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That Moment When iOS 7 Became Android.

iso vs android

We’ll have so many more thoughts on the way related to iOS 7, but we thought we’d start with the eerily similar lock screens. Floating bubble live wallpaper, minimal clock, fading on the actionable icons, semi-Roboto font, etc. Interesting. Apple, showing love or at least giving props to Android for beautiful design.

And before the sensitive types think this is us bashing Apple, we’ll just say right now that the new iOS 7 looks really nice. But again, we’ll have more on that later.

Update:  Our iOS 7 vs. Android comparison is now up and worth a look.

  • Kenny

    Wow i have an iphone and i honestly hate it. Sure i liked it at first but it got old and the fact i cant change anything unless i jailbreak it sucks. Android might not look better than apples iphones or ios but at least i can do more. and that appstore.. ughh..

  • Ggg

    You need to took past the “flashy graphics” and look at the layout, which is exactly the same as the original iOS…

  • Clement

    Also, this.

  • Apple:)

    Android looks cheap to me too.Espescially samsungs plastic body..

    • Guy

      Of course .

  • Chris Michael

    what is the lock screen on the android here? or is this from a specific phone?

  • iLifer

    EVERY PHONE OUT HAS “COPIED” APPLE’S DESIGN IN THE ‘FULL TOUCH SCREEN’ DESIGN. if it wasn’t for Apple and RIM Paving and refining the ‘Smart Phone Highway’ , android wouldnt even exist. ANYWAYS…
    ‘innovation’ is just ‘copying with finesse’, without it we would have NO societal progression.

  • jim

    and thats whjy apples stock has lost over 300 bucks a share

  • Felipe

    This has got to be a joke! “Semi-Roboto”? It’s a well known fact that Roboto is a Helvetica rip-off. Stay classy, fanboys.

  • Deroni76

    Pathetic Apple is pathetic. What now, they are going to sue Android for copying the iOS 7 before it was released?

  • No matter what you people comment. No matter what you people think about iOS 7. Apple will do what it want’s to do.

  • Willi Kampmann

    “semi-Roboto font”

    Considering Helvetica Neue has been around for ages, Apple has been using Helvetica for ages, and Roboto merely being a copy to avoid licensing fees, this comment might be the stupidest of the month. Those damn indians, thinking they can just waltz in there and steal the cowboy’s land!

  • Andre Richards

    You know, for iOS to have become Android, we’d have to pointlessly muck up the typography on the iOS screen to the point of it being amateurish looking (WTF is with the wonky tracking on the Android fonts? That kind of thing drives me nuts and degrades readability.) Then you’d have to add a few more inconsistencies to the UI and remove some of the lock screen features that are standard on iOS.

    Nice try, guys. Protest all you want, but Android still lags behind Apple big time.

  • Andre Richards

    Awww… the fandroids are in a tizzy cuz Big Bad Apple stepped on their toes. So precious.

  • Andy Fontana

    Typographically, I don’t think anyone would agree that Helvetica Neue Ultra Light could be described as semi-Roboto. Perhaps the other way around.

  • Rob

    Wonder how many times this conversation will be held:

    “Hey Look, they got icons on my desktop that show info and update and stuff on my new iphone, when will AAAANDROID ever get something… what? had it since android 1.5? Oh, it’s not that big of a deal anyways…”

  • Space Gorilla

    “semi-Roboto font”? Hmm, seems to me that Roboto is a Helvetica clone, and Apple has been using Helvetica in different weights for quite some time. On the font side of things it is not Apple who is following. But why does it matter? A crisp sans serif font makes sense. Why does Apple’s success freak people out like this? The reality of Apple’s success cannot be denied, so the discussion devolves into whining about how Apple doesn’t deserve their success, how they stole it or copied it, or gained it through marketing trickery, or by legal tricks, or how it’s sure not to last Apple is dooooooomed, etc, etc.

    Android fans, if Apple takes a good idea from Android and implements it, you don’t win a prize. All that happens is Apple sells even more iPhones, iPads, etc. Let’s say iOS 7 was completely based on Android (which is ridiculous, but for the sake of argument), let’s imagine that a video surfaces showing Jony Ive talking about how he used some Android devices for many weeks and based all his designs on that. What then? What do you think is going to happen? Nothing. That’s what happens. Absofrigginlutely nothing. There’s no victory for you. Apple just keeps on selling products and raking in most of the profits.

    There’s a great comment in this thread that sums up the whining, “Innovation, one theft at a time.” My question would be “So what?” That’s business. It’s tough. Get a helmet or get out of the game son.

  • Look how much more thought went into the Apple version. The Android screen has two clocks, header icons are crammed together with no thought of proper spacing, typography is terrible (why is the 12 bold? Monday is abbreviated. Look at the alignement of time and date on iOS.), the lock icon gives the user no indication what to do next, and no quick access to the camera (or notifications). Also, Apple’s version of the dots are way more dynamic and visually interesting (variation in color, larger size) than the Android version.

    Unfortunately, most people won’t ever notice the difference, not to mention the number of extra hours put in to make iOS that much better.

  • “semi-Roboto font”
    – How is Helvetica Neue Ultra Light a semi-Roboto font? Roboto is a semi-Helvetica font.

  • Alfiejr

    wow, are you droid life guys on crack? the design of the one on the right is a beautiful piece of sophisticated design. the one on the left is an incredibly clunky amateur looking mish mash. i mean, the hour digits in a fat bold typeface, but then the minutes digits in a skinny anorexic one? and you think this looks similar??

    all this proves is Droid Life has absolute no design taste at all. but maybe i shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Uwe

    That moment when I realised that Droid “Journalists” don’t have a clue about fonts and typography. Helvetica Neue semi-Roboto?! Yeah, right.

  • Josh

    I didn’t know Android invented Helvetica Neue! I’d say the lock screen is the same as it has always been which in fact came out before android one lol.. animated backgrounds, I had that on my nokia 6300 in 2005, not android. There is nothing the same and no stolen ideas from Android. Sorry droid life but you need to get your facts straight. PS the clock looks way better on iOS7

  • orthorim

    Android has been iOS for quite a while; so iOS “becoming” Android is a bit silly. I don’t think anyone doubts iOS is the original.

    iOS design changes make it look quite a bit more like Android though- not the font, but the square look, the square popup menus, and generally that buttons look less like buttons, everything is less obvious.

    Taking a step back from fanboyism – it’s really irrelevant unless you have a direct financial stake in either Google or Apple – what do you think is more likely? That Apple (Apple!!) spent weeks pain-stakingly analyzing the Android UI just to then do some sort of rip-off on it? If you know anything about the company then you know that the problem there is quite the opposite – NIH was the phrase – Not Invented Here syndrome. Apple wouldn’t look at competitor’s products _at all_ even if they should have. It’s the arrogant belief that Apple is the best and (before) Microsoft and (now) Google aren’t even worth looking at. Apple does many things well but competitive analysis is not one of those.

    Apple changed iOS because obviously Jony Ive wanted to make the OS his, or at least something he isn’t embarrassed about. And it’s an acknowledgement to changing times – when the iPhone came out the entire idea was so new that everything on it had to be obvious, kind of in your face. If it wasn’t people just wouldn’t get it. Now, 6 years later, everyone knows smart phones, touch interfaces, and people have different expectations. Choosing efficiency and maybe even beauty over sheer obviousness is a much easier sell now.

    Also you’ll need to spend at least a week or so with the new OS to see how completely they ripped it apart. It’s a little shocking actually. I spent 2 days now playing with it non-stop and I am still finding new things.

  • Tim

    Android is ugly, made for stupid people.

  • caycep

    I’ve seen these comparisons, while the Windows Phone people have their own comparisons. My thoughts are:

    1. While there’s some convergence, the screenshots look substantially different to me. The droid comparisons that claim “copying” are a bit of a stretch. Honestly, all 3 (iOS 7, Droid, WP) look like they were derived from iOS 1.0 or 2.0. Which shows Apple had a good thing going with the original iPhone

    2. iOS 7 font is helvetica neue light. To claim a ripped off from roboto makes Max MIedinger turn over in his grave.

    3. The little touches baked into iOS 7 – depth, parallax, whitespace, etc go beyond anything in Android or WP. This is more of the “spatial finder” type of thinking in the original Mac OS.

  • divebus

    Oh my god – the Fanboism. From the beginning, Android ripped off the iPhone lock, stock and barrel. All Android has added since was some different swishy swashy stuff, a bunch of ugly ass garbage, a bunch of exploits [Android is a spyware and theft platform] and this board has the AUDACITY to say Apple is copying Android. The base phone you’re using is iOS, like it or not. Otherwise, you’d be using a Blackberry ripoff because that’s where Android started.

  • Kevin Kee

    Roboto !-> Helvetica

  • semi-Roboto font?

    You mean the beautiful Helvetica Neue Light font is a ripped off of Google’s Roboto font which itself was inspired by the classic Helvetica and Arial fonts?

    • Thrax

      Arial is actually Microsoft’s ripoff of Helvetica.

  • HAL9000point5

    It’s evident you haven’t a single clue about typography.

  • Hakime Seddik

    Android in the first place is an iOS rip-off and this is quite strange that the android fanboys who exist only because Google has ripped off iOS and the iPhone are now telling us that suddenly iOS becoming similar to android when again in the first place android is a shameless copy of iOS. Any change that Apple could do to iOS is actually by definition interpreted as similar since android is itself an iOS copy. Get it android fanboys….

  • Stop the Whining

    Given Apple has always used Helvetica and that the Android font is a rip off of Helvetica I am not sure what your problem is. When are people going to just shut up about all this. Pick the phone you want to buy be happy with it if not when you can afford buy a different phone. But whatever just stop whining whether or not Android has ripped of iOS or iOS has ripped off Android. Its like complaining because the new Chevy has 4 wheels and a windscreen made of glass and a steering wheel and a gear stick just like my Ford – so clearly they ripped off my Ford…mongrels. As for the ‘patented’ technologies leave that to the companies to sort out nothing we can do about it.

  • oliversl

    I have nothing to say, Apple copied Android. Hell can not freeze over

  • scxfan

    When did Android first come out in a shipping product.

    I do know Android back in 2006/2007 looked more like a Blackberry OS.

  • Brian Grinter
  • monkeyrun

    you obviously don’t know a lot about fonts.

  • wowed

    So much hate, over phones. Cars used to be considered penises extensions. Guess phones took their place. Fanbois, fandroids… same people, different phone.

  • Jerry Ballard

    Um, other than the fact that the one one left looks like ass?
    Frankly, the innovator here on this latest step in fashion is neither Android nor Apple, but Microsoft, which has the rare privilege of having struck out on an appearnce that’s resonated (but failed to capture any market share with it.)
    Just don’t equate the ‘innovation’ of an ever changing veneer with the actual innovation of hitting the correct combo for a usable phone and tablet.

    • iOS 7 reminds me of a bit of WP with some WebOS baked into iOS 6. What’s better is place a bubble lock screen on iOS 4.0 and put it first in this meaningless progression of images.

  • spuy767

    I know this is an android circle jerk, and I use an old Galaxy Nexus, but Roboto is a rip off of helvetica, and helvetica was the default font until iOS 4 I think when they switched to helvetica neue. So we’d be hard pressed to accuse them of copying a font which is a copy of a font that they originally used, and they’re still using, just a lighter weight version.

  • Andrew Shalat

    Semi-roboto font? Are we not men? HelveticaNeue.

  • mariella_v

    …Because Roboto isn’t really just a total ripoff of Helvetica Neue Ultralight in the first place, of course. ^^;

    Personally, I think everyone should just use what they like/works for their needs and setup and shut the f**k up, but inaccuracies about typography just get my dander up.

  • Wasabibasaw

    It’s basically the same lock screen they had before, just without the bars at the top and the bottom. The layout is pretty much the same as before, the same from the original iPhone way back in 2007.

  • cozybop

    No real everyday user gives a damn about the similarities as long as the product works. Enough said folks, stop it with the fanboyism, on both sides.

  • vincent scala

    its actually a smart move apple has been losing people to android now that their os looks similar they can try to get those they lost and get new people than had been on android that didn’t jump ship maybe because of features that were missing i think it was googd strategy if i wasn’t and Android user like i am i would consider it especially if i didn’t care about the smaller screen. but if they go towards the lager screen sizes the competition will get crazy. just think an iphone running ios 7 with a 4.5in display. and if they ever introduce widgets then i see them getting back a lot of people. as much as i hate iphone (i did own one and hated every minute of it) i thinks it great strategy.

  • lAmDroid

    hmm, noticing the Solavei on the lockscreen.

    I’ve been looking for a “sponsor” in the past few days, and wondering if you, Kellex, do the whole sponsor support gig? Who else would be more ideal than one of my fav tech blog sites that understands the mobile tech space to turn to when I can’t seem to find answers to questions.

    If you’re just a subscriber without much interest in the sponsor gig, then I guess I’ll have to settle for one these salesptiching moms that call them all droids.

    Hope to hear back from ya
    solavei.stephen at geemaiIcom

  • J

    Apple did come out a year before Windows, but they both copied from Xerox. This Apple vs Windows vs Android debate will never end though, that’s competition for ya.

    • Andre Richards

      Amen! Setting aside all arguments about whether Apple stole from Xerox (they did receive permission to use the work at PARC and compensated Xerox for it, btw, unlike Microsoft) comparing the early days of Mac and Windows to iOS and Android doesn’t even make sense. Apple started with practically no market share. Windows had a massive head-start by virtue of the built-in audience on PCs running DOS. All Microsoft had to do was produce a sufficiently Mac-like GUI for DOS and the battle was over. Apple never stood a chance. In the case of Apple and Google nowadays, both Android and iOS started at zero. That’s why I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a duopoly in smartphones unlike what we saw with desktop computing. Android and iOS will co-exist, peacefully or otherwise. I don’t think either platform is going to win.

  • J

    I don’t think this would have gone down if Steve Jobs were still around.. He prided himself on innovation and originality. Hate apple or love them, Steve jobs was talented and an innovator. Now it’s time to see the direction of the company in the post-Steve Jobs era…

  • anisaloco

    My thing is even though the similarities are there, Apple is doing what they do best. Making the UI more aesthetically pleasing than their competitors. The graphics are just pretty. It’s a game of ‘Anything you can do I can do better.’Not that I’m complaining. I’m iPhone user and I can’t wait to update to iOS 7.

  • Clement

    The wallpaper is very similar indeed. But it’s just that. All the rest is stuff that was on the iPhone since day one. The top symbols, the time, the slide to unlock. If Android has those in those places it may be because Apple had them first there.
    The camera icon on the bottom has always only been on iOS.

    Saying that because the wallpaper is the same everything is stupid.

  • Andrei

    that’s a lawsuit right there :))

  • instrument

    I just looked at the old lockscreen…..looks like they just made all backgrounds translucent. Do you recall lockscreens before ios?

  • mrwirez

    Oh My… I thought this was a joke.. Apple runs around screaming of therm-o-nuclear war and blatant rip-offs, but this one is ridiculous. How can they keep a straight face?

  • Kinman Li

    The one on the left looks a bit cheap

  • Reiko Uzumaki

    This is so stupid. If Apple doesn’t make radical changes to iOS people get angry because it doesn’t change at all. If Apple does radical changes (as from iOS 6 to iOS 7) people get angry because they are copying. Seriously?

  • TechMark

    Why is it that Apple will not allow consumers to make
    suggestions on what they would like in a phone that they spend their hard
    earned money on? For example a bigger screen that so many of you Iphone fans
    have been asking for… I believe it’s because Apple would have to follow what
    somebody else has already done and they don’t dare do that… Remember, Apple
    has said that they can see other manufacturers in their rear view mirror, and
    that would no longer be true would it? Also, Apple tells you the consumer what
    you want, you don’t tell them what you want!!

  • fuck_google

    the entire android OS has been stolen and is a cheap copy of iOS to begin with, so, pathetic android fanboys, shove it up your holes

  • Patrick

    Al Gore Is not impressed

  • Did someone just call Helvetica Neue Ultralight a “semi-Roboto font”!?

  • jmoss1976

    Stop the talk of theft. Before droid there was Apple, droid stole from Apple and built on it. So Apple, being the smart company it is, says “thanks for the free R&D” and incorporated changes to it’s iOS. Back when people talked about stealing when referring to MS and Apple, the difference was that when MS steals something it makes it more crappier than it every could have been. When Apple lifts something it simply makes it better than anyone else could have dreamed of.

    • Steve Benson

      jmoss1976, you sound like an ignorant, uninformed A-hole referring to Android as “droid.” Based on that alone I’m going to ignore everything you said above because I have zero confidence that you have any idea what you’re talking about.

  • Froosh Freak

    While they do look very similar, which one looks nicer? And who did the first slide to unlock?

  • 1bmwdrvr1

    Wow, a flashlight app.? People were actually paying for a flashlight app.? LOL

  • iPhone5

    Innovation or not, finally i will have those quick switches for wifi,airplane mode, etc. and will love my iPhone even more!
    more features doesn’t mean better phone/OS. It should make sense!

  • Adrienne Williams

    I hope Samsung and Google sues!!! 🙂

  • ARP

    Anybody else considering moving to iOS….? Just me?

    • cmiram

      Not personally, but I would be more comfortable recommending iOS to someone who it might be better for

  • deepen03

    best article yet!

  • clided

    The iOS 7 lock screen is exactly the same as iOS 6 and earlier, just more “flat”.

    You lame-o’s are reaching.

  • And if Android ever did the same thing, it would be court proceedings. {{-_-}}

  • dutchmaan

    Didn’t Apple have a conniption about companies using their glossy icons, well Apple, I hope you get sued for UI theft. You’re the reason people had to go find something different, but then different became better and NOW it’s all ok to steal what’s “in”…

    SUE ‘EM!!!!

    • Matt W

      No they didn’t.

  • xstokerx

    Aosp called they want there lock screen back

  • ck

    haha the author even misspelled the image file. ISO vs android. hahaaha good one

  • master94

    Reminds me of the old HTC sense. HTC should sue.apple would deserve it

  • androidjunkie11

    Let’s play, “Count the ‘original’ Apple updates”! Here’s how to play: You simply watch the video, and count as many Apple “original ideas” that Android has already released months/years before this, and post them in the comment section!

    #1 Preview of currently running apps with the app icon AND screenshots of the apps (Android already did it).

    #2 The ability to swipe away currently running apps (Android already did it).

    #3 Notifications in the lock screen (Android already did it).

    #4 Bigger, yet thinner text to look more sleek (Android already did it).

    #5 A control center for things like wifi,bluetooth, ect, all with the drag of a finger (Android already did it).

    #6 Full-screen web browsing…even though iOS 7 doesn’t even let you use literally the whole screen (Android already did it…and you can use the ENTIRE full-screen).

    #7 A slide to unlock screen that doesn’t actually show a bar to slide, but is invisible in order to look sleeker (Android already did it).

    #8 Transparent screens. (Android already did it with the options of using apps that change the launcher…something that Apple still won’t allow).

    #9 Automatic Updates (Android already did it…YEARS ago).

    #10 Photo date tagging (Android already did it).

    #11 Automatically organizing photos based on date taken (Android already did it).

    #12 Air Drop…Really? Bluetooth does the same thing without using up your data plan. (Bluetooth already did it).

    #13 The ability to see web browser bookmarks in screenshot form (Android already did it).

    #14 The ability to swipe through different internet tabs (Android already did it).

    #15 iTunes Radio…Pandora did this ages ago. (Android already did it with Google Music All Access…AND you can listen to any full song you want (combination of Pandora and Spotify))

    If this was a drinking game, we’d all be passed out by now lol.

    • Zack Fair

      #12 Air Drop…Really? Bluetooth does the same thing without using up your data plan. (Bluetooth already did it).

      AirDrop is similar to WiFi Direct that exist on Android 4.0 since more than year ago.

      • Matt W

        AirDrop does not use your data plan

        • Zack Fair

          And WiFi Direct doesn’t use data plan too.

    • Matt W

      I guess we can go back to a touchscreen phone without a keyboard, say iOS already did that and call the game done?

    • divebus

      …and Android did it all on top of an iOS ripoff base. Android is a house of cards where the sizzle on the steak is all that’s noticed.

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    If it wasn’t for Apple doing what they did, then Google/Android wouldn’t have something to copy in the first place.

    • Sudip Chakrabarti

      not really. maemo os was around long before iphone

  • joejoe5709

    That moment Key Lime Pie makes iOS7 look behind the times again. Enjoy your six months of looking current, Apple fans.

  • cornflahkes

    It’s funny, I switched to WP a couple years ago, but still keep an eye on Droid Life. I saw this earlier on WPCentral: http://www.wpcentral.com/latest-windows-phone-incarnation-ios-7

    So…yeah, iOS 7 is probably taking some inspiration from competitors. 😛

  • Keith

    I think the following statement is more about who questions the product and would like to see it do more 11:14: 73% of iOS users are “very satisfied.” Android? Just over half, or 53%, are “very satisfied.” http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/06/10/apple-wwdc-2013-liveblog/?source=cnn_bin

    • Cakefish

      Factor in price range. Budget phones obviously aren’t as good as premium phones. Take the satisfaction of only the owners of the premium Android phones and you’d get a much more equal proportion I’d bet.

  • GadgetGeezer

    Yeah, Apple NEVER had a large clock with a smaller day/date underneath on the lock screen before, right?

    Oh, that’s right, it’s been there since DAY ONE! And please don’t try to claim Google invented backgrounds with bubble/circles on them. You can’t honestly be that stupid.

    You’re all pathetic!

  • First: the notifications center. Now: Everything else.

  • Innovation is now irrelevant

    Apple iOS 7 and Google Android 4.0 both COPIED Microsoft Windows Phone simple design throughout their software.

  • Droid Life should have gotten a picture of the S4’s lockscreen! It’s almost identical!

  • Guest

    don’t accidentally throw your garbage away in the wrong one…

  • Guest

    in response to the mac pro looks like a trash can… “innovative”?? i think not haha

  • Kellen, you’re being too nice. Admit that this garbage that Apple is presenting to the world is indeed “garbage”. -___-

  • LarryVandemeer

    Please… change the title to “That Moment When iOS7 Became a Bad Copy of Android…”

  • Adriano

    It’s a worse sign, when Android fans start to like the new iOS Design. To me, iOS 7 is so damn ugly because it’s too similar to Android and WinPhone/8.

    I always hated the overall design experience in Android and WinPhone/8, but now it seems, that Apple is going into the same direction as this ugly as hell android UI!

    Thankfully the haven’t screwed up OS X Mavericks (damn, thats a cool name) and the new Mac Pro – what a beautiful beast!

  • wibisanaud

    Apple fanboys+new theme= Ecstatic and possessive…… Android users+new theme= Just another day at play store.

  • Ya boiii

    Apple actually made the Android interface look good.

  • Inquizitor

    A fair amount was stolen (card-multitasking, safari’s tabs, safari’s onebox, sync stuff, notification center’s “today” panel, sliding in the texting app) but overall it’s really, really beautiful. It looks like apple expanded on google’s ios design motif in a way that google has been reluctant to on android.



  • Marc Berndtgen

    ” … semi-Roboto font” It’s actually Helvetica Neue Ultralight. iOS used Helvetica as the system font since 1.0 and Helvetica Neue since the iPhone 4. It’s not like Google invented light fonts.

  • Marco Gomes

    Damn!! Is that all?!?! How long did it take to write this “article”?? 4 seconds???

  • Tony Byatt

    Apple = No shame….

  • nkemp15

    It’s about time that iOS got an upgrade. It looks like they borrowed a lot from Windows Phone and Android. Probably the best looking iOS to date. I’ll probably never own an iPhone because every Apple product I’ve had has been really buggy, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

  • PapiBone5

    The way I see it, apple took what google done but made it look a 100x better and I’m willing to bet that it works a 100x better I’m a android fan but I just wish the day will come where android is more polish and fluid like iOS…

  • Lynton

    What are the dots to the left of the wifi symbol on IOS7?

    • morpheus282

      Carrier signal strength indicator. The industry standard bars just weren’t good enough for Apple any longer.

      • Lynton

        Oh I see. And then when you are in a remote area with no signal, pacman comes and eats all your dots.

        • morpheus282

          No, that would be too silly for Apple. I think it would be pretty cool though. 🙂

    • nkemp15

      They are a placeholder for the carrier name. On iOS it always has your carrier in the corner, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, et c.

  • kamkid279

    Well like Picasso and more importantly Steve Jobs said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

  • Jurik

    actually the lock screen look the same as SONY’s UI .. if u noticed ..

  • iDroidS4S

    Google, watch out, Apples gonna sue you for Phase Beam.

  • enigmaco

    The sheep are going crazy on Facebook, can’t accept that it resembles android now.

  • Tobi De la Cuz

    Can someone PLEASE do a side by side chart of the features in iOS7 and when they were released by the company Apple took it from. I’d greatly appreciate that

  • Ryan Chavis

    Android Life! I like the fact that my iOS devices that I rarely use now will be updated with a more Android like user interface. Look forward to updating and dusting them off.

    “One tablet case to rule them all”

  • Peater

    What about the “tabbed browsing” in Safari??? Exact same thing as the tabs that have been in the mobile version of Chrome since its initial release!

  • zombiewolf115

    watch them sue android for looking like this even though android had this look ages ago

  • JJ Henry

    At least they made some nice competitive moves http://bit.ly/AppleGetsCompetitive

  • Jonathan

    they kill my iPodtouch 4G :c

  • trumpet444

    Jelly Bean, Windows Phone 8, a little Sense UI inspired weather, and a smidgen of iOS 6 ===== iOS 7

    I am downloading the Beta release though, gonna fully check it out

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I R with u bro. just got my udid registered. I wanna feeeeeel it.

    • droidrazredge

      where did you go to register for the beta release ? I would like to check this out as well

  • Ian

    First impressions, I still prefer Android, but I don’t really see what everyone is talking about with Apple stealing this look. Looks like an upgrade for iOS though.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I’ll give Apple this, the pricing for iTunes Radio is what I would have liked to see from Google’s service. $25 dollars a year ad free is nicer than $10 a month. Or an Ad supported version would be nice too. Of course, Google’s All Access still looks better. IMHO.

    • Nate Bousfield

      They are also very different services. All Access is basically Rdio/Spotify while iTunes Radio is basically Pandora.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I know this, hence why I said the PRICING looks nice, but All Access still looks better.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      there we go, i forgot about the radio service. While i’m agreeing with you, i don’t think itunes radio has the “search any song and play it “idea that makes all access cool. The upcoming playlist feature in android is something i like too.

      but yeah a free ad-supported radio is something i wanted google to do.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Oh I am not saying their radio service is better or anything by any means. I just said I liked the pricing better! Features, they are still behind in my opinion, but that seems to be the case for many iOS features.

    • Skittlez

      iTunes doesn’t allow you to add the individual songs to your personal library.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Oh I know the functionality is no where near the same. I was just saying their pricing was better. They had just that going for them.

  • Shane Spencer

    Am I the only one who actually doesn’t like it?? I never was a big fan of typography UI.

  • SomeDooD123

    Tiggies gonna tig

  • David Wanless

    despite the fact Apple have once again totally ripped off everyone else. IMO iOS7 looks a lot more polished than android. I’m digging the clean white look a lot, and the new icons are even pretty nice.

  • Vitaliy Rudenko

    Will anybody sue them? LIke they do for having rectangular phones with screens?

  • bananatroll

    the more verizon keeps AOSP phones out of their line-up, the more I grow tired of hacking $600 phones just to get original Android…

    And the more I look once again to my first which always treated me right and didn’t fill me full of bloat, cursing, and insurance claims on software bricked razr hds. …


  • muffnman
  • Dan

    The activation lock is a quite nice feature on the new IOS 7

  • EvanTheGamer

    Whatever, iOS still sucks.

  • Heon Jun Park

    OMG I didn’t see this….. but I can’t say I didn’t expect something like this to happen

  • Dude!

    iOS 7 is a mix of Matias Duarte’s Android with Matias Duarte’s shirts.

    • Justin Winker

      This is exactly it.

  • Joseph Alves

    Thats whyapple just revealed first losses since itunes and andriod is now 2/3 the smart phone market…..

    • DroidFTW

      No Apple just had record profits and itunes is more profitable then ever.Almost 3b last year. Keep trying.


    I don’t understand why people are getting all butthurt. I have an ipad 3 that I was considering selling in order to get an N7, mostly because I hate ios and find it ugly and distasteful. It also lacks the functionality of android. But now I get to keep the ipad and basically run an android looking os without having to worry about selling it!!! It’s my lucky day!

    • Silver Veloz

      LOL…good point!

    • LANCE

      ill consider IOS when i can get a file manager for the system

  • Silver Veloz

    So let me get this straight, Apple IOS will soon be able to do what my almost 2 year old Droid Bionic (with JellyBean) is already doing?? If so, welcome iPhone users to Android.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    someone posted this http://i.imgur.com/1wBWY8A.jpg

  • possomcrast

    Woo hoo!… iOS Jelly Bean…they’ve pretended to change everything…again!

  • htowngtr


  • ChetDavis

    #HOLOYOLO Matias be praised! $AAPL has seen the light of HOLO!

  • Joseph Alves


    Apple wishes it was andriod. They’re smug and they’re losing their customers. I made a nic eadult app, no porn, and they denied it for content while they have far worse stuff in their store. Thats when I switched to andriod. Couldn’t stand their hypocrisy. Google play took my game no problem.

    • randy

      Losing customers? There market share is getting bigger every quarter that comScore is releasing their numbers. Not sure what you are talking about.

      • randy


  • Christopher Robert

    iOS 7 presentation summary. ..
    “We copied everything Samsung and Android have done over the last 2 years and baked it into iOS7. Its still not as good though and yes, we did have the balls to say that its all brand new technology that we invented.” – Apple

    • David_ATL

      So absolutely hilarious, and so true!!

      • Jonathan

        Is it though? Is it really? Did they really say that they invented everything they showed?

    • Watcher

      I copied this!

    • ceejw

      Apple an no one else (except maybe LG) is trying to copy what Samsung is doing in software, and for good reason Samsung’s designers are terrible.

  • MrJigolo

    iOS looks better. The blue in Android is so ugly and outdated now.

    • htowngtr

      “The blue”? lol

    • Justin

      But the same crappy notification bar that’s been a part of IOS since 2007 isn’t ugly and especially outdated? Hmmmm…

    • PhoenixPath

      Somebody get this boy a theme! Stat!


  • Mark

    This just means apple is gonna sue google for stolen concept -_-

  • ElvisMarmaduke

    Don’t forget to show the multitasking screen and the “not” notification control widgets

  • Jorge

    can we just have a discussion on their new “innovative” multi-tasking feature?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    “can’t innovate anymore my ass” now that… was the best moment during the keynote.

  • Phils sac

    Insert crazy OS fragmentation bashing statement here towards Android….90% of IOS users are on IOS6

    • Skittlez

      even iOS6 itself is fragmented lol

  • cole hartman

    I know Miui is based off of iOS but I’m starting to think that iOS is based off of Miui

  • kevinly
  • Patrick Crumpler

    I was left with feeling of optimism. After seeing them use the Chrome browser to edit iCloud documents. Who knows? The layout is much appreciated. Swipe gestures are nice. Even the almost Roboto font from JB looks good. Imusic is meh. Overall it is much better than iOS 6. Still no widgets though.

  • Jal


    Helvetica’s been here since most of our a**es weren’t even born.

  • wakefinance

    Maybe I’m alone here, but I’m really excited about iOS 7. They ripped off features left and right, but damn is it pretty.

    • Ian

      pretty late*

  • TheWenger


  • DroidFTW

    That moment when Android fans became butthurt

    • Hah! Not even close, friend.

      • DroidFTW

        Have you read the comments in here. Lots of butthurting going on, and you said during the keynote that Apple was on the defensive, haha.

        • MikeCiggy

          They are clearly very similar and the Android screenshot on the left has been out for almost a year now. We are not butt hurt especially when ending an article with iOS7 looks very nice.

        • Blue Sun

          I welcome the competition between Android & iOS devices. iOS 7 won’t get released until after Labor Day, then Android will respond with Key Lime Pie. In the end, the end user will get a better product when there is more competition between the two products.

          • DroidFTW

            Exactly how I feel. I don’t understand why everyone is so defensive about Apple stepping their game up. This pushes Google and vice versa.

          • Jeff C

            Everyone gets butthurt because iSheep praise these features like theyre brand spanking new and never thought of before. Also if this were the other way around apple would be throwing around lawsuits like halloween candy

          • Ian

            Good analogy! +1

          • Blue Sun

            The same was true between Intel & AMD. nVidia & ATI…..

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Apple played catch up. Doing things my gingerbread droid can do. Odd how Cook brought up fragmentation.

      • DjZ

        Cook, brought it up because it’s true that is one thing Apple will dominate when you control your devices and OS you can say oh yeah we keep our user base up to date. But then again how is Google ever going to truly fix that?

        • MikeCiggy

          They aren’t they are going to bring down the price on flagship phones and make it affordable to toss that outdated Gingerbread phone in the trash.

          Even then it will be fragmented but.. who cares. Apps are made to be scalable.

        • htowngtr

          My mother has an iPhone 4 that has never even made it out of the initial OS is booted up with when she bought it. What was that? ios4? Her phone won’t even be able to run iOS7 either, I’d bet, or it will be severely crippled in functionality.

          • DroidFTW

            It will run iOS 7. Also your mom is an idiot if she has a phone that “never even made it out of the initial OS….when she bought it” and she didn’t immediately return the phone.

          • htowngtr

            Reading comprehension fail for you, bro. I’m saying she never updated her phone. Never, not one time.

            And I’d bet it won’t run the full suite iOS 7.

          • ceejw

            I’m sure it won’t have every feature of iOS 7 but you know what would be awesome? If Google updated the older Android phones to 4.2 with some features removed like Apple does with the older iPhones.

          • theentropic

            If features are removed, it is NOT iOS7. At best, it is iOS 6.5 (or if you’re on the iPhone 4.. it’s probably more like iOS 4.8). Just because Apple tries to fool customers into thinking they’re running the latest and greatest OS, doesn’t mean Google should too.

          • ceejw

            Are you really trying to argue that it’s better for phones to be abandoned than get continued software support? Try running Vine or Chrome on an Android phone running 2.3. You can’t. But you can do it on an iPhone 4 because it supports all the latest OS APIs due to being continually updated. You’d really argue that a phone like the Droid 3 is better off being stuck on 2.3 than getting 4.1 with Google Now and camera panoramas removed?

          • I get where you’re coming from, but it’s more about app compatibility than features for the end user.

          • PhoenixPath

            “you know what would be awesome? If Google updated the older Android phones to 4.2 with some features removed like Apple does”

            If Google could…they probably would. The phones they *can* update? Get updated very quickly.

            Sadly, not every device is a Nexus. :-/

            OEM’s have the same access to 4.22 code that Google does. They could remove features at their leisure.

        • Ian

          “Control the devices” ….Google doesn’t need to fix it. Choice, is a major selling point for Android.

  • carl rainey

    airdrop is just a wifi direct app right?

    • right? i didn’t know what it was and googled it and i was like “so…what i initiate with nfc all the time??”

      • Patrick Crumpler

        Yes. Air-drop only works on wifi. If type don’t have a data connection you better have NFC.

    • Sounds like it to me

  • Sharon

    Wow, now Apple is only a couple years behind the competition. But hey, they now have iWork where you can even edit spread sheets online from a web browser! Can you believe it?! What an original… oops. My bad.Forgot about Google Docs, Office Live, Zoho, etc. I thought they were onto something there

  • Finire

    Innovation, one theft at a time.

    • Jon Gee

      Good artists borrow, great artists steal. Exceptional artists sue the original owner after the theft.

      • Samsung Fanboy

        remember when steve jobs said that 2011 was the year of the copycats when 10.1 Android tablets hit the streets? I wonder how he would have put a spin on this.

        the worse part of it all is that Google, Samsung and others will probably let apple get a way with it.

        • CelestialTerrestrial

          Get away with what? There is nothing that Android has that’s patented on this screen shot. NOTHING. Plus, at least Apple uses the same font to display the time, rather than two different fonts used by Android. To me, Android looks cheap.

          • wchill

            Grasping at straws, eh? Go troll somewhere else

          • Jon Gee

            There may not be anything patented there but it’s still a bit hypocritical for Apple to blatantly rip off features that Android has had for a while now and then turn around and sue it’s competitors for doing the same thing.

          • Adrienne Williams

            They forgot how to be leaders of ideas!

          • Hakime Seddik

            Really? Let’s see what google announced for android during last google IO. Well mainly some geofencing features ripped off from iOS and a game Center like gaming service feature ripped off from iOS. What an innovation!

          • foljs

            To rip of features from a platform that only appeared as an iPhone rip-off, and had a phone out ONE WHOLE YEAR after the iPhone was released?

          • Griz2000

            Rip off features like what exactly? Using Helvetica Nue as a font and having slide to unlock?

          • Zeake Jackson

            Yes… Like doing that!

          • Griz2000

            But… Roboto is a ripoff of Helvetica and having a minimized lock screen is nothing new. iOS7 reminds me more of the aesthetics used in the new Windows Mobile than Android.

          • Al

            Yeah, isn’t that a bit more than using round edged rectangles? (which is obviously valued at $1 billion)

          • Griz2000

            Apple had a design patent for those ’round edged rectangles’ and it has been shown that there are literally hundreds of different ways to make your phones look that don’t ape Apple’s design.

            Also, look at this.

            w w w. blogcdn. c o m /www.engadget.com/media/2010/10/microsoft-wp7-lock-screen. j p g

            Windows phone 7 lock screen.

          • Josh

            and where did android get them from? I had animated background on my nokia 6300 in 2005. Oh wait I am not allowed to accuse your religion of such evil am I? haha

          • Jon Gee

            Oh I’m not saying that Android doesn’t lift ideas from other places and in truth There are some features that are so obvious I’m surprised that they aren’t universal. My beef with Apple where iOS is concerned is that they have a tendency to lift features, patent them and then sue for infringement. I used to have an iPhone and liked it. It’s Apple’s attitude that I don’t care for. Not its products.

          • soylocomoco

            That is not even accurate. Seriously, go read up on the Samsung lawsuit. There is no basis to your statement that Apple has a “tendency to lift features, patent them and then sue for infringement”. You have been lied to by misinformed Apple haters. Sorry, I just don’t like it when people repost bogus info as fact.

          • carlcarlson

            Google have a tendency to buy out companies like Android and Motorola to wield their patents in order to bring their ads to your phone. Apple’s design and engineering has always largely been in-house since Jobs recognised Ive’s talent on his return to the company and kept him on board. Google’s attitude: ‘appear to be open and kind / get them ads in front of as many people as possible’

          • Daryl Dela Cruz

            I concur. It is completely hypocritical for Apple to be demanding billions in compensation from companies, despite that when they steal something, no one ever complains about it; and despite that they already have the world’s largest profit margins, meaning they really have no need for that extra monetary compensation in the first place.

          • An

            But isn’t that what making a smartphones about? Ripping off others?

          • Dillon

            ever heard of bold. my friend?

          • dmagicp

            And heeeeeere we go.

          • Eduardo

            Hate to nitpick, but it’s two different weights of the same font, not two different fonts. I’m not a huge fan either, but that’s why Android is great – if you don’t like the lock screen, change it to something you do like!

          • Jerry Ballard

            Wow… how innovative. Changing the lock screen is the most important thing one can do with a phone.

          • Eduardo

            I never said was innovative, jackass, just that it’s not two different fonts, and that if you don’t like it, you have the option to change it.

          • Josh

            dunno if you heard but they changed the whole OS. You should probably research before commenting

          • …..

            Yeah. A lock screen.

          • Randall Flores

            its just bolded, yo. it is the same font.

          • abc

            to me iOS looks cheap

          • Rightt

            No it freaking doesn’t ,android is the. Cheap one

          • neo782

            I was forced to buy an ipad for school and it feels so cheap to me compared to my fully customizable android tablet. Its a matter of preference so get over it. They are both great systems and they both copy other systems. The ipad stole multitouch from mitsubishi but why complain? Smartphones are better for it.

          • carlcarlson

            There is nothing in this comparison that wasn’t there before. What this highlights is that when you change the background and use a lighter typeface, the obviousness of Android’s copying is blatantly evident, because this lock-screen on iOS pre-dates Android’s existence. Apple should have patented it so that we don’t have all these morons acting like UI experts because they think Google are holier-than-thou for some unknown reason.

        • noyplatypus

          ive never used ios before. always android for me. but in this screen, i think ios did it better. ive always wanted the stock notification bar to be transparent.

          • mrwirez

            ios did it better? yeah… hind-sight is always 2-20

          • yea that transparent notification bar looks better alright. but its kinda sad to think that a transparent notification bar is best innovation apple could come up with, and that it took them this long…

          • Dan

            Unfortunately it’s not even innovation, the Galaxy S4 already has a transparent status bar on the lock screen.

          • Josh

            I wonder when Samsung will start using metal instead of plastic or inventing features instead of gimmicks

          • Mas

            Don’t think they ever will. Plastic is cheaper you know..

          • Josh

            ahaha you android lovers, finally you cannot diss something that everyone likes so you go to plan b and start saying it took them this long to do it. Well better now then later huh but of course you didn’t want me to say that.

          • Daryl Dela Cruz

            Samsung did that first with the S4.
            (Or you could’ve done it by rooting an Android phone and installing a custom ROM)

          • Apper

            You should really try apple.

      • Darrell

        I know thats right! Now watch in two weeks Apple will sue Android for looking alike!


      did google invent the floating bubble wallpaper?

      • Go Hawkeyes

        Did Apple invent slide to unlock?

        • CelestialTerrestrial


          • master94

            Can’t tell if troll but Nokia actually did but didn’t patent it because they thought it was common sense. Of course Apple being an opportunist patented it and even sued and beat Nokia with it before the patent was finally invalided.

          • Michael Ta
          • TrevorKai


        • fuck_google

          yes, you imbecile, they did

          • Matt

            they didnt “invent” it, they did it first. there is a BIG difference. patents in software ideas are a ridiculous thing, and only allowed because for 20 years the courts havent really known what to do, because the law is too vague.

            havin patents means you have good lawyers.

      • Samsung Fanboy

        did apple invent;

        the cell phone? the smart phone? touch screen smart phones? mobile apps? mobile app stores? the tablet? the GUI? the mobile OS?

      • ihatesheep

        you are the most idiot on the planet. did your mom invent you or apple?

        • michael arazan

          Apple is currently suing his mother for claim of creation, mother conceded and told apple you can have him, apple shipping him off to foxxconn as another slave to assemble iproducts

    • Chris

      I mean google did take a lot of features from apple in the original build’s of android… its a give and take (well make and copy but you get it)

      • Alex Murphy

        the way it should it – all creativity is borrowing from previous work 🙂

      • Samsung Fanboy

        such as? iOS took from windows CE. nothing in iOS is original.

        • CelestialTerrestrial

          Yeah, right. Think that all you want. Apple does have a LOT of patents in their OS.

          • master94

            All of which are void outside the USA because of prior art proving apple didn’t invent it. In fact those same patents in the USA are under review now for abuse and false claim.edit. just realized your just trolling

          • Jon Gee

            I’ve got two words for iOS people that think Apple’s IU is all theirs… PALM OS

          • Cybernode

            Before there was Palm OS there was Apple Newton

          • Jon Gee

            I’ll give you that one. I was unfamiliar with the Newton UI. The fact still stands though that Apple has a long history of taking other companies’ ideas and make them their own. Then they call them innovation (and in the case of the mobile space) patent them and sue their competitors. No matter how you slice it that’s shady.
            (Full disclosure: I’m writing this on a Mac.)

          • Space Gorilla

            Improving or popularizing previous concepts isn’t shady, it’s just business. But if helps you feel superior, by all means, waste your time ‘proving’ that Apple copied X, Y, and Z. That isn’t going to change the reality that Apple is wildly successful and rakes in the majority of profit in every market it enters. You (and many others on this thread) are basically acting like a small child stomping his feet and yelling “No fair!” I got news for you kid, life ain’t fair.

          • Jon Gee

            I’ll say it again. I have no issue with Apple, Samsung or anyone else “improving or popularizing” any part of a UI or feature. Where I have a problem with Apple is that when they do it someone like Tim or Steve before him presents the feature like it’s never been seen before and then they proceed to litigate others like Samsung in an attempt to stamp out competition.
            Before the argument comes up, yes, Apple has every right to defend patents they were awarded and yes, it points more to a broken patent system. This does not change the fact that the practice is still hypocritical.

          • Space Gorilla

            Ah, so you’ve proved that corporations do things that are hypocritical. And? You’re still the kid yelling “No fair!” That’s all it amounts to. You don’t win a prize. There’s no victory for you. Apple still wins.

          • drx1

            Jon Gee, Samsung is a known copy cat company. I know they have some great tech, but that does not give them the right to blatantly rip off other people or companies … and Apple went after Samsung, because they are the most egregious.

            I’m saying all of the Apple patents are valid, but the USPO did grant the patents… they do tend to rubber stamp most everything and let the courts decide… just like the Great Radio Controversy – between Tesla and Marconi about 100 years ago. So really, nothing has changed.

          • Jon Gee

            Let me quote myself, “Before the argument comes up, yes, Apple has every right to defend patents they were awarded and yes, it points more to a broken patent system. This does not change the fact that the practice is still hypocritical.”
            The thing I find funny about Apple’s suits against Samsung though is that most if not all of the features they sued over were features of Android as a whole and not specific to Samsung. So (as I see it) rather than go for the source they went for the biggest direct threat.

          • Daryl Dela Cruz

            The original iOS and iPhone stole from a lot of places. iOS wasn’t the first mobile OS to have an simple icon home-screen. iOS was not the first mobile OS to have “slide to unlock” (not that slide to unlock comes from phones anyway). Pinch-to-zoom was pioneered in a 2003 Samsung concept. And no, Apple most certainly did not invent an icon that has a phone inside it, one of the things Samsung was sued for.

            Apple has stolen more than most people think, and most people think they don’t steal at all. The iMac was not the first monitor-oriented all-in-one (Gateway Profile 4). The Macbook Air did not pioneer the ultrathin laptop (Intel was showcasing a thinner and more powerful prototype one year prior, which later became the basis for their Ultrabook lineup). The iPod wasn’t the first hard-drive based MP3 player (nor was it the biggest when it came out), it simply won because of marketing. For the iPad, it was likely the same thing. Everyone should know that the iPad wasn’t the first tablet in existence, right?

            For a company that goes through so much stealing, it’s ironic that they’re the only one suing others over what they see as “theft”, even though it is likely that it was for a feature that they stole themselves from somewhere else. Like Jon Gee, I have a problem with Apple for that reason. It is completely hypocritical for Apple to be demanding billions in compensation from companies, despite that when they steal something, no one ever complains about it – AND despite that they already have the world’s largest profit margins and one of the world’s most heinous tax evasion records, and have no need for that extra monetary compensation in the first place.

            So, to the haters of Jon Gee, you can defend yourselfs and your beloved Apple all you want. We don’t care, because we’re not wrong.

          • drx1

            I agree, Space Gorilla. Also, for some reason I voted you up, but it went down to negative 3 … some how I got it back to negative 2. Awesome software on this site! (not).

          • Newton, another product Apple didn’t make! They sketched out something based on Star Trek & it was left to Motorola to actually bring it to fruition.

            But see, you Apple folks think that you can draw any asinine thing on the back of a napkin & you have invented it. Unless you build it, all you did was design it. Motorola had to develop all the innards & make them work together & guess what, they did most of it using things they had already invented for use in other products.

          • Josh

            woah woah woah… they sketched out the concept, let a company make it (gave them the instructions) and it has the Apple name in it but Apple didn’t invent it? lol! I’d love to see you say Tolkien didn’t invent lord of the rings because peter jackson made the movie and not the writer.

          • M

            So, in essence, what you are saying is that no technology company is actually reponsible for making anything, since most parts are manufactured by third parties. So Radio Shack was responsible for every NASA designed spacecraft I assume?

          • M

            You appear to have forgotten that the original Palm Pilot launched in 1997. Apple’s Newton was released in 1993. Let’s be pathetically pedantic, based on similar logic to your own, and say Apple practically *invented* the PDA/mobile device UI.

        • JDos

          Pretty much the entire gesture set for one thing (pinch, inertial scrolling etc…). Android was originally made to operate using a ball and keyboard to compete with BB. When the iPhone came out the UI framework was rushed through a redesign which is part of the reason that it lagged horribly until Jelly Bean

        • leonffs

          You are literally out of your mind if you think iOS and the first iPhone weren’t innovative. I’m personally of the opinion that iOS 7 is basically a giant rip off of Android. That much is pretty obvious. But saying the original iOS was nothing original is just blatant blind fanboyism.

        • Jerry Ballard

          Usability was VERY original.

          • drx1

            Usability is still VERY original, sadly. I think most companies love the feature check list – even when said features suck or are implemented poorly… buggy… etc.
            txt – sms, mms … copy & paste, 4G (to drain the battery extra quickly), etc…

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      The front screen doesn’t have anything that’s patented by Android. God, you guys are getting petty. I’ll stick with a REAL company that’s been carefully designing their OS rather than the Malware infested shotgun approach.

      Sorry, but I would rather rely on a company that designs the OS, hardware and supports it rather than the Android fragmentation mess they created.

      • erod434

        Good for you. So why are you here again?

      • master94

        Android only has more malware because its more popular. Though it was proven by Lookout mobile that the Play Store is actually safer than the App store despite Apple’s strict quality control. So unless your downloading apps from third party, Android is safer(well 4.0 and up anyway)

        • Robert Mark

          Congratulations. That’s both laughable _and_ uninformed. There are 600 million iOS devices. If that’s not an attractive target for malware, nothing is. Apple is actually concerned about malware, which is why it doesn’t exist.

          • master94

            umm, ios does have malware, where are you getting this false info it doesn’t? (See mac world’s article on bootlegged Pokemon app that stole user info and was approved by Apple for almost 4 days before being removed) Also Android once again has more users. 600 million vs almost a billion users. If you were designing a virus who would you aim for? Also ios is once again less secure than Android. See http://www.cultofandroid.com/26133/android-main-malware-target-but-ios-has-more-vulnerabilities/ . It has nothing to do about caring, people just want to attack Android because its more popular.

          • drx1

            not all users are equal or use their product the same way – master94. How many of those billion devices are running the latest Android OS? How many are used beyond simple calling and text?

            People want to attach what they want to attack … what is easiest to attack for the best possible reward. Android’s barrier to attach is much less than on iOS.

            The car analogy is apt – as a great quality car will still break down and need parts, etc, but it will break down much less – and maybe never – if you sell it soon enough. Also, it will have a better resale value, because people know and trust this product…. again all cars break down, some more than others.

          • Daryl Dela Cruz

            and yet there was this news article the other day about how a compromised charger can wreck havoc with iPhones in just a few minutes, and Apple never bothered to think of how to address that.

          • Robert Mark

            My wife set my phone in a liquid-compromised cup holder in our car. Apple hasn’t bothered to address that, either.

      • dmagicp

        So why don’t you do us all a favor then and go back to slashgear and get off our blog. Now stick with that.

    • JBobea

      yes, I see it also has jolla sailfish elements

    • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

      Ha! Ok, Apple copied the ‘lock screen’, Android copied an entire mobile OS and Business model…you are a hypocrite, plain and simple…

      BTW: Apple just leapfrogged Android on the only 2 features that separated the 2 – ‘local sharing’ aka ‘bump- lol’, and multi-tasking – processor-aware app prioritization…

      How you got 477 up-votes underlies how simpleton, and mono-thought your entire platform fan base is…down-vote me as much as you want…Truth always wins…Cheers!

    • divebus

      “Innovation, one theft at a time.” – You mean like Android, except they stole everything all at once.

    • MikeBell2000

      You’re right. Android is a completely stolen product. Everything in there is stolen from somewhere else.

    • Mike

      Android ripped Apple off first

      • master94

        Android was in development before ios. If anything they both are copies of Palm os. Those were the days

    • carlcarlson

      I hope you all realise that the Apple lock screen layout, and their use of Helvetica, both pre-date Android itself? The ignorance here is laughable. So your comment applies to Android, not Apple. Please tell me you understand this?

  • proVOCAL

    But there’s one more thing: access to the Google Play Store.

  • Guest

    Proving to the world how apple is an innovator(sarcasm)

  • Kane Desousa

    Cannot wait for Key Lime Pie 5.0 ; No worries people.

    • To bad 4.3 hasn’t even came out yet… meaning KLP is still forever away.

      • NexusPhan69

        Uh what?
        4.0 was ICS, 4.1/4.2 were JB.
        What makes you so positive that 4.3 isn’t KLP?

        • Abhijeet Mishra

          Lots of evidence to suggest it’s still JB, including a video of 4.3 running on a Nexus 4.

        • Matthew White

          KLP = 5.0

          that’s the whole point

        • htowngtr

          4.1-4.3 will basically be maintenance builds

      • Kane Desousa

        Not necessarily forever, I say fall; Right when iOS7 comes out. And with that a new Nexus device too.

      • Joke of a Romantic

        My guess is that a new Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 (a minor update) is coming in July, and then Key Lime Pie is coming in October with the new Nexus phone.

  • John Jenness

    Difference being…with Android you have control over what your lock-screen looks like.

  • rikomenzies

    The funny part is that before now, people were jailbreaking their phones to make them look like this.

    • Droidzilla

      This is what cracks me up. The jailbreak community tries to get an iPhone to look and function more like an Android, and then Apple steals from the jailbreak community (while trying to shut them down at the same time). So with a new iOS release you’re basically getting a twice removed, old version of Android.

      • Matthew White

        well said

  • Djz

    I wish Android had a way better base browsers and messaging app, like in iOS 7. That is one thing iOS does very well.

    • htowngtr

      LOL, troll on, brother.

    • Drome

      chrome dominates safari but iMessage is pretty legit.

  • Rolando
  • htowngtr

    They completely ripped off a lot of WP8 and Jelly Bean. I mean, not even trying to be discrete either.

  • Kunal

    Apple has polished the features a lot more than we experience in Android…but when it comes to innovation Google has had them beat for a long, long time.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      As Apple said “if you work at everything, you can’t perfect something” or something like that. There’s a problem with both Google and Apple. One puts in too much stuff (very useful) so there’s less time to refine it in first go, while Apple makes you wait for a loooong while for a couple of new features that they take time to perfect. Apple also talks about its stable software, which isn’t that special since it’s easy to make stable stuff when you’re targeting just a few hardware, just trying iTunes on Windows tells me how they suck at making things that are working on many different hardware/another OS.

      I prefer the Google way mostly, but sometimes Apple’s way of refining it is great too. But yeah, Google’s way for me mostly, more functionality and features FTW.

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    What? Android? This is a completely original and revolutionary design that will forever change the mobile landscape!!

  • Nate

    I wish Google would litigate more. 🙁

    • htowngtr

      I don’t. I wish all of those people would cut it out.

      • Nate

        Yeah, I don’t really know why I posted that. I even downvoted myself.

  • Bill Mitchell

    The font… it’s pretty much Roboto….

    • therealciviczc

      In all fairness to apple, Roboto is pretty much a knockoff of helvetica. Apple is just using helvetica.

    • DroidFTW

      Hahaha, learn about typography. Roboto is a helvetica derivative that Apple has been using for years.

      • Bill Mitchell

        I understand that, but neither is stock Helvetica. They’re both altered versions, but Apple’s current version is modified in a way that looks almost exactly like Roboto.

        • DroidFTW

          Its not altered at all. Its simply helvetica Ultra light. Roboto is a ripoff of the exact font that Apple has been using for years now.

          • Bill Mitchell

            Yes, altered Helvetica. But that’s not the point at all. Look at the iOS 6 lockscreen. The font is NOT Helvetica Ultra Light. The reason no one compared the two before was that although they were based off of the same font, they were different enough to be unrelated by the vast majority. This isn’t the same case anymore.

    • Kevin Dugan

      This is a joke, right? That font is Helvetica, and Roboto was explicitly created to look as much like Helvetica as possible while avoiding the troubles that would ensue from using Helvetica in their open-source fonts project. Matias Duarte talks about it here: http://www.theverge.com/2012/3/28/2903888/on-the-verge-episode-001-matias-duarte

      • Bill Mitchell

        So many people are saying the same thing, but it’s not addressing the problem. It looks sooo similar to the Android lockscreen font, and therefore the comparisons will be made.

    • Matthew White

      fonts & themes are a dime a dozen,
      the real issue is the lines drawn…
      open everything up & the consumer gets the most for their hard earned “$”

  • p_droid

    I did see a lot of things reused from Android as well as webOS. Gotta admit that iOS 7 looks pretty damn good though.

    • Yea, actually in this side by side id take ios7. BUT thats like comparing ps4 to xbox 360.
      Whats KLP going to look like?

      • p_droid

        Same. Competition is good!

        Only time will tell. 🙂

      • NexusPhan69

        Slightly too kiddy/cartoonish for my likes. Android looks much more masculine. Teenage girls will love the new iOS tho. Definitely an improvement over iOS6 I must admit.

    • t83

      The new multitasking is basically an exact copy of webOS. Personally my favorite multitasking setup. So i’m not too mad.

      • p_droid

        Yup, I agree completely!

      • I approve as well

    • possomcrast

      It’s disgusting that the great OS that webOS was is almost forgotten, yet iOS is free to steal whatever they like and look like they are the “future”.

  • Shane Redman

    Phase Beam > Phaser Line

  • Stewie

    So they copied the style, the layout, the colors, the basic premise (a vertical lockscreen vice horizontal) … Welcome to last year Apple!

    • ceejw

      What is vertical about the Android Lockscreen?

      • Drome

        the HTC One’s lock screen is vertical

      • Sonya A. Willis

        The HTC Merge running Gingerbread has a vertical lockscreen. Didn’t realize this was such a big deal.

  • Ray Gray

    Too bad google is nice and doesnt like to file law suites

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Stole the thought right out of my mind. The system performs just like android. The visual change was awesome and that air drop feature probably has us beat. But it’s android on the iphone.

    • htowngtr

      AirDrop is a security nightmare but that’s cool.

    • Scooter


      AirDrop seems like little more than BlueTooth to me.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        NFC for payments, but air drop for everything else. It is a bit annoying walking over to someone to tap phones. El goog is all bout wireless and cloud. I ain’t got no worries.

        • TheRealCBONE

          Tapping phones is just an easier way to pair for phones with NFC. Not strictly necessary. Samsung has had wifi ad-hoc transfer at least since the S 2. I used it to send a video from my old-ass S2 to my Note 10.1. No touching, no NFC.

    • TheRealCBONE

      Wifi Direct has been on phones and tablets for a while now.


    I see a lot of lawsuits in the near future.

    • Ashish Raj

      Don’t you worry — iFruit would have already patented this look & the only lawsuit would be from it to Samsung!!

      Additionally, did you notice the transparent status bar??? Hey Samsung, get ready — your S4 is gonna get banned now!

      “Apple can’t innovate? My Arse!” — Phil Schiller


      • Ashish Raj

        Alright.. starting the list here — you can add below:

        1. Bubble lock screen
        2. Transparent status bar
        3.dynamic weather effects are shown in the background, giving a visual representation of the current conditions
        4. New parallax feature will actually move the wallpaper in the background
        5. Lockscreen notifications.
        6. Control center – to quickly toggle airplane, bluetooth etc

        More to come…

        • Daryl Dela Cruz

          “Slide up to unlock” which copies the Windows Phone behaviour!

          • touchwizz 1.0 also had this type of lide to unlock

          • Heon Jun Park

            that was Sense that did slide up to unlock….
            Touchwiz always been slide to unlock

          • Eric

            Sorry but your wrong. My Mom has a Infuse 4G and its slide up to unlock…

          • Heon Jun Park

            what phone is that…. I had the Original GS…
            its it something older than that I dont know about???

            Wait there is a phone I dont know about….. WHAT IS HAPPENING

          • Eric

            ATT exclusive 1 1/2 years ago.

          • Heon Jun Park

            Hmmm well I should go back to studying every phone ever made to find this mysterious device….

            Off to GSMARENA!!!!

          • randy

            Its not slide up its slide to the side

          • michael arazan

            Apple and Windows are in bed together against Google, they even combined their lobbyist on capital hill to do what ever damage they can against google.

          • JoshuaHulgan

            Kinda splitting hairs here
            but it’s slide right to unlock

        • Jeff Tycz

          dont for get the navigation drawer, swipe to delete on listviews, swipe to get more options on listviews http://www.androidviews.net/2013/03/swipelistview/, quick return items in listviews http://www.androidviews.net/2012/12/quickreturn-listview/,

        • MarkLastiwka

          live wallpapers

          • Ashish Raj

            Thanks.. but noted in Point 4 above..

        • DD

          Bubble Lock Screen – It is a wallpaper, you can pick another one, obviously.

          Transparent Status Bar – iOS had it for ages in some system apps.

          Lockscreen notifications – See above. Just different layout.

          Slide “up” – Huh, no. It’s still slide sideways. That arrow is for Control center.

      • Daistaar

        Don’t see why you mention Samsung. HTC has had most of this since Froyo including the vertical slide to unlock, the bubbles on the lock screen, and even the interactive weather notifications on the lock screen. If I were HTC I’d sue for an injunction and keep iOS7 and any iPhone 5s out of the US while we continue to push the One on as many Apple sites and blogs as we can.

        • Heon Jun Park

          I would love to see that happen, but before they can do such bold move. They got to get their act together to they wont have any leaders left in the company

        • Samuel Horne

          Remember, Apple and HTC are now in a 10-year cross licensing deal. No lawsuits will be made from either company at each other.

    • picaso86

      Yep! they went HOLO!!!

    • bungadudu

      Yea, Apple will certainty say they’ve invented this, anki, airdrop , online radio..

      Where would the world be if wasn’t for them to enlighten us, poor mortals?

    • niuguy

      I don’t see it happening. Nor should it. While I’m Android fan boy, good for Apple users – they get to experience some good (or better) design, for once. Apple is (basically) admitting that they need to compete with Google. This is good for everyone.

      • meijin3

        I wholeheartedly agree. I think that the new iOS 7 looks good in the same way I think Android has looked good. I can’t wait for Key Lime Pie!

        • Bobby Cornwell

          I concur sir!

        • Michael Hammond

          You had me at Key Lime Pie….

    • EdubE24

      I hope not. We all benefit from the sharing of ideas. I use an iPhone daily, and love the Android features they adopted. Lets just keep the party rolling and all enjoy!!

      • NexusPhan69

        Oh so now it’s sharing?

      • Daryl Dela Cruz

        “We all benefit from the sharing of ideas.”
        Because Samsung being forced to pay almost $1 billion is a benefit for them or for all of us.

        • EdubE24

          Just review the case and you will see Samsung deserved a slap on the hand. If the internal documents they had to show wasn’t enough for you to understand, then I guess nothing will.

          • Adam Outler

            A billion dollars isn’t a slap on the hand. that’s 1/5 total income, more than 1/2 revenue. The jury awarded punishment, not damages.

          • EdubE24

            Look at the profits Sammy is making from the gamble they took. Seems like it is a good trade off!

          • Adam Outler

            what, rounded corners on Icons? A home button? The judge even acknowledged they did it wrong. These concepts existed previously. The jury was lead by a guy with a bs patent who wanted to jjustify his own patent.. They awarded punishment not damages.. Patents are to make up for lost profits. Not teach a lesson as the jury felt was important.

          • EdubE24

            So Samsung was warned to stop and decided to keep pressing on. The internal Samsung documents showed this as fact. I enjoy both operating systems, and had no favorite to come out on top. But what they did was wrong!

          • master94

            Why wasn’t Apple also slapped for creating false evidence and photo shopping poorly I might add?

          • Daryl Dela Cruz

            Well, some $400 million in those payments was retracted to be recalculated…. and the “Steve Jobs patent” (related to multitouch) was invalidated. The stock tank (even today, despite the iOS 7 release). Growing Android sales. There’s plenty of Apple slapping going on right now.

          • dmagicp

            Yep and now they deserve the 12% increase in stock prices and apple deserves the drop of 28% there is nothing you can do. Android is taking over and Samsung is the mascot of this team.

        • ceejw

          Touchwiz 1.0 was a terrible iOS clone I have no problem with Samsung having to pay Apple for that atrocity.

          • Daryl Dela Cruz

            Many photos showing the original Galaxy S to the iPhone 3GS/4 side-by-side misrepresented the Galaxy S by showing the app drawer view and not the directly comparable home screen view.

          • ceejw

            The icons were just a very small part of the extent they went to gimp iOS. Their own internal 130 page document detailing how to make Touchwiz more like iOS did a goog job showing the extent that they went http://www.theverge.com/2012/8/8/3227289/samsung-apple-ux-ui-interface-improvement

          • TheRealCBONE

            Ugh. This again? What company that is serious about their product and their competitors’ doesn’t create a comprehensive comparative analysis?

    • ceejw

      I don’t. Google doesn’t own any trade dress patents on Android.

      • Matthew White


    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      now how pointless is that slide to unlock patent?

      • randy

        Its still slide to unlock. You still slide to the side. Exact same as before. Pay attention.

        • Eye4Detail

          The patent was for using a touch gesture to “slide” an icon from one point on the screen to another specific point to unlock the phone. There’s no more icon.

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          actually, u can slide from anywhere on the lock screen to unlock. Dragging the item is no longer there.