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iOS 7 vs. Android – A Quick Feature Comparison After the WWDC Keynote

iOS7 vs Android

Tim Cook and crew are now off stage at WWDC, so as is typical around these parts when Apple announces something “revolutionary” (yes, they used the term again), we like to react. And even though Google has moved away from the series of cheap jabs during their own keynotes, Apple still does them in the bitterest and childish of fashions. If we didn’t toss out some thoughts in support, we wouldn’t be proper Android fans. Because after all, we are still Android fans.

So here we go, these are some initial thoughts to Apple’s big announcement of iOS 7 as compared to the current version of Android (4.2, Jelly Bean). In general, iOS 7 is a newly skinned version of iOS that finally matches up to current mobile design trends. Gone are the leather notebooks and green felt gaming tables – in is a minimal flat aesthetic. And to be perfectly honest, it does look beautiful. Jony Ive and his team did a fantastic job at skinning iOS and turning it into a modern looking mobile UI. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.25.09 AM

But every time Apple does this song and dance, we seem to sit throughout the keynote going, “Whoa, that’s been on Android forever.” Or even, “Umm, that looks just like how Android works.” Today was no different. While iOS 7 looks nice from the outside, many of the new goodies remind us a lot of our favorite mobile OS.

And not that we should need to remind you, but don’t take this too seriously. We’re just having some fun and pointing out things that gave us a chuckle. We are happy to see iOS evolve, just like we will be happy to see every other mobile OS evolve. Companies pushing boundaries and taking features to new levels is what we love about this industry.

(iOS 7 on the left, Android screenshot attached on the right.)

Quick Toggles (Command Center)

a vs i1

Apple is adding in a gesture for accessing Command Center from anywhere on an iOS device. A quick swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you are graced with a panel filled with toggles for Airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness settings, music controls, camera shortcut, and even a flashlight. As you all know, Android devices have had access to similar information for a while thanks to 3rd party skins from manufacturers. But in Android 4.2, Google introduced a panel as well that can be accessed with a two-finger swipe down from the notification bar. Music controls have been in the notification bar for some time, so that’s not necessarily new.

Lock Screen Notifications

a vs i7

I found this out today, but apparently iOS did not let you access their notification center from the lock screen. Android has been on this trend for at least two versions, but Apple is just now introducing it with iOS 7. Once released, iOS users will be able to swipe down their notification bar without unlocking their device.

The new notification center has done away with that terrible looking felt background and is more transparent. There are tabs for “Today,” “All,” and “Missed.” I like the idea of panels, though Android seems to have been able to handle all of this information without needing extra panels. Thanks to actionable and collapsable notifications on Android, you only need one area for all of this.

Safari vs. Chrome

a vs i2

Safari is Safari – most people can’t stand it and prefer browsers like Chrome for their browsing needs. But one thing we thought was interesting in the new UI of Safari, was the tab view that shows all open tabs. They bragged about the 3D appearance, scrolling, and quick access to other tabs yet we have had this in Chrome for Android since it was first released over a year ago.


a vs i8

Multi-tasking! iOS 7 has a new style of multi-tasking that only runs in the background when it thinks you want access to frequently used apps. It essentially learns from your patterns to help extend your battery life. That’s kind of cool, assuming it can learn properly, which we won’t know anything about until people can spend some time with it. But in general, we like the idea of phones learning our patterns to better optimize our lives with them.

But in terms of a UI, Apple created something semi-unique. It’s not an exact copy of Android, since it scrolls horizontally and features full-screen previews of currently running apps. It does look a lot like what HTC did back with Sense 4, though HTC abandoned the look after hearing pretty terrible reviews of the change.

iTunes Radio vs. Google Music

a vs i6

Apple did in fact announce a Pandora competitor this morning called iTunes Radio. It’s really not all that game-changing or innovative. You can create your own radio playlists based off of songs, or you can use recommended stations that Apple has ready to go. There are massive “BUY” buttons all over the place, along with ads, unless you are an iTunes Match customer. But you can’t save full albums or tracks to your library like you can with Google’s new All Access service, nor can you pick and choose specific songs to create playlists. It’s just like Pandora in that it brings up songs that it thinks match what you are looking for and then allows you to downvote them or favorite them, so that they’ll play more often. It’s a nice add-on to iTunes, but nothing new.

In terms of looks, the new Google Music and new Music apps look a lot a like. We’re seeing white menus and similar UI with big, bold album art.

Also, we should point out that Google Music All Access gives you unlimited access to albums and songs because it comes with a monthly fee.


a vs i5

While I don’t know how many people actually use the stock Mail app in iOS, it’s easy to see that they have stolen features from the popular iOS app called Mailbox. Apple added in swiping gestures, for deleting, archiving, and “More” options. It’s a complete copy of what Mailbox already made popular, and I can’t believe people aren’t throwing massive fits over this. But then again, this is what Apple does time and time again to its developer community.

Oh, and Gmail has had swipe-to-delete/archive for longer than I can recall.


a vs i3

The new iOS Calendar app doesn’t look all that much like that of Android, but the similarities are still there. We’re looking at an ultra-minimal design, with flat rectangles, pastel-ish colors, and a white background rather than the round appearance of the current iOS Calendar app. And in fact, the newest Calendar app from Google has similar design in the circular color picker and date chooser to what we are seeing in iOS, only it came out a couple of weeks ago.

Navigation Drawers

a vs i9

Apple added a bunch of slideout navigation drawers to apps like Mail and iMessage. We have seen these in Google apps for over a year now (even the ones on iOS), but they made a point of the addition today as if it were something “new” to app development. No, Apple, it’s not new.

Lock Screens

iso vs android

We already covered this here.

Al Gore

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.31.19 AM

Actually, Al Gore has nothing to do with Android that I know of, but he was there. So, here is a picture of him looking flat.

Other Notes

  • Semi-live Wallpapers:   Apple showed off a new wallpaper that moved the background as you tilted your device from side to side. It’s almost like a live wallpaper on Android, but even more so like 3D Image Live Wallpaper that has been on Google Play for a while. Yes, you can get down with Apple’s fancy new wallpaper feature today, on Android.
  • Auto-app Updates:  I didn’t realize that Apple hadn’t introduced auto-app updates yet on iOS, but in iOS 7, users will finally have the option to update automatically. They joked about seeing the “Update” count climbing throughout the day and that iOS users would no longer have to worry about that. Add that to the list of things we take for granted on Android, already.
  • Bing (hah!):  The new iOS in the Car feature introduced today uses Bing for search. Yes, Bing. Edit: Apparently it’s Siri that has Bing, making Siri even less of an important piece of the Apple pie, which I didn’t think was possible.
  • Notification Sync:  They touched on this ever-so-briefly, but I believe Apple mentioned that with iOS 7, devices will be able to sync notifications across devices. Google just started doing this with Hangouts on Android, but made a point of it coming to other apps in the future during their I/O keynote.
  • Send-to-Phone:  Apple showed off a send-to-phone feature from Calendar and Maps Mac apps today. Say you have a calendar item set up with a location or are looking at something in Apple’s newly announced Mac Maps app, you can send it quickly to your phone and have it readily available. Nice idea, but Google knows your searches thanks to Google Now and makes them automatically available to you on your other devices – you don’t need to send a thing.
  • Maps for Mac:  Speaking of Maps for Mac, hah. Google.com/maps is all I have to say.
  • AirDrop:  One of the more interesting features that Apple showed off today was called AirDrop. It allows you to quickly send information (photos as an example) to your friends’ iOS devices without the need to bump them together. Yes, they poked fun at NFC and the ridiculous tapping we have to do as Android users, in order to share things. Thing is, Samsung devices do this already with a little thing called WiFi Direct. Nice idea that is baked into iOS devices, though. Keep in mind that this feature won’t be available on all iOS devices – it’s limited to the new guys.

I’m sure there were other things we could list, since the keynote was lengthy, but these were the new features or ideas that stood out the most. As you can see, iOS 7 is actually a pretty major change from iOS6, bringing it steps closer to the power of Android. It’s not going to kill Android or give Apple some immediate leg up on the world’s most popular mobile operating system, but it does make at least the design of their UI a hell of a lot more appealing. In the end, Android users saw a lot of what they are already accustomed to, which they have already grown accustomed to.

Other thoughts?

  • Nathan

    LOL!! Al Gore looks like that because he’s not the centre of attention and they aren’t talking about global warming! I’m trolling I know but hey, it’s the truth! LOL!

  • D

    For the person who wrote this article.. Airdrop is feature which has existed from a long time in Mac.. It was innovated by apple long before samsung thought of something like wifi direct..

  • Chris Mullins

    I wonder if they will integrate some sort of “swiping” keyboard.

    • ukjb

      it’ll be the biggest innovation next year at wwdc2014

      • Rob

        after all, wwdc does stand for What Would Droid Create.

  • Robert Aubey

    Great article, sums up the major points. I find Google to be more of an innovator in the mobile space anyhow, excluding major OEM’s. I also see that iOS is finally catching up with Android. However, It’s about time Apple pays homage to other companies. We’ll take it in the form of cash, or check providing a lawsuit occurs. It will be interesting to see the sales figures come Q4 anyhow. Predictions?

  • ratnok

    Man, you keep it REAL! Thanks for the comparison!

  • Ark

    Good. Apple has been lagging behind for a while now. It’s kinda sad that all their innovations are blatant ripoffs, but now that iOS has them, it’ll light a fire under the asses of the Android team. This can ONLY be good for all of us.
    Stop sneering please.

  • Alex

    I’m an Android fan, not an apple fan first of all. Apple’s new update is not really to attract Android users, I think it’s just to satisfy their own fanbase, because they haven’t really for a long time. Though I have to say, the lockscreens look very eerily similar.

  • gkinsella2

    Funny, AirDrop has been on Mac OS for some time now, since Lion I believe. Why has it taken them 2 years to put this on iOS?

  • Ivon Liu

    I completely agree with this post. As I was watching the recording of WWDC, I also immediately noticed the similarities to Android. One thing that bothered me, both in it’s closeness to Android and the awkward moment was the “back” button in the “action bar”. The almost identical “<" button followed by a word. It was squished against the title, front and center. Just felt weird. Also, shouldn't they have learned that the recents menu done that way is a terrible idea?

    • e550mercedes

      At least you don’t have to tap each and every phone to share, just press one button unlike some other phones I know!

  • Marco Machuca

    APPLE wants to call themselves innovators yet they only build on others ideas and or steal and use what others have innovated

  • Davros

    SOoooo, yeaah, welcome to 2011.

  • Guys, we know some of these are on jailbreak or cydia for ages but not everyone jailbreak their phones and those who do might not know these functionality/app exists on cydia. But on Android, these functionalities are there out of the phone as bright as daylight and a first time Android user would notice and use it straightaway. So we can safely say that these features are implemented on Android system FIRST!! (Spare a few from Windows Phone okay?)

  • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

    “Semi-live Wallpapers: Apple showed off a new wallpaper that moved the background as you tilted your device from side to side. It’s almost like a live wallpaper on Android, but even more so like 3D Image Live Wallpaper that has been on Google Play for a while. Yes, you can get down with Apple’s fancy new wallpaper feature today, on Android.”
    Although I don’t own an iPhone(or I ever had) I remember there bieng a tweak for a wallpaper being similar on iOS for iOS 4.

  • aslw26

    The camera app is something not new… I mean like look at Sony, HTC and Samsung’s app… Most of them are more feature packed than iOS

  • Masta Marc

    Just a few points. Air drop only works on wifi for new iPhone 5 users. This is bull. But I like the idea much Bette then bumping s phone or using NFC. Also the mail app has been able to swipe to delete since day 1. To save space I only use the stock mail app once I have 5 email accounts. It’s the best I’ve seen at keeping everything together without flicking through. To sum this up I was considering galaxy s4. This made me consider iPhone 5s or 6. But I must admit I can’t believe how much like android they made the OS

  • Jeff

    My coworker pointed out that their “new” weather app is a complete rip off of the Yahoo! iOS weather app.

    • Did your coworker miss the Yahoo! logo at the bottom of the iOS weather app?

  • Boops

    “Beautiful”? The new skin looks terrible.

  • KA

    Well now my IOS friends will be like “CAN YOUR PHONE DO THIS” and ill be like ” Yeah we’ev had this for a while” Then they will say “Haah no you didnt apple is better”

    • They can’t win the “we had it first” argument nowadays, so they resort to “Apple is better/beautiful” argument from now on…..

  • Ryuuie

    Ahahaha. Al Gore is NOT having fun.

    That’s my absolute most favorite picture in this article.


    “Multi-tasking! iOS 7 has a new style of multi-tasking that only runs in the background when it thinks you want access to frequently used apps. It essentially learns from your patterns to help extend your battery life. That’s kind of cool, assuming it can learn properly, which we won’t know anything about until people can spend some time with it. But in general, we like the idea of phones learning our patterns to better optimize our lives with them.”

    This doesn’t sound too bad. I admit jealousy.

  • androidjunkie11

    Let’s play, “Count the ‘original’ Apple updates”! Here’s how to play: You simply watch the video, and count as many Apple “original ideas” that Android has already released months/years before this, and post them in the comment section!

    #1 Preview of currently running apps with the app icon AND screenshots of the apps (Android already did it).

    #2 The ability to swipe away currently running apps (Android already did it).

    #3 Notifications in the lock screen (Android already did it).

    #4 Bigger, yet thinner text to look more sleek (Android already did it).

    #5 A control center for things like wifi,bluetooth, ect, all with the drag of a finger (Android already did it).

    #6 Full-screen web browsing…even though iOS 7 doesn’t even let you use literally the whole screen (Android already did it…and you can use the ENTIRE full-screen).

    #7 A slide to unlock screen that doesn’t actually show a bar to slide, but is invisible in order to look sleeker (Android already did it).

    #8 Transparent screens. (Android already did it with the options of using apps that change the launcher…something that Apple still won’t allow).

    #9 Automatic Updates (Android already did it…YEARS ago).

    #10 Photo date tagging (Android already did it).

    #11 Automatically organizing photos based on date taken (Android already did it).

    #12 Air Drop…Really? Bluetooth does the same thing without using up your data plan. (Bluetooth already did it).

    #13 The ability to see web browser bookmarks in screenshot form (Android already did it).

    #14 The ability to swipe through different internet tabs (Android already did it).

    #15 iTunes Radio…Pandora did this ages ago. (Android already did it with Google Music All Access…AND you can listen to any full song you want (combination of Pandora and Spotify))

    If this was a drinking game, we’d all be passed out by now lol…

    • AirDrop is an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection.

    • sander

      yes, Android did it, now Apple does it… in a good way 🙂

      hehe, just trolling with a smile here.
      Enjoy your phone, whatever it is. I go outside now. Where the sun is…

      • androidjunkie11

        I’ll admit that it looks really nice. But what just bugs me is not only how Apple implies that they are innovating the smartphone software world, but how they criticize Android features as unnecessary and pointless up until the day that they release the very same features…then they call it revolutionary. They have done that with many of the features they just released, and they are still doing it today with NFC and widgets. Give it another year or so, they’ll have both of those features and call it innovative…-_-

    • #1 – iOS had a previous version, now just with an updated UI.
      #2 – Before it was tapping on a close button
      #3 – Notifications have always been on the lock screen. But now you can see “Notification Center” which shows you a summary of your day including upcoming appointments in calendar and other things.
      #4 – ???
      #5 – I give that to you.

      #6 – It was part of iOS 6 and before as well. Just an updated UI.
      #7 – Yes, 3rd party UI’s did have this.
      #8 – Okay,
      #9 – Yes, that is something Android had.
      #10 – I really don’t know what you mean by that. I don’t think you actually know what was done in iOS 7. It combines dates and locations to automatically create events. So it “creates” albums of “Trip to New York” and stuff like that.
      #11 – iOS as well as every single computer has done this for the past 30 years.
      #12 – AirDrop was part of OS X and does not use your data plan.
      #13 – iOS does not do this. They just show you the “APPLE-TOUCH-ICON” property which has been in iOS since 1.x
      #14 – That is not in iOS.
      #15 – Yea, different services. Too each their own.

      • androidjunkie11

        I’ve only read your first 2 points and I can already tell you are an idiot.

        In reference to #1, I CLEARLY said that the app icon AND a screenshot of the currently running apps was the difference. They NEVER had a full screenshot of the app, they ONLY had a crappy icon. Learn to read and understand my points before replying with something that only serves to show us how little you pay attention to details.

        In reference to #2, we all know they could do that before…that was not the point. Again, you fail to pay attention to what you’re reading. The difference in that now iOS allows you to SWIPE AWAY running apps INSTEAD of pressing a VERY TINY SYMBOL. Reading helps us all grow smarter, try it sometime.

        In reference to the rest of your points, I’m not even going to wast my time explaining your ignorance to you as it would most likely only confuse you more. Good day sir.


        The 3rd party UIs you speak of can only be done by jail-breaking the iPhone. 95% of iPhone users don’t care to do that and they shouldn’t have to. Android allows non-rooted phones to do this with ease. Your argument is invalid.

        • Okay then… It seems you are the idiot that cannot read.

          I did say in number one that it is an updated UI. I never said they had something the same.

          And the 3rd party UIs I was talking about were Android skins (Touch Wiz, Sense, etc…), not jailbreak skins.

          I guess you just don’t have any other points to make. Especially the stupid points in #10 and #11.

          • androidjunkie11

            You’re right, after 15 points I finally ran out. Sorry I couldn’t find any more. Also, I posted this in one more article. Don’t act so dramatic little girl.

  • kashtrey

    “It’s not an exact copy of Android, since it scrolls horizontally and features full-screen previews of currently running apps.” Yeah, it’s pretty much an exact copy of webOS from like 2009. lol.

    Notification Sync – This one is actually kinda cool. It will push notifications to your Mac from your phone. I’m sure this is also the direction Google is doing. I’m happy that Google is finally leveraging Chrome more and more. I think Chrome is the key to Google’s dream of web apps over native, where the only really native app you need is Chrome and everything else is just the internet.

    Mail – God, I want Google to implement partial swipe to archive, full swipe to delete so bad. I can think of a nice animation where you’d swipe and it would show “Archive” then swipe a little more and the “Archive” message flips around and says deleted and you’re done.

  • mike

    There are only so many ways to efficiently accomplish certain tasks on a smart phone, which is why I think Apple’s lawsuits and patents are stupid. But it’s very funny to me that Apple users can be so amazed by features that already exist, some almost 2 years old. I understand why they copied a lot of features, but I don’t understand why some people still worship Apple and think it is light years ahead of everyone else.

    • Diegogaja

      Do you really think all iOS users live in a vacuum? Maybe they are just happy the features have finally made their way iOS. Maybe..just maybe, iOS suits them just fine but no matter who you are it’s always great to get new features. People like what they like. Who cares. I look at it this way: a lot of people like android for the variety and because they like to ticker and toy make. A lot of people choose iOS because they just want something that is easy to use, for whatever reason. To each their own.
      I think it’s funny though, some commenters on here like to say that iPhone users are just following the crowd. But the majority of “the crowd” uses android, no?

      • Jason James

        Please tell me what’s easier on ios than android? Putting in a password to update a free app? Or having to leave an app to adjust the it’s settings? Or having to remember where an app is because they aren’t listed in alphabetic order? So if there is a phone with features you want why buy one that doesn’t offer it?

        • Simon Rudduck

          Have you used both?

        • Polyg0n

          Writing a PIN in the lockscreen without having to click the “OK” button. Having to do that annoys me so much.

  • d1m1m1

    I guess the only way to solve this whole “copying” issue is for every OS UI developer to be isolated from society and the internet, with absolutely no inspiration from other developers. If their finished products coincide with other UI’s, well, that’s that.

  • David Steve Gonzales

    Al Gore is not amused…

  • orbitly

    The iPhone has had swipe to delete messages since iPhone OS 1.

  • Jason Geiger

    Wow pastels? How pretty! Haha good god….

  • qqmore12

    you android fanbois can go into your own little world

    • tomn1ce

      welcome to 2013 -_-

  • Mattpark0999

    At least apple users dont have to buy a new phone to avail of the new ios unlike the android that you have to chamge ur phone (after 2 os updates max) in order to enjoy the latest android version. Ugh!

    • mdylanbell

      Not if you buy the phone from Google, which is the equivalent of buying an iPhone.

      • zionlion02

        Also Matt – maybe you haven’t heard. Apple is NOTORIOUS for their new OS’s bricking older phones so you have to upgrade. Look it up, Champ. I’m on my 3rd update for the OS and running fine. Let’s try to make informed comments here.

        • Diegogaja

          Um..no. I have an old 3GS that I keep activated for friends costing from out of country. While many newer features don’t work, it’s far from bricked. Either don’t be ignorant or don’t be a liar. You choose.

  • Shani

    The features have always been there on android, apple just makes them prettier, i give them that much

  • Adam Medina

    It’s funny. Android “fanboys” think all these new features were copied from android. Anyone who’s familiar with iPhones and jail breaking knows most of these features are already available via cydia. And many like the toggles and notification center widgets and toggles were available in cydia before android was available to the public. I’m just happy to see great features on both platforms that I have a choice between. As I am always changing phones.

  • Purplangatang

    This is an okay comparision, but the author keeps saying how long Android has had some of these features. That doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s there now.

  • Skittlez

    wait, did they even announce a new device?

    • Purplangatang

      Nope. They just announced ios 7.

      • Skittlez

        lol all of my friends that i told, just get the S4, and they told me “i’m gonna get the 5S or 6 they announce in June”

  • Randy Henson

    Al Gore is reason enough to hate Apple right there…

  • Landon

    In iOS 8 they’ll copy our beloved widgets and an app drawer. At least now Google can make some money off law suits and use that money to make key lime pie or 4.3 frieken amazing and truly innovating.

    • Doug Green

      Google doesn’t have patents on anything built into the operating system. It is an open-source project… That means, no lawsuits unless it has to do with patents they’ve specifically accumulated through Motorola.

      • tits mcgee

        Yeah, except Android is ripped off from Sun. The lead Android engineer was a Sun employee and they found his old code in Android. That was the start of the lawsuit war. Squeaking about how Apple copied a couple of look and feel UI items pales in comparison to jumping ship and stealing a ton of intellectual property. Good times.

  • Led9000

    I’m glad to see Apple is now copying the OS they hate. Is it me or does look really similar to Android 4.0. At least Samsung can now sue Apple for copying their logos. 🙂 Also are they using Roboto. 🙂

    • mdylanbell

      I lost tons of Karma on Reddit today for pointing this out.

      • tits mcgee

        More likely because you’re a tool.

    • cryosx

      It doesn’t look anything like 4.0, and that’s a good thing.

    • mx

      Sigh. The font is called Helvetica, and if anything, Roboto is the rip off. But ignorance is bliss right?

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    In the case of Samsung, S-Beam is still the best because of that “ridiculous” bumping of phones that engages wifi direct and does the handshake for you so you don’t need to exchange passcodes…

    And on multitasking… Carbon copy of WebOS from what i see.

  • George Ofori

    To be perfectly honest it looks more like WP but Android still has valid arguments in their favour (as stated above). What baffles me is how WP and Android has had most of these features previously but Apple has been beating us consistently. It is a beautiful software though despite the borrowing of features. If you don’t believe me about the similarity to WP, google it, you’ll see some valid arguments
    P.S. Kudos to the writer of this article for coming up with so many valid comparisons, it requires a lot of skill.

  • Johnofmars

    We all know that both Android and Apple ripped off Windows Phone. Suck it!

    • George Ofori

      I concur, my windows phone brother

    • n900mixalot

      If you mean by reference to Zune/music subscription stuff, okay, but as for the rest … I don’t know about that.

  • The Man

    That thing (iOS) sucks

  • Really

    When will Gmail and Gmail App support media queries and mobile responsive design in email content?

  • Ihaveagalaxynexus

    Who cares? These are two different companies that have both copied each other in one way or another. Apple fans have iPhones and Android fans have Android phones. I don’t see what the big deal about it is? People act like they came up with the features themselves, while in reality they just adopted what the devs create. (Not trolling, just voiceing my opinion. Feel free to voice you’d below.)

    • mdylanbell

      The difference is Apple shits on Google / Android for an hour, makes remarks like “can’t innovate my ass”, and then unveils Ice Cream Sandwich as iOS 7. The design is so clearly ripped off, unless the ONLY take on a modern OS is to use the same font, same spacing, same colorization schemes, same swipe actions, same pull downs, etc. For the last 3 years Android has been innovating without all the machismo chest thumping Apple does, while Apple plays catch-up without contributing anything new (except for a fast flashlight button?)

      • tits mcgee

        Android doesn’t chest thump? You don’t have TV or internet access do you? But wait, you must because you posted this… I guess having your head in the sand is just as effective.

        • kg215

          Forget the chest bumps, who started the nonstop litigation with vague and questionable patents? They go after any competition that is successful (Samsung) then they act like they are the only innovator while they steal ideas from Android and even WebOS. They were probably looking at more things to steal as they bragged during the keynote.

      • Ḻυкα Septimus Š.

        To be fair, the “can’t innovate my ass” statement was refering to the new Mac Pro.

        • Which does have an innovative cooling system.

        • Stew

          Like iOS or not, the new Mac Pro looks awesome.

  • paul_cus

    Welcome to 2013, Apple. Kinda.

    • mdylanbell

      I think you mean 2011, when ICS was released.

      • paul_cus

        Haha, yeah, even better.

  • Drumhead

    Apples had swipe to delete emails for a few years now. I don’t think this was something copied from Android.

    Also, navigation drawers have been on the ipad for a while now so I don’t really see it as copying Android.

    • cryosx

      i imagine most of these people have never owned an apple product to realize that

    • Brandon

      I think facebook is generally considered the pioneer of the navigation drawer.

  • The Al Gore picture.. haha

  • Google still has the lead on the send to phone / tablet area! It absolutely astounded me the other day when I was searching on my tablet for directions to a new Veteranarian in town and literally seconds after I typed it into my tablet the notification appeared on my phone giving one tap directions!

  • Enable

    Apple didn’t show off navigation drawers.

    The swipe gesture they introduced was for going back in an app rather than tapping the back icon in the top right of an app.

  • Jason Kahn

    Everyone is forgetting something, Apple spent the first ten minutes or so popping up charts showing how much higher their customer satisfaction ratings are compare to Android, then proceeded to introduce a completely redesigned OS that copies every other OS available, mainly Android. I don’t get it are they saying FU to the existing customers, or did they just make up the satisfaction surveys.

  • Inquizitor

    One point though: if you have a passcode enabled, you can’t access your notifications on Android. on iOS, people could previously swipe to access a specific notification and then type in their passcode before opening the related app. no idea how ios 7 will change that, but in the past that gave iOS the clear advantage (to me).

  • BoozeRob


  • Azn_Android

    I switched to iPhone in January after having the Gnex for a year. Other than the notification light and download center, I’ve found that I really haven’t missed Android and have found that whatever things I did on Android, I could do on iOS. I just prefer the aesthetic of iOS and the simplicity. While I’m not jumping up and down about iOS 7, it’s a respectable update in the world of iOS and will only improve my experience. I’m sure Apple swiped from Android but what do I care? More love for everyone!

    • mdylanbell

      Lucky for you they exactly copied the aesthetic android has been using for the last 2 years.

      • Azn_Android

        I wouldn’t go so far as to say they copied. I respect Jony Ive enough that I doubt that he purposely tried stealing UI designs of android. I’m sure he got ideas on multiasking from WebOS and Android but the whole translucency scheme in general has been applied in such a way that it does seems genuine. It’s an assimilation to the current popular design on mobile OSes while still remaining somewhat original. And I honestly love the end product.

    • dcantal

      I did the same for a little bit but missed the amount of customization I could do on Android. I’m someone who gets bored easily so I felt trapped when I couldn’t do simple things like get a new icon pack, keyboard, lockscreen etc without jailbreaking. Mycolorscreen.com has made me never want to give Android up. Glad you’re happy though!

      • Azn_Android

        I used to be just like that. That’s the main reason I switched away from the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy Nexus. However I found myself having to tweak too much and it just ended up taking too much of my time to the point that I kind of gave up on the whole customizing scene completely. The main reason I switched back to iOS was hardware issues I had with the nexus though, not Android.

    • cryosx

      might consider moving over as well, the android community has turned a bit too sour for my tastes

      • Azn_Android

        Admittedly the community has become a bit bitter towards everything (even towards their very own Android OEM’s) but the iOS side has plenty of bitter people too defending their own OS. Personally, I don’t care as long as I’m getting a better end product every year.