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Google Expands Retail Partnerships for Chromebooks, Coming to Walmart and Staples Locations

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Google announced today that they will be expanding the current shopping options for potential Chromebook buyers. Currently, the web-based laptops are sold in a few retail stores such as Best Buy and online retailers like Amazon, but in the coming months, you can start finding Chromebooks in certain Walmart, Staples, Frys Electronics and OfficeMax locations. 

And beginning this weekend, Staples will bring a mix of Chromebooks from Acer, HP and Samsung to every store in the U.S.—more than 1,500 in total. You can also purchase via Staples online, while businesses can purchase through the Staples Advantage B2B program. In the coming months select Office Depot, OfficeMax, and regional chains Fry’s and TigerDirect locations will begin selling Chromebooks.

Do you currently own a Chromebook? If not, have you put in any thought into getting one?

Via: Google

  • GSFFatTheMart

    Can’t wait to see one of these for myself.


  • Jérôme Besnard

    My wife wanted a physical keyboard device to replace our broken galaxy tab 10.1. Got her a Samsung Chromebook that works great. Awesome value. I personally miss my tablet.

  • Artune

    I already sold (Staples emp) a Samsung Chromebook (249.99) this afternoon after explaining what you could and couldn’t do with it and it was exactly what she was looking for. Bought a lot of install with it as well. Keep it coming Google.

  • Tyler

    Off topic: Usually wouldn’t recommend articles from other sites but see as though DL to my knowledge doesn’t have Google Glass, Android Police have a extremely detailed review of them. Definitely worth a read. http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/06/17/google-glass-explorer-edition-review-a-beta-product-from-the-future/

  • _shall

    Walmart employee here. I am an unloader (I unload the trucks as they come in) and we have all ready gotten a bunch of Chromebooks in. I imagine they’ll be on the shelves soon.

    • trwb

      You better find a good spot for them. They will probably be sitting there for a while.

      • _shall

        We have quite a few managers at our store who are big technology buffs. I know for a fact that they will be getting a prime spot.

      • James

        I see where your coming from, i personally do a ton more than just browse, BUT i disagree because a chromebook is what i would recommend to the majority of my family and friends.

      • Forgreforn1932

        I see where your coming from, i
        personally do a ton more than just browse, BUT i disagree because a
        chromebook is what i would recommend to the majority of my family and

      • oldman_60

        Trwb: you make me laughing but I can’t tell you that you are wrong. My Acer Chromebook is my primary laptop replacing my 3 years old Dell windows laptop. Most of people really don’t need a Windows laptop.

        • trwb

          Software wise a Chromebook offers less than my similarly priced Nexus 7, and are very much just a media and data mining device. The purpose of these is to keep people on the web at all times to comb for marketing data. Which is ok with me if the OS offered some cool features. It is seriously underdeveloped atm. I love android though. Hopefully they will merge more features of Android into Chrome.

  • Viva Movil

    Target Please Google!

  • Shane Redman

    nope….waiting on that $35 Chromekey

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    low price laptops where people expect to buy low priced things.

    • michael arazan

      I’ll wait for the dual purpose tablet laptop that runs Android and MS with a keyboard, looks bad ass with a multi purpose

  • James_75

    Can MS Office be used with any of the Chromebooks?

    • James_75

      So instead of answering my question you give me a down vote? Classy.

      • Blue Sun

        It’s 2013 & I’m just surprised you didn’t perform a Google search before posting an inquiry here about MS Office compatibility with Chrome OS notebooks.

        • James_75

          Google is one way to find out and the way I did it was another option. My way helped anyone else reading this story (with the same questions) to be able to see answers right away. Please direct your snarkiness elsewhere.

          • Blue Sun

            No snarkiness here dude. I had my list of questions regarding this Chromebook, none of which were relevant to this article, & I quickly found answers online.

          • James_75

            The snarkiness is the part where you decided to be a smart ass and tell me what year it is. Again, you chose to get your information one way and I chose another way. My way affects you in no way negatively so please, let ‘er go already. If you have general questions about a Chromebook capability please, ask away! The DL community is almost always willing to add something constructive to the conversation….. In most cases anyway.

        • Cory_S

          I always find this response hilarious. Where do you think google answers come from? Countless future people may stumble across this only to find another frustrating deadend. That bugs the crap out of me when I’m searching for a solution to an issue and come across forum posts telling the person to google it.

    • knknskn


      • James_75

        Thank you!

    • Truth

      Basically only good for google services. That’s why only these fanboys are into it. Your question offends them

      • James_75


      • Ryuuie

        It’s kind of sad to see people downvote that comment. 😐

        It’s a legit question that people WILL ask.

        I’m into it because I need to get away from Windows though. 😛 I used to be a Windows fanboy and I’m actually fine with Windows 8 but Microsoft’s complete arrogance in both OS (Windows/Windows Phone), search (Bing), cloud storage (SkyDrive), online video chat (Skype), and now gaming (Xbox One) is seriously making me not want their products anymore.

      • oldman_60

        You are deadly wrong. I am very happy to answer to James_75 and I can tell you that I can read MS documents (Word, Excel and Power point) with my ACER Chromebook. Right now updating MS documents are reserved for Business users and I hope Quick Office for Chromebook General Availability very soon. It is really a bad new for you Mr Truth.

    • Flat_Stanley

      You cannot, but they have released a remote desktop client, so it is possible to use Office via a connection to another computer. Of course, that requires a second available computer with Office.

      Naturally Google is pushing people to use Google Docs, but I agree that native support of MS Office products would be nice, especially after their acquisition of the Quickoffice team. Who knows, maybe one day…

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        The Office 365 web apps are fully functional, and work quite well on Chromebooks from what I’ve heard. I agree that I’m hoping the Quickoffice acquisition will make its presence known in Docs though, they sorely need a functionality update.

        • Flat_Stanley

          Hmm, is it possible to get an emailed document (in Gmail) directly into Skydrive, where it could then be edited online?

      • jeesung

        The QuickOffice folks seem to have their hands full . . . it’s iOS, but still bug that freezes their program because of Google Drive still open after 7+ months . . . pretty useless on the g/f’s iPad2


    • Droid_Junky

      Microsoft Skydrive works just fine and its free. It has most of the same features as Office. It runs in the browser.

    • oldman_60

      Yes you can read any MS office documents. Updating MS documents will be possible when the full version of Quick office for Chromebook will be available for non business users.

  • moshe aboutboul

    would it be possible at all to run internet explorer on this? i absolutely despise it but the software i use for work will only function with internjet explorer.

    • Aardvark99

      Nope, no IE. Microsoft wouldn’t and couldn’t port IE to this platform.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Theoretically they could, but you are correct in that they wouldn’t.

    • master94

      No it wont unless MS creates IE for chrome os.

    • Jared Tau

      You may be able to use an IE extension within Chrome browser. That’s what I use at work. There are two that I use, IE Tab and IE Tab Classic.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Those Extensions work by literally opening an Internet Explorer window inside of a Java sandbox in the browser. As such, since IE can’t be installed on a Chromebook, the extensions simply fail to run.

    • Ian

      “internjet” ….lol’d in my imagination for a bit.

    • Justin W

      As Jared said, you could try IE Tab, but based on the info on their website, it won’t work unless IE is installed.

    • Droidzilla

      Change jobs.

      But for serious, no. There are some archaic things that will only work with MS products, so you’re stuck there. I’m in the same boat; I own and adore my Samsung Chromebook, but I had to get a Windows box for school (it costed more and it’s far, far less enjoyable to use).

  • Yes, I have a samsung chromebook ($249) Love it!! It has become my primary computer, and I use it WAAYYY more than my mac. And I don’t even own a PC.

    • Menger40

      😛 You own two PCs, a Chromebook and a Mac. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_computer

    • Flat_Stanley

      I would really like to push my in-laws to get one of these. They are not tech-savvy at all, so I’m hoping it would be a good introduction to the web/email. How do you handle cases where someone emails Word, Excel or Powerpoint docs? Is the Google Docs/Drive conversion sufficient for you? In my field, MS Office is really a must, so I can’t make an objection opinion about whether the lack of native access should be troubling or not for general machine use..

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        For general use, Google Docs can get the job done. All the basics are present, but don’t look for anything more than that. Also note that I don’t believe macros translate in Excel, so if they download a complex Excel document it probably just flat won’t work.

        That said, if it really becomes necessary, you can use the slightly more powerful tools of the Office web apps.

      • oldman_60

        Chromebook has MS office viewer ( QuickOffice). MS office documents are translated into PDF so you can view them. However you can’t update MS office documents unless you get the full Quick office for Chromebook that I believe will be GA soon.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      whats the gaming like?

  • Rabid Rotty

    It would be nice if they released the Pixel