anything or if it’s just another wasted update.

  • ThomasB

    My GS3 works as expected after downloading VRBMF1. Now I can enjoy the great new GS3 features along with 4G LTE data. Verizon/Samsung put this VRBMD3 connection problem on my phone on the first day of MD3 availability so I have been in a ticked-off state for quite awhile now. Together with the local VZW and others, we tried everything short of rooting the phone and replacing it. My VZW store support was excellent even though they had not heard of this problem at that time. Still I am happy with the time from infection (my characterization) to solution. I am still angry over the lack of public candor from Verizon and gross negligence by NOT informing their support personnel (stores, Twitter support idiots, or community support sites). They could save themselves the enormous bad PR by simply telling us that that had a problem and were working on it. Anyway, thanks for fixing this problem before I travel.

  • PiccPete

    Working great! Much snappier.
    I had installed that last awful update, and what a mess; it put me to 3G and then 1X while still on WiFi. On that, I uninstalled the Caller ID bloatware, and it at least put it back on WiFi, but the speeds were lousy and often places where I was allegedly connected to.. WEREN’T.
    This time I think it is fixed, and seems to be whizzing along.
    MultiWindow is still there.

  • Mountain Dawg

    my new problem with the new update is after clicking a link the browser turns off. click again and it works. been happening all day. plus GPS takes forever to lock.

  • Shystie1

    No changes for other than my phone doesn’t like charging now.

    • Shystie1

      Got a new phone that didn’t want to do the update and then when after talking to Big Red several times and backing and restoring it, it finally did and now I have no 4G!!!!

  • Octal

    This update was a disaster. I avoided the previous update after they recalled it. After I updated today I have no 4G any where I previously did. Simple texts I cannot even send. At least multi window works… yay.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • chapman1969

    I just did mine and the update seems to be working just fine. Now I hope we can just work on getting the 4.2.2 or 4.3 update hopefully in the next week or so

  • SilentPatriot

    No good news here. It’s actually WORSE than before, and yes, that is possible. It won’t drop back to a 3G connection at all now, it just hangs with whatever app is trying to use the data. Seeing 2 bars and 4G LTE data arrows are flashing like it’s trying to work, it just doesn’t. Already been on the phone with Verizon who had me restart in Safe Mode where the issue is still happening. They’ll be calling back in an hour for the bad news…

  • scottyr

    I see all these comnents about verizon. When it messed up my phone I rooted and went custom. Never looking back

  • John

    My phone is back to normal. Was super pissed about the past 2 weeks but have to give them some credit for getting a fix out this quickly.

  • JPC776

    I just got 43.74 down & 21.48 up just outside of Atlanta…can’t complain.

  • rod2625

    Seattle Area, data feeds would fail all of a sudden with the previous download. Signals very weak. With the new patch download 50Mbps, upload 18.73. Pretty consistent speeds after mulitple tests.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Link to just the radio available yet for those of us running custom ROMs?

  • william8251

    patch fixed slow to non existant data… no change in signal strength as expected

  • Jacob

    Signal is much better already multi window is working

  • Brain

    What bloatware was added with this update? I saw PaperArtist added. No clue what that is.

  • jizzyburnizzy

    speed test gave me 28 down and 10 up

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Damn, I’d love to get that speed. In KC and only get 10 down 4 up on average.

      • pizzaparties

        I’ve love to get 10 down. I get around 4-7 down in NYC. If I’m in the hood I can get about 20 down. I think it’s just too populated and makes it slower. I do much better when I travel to other cities.

  • what is this multi-window thing everyone’s talking about?

    • Steve Benson

      Long press the back button and the multi-window will appear on the left of your screen.

      • thanks steve, I never knew that. I just tried it, I don’t have that feature, interesting.

        • Jeremy

          Enable multi window in your quick settings. It may not be enabled.

          • Steve Benson

            Yes, this.

  • m6droid

    Update made my connection snappy again! WOO!!

  • bananatroll

    hahahahaha another scamsung phone with radio problems…

    Imagine That!

    another report of samsungs phones failing hard…

    Imagine that!

    Another south korean tale of plastic, hype, and dissapointment…

    Imagine that!

    • DMZMAN

      Another iPhone snob. Imagine that!

      • bananatroll

        No quite.

        More like a Motorola snob.

  • trophynuts

    it would be awesome if one of you S3 owners would look to see if the radio firmware changed with this update…….and also compare your signal in DB instead of data speeds and or “bars”

    • Jon Kruse

      My dBm or asu did not seem to change when sitting in the same spot after the update. Did not check my speeds though. If you tell me where the radio firmware is I can check that.

  • Joe Bertolino

    I don’t like how they removed the quick share app icon from the gallery

  • Phil Sweeney

    Since the 28th of May, my signal at work has been sporadic to say the BEST! Most of the time, not even 3g service and text messages were failing, and data was completely failing. This morning I updated, and I am now back at full 4G LTE service at my desk and my phone seems to be moving like it used to!

  • Doug

    Fixed here! Same “bars” of reception, but data speed increased an average of 20x on several bandwidth speed tests (avg of 0.2 Mbps to at least 4 Mbps with “low” signal, faster with strong signal). However, I will have to wait to see about battery life. Disabling the bloatware from the previous update seemed to have fixed that, but not completely.

  • Don

    It’s about time.

  • Michael Deprato

    Data download speed doubled 12mg to 25mg, upload cut in half from 7mg to 3mg. Multi window still works fine

    • T4rd

      You download in Milligrams? =p

      • Go Hawkeyes

        He’s a heavy data user.

      • He snorts very small amounts of data.

  • Tareck

    This update will fix the signal issue, it does not bring multi-window for users who didn’t download the previous update. That feature was in the last update which Verizon as of now has taken down. It’s only a matter of time until they push it out again now that the issue has been fixed. Oh and BTW Verizon will ALWAYS support the S3 with updates, always, so do expect 4.2, as well as key lime pie.

    • Fromthesticks

      Not true, I hadn’t taken the old update, but now have multi window after last night’s update.

    • Joseph Ricci

      I didn’t do the last update that added the Multi-Window due to all the reported issues. The update that came in last night also added the Multi-window.

    • jdhas

      Can I have some of whatever you’re on? That must be some good stuff.

    • Nick

      Verizon… LMAO… the Fiat of the cell phone world

    • pizzaparties

      I actually just downloaded the old update that I kept deferring. Once that installed I am now downloading this new one.

    • Verizon sucks!! As soon as I have another viable option, any, I’m done with Yugo. I mean Verizon. Did I say they suck yet? Guess so, but you really can’t say it too many times.

  • Matthew Caldwell

    Just peaked 19meg down on 4g. I’ll keep checking again in case that was a fluke.

  • André Berry

    I just did my wife’s phone and the build shows up as VRBMF1, but the multi-window feature is still available and works. I told her to test the phone for improvements but she put it down and went to sleep, lol. 11:23 p.m. here right now…..

  • Dan

    Finally. So far so good. Better 4g then I’ve had. Smooth so far

  • Jim

    Looks like the multi-window feature is gone. No loss as far as I’m concerned, especially if my battery will last through the day and I get my LTE back.

    • Lester

      Mine was gone, too. However, I went to setup/display and unchecked multiwindow, then rechecked it, and the tab reappeared.

      • YEMan0443

        Just long press the back button and you should get a slide out multi window tool.

      • jim

        Yeah…it’s working on my phone now too. Not sure what good it’ll do me, but it’s there now.

  • droidrazredge

    Does this update include all of the enchantments of the build VRBMD3 update just with the patch to fix the issues that it caused or is this update just a patch for those who downloaded the build VRBMD3update in order to alleviate their issues since the update is smaller ?

    • Tareck

      Just a patch for now, Verizon will roll out that update very soon.

  • Bessie Arino

    Over the past couple of days my data has been especially horrible and nonexistent at times. The update seems to fix my data issues, but we’ll see how that plays over the next couple days.

  • Andre Wendell

    Seems like speeds are back to normal!

  • cleffy

    4g Lte speed seems to be back to normal. Tested my speed test at home and I got 28481 kbps download and 6858kbps for upload. Although I did notice that sending an attachment in a text message is either really slow or it won’t send and keeps showing the circle loading icon. I had to restart my phone and then after a 2 mins, it finally successfully sent it. But possible maybe this update broke my txt msg.

  • Aldo

    I just got the update and so far I feel like is back to normal. After the big update my connection was useless it didn’t work at all but now is back to normal. I’m supposed to get a refurbished one today but I’m gonna wait cuz I might just keep mine since it seems like the problems are fixed.

  • Richard

    Just did update fix for connection issues, so far so good. Got speeds of 7.58 /3.25 on speed test. Browser, Facebook and searches all loading like before. Speed test done on two bars where I live. Well test again when I have full signal.

  • mike

    well I was fortunate enough to be able to risk it. I just received a refurb today but saw this story and decided to take update risk on old gs3. guess what. It’s still very early as i just did it, but things are looking way up. i just watched lengthy youtube video without wifi in my house. I experience absolutely no buffering or disconnection. fyi, the youtube vids i tested were not predloaded. I’ve rarely (if ever) been able to do this without buffering or lag in my house (where 4G was never very strong) even before this recent update that killed all of our connections. So It’s looking very good so far. good news is i have a few days to test it while i still have my old gs3 and my new refurb. again youtube flowed flawlessly on 4g in my house after this most recent update which is something I’ve never enjoyed with GS3. Good luck to all.

  • landon

    Time to Odin back to stock… Again :/

  • BRIM

    That was quick.

    But I don’t trust Verizon.

    Takes them 4 months to push out MEASLY feature update (not even 4.2) and yet STILL couldn’t get it right.

    Multi-window? MEH nothing special.

    I’ll pass. Not taking the chance again since I have a replacement and it’s perfect the way it is.

    • Thomas Otto

      To be fair, it’s not Verizon’s fault we don’t have 4.2 yet. Samsung just recently delayed releasing 4.2 for the S3. Though I’m sure when it is finally released from Samsung, we will be among the last to get it.

      • Richard Sequeira

        In Verizon’s and Samsung’s defence, Android 4.2 is a bit buggy for mobile phone use.

    • Droid22

      Multi-view works great if u multitask a lot.
      Could be worse, HTC one is not on 4.2 either.
      S4 just came out on Verizon with 4.2 , we will get it eventually. There is a stable version you can flash.

  • Jj

    Last update ever

  • Steve

    Too early to say for sure, but it definitely seems better.