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Contest: Win an ASUS Nexus 7 Prize Pack from NVIDIA and Droid Life for Father’s Day (Update: Winner Picked)

Nexus 7

If you listened in on the Droid Life Show last night, you might have heard that we are keeping our Father’s Day celebration going, this time teaming up with NVIDIA to bring a sweet Nexus 7 prize pack to one lucky winner. If you win, you will be the owner of a brand new Nexus 7 32GB WiFi tablet, matching dock, as well as an official case for your sexy new Android tablet.

The Nexus 7 is Google’s very popular 7″ tablet, sporting an HD display, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a front-facing camera, and the sweet taste of vanilla Android. With the tablet comes the matching official ASUS dock for the tablet that you would find on Google Play, plus a case to keep your shiny new toy safe.

Ready to win it?


Update:  Congrats goes out to Kaleb Y!

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 32GB WiFi tablet, 1 (one) case, 1 (one) official dock.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We will randomly choose a winner tomorrow at 9AM Pacific.

Thanks to NVIDIA for fronting the Father’s Day celebration prizes!
  • CyborgHobbit


  • Neftali Ramirez

    Im new android fan & my dad would love the nexus 7

  • john lynch

    My best present is just having my son with me and spending the day with him.

  • Cherese Sealy

    My Dad would be so happy

  • An Gooch

    A tie, never get a dad a tie especially if he does not wear one

  • Paul

    My dad kills anything running Windows. In crossing my fingers he can’t screw up Android.

  • Jason Blomgren

    Always the best contests.

  • Ashton

    My worst father’s day gift was simply a few school supplies as a joke.

  • MizterJroc

    Not a father yet so yeah…

  • Mihaela I

    I haven’t received a gift… yet! 🙂

  • Lawrence Milford

    By far the best Father’s Day present was the news that i was going to be a father!

  • Jon W

    I’m a fur daddy, haven’t received a “worst gift”, yet.

  • Brian Tehan

    Pictures from my kids are always the best

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    Probably a Kindle is the best gift I’ve received. Thanks, Droid-Life!

  • Scott

    Even though my twin sons were not born on fathers day, they are still the best gift i have ever received!

  • pd240

    The best was finding out I was having a second child on Fathers Day.

  • Don Myers

    This would make an excellent fathers day present. I’m a single dad and too poor for toys.

  • Kevin Talbot

    My dogs and wife got me an XBOX 360 last year, what a great day it was………………

  • kobuu

    I’m not a father but as a son I think the worst fathers day gift I’ve given would be nothing, as in what I’ve got for this year. He deserves the best and I got nothing. This Nexus would be an awesome start to the Android world for him!

  • Marcus

    A hand made card!

  • Jeff B

    My first year after marrying my wife, my step daughter made me a tshirt saying “Worlds Best Dad”, almost lost it.

  • Laine

    I came across this landing page because I was searching online for news about the Nexus 7. I was debating whether or not to wait for the new one to be released. The tablet will be a gift for my father. His birthday was this past Sunday and Father’s Day is this Sunday. I hope he would consider a tablet to be a great gift. =)

  • Jason Tsujimura

    Not quite ready to be a father yet… so no gifts, good or bad have come my way. However I just spent 3 weeks with my father who I hadn’t seen in 15 years. This prize would make an awesome gift for him.

  • Charles

    Best gift I could give

  • kinsie21

    The cliche ugly tie.

  • Per Bonomi

    The best I ever got was almost the whole day of peace and quiet, just for me.

  • Tuanoe

    I once received NOTHING

  • Zaruka

    nothing yet since i am not dad.

  • Fred Buell

    I’m not a father yet, so I haven’t gotten one. Worst I think was a cheap bottle of tequila.

  • Handly Marks

    Nothing… lol

  • michael arazan

    This would be a great for my step father, a man who is the best father a kid could ask for who inherited you from a dead beat dad. Crossing fingers

  • G_Ret

    I’m not a father so I haven’t received a gift…

  • smisa27

    I’m not yet a father, so I can’t say what the best/worst gift to me was. But if I win this prize, then I’m sure I can give the best Father’s day gift to my dad! =)

  • Justin

    Best Father’s Day gift? My Son!

  • opinion nill

    Perfume…Im a guy!

  • Max


  • John Weyrauch

    For my first father’s day present I received nothing.

  • GiantJay

    My dad died June 3, 2013 and we had the service today. Needless to say this father’s day and everyone from here on out is going to suck.

  • Scott Sokley

    Not being a father yet

  • Alan Youngblood Sr.

    This would be a great gift for fathers day.

  • Frank Ruiz

    the best present would be winning this awesome prize pack, worst would be not winning 🙁

  • Clay Johnston

    Love the Nexus7 my kids gave me this year! I would really like to do the same for my Dad.

  • cb2000a

    Never got one…my son is not great at these things.

  • orrehho

    Not a father, still commenting for an entry. Byah!

  • Nick

    my dad needs to replace his ipad, starting to convert him over one device at a time.

  • Worst Fathers Day gift, dad has to leave family for military duty.

  • ki11ak3nn

    I’m a new father, so I’m still waiting for my little guy to get big enough to get me anything.

  • daniel123450

    my dad envies my nexus 7 and always asks to use it because his iPhone is so pathetic in comparison. it’s time for hook to join the Android world.

  • Marius Tudor

    Everything I got was a good gift from my father.

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Best present is not being a father (that I know of…)