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Falcon Pro Thinks Twitter “Shut Me Down,” Provides Backup APK File as Temporary Fix as Tokens are Already All Gone

falcon pro android

Yesterday, only a day after the most recent token reset from popular Twitter app Falcon Pro, long-time users who had not had a chance to update and login to re-claim their token, flooded our inbox and Twitter with complaints of error messages. The messages simply stated that the “application cannot authenticate more users at this time,” which is the same message users were seeing before the reset earlier in the week. So what’s going on? How could all of the 100K tokens be taken up again in a matter of hours? Falcon Pro’s creator took to Twitter this morning, thinking that Twitter may have shut him down, and has since unpublished the app from the Play store. 

Tough to know exactly what’s behind the token gobbling, but Twitter made it clear long ago that they were going to limit the number of users for 3rd party apps. Maybe they weren’t fans of an app completely wiping its allotted tokens to gain more users? It does sort of seem like an attempt to work the system that they created, even as terrible of a system as it is.

So in the mean time, as Falcon Pro through Google Play sits in limbo, the developer has published build V2.0.2 to Twitter for those who are locked out of the app. (Here is one link.)

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as this series of events unfolds.

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Via:  @falcon_android

Cheers David!

  • Twitter Man

    Well, Plume was better anyway. Better viewing of profile pictures, more widgets, ability to set your link shortened service, Facebook integration, more settings, works a lot better on tablets, widget extension for minimalist look and works smoother. Falcon had a better looking UI. Not sure where Falcon beats it otherwise?

  • Pratik Holla

    The only reason I even bothered to use twitter was because i could use this great app. Sad to see twitter resort to these kind of tactics. Just ask him for help, force ads through all 3rd party apps or make your stupid app better not suck! Simple.

  • Linda Mitchell

    Thanks, David! I was wondering what happen and why I couldn’t log back in to Falcon Pro. I love the app but it’s been too much trouble. I might have to find another Twitter app.

  • duke69111

    Why are other apps like tweetcaster pro not having this problem?

  • Daniel Russell

    Seems like every device has to get it’s own token, regardless of the user account associated with it. I have my token on my Droid Bionic, but can’t get another token for Transformer Prime.

    • Nadora

      That’s interesting. I always thought tokens are per Twitter account!

  • jb

    How about everyone abandon twitter and find something worth a damn to do with their lives?

  • Aardvark99

    This soap opera is getting annoying. Independent developers building integrations and front ends to Twitter certainly helped grow that service into what it is today. Twitter’s new policies are a slap to the face to this legacy. I only wish there was enough backlash over this to force them to change, but there isn’t and they won’t.

    HOWEVER, Twitter made it completely clear this was the new policy. Why any developer would bother investing time and money into making a client is beyond me. To charge for the software knowing Twitter’s policy and the token crap also doesn’t sit right with me.

    Twitter is wrong, but what were the Falcon Pro guys thinking?

  • Reggie T

    I wonder how many of those tokens are taken up by those who installed pirated versions.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Well that’s $2 down the drain

  • Twitter probably isn’t too happy that he keeps resetting key’s to try and circumvent the limit of users. That and releasing another version of the same application even if an older version is a direct violation of the API’s Terms of Service.

    Or maybe, people with multiple accounts decided to use Falcon to login to them, and take more keys for themselves.

    • drathos

      I don’t see it as circumventing the limit of users, but actually trying to get the most actual usage out of the limited number of tokens. People who try out Falcon Pro (or any other twitter client) once and never use it again are likely occupying a token because most people forget to go in and release them even though they’ve stopped using the app.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Times like these I am VERY GLAD I didn’t update to the latest version. I’m still stuck on whatever version, but you know what, worth it.

  • Michael Hammond

    Simple … stop using the app and use something else. No one else has this issue.

    • Ryan Stewart

      Because nobody else uses anything else. Its the most popular, which is why its taking up all of the allotted tokens. Any successful twitter client will face the same issue outside of the official one.

  • I’d rather not use Twitter than to use the native/stock app. Falcon Pro rocks

  • MikeSaver

    Twitter should just make their normal app the same as Falcon Pro and pay off whoever made Falcon Pro. There, problem solved.

  • Kenny Larson

    Twitter really wants all of us to use their app. Maybe if their app wasn’t so terrible (and include a flippin’ dark theme) people would start using it. BAH!

  • paj

    If twit-ter intended to drive more people to their app, this will have the opposite affect. Shouldn’t the users that in good faith paid for the app be refunded? This practice isn’t making twit-ter better over all, in fact it does the opposite by squelching innovative programmers.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      The only users that would have anything approaching a legit claim on a refund are those that lost out due to the developer choosing to revoke all tokens to try to sell more copies of the app.

      Those that have been using it and got in on 2.0.3 even if the app dies I would not suggest trying to push the refund. Any paid app can choose to stop developing at any time. it is a chance you take and at $1 or so that many of us paid, I think most of us are ok with our experience up to this point and the value we got.

      I do hope he keeps development going, but I do not in any way support his token revocation lottery method of trying to sell more.

      • Hothfox

        I got in on it and paid at the beginning and was pretty ticked off he reset the tokens and left it to musical chairs to see who would get in on round 2.

  • Jack Hoffman

    I probably would use the official Twitter app, if they had a scrollable widget like Falcon or Wizz. Actually, I probably wouldn’t cause it would be butt-ugly blue and white and stand out like sore thumb against the rest of JB.

  • anzensepp1987

    I wonder why popular iOS-Twitter-Apps like TweetBot seem to not have these problems…

    • PhoenixPath

      Were they around befor twitter announced limiting tokens? If so, there’s your answer. They were grandfathered.

      • anzensepp1987

        Ah okay, didn’t know about that.

      • Brian Cerveny

        The grandfathering limits the token count to double their current count at the time of the Twitter announcement. If a client had a million tokens, they can go to 2 million before hitting the cap. New clients like Falcon Pro are capped at 100K.

      • Brian Cerveny

        The grandfathering limits the token count to double their current count at the time of the Twitter announcement. If a client had a million tokens, they can go to 2 million before hitting the cap. New clients like Falcon Pro are capped at 100K.

  • slider112

    Feeling really fortunate I jumped on the update and was able to grab a token… With all the mediocrity out there great apps like this shouldn’t be yanked from the masses….

  • T4rd

    And all social media in general.

    • PhoenixPath

      You just posted that comment on a website. Thanks for participating in Social Media! /s

      • T4rd

        A relatively obscure form of it, yes. That comment was more directed at Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, etc… the major channels of social media.

        • Michael

          Twitter owns Vine and Facebook owns Instagram…

          • T4rd

            Thanks for that random bit of information.. =p

  • Jonathan Lamonte

    Falcon Pro was my primary Twitter application until Interactions were removed a few weeks ago. It’s not a huge deal but when the official Twitter app got updated (it’s even holo now believe it or not), the need for Falcon Pro became less and less. I might as well just stick to the official app version because it has no chance of being taken down. I just wish they spent more time fixing Vine than taking down perfectly fine apps.

  • Uriah Bullard

    I just don’t understand these companies. It’s rather apparent that he has a more superior app to the official Twitter one.Why not approach him and say help us with ours.

    • RaptorOO7

      Or better yet Twitter should stop making apps and set up a reasonable set of API’s that require developers allow ads to be displayed when they finally figure out how to get that rolling.

      Killing off or blocking independent apps when your own app SUCKS Twitter is not making the Twitterverse happy.

      • they call me Rob

        Agreed, but the problem is people will still use their service so Twitter really has no reason to take anyone seriously. If even 25% of the user base just stopped tweeting as a response to their API changes, I bet their stance would magically change. Today, social media is embedded in almost everything and users will just deal with it and/or bitch about it – most likely, on Twitter #irony

      • Thriller87

        No Different than Facebook either.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Or why not just buy Falcon Pro for $1.2mil? Or something?

    • michael arazan

      I think Twiiter is just pissed that people are making money off their services for free, while twitter is still having problems making money off their own service. I think the Dev’s might have to offer some type of tribute to twitter for their app sales and maybe twitter will give them unlimited tokens to use for their apps. It’s worth a shot, Dev’s give up 10-15% in exchange for twitter to give them unlimited tokens for clients, like a licensing fee, sort of

  • Malcolm James II

    So unfortunate, one of the best apps on Android going under for…being great. Smh

  • Drew Friedrich

    So if I’m a Falcon Pro user….should I begin looking for another twitter client? If so, I’d like a refund.

    • Jeff Tycz

      good luck with that one

    • mjsalinger

      Any other Twitter client is going to have the same issue eventually. The Twitter API limit was in place when you bought the app, it’s not the dev’s fault that Twitter is acting horribly.

      Unless you use the official client, you will eventually be SOL.

    • Thriller87

      This wasn’t the fault of Falcon Pro. This was shut down by Twitter.

      • MicroNix

        Yes, true statement. But this isn’t the first time that its hit the token limit and the author still has/had a paid version of this app up. That in itself is completely wrong. I paid for it some time ago before all of the token reset crap, but for those that purchased it *after* the first reset, they should get a refund. Its BS for a dev to be charging for software that he willingly knows has this MAJOR issue. I don’t really care if its the best twitter app or not. Its wrong.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    As much as I love Falcon with multiple accounts recently, it seems like this is what killed it as well.