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HTC One Mini Pictured Next to Big Brother, Will be Released This Summer

HTC Mini

The HTC One Mini has been seen here and there, showing itself around the web, teasing us with its small yet elegant looking body. Above, the One Mini is pictured (albeit extra grainy) next its bigger brother, the One. Along with this picture, many details of the device, which is set for launch sometime around Q3, have been confirmed. It does sport a HD 4.3″ display, Sense 5 (BlinkFeed), Android 4.2.2, UltraPixel camera, along with a 1.4GHz dual-core chipset. 

Reports out of Bloomberg this morning are pointing to an August release for the One Mini, a timeframe that should work out just fine given there are no delays. On top of that, we haven’t heard any news about which carriers would be carrying it, so don’t bother asking if it’s coming to Verizon. You know how they are about announcing devices.

Has anyone been following this device and are actually interested in picking it up?

Via: Bloomberg | Engadget

  • DS

    Actually a nice phone. remembers me at htc’s one s, somehow it looks similar.. I buyed the One X, back then but the One S was more sexy but the screen was bad.

  • Jon

    something tells me this thing will have awful battery life

  • T4rd

    Too bad Verizon won’t see this phone and if they do, it’ll be next year.

  • zombiewolf115

    4.3 is considered small? i rememeber back in the day 4.2 was like god damn huge

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sigh…. Where hell is my ONE Verizon? After a couple weeks the S4 doesn’t feel any different than the S3. I miss the buttery smoothness of Sense 5. … Which I had for 2 weeks on At&t

    • Greyhame

      There are a couple of videos out on how to reduce (eliminate?) lag in the S4. Basically you turn off the animations in the UI and Lockscreen. That might help with the lag you’re seeing.

    • TylerCameron

      Wait you switched to AT&T and went to Verizon? Why go to Verizon when they don’t even have unlimited data? Nobody is going to Verizon right now and NOBODY is upgrading their phones because NOBODY wants to lose unlimited data and EVERYBODY cares about unlimited data! Everybody.

  • TMKvamme

    Are we really calling something that close in size the mini?

    We should just call it the HTC .95

  • jordanb

    I am disappointed by all article that are not about the Xfon

  • Fresh360

    4.3 would have been the perfect size if I havent been living with a GNex the last 2 years but I dont think I can downsize…The ONE shall have my money once this 2 year with VZW is up…

  • Albert Reyna

    why couldn’t htc have the one ready with 4.2.2 even though it was out already.

    • Jack

      the update to 4.2.2 for the HTC ONE is rolling out today in some countries

      • Albert Reyna

        Oh nicee 🙂
        it just sucks that there flagship couldn’t come with it already while there mini could

  • Jack

    HTC One mini KING >>> Galaxy S4 Mini

    Reasons: HTC One mini is getting all the features of HTC One.

    1. Boom Sound

    2. Ultra Pixles

    3. Aluminum Design

    4. Blink Feed

    5. Zoe

    6. Beats Audio

    S4 Mini hasn’t got any feature from S4.

    1. No Smart Pause

    2. No Smart scroll

    3. No Air View

    4. Multi Window

    5. Not even 720 resolution display

    6. No Air gestures (hover to accept call etc)

    • T4rd

      Yeah, Samsung blew it on the S4 Mini. WTF would make you think putting a 4.3″ qHD in a 2013 phone is a good idea when there are other with 720p in the same size/form factor? Hell, the Rezound did it in 2011!
      S4 Mini is full of fail.

    • Albert Reyna

      yea even the xfon is coming with 720p

  • jbreezy

    looks oddly tall and narrow

  • picaso86

    iPhone 5??? seriously?

  • middlehead

    If that’s a legit 720p screen under that “HD” tag, I’d consider that even with a sealed battery.

    • Gus

      Has no one noticed it says duel core instead of quad?? I would think someone would have commented on that by now.

      • middlehead

        I noticed, I don’t particularly care. A decent dual core should be fine for a couple more years, as long as HTC doesn’t screw up the install.

  • MariaxNY

    HTC ONE the king of all phones <3

  • Daniel

    Good, phones are TOO BIG! Now where’s the qwerty slider variant 😉

    • EC8CH

      not where, but when: 2009.

  • mustbepbs

    Is that the new HTC iPhone 5?

    • cizzlen

      Sure thing.

    • samari711

      Done and done