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Samsung Galaxy S4 Spare Battery and Charger Kit Now Available

gs4 battery

For whatever reason, Samsung is one of the last phone manufacturers on the planet to allow its customers to replace the batteries inside its phones. We aren’t exactly sure why the industry went away from pull-able or replaceable batteries, but Samsung made it clear to us during a press briefing over the Galaxy S4 that they do not plan to follow that trend. As you know, the GS4 features a removable backside, which not only gives you access to the phone’s battery, but you can also access a microSD card for expandable storage – another feature that the rest of the industry has moved away from.

So to show all new Galaxy S4 owners that they didn’t include a removable battery for nothing, Samsung has gone ahead and released the official spare battery and charger for the device. Available now from a variety of online stores, you can pick up the charging kit which includes a replacement 2600mAh battery, charger, and new cable.

Amazon has it with Prime shipping for $42.01; the DL Store has it for $47.95 with decent shipping rates; Samsung has it for $49.99 with $4 shipping.

Links:  AmazonDL StoreSamsung Shop

Cheers Brent!

  • Steve Milliamps

    This is cool and all, but i can’t stand lugging that extra little case & extra battery around.. I caved and just went big with the extended battery, works great. http://www.accessoryswamp.com/galaxy-s4-battery.html

  • TheDrunkenClam

    If the Galaxy Nexus has taught us anything it’s that people will refuse to buy spare battery and charger and then come on Droid-Life to complain about the device’s poor battery life.

  • Ajay

    How long does it take to charge the battery fully?

  • Zurvann

    I got mine over two weeks ago. This has been out for a while.

  • Windows Phone Review

    The main reason I heart Samsung phones.

  • Higher_Ground

    Yeah, I’m jealous. Wish my gnex didn’t lose 25% of the (extended) battery after 45 mins of internet surfing. I swear I could leave it on the night stand near 100% and it’d be drained in the morning with no use.

  • curtisncali

    Oh wait…I have a Galaxy Note 2. I dont need a spare battery!

  • Destroythanet

    Replaceable batteries and spares have saved my a$$ a bunch of times. Don’t know why most other OEMs stopped using them but glad at least Samsung still does.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    wouldnt it be easier to just use bigger batteries and bulkier Phones instead of a lightweight phone and a whole bunch of accessory one have to carry around? Might be just me who prefers bulky phones over thin. easy dropable phones.

    This is actually not about SD cards?!?! And btw ” another feature that the rest of the industry has moved away from.” Nope! LG is using it still (Optimus G Pro), Huawei is using it still (any), Sony in most phones too. Even some HTC Phones do have SD Slots!

  • Smart_Lady_Shopper

    *PLEASE* don’t spend $50 on this totally pointless droid-life recommendation. Ugh. An S4 battery and charger are $9 on ebay.

  • Samsung made it clear to us during a press briefing over the Galaxy S4 that they do not plan to follow that trend.

    And this is why they’ll get my $.

  • rodney11ride

    Gs3 battery life fail. Gs4 battery life fail. Maxx HD 6 hours screen on time. Almost a year old.. Win. A 60 dollar charger. Lololol

  • equestrian_colt

    That is great they still offer a removable battery that way you can get a more powerful one or replace it if it starts to die. Other companies have gone away from it so they can make more of a profit making you buy a whole new phone even with insurance it’s still $100 for a refurbished piece of crap phone. One of the many reasons I am switching to Samsung.

    • LionStone

      I used Asurion for an insurance claim once, you’re right about the $100. but I received a brand new device, not a refurb. What kind of data do you have to show that manufacturers that moved away from replaceable batteries actually make a profit from that decision. I don’t buy that theory at all. It seems to me though, that Samsung may make a little extra on the side with more batteries and charger packages like what’s posted as well as their wireless charging package…just my theory 🙂

  • Jon

    This seriously is like the #1 reason I keep buying Samsung devices, and why I had to abandon the Nexus 4.

  • I finally received my spare…but I haven’t had to swap it out. The battery life on this thing is ridiculous compared to my Gnexus. I carry it along just in case

  • Bionic

    My bionic was running an OEM 2760mah battery. My S4 is running a 2600mah battery and the battery life is probably 25% better than the Bionic. Yanno why? The snapdragon 600 has better MPG than the Old Dual core chips do.

  • KleenDroid

    Not only does it have a removable battery, but the battery life on the S4 is Amazing.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    As to your question, forcing yourself into a removable battery limits your design choices in certain areas. Materials, tolerances, thermal design, board design, & total internal volume are a few off the top of my head. If you design with a non-removable battery (not necessarily non-user-replaceable, but non-removable), you have many many more choices for your overall design.

    • Bionic

      The S4 is as skinny as I want any of my phones to get, ever. I had to put a case on it so that it simply fealt more sturdy in hand. So if Samsung phones dont get any skinnier or smaller because they want to offer open battery compartments, im all for it.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        While thinness is one design direction which, as you said, thankfully has leveled off recently, it is certainly not the only direction that is made simpler when a non-removable battery is used. The idea is that a removable battery requires a much thicker casing, a support frame, and a certain style of contact, in addition to the fact that it forces the battery into the backmost layer of the device, which is not always ideal (see HTC’s recent designs and the N4 which place the battery in front of the antennas, which are molded into the back panel for maximum signal fidelity).

        I am not saying that these things are insurmountable; they are simply additional considerations that ultimately limit other portions of the design. The general consensus in the mobile device design world is that with the recent gains in efficiency and battery cell longevity, removable batteries are optional rather than necessary.

        • Bionic

          I actually agree. I would accept a non removable battery as long as it’s a minimum 3000mah.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Absolutely. That’s why I’m so impatient for Motorola to get their act together and introduce some new models (and I realize that they just put out new models in October, but reality only gets in my way at the moment). And I’d be fine with 2600+ for a 720p screen and 3000+ for a 1080p screen for non-removable. I never hear anyone complain about the battery life on the Razr HD, and people buy the Maxx because of the monstrosity that is its battery life.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    This charger was available on day 1. Where have you been?

    • harryharry

      It’s been out of stock for at least 2 weeks on Samsung’s site…

  • Bionic

    GSAM battery app says I average 27 hours of battery life. I’m not a power user but I’m a moderate user.

    • LionStone

      I’m a moderate user also…this screenshot was on April 27…presently at just under 18 hrs average. For me, its pretty good for the DNA on a sealed battery with a 1080 screen. I typically have 30-60 minutes of phone time and 2-3 hrs screen time, running 9 widgets.

  • JulianZHuang

    because samsung know android require changing battery in order for it to last a whole day.

    • Bionic

      You can get this phone charged from zero to 100 percent in an hour using 2amp USB

    • booty kapootie

      Because Julian no know proper grammar.

    • CallMeAria

      I’m sorry, what were you trolling on about? GS4 has rediculously good battery life 6hrs screen time on a 15hr total charged time is outrageously good.. But seeing how as you only troll S4 articles rather than actually own one it makes sense you’d be so ignorant. Now go on, go troll the next article.

  • Jason M. Kosmiski

    Will this battery fit the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Phil

    I used the 50% coupon Samsung gives you when you register your device. The total came out to $30.68 total. Not bad 🙂

    • aznmode1


    • Solid deal.

    • Trevor

      I used this to snag a wireless charging back cover (and a second just for good measure).

    • harryharry

      Same! Well close – $30.50. I’ve been waiting for this to come back in stock! Thanks DL for the heads up!

    • XvierX

      Thanks for the tip! I started using a second battery with my note 2 and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. My phone is literally never plugged in to anything.

  • DS

    Main reasons I got my GS3…
    Removable Battery
    Removable SD Card

    I like metal phones and all but having 94GB of storage on my phone is unreal.

    • Steven Lam

      having the security of being able to pull my sd if my device fubars and the convenience of managing my files on a different platform w/o a cable, and being able to refresh a brand new battery when the old one no longer holds a charge, or simply to be at 100% battery in less than 2 minutes is also pretty awesome.

      • Bionic


        • Bithe4183

          I finally received my spare…but
          I haven’t had to swap it out. The battery life on this thing is
          ridiculous compared to my Gnexus. I carry it along just in case

      • FAL_Fan

        +2. My sentiments exactly! Apparently no one else understands this concept!

    • FAL_Fan


    • EvanTheGamer

      And this is exactly one of the reasons why I’ll be getting a SGS4 later this year myself, instead of an HTC One.

      I immediately said I wouldn’t get an HTC One once I found out that I cannot change out the battery. A deal breaker for me. I like ma spare batteries!

    • TylerCameron

      I think the industry has moved away from SD cards because they are just far too unreliable.

      My friend bought a 64GB microSD card. 2 months later, it self-destructed itself. There is nothing worse than powering on your phone and getting the notification “Blank or unsupported filesystem”. And then you frantically format your card, but it doesn’t do any good. It’s dead. Forever. My 32GB card in my Rezound did this. My friend’s 16GB did this. The failure rate of these things is too high. OEMs don’t want to put up with that. Because when their phone suddenly says the SD card is borked, who does the customer blame? The OEM. Sure, you’ve got warranties for SD cards you buy from Amazon, but you’ve lost your files. And the SD card that came with your phone has no warranty. No carrier will replace it.

      And on top of that, you can’t have files larger than 4GB on them. I’ve never had internal storage fail on me. But I will say I LOATHE MTP!!!

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Yeah, MTP sucks, but it does make apps not break when you hook it to a computer, so at least its not annoying to no purpose. The 4GB limit is a limitation of the FAT32 filesystem used to format the SD card. So, until they move to a newer filesystem such as ntfs, the limit will remain.

      • DS

        Yes I agree that the internal memory is more reliable but when I’m flashing a new rom every other week, I want to wipe internal memory or it starts getting confusing (especially with AOSPA file structure of multi users). If I have everything saved internally then I have to back it up every time.

      • FAL_Fan

        I’ve never had a problem with an sd card, I’ve owned some since I first got a phone with external storage support and some of them are still in use today, and that’s been…7 years?

        • Brandon Golway

          Exactly, I’ve used probably 10-15 MicroSD cards and had only ONE fail on me in like 5 or 6 years.

      • j

        I think Google moves away from it because having two separate storage areas was too confusing for novice users..

        • Brandon Golway

          It wasn’t because it was confusing, they did it to streamline the storage (only having one storage location instead of two) and make it so that apps could still use the storage space while the phone is connected to the PC.

      • Steven Lam

        Certainly Valid points. Unfortunately, I’ve had higher instances of the phone borking after the 1 yr mark, and I was able to just pull my SD card to salvage most of my data.

        Combine that issue with batteries suddenly dieing and not being able to just swap a new one is a pretty rough kick in the nads. I can replace a battery, likely OEM from Amazon, for less than 15$. A 700$ device worthless when it couldve easily been resolved with just 15$ or less.

        And I really dont buy that nonsense that it’s easier to design the internals or contribute any significance to thinness. Builtin devices have been painfully dismantled to replace the battery and from the looks of it, if they just skipped all that glue and extra screws, we’d have a swappable battery.

      • Richard Sequeira

        No storage media is reliable, which is why people should make frequent back ups. I perform a backup via Kiss every week and the best thing is that the entire process takes a few minutes. This image is backed up to a Google Drive account.

  • Thomas

    Don’t forget, if you register your S4 on the Samsung website they will give a coupon code for 50% off an accessory.

    • Bionic

      Damn really? Sweet.

  • Tyler

    Truly a great accessory for the avid battery lover.

  • Bionic

    I have no need for any extra battery. The battery life on this thing is phenomenal.

    • JulianZHuang

      it seems like you hardly use your home.

      • Tyler Durden

        Seems like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • JulianZHuang

          so you are telling me, his phone’s screen is on and continuous use of 15hrs?

          • Blue Sun

            Not even close. 15 hrs, 37 minutes of stand by and time used. 41% of his battery consumption has been from screen being active.

          • JulianZHuang

            so the purpose of buying an android phone is not to use it but to show off standby time?

          • Joseph A. Yager

            What are you talking about?

          • booty kapootie

            So the purpose of leaving posts on message boards is being a douchebag? Actually, you’re right that is the purpose.

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            No the purpose of an android phone is the freedom to do whatever you want to. Its funny that they spent all that time making ios7 loom and act the way it does and in a week you can have the same look and the functionality has been there forever. Just to see how easy it was I made up my home screen like the person that posted on mycolorscreen did. It took me 20 minutes to make my s4 look like this. I then promptly set my phone back to its normal configuration because my eyes started to burn lol.

          • Bionic

            I was at work all day dumbasss

        • Bionic

          Light usage today 1 hour screen time

          • Jon

            Yeah…not impressive at all. Any phone used so lightly (and yes 1hr of screen on time in 14 hrs is light usage) would give you battery life like this.

            The Samsung devices can all give you great battery life with low usage. But that’s not the point. The ability to change batteries is for heavy load users. Thus the HTC One and other phones are lacking to those that really do use their phones all day.

          • Bionic

            Bullshitt. Only the HTC One and S4 running the snapdragon 600 are getting results like this during idle time.

            You also mis understood the point of my screen shot. The point of my post was to show how awesome the battery life of this phone is over my bionic.

            The reason I got the S4 was because of the removable battery and storage. I am simply saying that I personally nave no need for an extra battery due to the awesome battery life and fast 2 amp charging.

          • brkshr

            My Nexus 4 gets battery life like this easily and so did my S3. Same thing for my parents RAZR M & RAZR HD.

            Maybe you’ve been on a Bionic for way too long. Pretty much any Qualcomm processor from the Qualcomm S4 processor & later, yields results like this.

          • Brandon Golway

            Agreed. My Gnex only lasted about 6-8 hours on the extended 2100 mAH battery and that was with light usage. My S4 regularly lasts 15-30 hours on the stock 2600 mAH battery with light usage.

      • Bionic

        I use my home all the time. My sexy parties happen here.

    • Freud Charles

      Photoshop level = Are you taking us for idiots?

      • Bionic

        The fuckk you talking about? That’s around an hour of screen time. So light usage today. The battery loses around 2 percent an hour when phone is idle which is amazing.

        • FAL_Fan

          I have almost the same results on my Note 2, so this is legit, I normally lose 1% on pure idle on 4G LTE and on beans build 18.

          • Bionic

            Nice. I dont have any power saving running and I also run a fair amount of widgets. Im sure if i killed some of the widgets I would probably drain at arond 1% per hour.

        • LionStone

          Wow, just 1 hour of screen time and it used 40%! No wonder Samsung isn’t moving away from replaceable batteries.

          • Bionic

            You are failing to think in terms of total battery usage when considering the 40%.

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            They just don’t get it I guess. I had fantastic battery life from my note 2 and the same from my new s4. Not really having to worry about battery life is pretty refreshing.

          • LionStone

            “Not really having to worry about battery life is pretty refreshing.”

            That’s what I said when I got my DNA 🙂 I wasn’t denying the S4 doesn’t get good battery life, I just think its high usage for the screen is all which makes me think is the reason for Samsung to provide a replaceable battery option.

          • LionStone

            That would be presumptuous…I get it, you made a few calls (something that uses battery pretty good), checked FB, 1 hour screen, nothing intense, as you said, a low usage day that will get you an extra day. I’m just curious what it would be with an hour of call time, with some more app usage, streaming, etc. I have no doubt it will get good battery life, its just fun to compare with another 1080, 5″ screen. I wish more people would share their usage so we can compare and see what’s normal, or good or bad and what to learn that might make it better.

      • kevin

        I have the same results on my phone so I dont see the problem here?

    • Intellectua1

      I was thinking the same thing.. The battery life on this phone is amazing..