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That Moment When iOS 7 Became Android.

iso vs android

We’ll have so many more thoughts on the way related to iOS 7, but we thought we’d start with the eerily similar lock screens. Floating bubble live wallpaper, minimal clock, fading on the actionable icons, semi-Roboto font, etc. Interesting. Apple, showing love or at least giving props to Android for beautiful design.

And before the sensitive types think this is us bashing Apple, we’ll just say right now that the new iOS 7 looks really nice. But again, we’ll have more on that later.

Update:  Our iOS 7 vs. Android comparison is now up and worth a look.

  • Kenny

    Wow i have an iphone and i honestly hate it. Sure i liked it at first but it got old and the fact i cant change anything unless i jailbreak it sucks. Android might not look better than apples iphones or ios but at least i can do more. and that appstore.. ughh..

  • Ggg

    You need to took past the “flashy graphics” and look at the layout, which is exactly the same as the original iOS…

  • Clement

    Also, this.

  • Apple:)

    Android looks cheap to me too.Espescially samsungs plastic body..

    • Guy

      Of course .

  • Chris Michael

    what is the lock screen on the android here? or is this from a specific phone?

  • iLifer

    EVERY PHONE OUT HAS “COPIED” APPLE’S DESIGN IN THE ‘FULL TOUCH SCREEN’ DESIGN. if it wasn’t for Apple and RIM Paving and refining the ‘Smart Phone Highway’ , android wouldnt even exist. ANYWAYS…
    ‘innovation’ is just ‘copying with finesse’, without it we would have NO societal progression.

  • jim

    and thats whjy apples stock has lost over 300 bucks a share

  • Felipe

    This has got to be a joke! “Semi-Roboto”? It’s a well known fact that Roboto is a Helvetica rip-off. Stay classy, fanboys.

  • Deroni76

    Pathetic Apple is pathetic. What now, they are going to sue Android for copying the iOS 7 before it was released?