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Report: Instagram to Announce Vine-like Video Support at Facebook Event

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With Facebook hosting a small press event on June 20, sources close to both Instagram and Facebook are stating that the social network has something big planned for the photo-sharing filter-happy network. According to TechCrunch, Facebook intends to announce video capabilities for Instagram, almost identical to what Twitter’s Vine application offers. Users can record up 5 or 10 second videos, then upload them for sharing. 

With Vine’s success quite notable in terms of growth rate and popularity among users, this wouldn’t come as much of a shocker. With a user base already in place with Instagram, allowing for the sharing of videos either through the same app or releasing a separate app could spell major success for Facebook and the Instagram team respectively. Besides, we are still curious on how Zuck plans on making money off of his billion dollar investment with Instagram.

June 20 is right around the corner, so we shall just have to wait and see what Facebook intends to do.

Would anyone switch off of Vine to use an Instagram-made video service?

Via:  TechCrunch

  • chris420o

    this will kill vine with android users….and i am all for it….vine for android is such a disappointment i dont use twitter so i cant use vine its so ridiculous i cant even stress it i ahve it installed but zero point since i follow 3 people n nobody follows me…yet instagram is up to par on android as with iphone and im good with everyone on there

  • Hector G

    cinemagram > vine, so lets hope it’s even better. all for improvement

  • johhny

    works perfectly on ios, its been out longer than the android version, hence it still sucks on android until they spend more time on it like they did with the ios version.

  • DanWazz

    Don’t use Vine much as i don’t take many videos. Probably wouldn’t change much even if video was integrated with Instagram.

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    I don’t think I’d switch. I use vine all the time on my iPhone 5, lately a lot more than instagram. I like that instagram is photos only, but if they branched out I’d rather have it as a separate app, or at least have an option to load videos with a click instead of automatically.

  • I was rather disappointed with the Android Vine app. The iOS for some reason is better… I hope that if Instagram does indeed release this video feature, that do it well.

  • BRIM

    Cinegram already has the filters with videos and if Instagram implements this, I think it will be terrible.

    Also, if this rumor is true in the end…they better somehow make it “separate” within the app between showing videos and pictures. Pictures make Instagram…adding videos could either make Instagram disastrous or an “all in one” great app.

  • Ray Gray

    the Vine app sucks balls

  • If Instagram adds front facing camera support..then im sold!

  • AussieDood

    Oh great, video clips that’ll look like they were shot on an 8mm cine camera, just what we need. Not!

  • EvanTheGamer

    I wouldn’t mind such a feature if you can add filters to the 5 or 10 second video clips just like you would do with a picture. That would be awesome.

  • Ray Garcia

    sounds like cinemagram to me

    • Korey Page

      Cinemagram is hit or miss. I was using that on iOS and later when it came to Android and I found it to be spammy. Haven’t used it in awhile so I’ll check back to see if it is less cluttered.

  • mi470

    I would most certainly switch. I’m on Instagram more than Vine on a daily basis, and having more recording time along with filters (maybe) would get me to switch. On top of that, Vine is horrible on my phone (Motorola Atrix 2).

    • John

      It’s just a horrible app period. No one knows why the released such a piece of shi t app w/o at least a beta tag.

      • mi470

        Agreed. Having been on both Android and iOS with Vine, I gotta say it’s a great concept, but it’s definitely not ready for either operating system.

        • EvanTheGamer

          And yet there are MILLION of users who use Vine on both platforms. So….yeah, don’t think you have a valid argument.

          • James

            Millions of people listen to justin beiber so i dont think you have a valid argument.

          • _shall

            I haven’t been able to upload a single video to Vine since they released the app on Android. Not one. This is an issue many Android users are experiencing. Is that a valid argument?

      • EvanTheGamer

        It works for me, for the most part. I just hope Twitter hurries up and adds all the damn features to Vine on Android that the iOS version has. Like a blasted Search function!

  • Ryan B

    This is stupid. I don’t like vine and I do like Instagram. I already blacklisted Facebook out of my life. Now I might have to do the same with Instagram.

    • IamDred

      I don’t like Facebook +1 for me Google plus, I’ll stay with vine, bcuz Facebook will do the same shyt with insta-vine. What ever Facebook comes out with will be a complete spinnoff from Vine

  • Korey Page

    I’ll leave Vine in a heartbeat if this true because the lack of the standard features in the Android app for Vine is terrible. If Vine updates this week with those added features that should have been included then my decision will be based on what app works the best and where my friends post more.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Also if we’re able to add filters to our 5-10 second videos. That’s a deal maker or breaker for me in terms of whether or not I’ll be dropping Vine for Instagram’s own Vine-like feature. We’ll see.

    • IamDred

      don’t be a follower, become a Trendsetter you post let your friends follow you,

  • Kyle Miller

    This better be better than the Vine app for Android!

  • timsim38

    Well that sounds interesting. So far I think vine is kinda cool. But the app kinda sucks. I’d be more happy if instagram would fix the problem some s4s are having with some filters turning everything green