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iOS 7 vs. Android – A Quick Feature Comparison After the WWDC Keynote

iOS7 vs Android

Tim Cook and crew are now off stage at WWDC, so as is typical around these parts when Apple announces something “revolutionary” (yes, they used the term again), we like to react. And even though Google has moved away from the series of cheap jabs during their own keynotes, Apple still does them in the bitterest and childish of fashions. If we didn’t toss out some thoughts in support, we wouldn’t be proper Android fans. Because after all, we are still Android fans.

So here we go, these are some initial thoughts to Apple’s big announcement of iOS 7 as compared to the current version of Android (4.2, Jelly Bean). In general, iOS 7 is a newly skinned version of iOS that finally matches up to current mobile design trends. Gone are the leather notebooks and green felt gaming tables – in is a minimal flat aesthetic. And to be perfectly honest, it does look beautiful. Jony Ive and his team did a fantastic job at skinning iOS and turning it into a modern looking mobile UI. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.25.09 AM

But every time Apple does this song and dance, we seem to sit throughout the keynote going, “Whoa, that’s been on Android forever.” Or even, “Umm, that looks just like how Android works.” Today was no different. While iOS 7 looks nice from the outside, many of the new goodies remind us a lot of our favorite mobile OS.

And not that we should need to remind you, but don’t take this too seriously. We’re just having some fun and pointing out things that gave us a chuckle. We are happy to see iOS evolve, just like we will be happy to see every other mobile OS evolve. Companies pushing boundaries and taking features to new levels is what we love about this industry.

(iOS 7 on the left, Android screenshot attached on the right.)

Quick Toggles (Command Center)

a vs i1

Apple is adding in a gesture for accessing Command Center from anywhere on an iOS device. A quick swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you are graced with a panel filled with toggles for Airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness settings, music controls, camera shortcut, and even a flashlight. As you all know, Android devices have had access to similar information for a while thanks to 3rd party skins from manufacturers. But in Android 4.2, Google introduced a panel as well that can be accessed with a two-finger swipe down from the notification bar. Music controls have been in the notification bar for some time, so that’s not necessarily new.

Lock Screen Notifications

a vs i7

I found this out today, but apparently iOS did not let you access their notification center from the lock screen. Android has been on this trend for at least two versions, but Apple is just now introducing it with iOS 7. Once released, iOS users will be able to swipe down their notification bar without unlocking their device.

The new notification center has done away with that terrible looking felt background and is more transparent. There are tabs for “Today,” “All,” and “Missed.” I like the idea of panels, though Android seems to have been able to handle all of this information without needing extra panels. Thanks to actionable and collapsable notifications on Android, you only need one area for all of this.

Safari vs. Chrome

a vs i2

Safari is Safari – most people can’t stand it and prefer browsers like Chrome for their browsing needs. But one thing we thought was interesting in the new UI of Safari, was the tab view that shows all open tabs. They bragged about the 3D appearance, scrolling, and quick access to other tabs yet we have had this in Chrome for Android since it was first released over a year ago.


a vs i8

Multi-tasking! iOS 7 has a new style of multi-tasking that only runs in the background when it thinks you want access to frequently used apps. It essentially learns from your patterns to help extend your battery life. That’s kind of cool, assuming it can learn properly, which we won’t know anything about until people can spend some time with it. But in general, we like the idea of phones learning our patterns to better optimize our lives with them.

But in terms of a UI, Apple created something semi-unique. It’s not an exact copy of Android, since it scrolls horizontally and features full-screen previews of currently running apps. It does look a lot like what HTC did back with Sense 4, though HTC abandoned the look after hearing pretty terrible reviews of the change.

iTunes Radio vs. Google Music

a vs i6

Apple did in fact announce a Pandora competitor this morning called iTunes Radio. It’s really not all that game-changing or innovative. You can create your own radio playlists based off of songs, or you can use recommended stations that Apple has ready to go. There are massive “BUY” buttons all over the place, along with ads, unless you are an iTunes Match customer. But you can’t save full albums or tracks to your library like you can with Google’s new All Access service, nor can you pick and choose specific songs to create playlists. It’s just like Pandora in that it brings up songs that it thinks match what you are looking for and then allows you to downvote them or favorite them, so that they’ll play more often. It’s a nice add-on to iTunes, but nothing new.

In terms of looks, the new Google Music and new Music apps look a lot a like. We’re seeing white menus and similar UI with big, bold album art.

Also, we should point out that Google Music All Access gives you unlimited access to albums and songs because it comes with a monthly fee.


a vs i5

While I don’t know how many people actually use the stock Mail app in iOS, it’s easy to see that they have stolen features from the popular iOS app called Mailbox. Apple added in swiping gestures, for deleting, archiving, and “More” options. It’s a complete copy of what Mailbox already made popular, and I can’t believe people aren’t throwing massive fits over this. But then again, this is what Apple does time and time again to its developer community.

Oh, and Gmail has had swipe-to-delete/archive for longer than I can recall.


a vs i3

The new iOS Calendar app doesn’t look all that much like that of Android, but the similarities are still there. We’re looking at an ultra-minimal design, with flat rectangles, pastel-ish colors, and a white background rather than the round appearance of the current iOS Calendar app. And in fact, the newest Calendar app from Google has similar design in the circular color picker and date chooser to what we are seeing in iOS, only it came out a couple of weeks ago.

Navigation Drawers

a vs i9

Apple added a bunch of slideout navigation drawers to apps like Mail and iMessage. We have seen these in Google apps for over a year now (even the ones on iOS), but they made a point of the addition today as if it were something “new” to app development. No, Apple, it’s not new.

Lock Screens

iso vs android

We already covered this here.

Al Gore

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.31.19 AM

Actually, Al Gore has nothing to do with Android that I know of, but he was there. So, here is a picture of him looking flat.

Other Notes

  • Semi-live Wallpapers:   Apple showed off a new wallpaper that moved the background as you tilted your device from side to side. It’s almost like a live wallpaper on Android, but even more so like 3D Image Live Wallpaper that has been on Google Play for a while. Yes, you can get down with Apple’s fancy new wallpaper feature today, on Android.
  • Auto-app Updates:  I didn’t realize that Apple hadn’t introduced auto-app updates yet on iOS, but in iOS 7, users will finally have the option to update automatically. They joked about seeing the “Update” count climbing throughout the day and that iOS users would no longer have to worry about that. Add that to the list of things we take for granted on Android, already.
  • Bing (hah!):  The new iOS in the Car feature introduced today uses Bing for search. Yes, Bing. Edit: Apparently it’s Siri that has Bing, making Siri even less of an important piece of the Apple pie, which I didn’t think was possible.
  • Notification Sync:  They touched on this ever-so-briefly, but I believe Apple mentioned that with iOS 7, devices will be able to sync notifications across devices. Google just started doing this with Hangouts on Android, but made a point of it coming to other apps in the future during their I/O keynote.
  • Send-to-Phone:  Apple showed off a send-to-phone feature from Calendar and Maps Mac apps today. Say you have a calendar item set up with a location or are looking at something in Apple’s newly announced Mac Maps app, you can send it quickly to your phone and have it readily available. Nice idea, but Google knows your searches thanks to Google Now and makes them automatically available to you on your other devices – you don’t need to send a thing.
  • Maps for Mac:  Speaking of Maps for Mac, hah. Google.com/maps is all I have to say.
  • AirDrop:  One of the more interesting features that Apple showed off today was called AirDrop. It allows you to quickly send information (photos as an example) to your friends’ iOS devices without the need to bump them together. Yes, they poked fun at NFC and the ridiculous tapping we have to do as Android users, in order to share things. Thing is, Samsung devices do this already with a little thing called WiFi Direct. Nice idea that is baked into iOS devices, though. Keep in mind that this feature won’t be available on all iOS devices – it’s limited to the new guys.

I’m sure there were other things we could list, since the keynote was lengthy, but these were the new features or ideas that stood out the most. As you can see, iOS 7 is actually a pretty major change from iOS6, bringing it steps closer to the power of Android. It’s not going to kill Android or give Apple some immediate leg up on the world’s most popular mobile operating system, but it does make at least the design of their UI a hell of a lot more appealing. In the end, Android users saw a lot of what they are already accustomed to, which they have already grown accustomed to.

Other thoughts?

  • Wetware.

    Referring to the point made about Mail…
    The iPhone’s Mail app has had the swipe-to-delete feature since its announcement in 2007.
    As far as i can recall, it was the FIRST instance of this UI.

  • Craig Southwick

    You are pretty hardcore dude.

    I am not.


  • joethebro35

    Ios is for people that need their hands held while navigating through an Os. How could anyone think that such a restricted Os could even have half the potential of an open gl Os? You need new features when Apple tells you that you need them. Is that how it works with Iphoneaphiles?

  • Nikolas Kovack

    I just realized that the camera app on iOS 6 has like 0 features. 🙁

    • Wetware.

      check the app store…

  • whatisthisidonteven

    This article is written by Android fans, so what do you expect?

    The article even says it was simply poking fun at the iOS 7 concept. If you can’t handle a joke, get off this site!

    ~Long-time Android User

  • Alu Zeros

    One thing that android could do to make notifications better is to allow customization in order in how notifications come in. Also add swipe left and right for calendar and weather quick view

  • Jzocchio

    That’s a big blatant copying.

  • Robel Berhane

    Anyone realised that the jailbreak community had had these features even before google had them. Sooo Google copied the jailbreak community?

  • Chris Hansen
  • apple supporter

    well after looking at this i realise that apple is kind of bringing in some on androids fetures like control center but if you compare the two apple’s is alot simpler to use, and more people use it

  • Tycho

    Wow! SUCH an informative & unbiased piece of journalism! Wait… no, I mean- cool story, bro.. how’d you get up on that soapbox?

  • Kartik Sibal

    Make your android device look like ios visit 0007hacker.wordpress.com

  • “most people can’t stand it and prefer browsers like Chrome for their browsing needs”– Citation needed. Unless by “most people” you mean “most people who look at the world the way that I do and read tech blogs about feature comparisons between Apple and the OS that Google created to compete with it.

    (Note: I really wish that I could make iCab my default browser on iOS but I don’t mistake my opinion for being what most people would like to do. I’d bet most people neither know nor care and are perfectly happy with Safari. But if you have some evidence to the contrary, I’d be glad to hear it.)

  • Ygor Geyer

    Yes it is true you dont need to bump your phones to share files but you will need to shout out loud in the middle of a party to make your friends make sure their airdrops are activated or working.
    As an owner of a macbook air (which I love) I do need to make sure that the person that I am sharing a file(s) have at least clicked on his airdrop folder (app) at least a few minutes before in order to see him on my surroundings. Every time I share a file and the person havent visited his airdop for a while I need to ask him to do it. What I meas is if the airdrop on the iphone will work the same way then please shout to your friends to turn it on haahhaahaha

    For the notification it may not see similar to the android 4.2 but as mentioned on the article it is very similar to 3rd parties (just have a look at all the skins or roms available, it looks identical.

    I will stick with my android devices (Htc Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S3, Asus Transformer, Nexus 7).



    • AJITHA




      • Erik Parshall


  • This article is full of so much hate it’s hard to read 🙁

    • Erik Parshall

      I see hate like I see original material.

  • gcp

    You guys are really splitting hairs here.

  • nuvs

    You may not have realized this, but Laurene Powell Jobs (Steve Jobs’s widow) is sitting next to Al Gore.

  • William

    Jailbroken iPhone is where all these ideas started, Android just acted like they thought of it first.

    I use Android and only certain roms have great graphic design.

    • Samsung Fanboy

      stfu you iDiot. jailbreaking did not start all these ideas., they got the from Android. and unless you can post some proof here of who started what first then I suggest you do what I said in the beginning–STFU.

  • Willi Kampmann

    Suggesting iOS’ new multitasking concept was copied in any way from Android is absurd. It’s a carbon copy of WebOS, which predates Android 4 by a couple of *years*.

    • Samsung Fanboy

      windows CE and Palm OS predates iOS by more than a decade so what’s your point?

  • Peacekeeper

    It’s kinda fun watching/reading Android fanboys talk about anything Apple.Inc comes out with, saying what android had that already blah blah blah. How about embracing the fact that both companies can help each other to create the perfect os that everybody wants? It is not entirely correct to say that android is not userfriendly or what, but it does take some time to teach people that are still unfamiliar to the system. Apple can take anything, make it simpler and much easier to learn. Not being biased here… I do admire the fact that Android gives users more flexibility than iOS, but iOS has a much ‘stable’ platform just like Apple’s OSX. Just expressing my views here, no need to flame me in any way. Peace out.

    • AJITHA

      Peacekeeper,,,,u r right

    • Samsung Fanboy

      apps on iOS crash more often than they do on Android
      apps on iOS steal your personal data
      iOS has security bugs that STILL cannot be fixed.
      iOS is not more stable, its just more restricted. a limited OS for simple minded people–no go back to cult of mac.

  • Space Gorilla

    In every one of your examples the iOS 7 screen looks quite a bit better. Which should be expected. It’s tough for anyone to beat Jony Ive when it comes to design.

  • Ruka Health Fitness

    Mail on iOS was born with swipe to delete messages. It just looks more like Mailbox now. It’s always been there.

  • ʎuoʇ

    “Keep in mind that this feature won’t be available on all iOS devices – it’s limited to the new guys.” Did you see the adoption rate of iOS 6? We can expect the same for iOS 7.

  • chunkz
  • CapeCodTidings

    Wow! After reading this I think Google must have invented virtually every feature and function known to modern smart phones. How did Apple get so far? Stunning!

  • cheesus_c

    Who reads this and says ‘there’s some compelling journalism’? For example the weak claims of ‘copying’ every second sentence. How can anyone buy this when the whole Android OS is itself a rip off?

  • hey

    If i was a android user i would be pissed to ios 7 has made android look old and ugly LOL

  • lh

    “Gmail has had swipe-to-delete/archive for longer than I can recall.”

    Yeah, so has iOS – since the very first iPhone, so what’s the point here? I don’t know who invented this, but it definitely wasn’t Android or Mailbox. The only new thing here, aside from the aesthetic changes, is the “more” button. Plenty of iOS (and I assume Android) apps did that long before Mailbox.

  • mikee60369

    Apple never used felt for the Notifications background. I think it’s referred to as “linen”
    Apple’s stock mail has had swipe to delete since day 1. Support for gmail “archive” has also been present for a while.

  • dude

    There is absolutely nothing worth reading here. Everything has been done before. Way before your almighty Google. Google hasn’t done anything first. Do your research.

  • Swipe to delete/archive Mail has been there since day one. Apple invented the gesture back on iPhone 1 so suck it.

    Viewing which tabs are open has been available since tabs have been available.
    And btw: Safari is a kick ass browser on the Mac and WHATEVER if you really care which webkit based browser is running in your pocket.

    As for the rest, just remind yourself that all of Android is basically a riff on iPhone. They were making a Blackberry Android before they made an iPhone Android.

    It just does not matter.

  • lh

    “Safari is Safari – most people can’t stand it and prefer browsers like Chrome for their browsing needs.”

    Huh? According to NetMarketShare, Safari has 60% of mobile market share as of last month. Chrome is just over 3%, so I really have no idea what the author is thinking here. I suppose 60% of mobile browser users hate their browser, but are too lazy to try an alternative?

  • Shivram

    I think bumping the phone was not necessarily a dig at Android. I think it was about the iOS app ‘Bump’ which required you to bump two devices with Bump running on them to share certain types of data. At least, that’s what I thought.

  • stevesup

    No real innovation exists beyond the iPhone itself, a multitouch OS on a phone. And even for that, credit Nokia and Microsoft to some degree. Everything else is What shape will the H bomb be? Hint: Not an H.

  • WebOSMAN

    I like how this site is comparing android to iOS, saying that they copied all of the from android. You could say the same about android. They Just took it from webOS. All it is just calling the kettle black. Google hired Matias Duarte The one who made The look and feel of webOS. You can say that apple copied android but you also have to say that android copied the same from webOS.

  • phil

    holy cow – design ignorance at its best… bottom line is: ios6 was ugly, android is ugly, ios7 shows good taste.

  • rustyjaw

    This article displays a basic ignorance of OSes other than iOS and Android. Web OS had a few of these features before either of the others. Also, iOS for iPad had several of these features when iPad first shipped (for example side-opening drawers). And slide to archive/delete emails? That was demoed by Steve Jobs for the original iPhone.

  • baerjamin

    Not to be argumentative over the whole “who invented what?” and “who stole what?” and “who was first” bs but don’t forget to consider this:


  • bryhudso

    Apple does stuff when they believe its ready for the best user experience. Android rolls out everything, all the time, whether good or crappy for geeks and folks who like sparkly silly things (wave hand over screen?…please!). Bought a HTC One. Beautiful phone (!!!), but full of crappy stuff you have to wade through. With iOS, you don’t have to wade through crap to find the good stuff. Returned the HTC. Those of us who jailbroke iOS had all the best features for years…long before Android got it right. Nice for Apple to follow the lead of jailbreak community with many iOS features…not Android.

    • AJITHA

      How true .
      If I want it or not…
      whether its reaedy r not, its out there in Androie.
      If its stable r not,
      If its tested r not,
      But Apple sends out only after through testing

      Cheers Bryhudso

  • Bacong

    My favorite thing about articles like these is that it teases Apple for being late innovating new features, all the while ignoring that Apple basically invented the foundation upon which every Android phone is built.

    Focusing on this stuff is silly. Who cares that Apple is so late to the party? Sure, they may not be innovating as much as they used to, but it’s a different world now. No company is singlehandedly innovating anymore.

    We should be focusing on the advancement of mobile phones on the whole. This bickering between Apple users and Android users is silly. Neither side is perfect, and now that iOS can champion a lot of the features Android has, maybe articles like these are born from just a little bit of fear.

  • Zamba

    the fact that you guys spent that much time talking / writing / bloging about it means it wasn’t that bad

  • Notanandroidhater

    Like it or not fandroids, android OS copied IOS. They will not be having any touch screen phones if they didnt get the insipiration from apple. There are maybe some flaws in IOS but android is adding some useless or less functional stuffs…

  • Ted_kazynski

    Dear Apple,
    Please stop style biting me.

    Ps. I’ve been sleeping with someone else.

  • cozybop

    I find it hilarious that I see two types of people arguing about cell phones. Seriously guys, all of you get a life and actually be a fan of some real things instead of inanimate objects.

  • angermeans

    To be fair if you want to call out Apple for ripping off Android then let’s talk about all the things Google and their partners have ripped off of iOS and the iPhone (and iPad). If it wasn’t for Apple (as much as we all hate to admit it) I doubt even multitouch would be somewhat the same as it is and in this new world we live in it is the basis of all modern day smartphones. What about Siri? I know it is grasping at straws but Siri was out before Google Now and since we are comparing lock screens and quick toggles. What about smaller things like iTunes for example. Isn’t Google Music a slight rip on that (again grasping, but this entire article is doing much the same and since you are comparing both the barely a month old Google Radio and Apple’s new iTunes radio). How about slide to unlock? Yes, very silly, but still a smart feature that was “stolen” many times over before Apple ever was accused of stealing from android. I’m not going to even try to write off a mobile webkit browser as Apple invented tech, but again couldn’t you say that every mobile OS since iPhone OS 1 has at least borrowed this idea? Yes, Google could have come up with it and I’m sure it wouldnt have been hard since Chrome uses it, but much of what this article states is just plain out there as well.

    We could go on and on in both ways of what each company has borrowed from one another, but calling Apple as some sly creature and not admitting that Google did the same (hell, wasn’t Eric Schmidt accused of stealing many of Apple’s secrets before Android was even a wet dream back when he was on Apple’s board?) isn’t pure craziness. The point I’m trying to make is that obviously this mobile war will never see a true winner. I just don’t see the reason in all the Apple bashing on this website. Enjoy the innovation, choose the platform that best fits your needs, and know for a fact that when Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, etc comes up with a great idea I promise that the others will borrow, cheat, and steal to make their own copy albeit with a different name and one up function.

  • Stew

    Few more things:

    Lock Screens: It’s funny how much the iOS 7 lock screen looks like Android’s

    The Bing for Siri thing was ridiculous. There taking this Google-hating thing far, aren’t they?

    Calendars- this section seems pretty nitpick-y. A calendar is a calendar- there isn’t much design spin you can put on a Calendar app besides choosing between skeuomorphism (I butchered that) or no skeuomorphism. Apple couldn’t possibly have decided to copy the look and feel of Google’s Calendar app from its month-ago I/O. Pastel colors have long been there- iOS and Mac- even back to the days of iCal.

    AirDrop was originally an OS X Lion feature in 2011.

    Lastly, your article refers frequently to how Apple gets its “new” ideas from its developer community, Android, and Android developers. Just to level the playing field, Android isn’t innocent in this respect, either. Prime example, one that you brought up: Android Quick Toggles; originally a thing in skins and ROMs, eventually made into a stock feature.

    Overall, I think you can find many things in every mobile OS that, if you squint at and tilt your head 45 degrees, looks like a similar feature from another OS/app/skin, etc.

  • al

    This is clearly written from the perspective of someone who isn’t familiar with iOS and thus should never have been written.
    Swipe to delete is an old Mail feature, the only thing that’s different is the styling changes they’re showing off.
    I have yet to figure out how to access the notification center on my Nexus from the lock screen with stock Android 4.2. And with iOS you see new notifications as part of the lock screen below the time, I’ve not noticed that on stock Android.
    The style for multitasking Apple’s using is basically a knock off of cards from webOS, not sure why you think it’s unique.
    Why are you saying Android has 3D tab scrolling, it’s 2D, not like it matters.
    Now talk about the features Android DOESN’T have, like theft prevention.

  • Stew

    Great read.

    One thing I’d like to point out, as an Android and iOS user about Mail. iOS users have always been able to swipe for a Delete button. The new thing is the more button.

    But overall, iOS 7 looks like a good blend of some rival UIs with a cool Jony Ive spin.

  • David

    Awesome. Now I can use Android without the lag 😉

  • “Edit: Apparently it’s Siri that has Bing, making Siri even less of an important piece of the Apple pie, which I didn’t think was possible.” This made me laugh!

  • RTR2011

    And a pic of that pathetic ultra liberal nutjob, Al Gore, to top it all off! Good grief, Apple sucks!

  • BruceWonder

    Who cares who did it 1st or last. iOS is so much better looking then andriod. I just bought an HTC one. Sure the hardware is nice and has the awe factor now but the andriod software OS is so ugly with all the different sized icons, etc. Why would we have to root to make it look better? Cuz the stock OS is freaking ugly and fragmented all across platforms. Only if apple made a hugh screen phone…i’ll be back. I move to where the best product is, unlike the many fanboys on both sides of the spectrum.

    • superg05

      you don’t have to root anything to change the appearance of the icons and system thats ios in playstore there are tons of launchers and themes no rooting necessary

  • Sean Jones

    Why don’t you at least learn a bit more about Apple products before you write about them? The very first iPhone had swipe to delete in the mail app, as well as a lot more apps. Just because the delete button that appears has changed in looks doesn’t mean its new. Do your research first next time.

    • Justin

      Wow, bit of an overreaction don’t you think? And what about the other FIFTEEN things on this list? The swipe to delete seems a little insignificant compared to everything else.



    Scroll down to the bottom of that page and you’ll see the words:

    iOS 7 Coming this fall.

  • Javier Sosa

    FYI: Mail has had the swipe to delete/archive since at least the second gen iPhone. They are just adding more options to the swipe gesture.

  • Vegard

    You are not very good at writing articles, ever heard of being objective?

    • nax

      this site is called Droidlife, so its an android fan site, so they don’t have to be objective

  • joejoe5709

    I’m just going to come out and say it – CONGRATS to Apple and iPhone users. This is beautiful and I wish you a warm welcome to the world of clean modern styling. I’m very happy to see you’re ditching the nearly Gingerbread-esque styling. If there was a reason to pick up an iPhone5, this is it. No negativity here. iOS7 is all good. It’s good for Apple and it’s good for Google/Android and the market in general. iOS7 makes Windows Phones look childish and that’s an accomplishment in itself. Again, Congrats to our fruity friends. 😉

    Buuut then I say – Apple, you’re at least two years late to the game to use words like innovative and revolutionary so don’t even try. If this dropped with the iPhone5, it would have rocked everyone’s world. And unfortunately you’re still (generally) at least one year late because by the time this rolls out and gets popular, the clean JellyBean/GoogleNow/Holo/Roboto styling will be showing its age. Within a year, the mobile market will probably move onto something different. Key Lime Pie is coming. Perhaps sooner and perhaps later, but it’s happening. I doubt it’s going to blow our minds like ICS did but you better believe that Google is going to want to distance its styling away from anything Apple is doing.

  • Aleksander Hoff

    Uhm.. Airdrop is not a new feature. Sure, it is new on iOS, but it has been on Mac OSX for a while, it was just a matter of time before they implemented it.

  • Brandon Golway

    What’s funny is a guy I work with is a HUGE Apple fanboy (he even bought the $63 screwdriver to take apart the iPhone 5!) and he said “iOS7 was released yesterday…” and I cut him off and said “It looks just like Android” and he response was “I know I don’t like it. Once they lost Steve Jobs they lost their innovation.” If anything, these past few months definitely spell the end of days for Apple’s Mobile Division.

  • boynextdoor

    Apple doesn’t realize tha their so called “new tech” is years behind. Or maybe they will realize in a better time..

  • Itsstillaphone

    Do you know if they changed the Phone at all? The biggest thing I miss about Android is dialing a number and suggested contacts popping up as you dial.

    • Ummm… both my BIONIC and my work GSII do this.

      • superg05

        he has an iphone i think he’s saying

  • Gadgetyuga

    Wow..!!! Nice Comparison

  • frozendarkness

    The only one that looks remotely similar is the tab system. you guys are delusional. Ya Apple finally added tabs for quick access, that’s not an “android idea.” I’ll give it to you for catching up to android on functionality, but to think that apple did it exactly the same is “flat” out retarded.

    • Justin

      It may not be an Android idea, but it’s an EXACT COPY of Palm’s WebOS Card View feature! This is definitely not Apple being “Innovative” or “Revolutionary” as they like to think they are.


  • call in the lawyers!

  • Brian_2112

    A nice thing to see Apple move forward with iOS after the last few versions offered very little in the way of change…but they did “borrow” several aspects of their design/capabilities from Android. Perhaps they are getting wise as to why they’re losing market share.

    As for calling this commentary “childish” and “uninformed” as some users have claimed, I can easily say it’s no worse than Apple’s WWDC keynote. For a company that prides itself on being “revolutionary” they sure like to resort to misleading statistics and thinly-veiled cheap shots at the competition. Many companies do it…but Apple is the most self-satisfied about it.

  • Lilly Dew

    Wow! I thought the rumors of androidcans was too hard, but this site proves me wrong… Is there a max age of 16 too write here ? So embarrassing…

  • Idon’t Know

    This was really uninformed and at some times childish commentary.

  • marsh

    You all can knock apple all you want! I believe this is a great step forward for Apple. I’m a proud owner of a samsung galaxy note 2, but with these features Apple has Finally listened to consumers and the complaints of those who switched to Android. I love Android but with these features paired with smooth OS or is very tempting to give it a try. Before this Android was a no Brainer.

  • Tony Byatt

    I believe the main issue for everyone is that Apple continues to brands themselves as “innovators” in every obnoxious way and yet they clearly have become followers of current smartphone OS trends…

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I agree with you, if it isn’t innovation stop pretending that it is.

      However I do enjoy that when they do release something, it is mature and has had most of the bugs worked out. Being an early adopter is great for some things, others not so much.

  • I’ve got one really nice pic for iShit fans, have a 4.2. Android Jelly bean , it’s the new ios 7. iSHIT SUCKS FOREVER.

    • tomas

      Sorry, wont work on my 18 months old LG… No Jelly Bean for me :((

      (oh, and the “iShit sucks forever” comment was really….stupid).

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Forrest Gump once said .. stupid is, as stupid does. People need to innovate more with their insults.

  • Ryan

    I gotta say, I don’t know if true iOS fans are going to go for the new UI. To me a good amount of it screams Android, and that obviously isn’t what they (think) they want. iOS looked like it did for a reason. Now it basically looks like MiUi. Which, if I were them, I’d be pissed as hell right now.

    • Ian

      However, now that apple is giving it to them, they can claim that its what they’ve been hoping for all along and its the best thing since sliced bread… or at least that’s how iSheep have behaved in the past.

      • Ryan

        hahaha It’s so sad that that is completely true. And then when you show them that it’s Android, they’ll somehow still insist it was something iOS thought up.

    • ukjb

      true iOS fans (think) they want whatever Apple gives them… they will eat this stuff up and claim Android stole it when they start seeing these comparison articles.

  • vorange

    clarification: Apple has made poor marketing decisions. Has built a very clean and impressive UI. Compartively, IOS 7 has class and very well designed where Android 4.2 is ugly and messy. Period. What a shame the OS on Androids is so ugly compared to iOS7.

    • Steve Benson

      Thank you for your clarification. It’s now clear to me that you’re an ignorant iOS fanboy. Period.

  • vorange

    I am pitted against buying a new mobile phone. On the one hand I love the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. I detest the fact that Apple could come to the realization that making their iPhone 5 a 4.6 or 4.7 or even a 4.5 inch screen blows me away. What a poor market decision resulting in millions of sales lost just based on that alone. This one thing torqued me off to no end and as Android was dupping many of Apples initiatives and ways and means, they dropped the ball and punted. But, unless you are comfortable in a messy, ill arranged home where the decor doesn’t match and everything is in disarray with clothes thrown all over the place, you can’t deny that Apple’s IOS 7 isn’t the most well thought out, organized and prestine layout and approach making what many say “oh, Android has had that for years …” and maybe so but remember who came out with the revolutionary cell phone (at the time it was the first iPhone). And, comparison of UI’s is like night and day and thank you for showing the comparison because it shows, hands down, how clean and innovative the UI layout and functionality is – like a messy, ill-organized home to a well organized and clean home. Some just live like pigs and love it.

    • Steve Benson

      What a cryptic, jumbled mess of thoughts you spewed onto the interwebs this fine morning…

    • You must be new to the ‘custom’ / ‘change of skin’ scene. Take a seat and be shown around.
      Admittedly, how often does iOS users change the look of their phone. OMG! WOW! NEW AGE!!!!

  • Markus

    1. They copied from Windows Phone 8
    2. iOS 1 still looked better than Android does today

    • Thomas Walters

      Your Prius is on fire and your turtle neck is uneven

    • ukjb

      HA HA HA HA … you’re hilarious

    • Ian

      In regards to #2, in a coloring book kind of way…am i right?

  • bionicwaffle

    AirDrop – you missed the fact that with NFC and on all Android 4.0 devices you can already send urls and contacts (probably more) to other Android phones and Windows Phones with NFC (anything that supports the NFC standard, so not Apple devices). Android devices with 4.1 or newer can send photos and video too. THIS IS NOT A SAMSUNG only thing. S-Beam does use wifi direct where Android Beam uses Bluetooth so Android Beam is slower but works on more devices and is still just as easy to use. On a Samsung device you may need to turn off S-Beam and turn on Android Beam.

    • Nothing beats the Sharing option in Android. I can share a pic to whichever app or email or person on my contact list anytime I want to in two clicks.

  • Clement

    You dare say that the calendar is copied, when it’s very close to what iCal on Mac has always been… fanboy

    • ukjb

      In fact… he said “The new iOS Calendar app doesn’t look all that much like that of Android”… did you read the article at all?

      • Clement

        “but the similarities are still there”
        that would imply that there were more similarities before and that Apple copied those of Android.

        Or you have another reading interpretation?

        • ukjb

          to me, it just sounds like there are differences, which he admitted to, but mentioned the similarities for sake of completeness. Do you really think things like skinning the way a calendar looks take more than a few weeks to do? Did Apple copy the features that happen to be similar? probably not. but did they have plenty of time to do so and/or change the features that coincidentally appeared in android first? yes.

          • Clement

            That doesn’t change my initial statement. The author is wrongly implying that Apple had a calendar that was made similar to what’s on android, when that calendar existed well before the current implementation of android came out.

          • ukjb

            well if you want to compare desktop calendars as well – then, they ALL look like the desktop version of the Google Calendar… so going back even further, Apple STILL wasn’t the first to use those design characteristics…

            when it all comes don to it… you are arguing one small point of a larger issue. and that is there are a LOT of eerily similar features in iOS7 that have come directly from Android and WP8… THAT is the main point of this article.

          • Clement

            Lol no.

            iCal was simply inspired by physical calendars that’s all. And I’m not the one who begun making comparisons, quite the contrary, I was explaining how silly it is to make these comparisons that do not hold.

            Those eerily similar features are nothing compared to the inspiration that went into the making of the current Android. Just look what it looked like before iPhone OS, it was like Blackberry OS. And what features from Windows are you talking about? Those features that were already presente in WebOS?

          • ukjb

            first… so now when ical has similar design characteristics with google calendar and you have no recourse, your goto response is just “inspired by physical calendars” … that’s what youre going with? OK …

            second… In what way is the current Android inspired by iOS? Everything in iOS the last 2-3 three years has been catch-up effort to Android. The Current Android Version came directly from Google and the ROM dev teams that have thought up features and implemented them way before Apple can “innovate” them. I urge you to tell me on specific thing Android got from iOS… because all i ever see anymore is articles like this … i never see comparison articles where android ripped off this feature and that from iOS.. they don’t exist… just a bunch of bitter fanbois that claim because Apple was the SECOND company to put icons in rows and android was the third, then “OMG like totally android is a copycat” … give me a break.

            When it all comes down to it… companies take design characteristics from each other all the time… it happens.. it’s not a bad thing. it just means they are willing to give users what they want. The part that bothers me is that Apple was willing to go thermonuclear over something they are currently doing. It’s just hypocritical.

            but whatever… you can continue to disagree with logic. i will continue to agree with what the resounding feelings are regarding the “innovations” to iOS7…

          • Clement

            Well, this can go on forever, now you are going to tell me google invented the calendar.

            Of course the truth is that Calendar on iOS simply uses the same colors that existed for years in iCal.

            When Google calendar came out… what a miracle! It used the same default colors as iCal!

            Dare you tell me that the current calendar UI in Android is better than the 2008 calendar on iOS. There are plenty of apps I like on Android but this one is just terrible.
            How is it possible to even say for half a second that Apple even looked at Google calendar for inspiration?

          • Clement

            White background, pastelish colors present in iCal… nothing new here. And he dare write that it’s STILL similar???

          • Clement

            Why did Google remove the elastic band scrolling in Android then?

            I don’t care if android takes stuff from Apple, really. I wouldn’t care if people said that Apple took stuff from Android (and they did with the notification center). So we agree with each other. But I care if people invent stuff like the article above just to flame.
            I care because :
            1- those affirmations are false
            2- even if they were true, the article wants to use them as a bad thing, which is silly since all companies do that.
            I hate lies and double standards. This article has both.

          • ukjb

            except for the part about the rubber band scrolling.. that was in Samsung only, not stock android… and for the record, that patent was invalidated by the USPTO.

            I completely agree with the rest… but apple started the double standards with the “thermonuclear war” they copied things from other people then go all out war on android and their partners for doing the same things. not cool and it seems the only friend they have is Microsoft (not a good friend to have) because they want the same things – the death of linux and android.

          • Clement

            Ah ok that was samsung… what a surprise.

            Jobs wanted the whole cake. Once in that logic, he wouldn’t let go. But I think that hadn’t they done that, Google and others would have done a lot more copycat stuff, and I think that looking at what Samsung did is a proof of that.

            I imagine a future where Apple and MS will merge…

          • ukjb

            “I imagine a future where Apple and MS will merge…”

            That is a scary thought. I don’t particularly like Apple since the thermonuclear war started, but I despise Microsoft even more. Their track record of becoming partners and then leaving companies high and dry is astonishing. Apple would be smart to not accept a hand of help from them.

          • Clement

            Command center ?
            > Jailbreak app

            Notification center?
            > Jailbreak app

            Safari tabs?
            > Ever heard of cover flow?

            > WebOS

            iTunes Radio?
            > Pandora

            > Mailbox

            > iCal on Mac since 2001

            Navigation drawers?
            > Lots of apps on the appstore since the beginning, and it’s across the OS contraty to what happens on Android

            Lock Screen?
            > The animated background was a jailbreak app too and the lock screen just looks like the old one if your remove the wallpaper, without the shiny ui

            So… nothing Google or MS invented here. A lot of stuff from smaller companies and the jailbreak community.

          • ukjb

            so what some of those features were available as a “jailbreak app” … That just means that someone somewhere wanted a feature that iOS didn’t provide.. Those features have been on Android for quite some time… what you fail to realize is that even before features are released on Android, most of them are available in one of the many ROM dev communities as well…

            “iTunes Radio?> Pandora”
            Yeah that’s exactly what the article said… did you read it? the point was that is all istunes radio is – a pandora clone… people already have pandora… google music is newer and better… takes characteristics of pandora and spotify and wraps them up in one service that can also have offline music and reorganized playlists. Never said itunes radio was a copy… just that it wasnt as good and yet again, the last player to the game.

            > WebOS”
            Again, never said iOS copied multi-tasking… i did say that iOS multitasking is not real multitasking… the only way that can be accomplished is by changing the core of iOS which i doubt was actually touched. But i will investigate further.

            “Calendars ?”
            Beat that dog to death

            > Mailbox”
            Again, that is exactly what the article said… DID YOU READ IT?

            “Navigation drawers?”
            I’m not really sure what you are saying here. “it’s across the OS” ? maybe you should form complete sentences. so i can understand what you are talking about.

            “Lock Screen?”
            from the animated background of floating bubbles to the roboto font and lockscreen notifications the lock screen is a blatant ripoff – arguing anything else is just a waste of your time…

            Again – it’s not like any of these is ground breaking innovation – BUT that is exactly how Apple is coming off. You even stated yourself that Apple didn’t come up with any of these ideas. So why are investors pouring money into Apple stock… oh wait, they aren’t, they dropped a few points during WWDC.

          • Clement

            If multitasking on iOS7 works as they say, it should be almost the same as real multitasking while keeping battery life, we’ll see how that goes…

            Navigation drawers
            > Yes, those are present in Android, but the gesture doesn’t work in every part and every app of the OS. Apple is making it so that it does.

            Roboto font is part Helvetica so no surprise there. Again, helvetica was on mac first… :/
            And the font in iOS7 is a lot better than Roboto anyway, but that’s just my opinion.

            The title of the article is :

            No matter if the article then talks about Mailbox, the title still implies a causality and is wrong. Not a single feature presented here was invented on Android. Apple took ideas from others, yes, but not from Google this time.That’s my point.

            And Apple doesn’t care about investors or market share. They sold more iPhones this year than last year, it remains the most sold smartphone and they have 72 % of the revenue with only half the market share of android.
            Are those the same investors responsible for the financial crisis? Investors know nothing.

          • ukjb

            I still don’t understand what you mean? you want there to be pullout navigation drawers for your mail app when you are playing angry birds? or are you saying the pull out drawers are a standard feature across all apps and there is an API that each app can use? Android has the same thing in their three dots (think right click menu). They offer the same features, except that i can’t accidentally swipe open a menu when playing an intense game.

            IF and WHEN multitasking proves to be something more than a recently used app list, I will concede this point, but not until then. Apple is notorious for giving the false sense of security in that you truly believe you have multitasking, but all it really does is close one app and open another while keeping a history – that is the battery performance they talk of. they just close the app altogether. But as you said, we shall see how that goes…

            HOWEVER, with those exceptions out of the way,
            yes… i would agree with most of that.
            authors tend to write headlines as clickbait… got you here to read didn’t it? so it worked

            However, as literally true as some of your statements are, they are a bit misleading. The iPhone is the only phone Apple sells, so if you want an iPhone you are buying the iPhone 5… however Android offers several flagship phones to give customers a choice of what they want. Big phone? smaller phone? great camera? fast processor? you can’t have each of those things in every phone, it just won’t work.
            And even just Samsung by itself with the GS3 and Note 2 outsold the iPhone in Q1 not to mention the Nexus 4… Saying the iPhone is the most sold phone is like saying I sell more Apples than you sell oranges and bananas… it’s comparing apples and oranges… and bananas (see what i did there 😉 They are different market strategies and it works for both of them.

            and yes Apple rakes in a lot of cash. That’s for one reason and one reason alone. Their phones are overpriced. They only cost about $260 or so on average to manufacture, but they charge between $700 and $900 depending on memory. That’s where there income is coming from. No one will dispute that the iPhone is a cash cow… it’s also just overpriced and that is what no one likes to admit.

          • Clement

            About the drawers, I was talking about main apps. Gmail for example didn’t have the function until two days ago. They literally just added it. And even then, it’s only used to see other inboxes and labels. If you go into a message, the gesture switches between mails, it does not return to the previous page. iOS uses the gesture across all important apps, and always in the same way. That’s consistency and it’s important. Google still needs to work on that imo.

            Even if it is overpriced, it’s not twice the price as competing phones (Nexus 4 being sold at loss). That’s not enough to explain the amount of money they get. Apps is the reason they get so much money. People buy lots of apps.

  • treflizza

    wow. I’ve been able to do all this plus more for a while. apple your falling off faster and faster. so sad

  • Oluwafemi Akinwa

    Air Drop? God!!! It’s called Bluetooth, duuhh!!!

    • Standard Apple naming/glossing strategy. Thought it’s more WiFi than Bluetooth but I got your point.

  • Going Back to Linux

    I just can’t get past the fact that they completely ripped the look from Windows 8. It’s actually kinda when Apple starts ripping Microsoft. I agreed about the Android rips too; Androids just doing it better now and backed by a better company.

  • hana ya

    It’s funny because even though it’s painfully obvious Apple got all of this from Android, fanboys are still going to go on about how everyone rips Apple

  • John Jenness

    Is it me or does iOS7 just look soft and fuzzy. This looks like one of those versions of Android on a kid’s tablet.

  • DarkHawke

    Meh. The new look seems cool at first. But the more I look at it, the more it looks like that patronizing, Fisher-Price-esque “easy mode” you can apply to the home screen on the GS4. Spare me.

  • John Jenness

    Al Gore is:
    A) An Apple Board Member
    B) An adviser to Google
    C) Inventor of the Internet
    D) Searching for Manbearpigs
    E) All of the above

    • Steve Benson

      All of the above.

  • Mark Houston

    On the Al Gore thing. Isn’t he on the board at Apple and also a “a senior adviser to Google”? So there is an Android connection of sorts.

  • Bleakvision

    Swipe to delete/archive has been in Gmail since version 4.2. Apparently you can’t recall far into the past.

  • hugong6b

    IMO they only copied the lockscreen and the minimalistic flat icon design. The other features, I’d say, are just catching up to today’s expectation. Many features from Android have become a standard for all phone OS. I’m actually glad that they did this. Its a sign of defeat from Apple.
    And need I remind you that when Android started out, it copied a lot as well. So there’s no need for this bashing. We can copy and imitate during the process of growing up.

    • Devon Emanuel

      I like the “It’s a sign of defeat for apple” line. So true.

    • ukjb

      It’s not bashing so much as it is a forceful recognition that Apple is doing the same things it promised thermonuclear war against android for doing.

    • Justin

      Plus it also doesn’t help for Apple that they sued Samsung for so many copied ideas when they themselves are doing just as much, if not more, idea copying.

  • Paul M

    Right you little FREAKS, lets get this straight shall we. iOS was the first original modern day mobile OS. It completely redesigned how we use our phones. Android was nothing more than a complete copy of iOS. So borrowing a few ideas, most of which Google stole anyway from jailbreak features on iOS, isn’t exactly news worthy.

    Android/Google are the ones guilty of copying. Idiots.

    • Maximus

      Why are you so angry?

      • cancerous_it

        Because he’s just now getting revolutionary magical features that Android has had for years and months. OMG, it’s so MAGICAL! Fanboys would piss sitting down if Apple told them to do it. Ignorant cult is ignorant.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Everyone copies everyone. Get over it. I have iOS devices and prefer them, but who cares as long as the device you use … get this .. WORKS WELL FOR YOU.

      I’ll never understand the fanboy battles on either side.

      • Sven Joy

        It’s just stupid how Apple allways says that the ideas are unique and revolutionary. They are not, and they know that.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Who cares. Why, HONESTLY, does that have any bearing on your life? Do you get in the habit of just getting angry over every little thing that, in reality, has zero bearing on your life? I just don’t get you guys. Who cares what Apple does .. as long as it isn’t murdering puppies, your family, etc.

          • Sven Joy


    • Steve Benson

      Alright FREAK, Android and iOS were both unveiled in 2007. However Android was created before iOS, only under a different name. iOS just came to market sooner (2007 vs. 2008) because Apple was ready with the hardware.
      From a software standpoint, Android didn’t steal anything from iOS since it was already there from the beginning.

      • Lillydew

        But HOW did Android look before iOS ?

    • ukjb

      wow… i thought it would take a little longer before the fanboys claimed Google stole all these features from iOS… i guess you guys will never cease to amaze me…

  • flosserelli

    “Jony Ive and his team did a fantastic job at skinning iOS and turning it into a modern looking mobile UI by combining MIUI and Windows Phone”


  • Vitalie Mudrenco

    Don’t like how iOS7 looks like. In android at least I can change the UI as I want. We all are different, we think different. What apple did in iOS7 is a phone for girls, really. But it is my personal thoughts.

  • Diondon

    So from these comparison shots, I get that they look nothing alike and Android fans are grasping for straws.

    • flosserelli

      You obviously (and conveniently) ignored the photo of the lock screens.

  • Ouagadougo

    Android still looks CHEAP.

    • Sven Joy

      Make it look however you want! Can you do that with an iPhone?

  • Polyg0n

    To be honest, Command center looks much better than quick toggles, same happens with multitasking and lockscreen notifications on iOS 7. Everything else looks nice on both.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      You’re not allowed to have a balanced view, GET OUT OF HERE. 😉

      • Devon Emanuel


  • Simon Rudduck

    All valid, but in many of the images above, the iOS7 version of what Android has done looked much more refined. I’m no Google basher. I really like their work, especially in the last 2 years, but whether these innovations are unique or not means very little. Surely the judgement should be in how they actually work or not, and how the entire ecosystem meshes together.

  • Alex Ohannes

    They stole webOS’s multitasking! Wait. So that means that apparently not everyone HAS forgotten about webOS. Sneaky. If only HP were there to start a lawsuit…

    • Jarred Sutherland

      They stole it, as in they took design elements from it .. or the flat out took the same/bits of the WebOS code and used it? You guy hate lawsuits from Apple, but then want Apple to be sued. The only people this is a win for is the OEMs … it sure isn’t for the end users.

  • Andrei B.

    The slide-from-left feature is copied from Ubuntu Phone Os.

  • Scott Loucks

    Isn’t this just gonna make switching from iOS to Android a lot easier?

  • Russ Christie

    I love my android but seriously showing hangouts as if it were comparable to apple’s messaging app? Hangouts is laughably bad, and I am really sad that it is so bad. Also showing their mail app verses google’s gmail app just isn’t right.

    I can’t use any other email address I have with the gmail app (my gmail isn’t my primary addresses). Don’t get me wrong the gmail app is beautiful and I would love to use it with my other addresses, but why don’t you show the stock android email client?

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Totally disagree. I like both messaging apps, but hangouts is fantastic. Facetime only works with other Apple products .. while hangouts, well it works with hangouts which is available on any device.

      • Rob

        Facetime doesn’t have to work with other products. Apples users should only socialize with other initiated members.

  • jmoss1976

    “Safari is Safari – most people can’t stand it and prefer browsers like Chrome for their browsing needs. ” Based on what emprical evidence? According the data Safari is far and able the browser of choice for Apple users. Chrome is fine, but still not up to standards (except in personal data collection). Besides droid was a blip when Apple came on the scene. Apple didn’t steal squat, NO ONE was using an touch based UI prior to Apple’s release of the original iphone. Fact is that Apple is thanking the droid folks for all the free R&D and simply moving on and mind you making buku bucks along the the way.

    • The Loyalist

      ‘Touchbased’ phones were already on the market, but not in the way iPhone refined it. However, this was the only way to go after feature-phone OS’s and it’s called technical evolution. Creds to Apple for making, at that time, the best working touch OS though.

    • anywherehome

      you like fascism and rigidity, right? 🙂
      then Apple’s iPhtoy is the right thing for you

      and Apple did a LG Prada rip-off before inferior iOS 😉

      nicely brainwashed

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Now you’re just being ignorant. Windows Mobile 5 was on a touch screen LONG before Apple even had the idea of iOS. That isn’t to say that it was good .. because it wasn’t at all .. but it was still a mobile OS running on a touch screen device. I owned several of them.

    • Steve Benson

      Here you are again jmoss1976, speading your ignorant B.S. all over the place. Again, referring to Android, as “droid” just proves to me that you’re an ignorant iOS fanboy who has no idea what you’re talking about.

    • ukjb

      i dunno… maybe the fact that Google Chrome has been in the top 5 downloaded apps in Apple’s store since it was released… and number 1 for many of those months…

  • Ryan Loh

    I’ve got WiFi Direct on my HTC Amaze (Release date: 10/2011)

    • Jarred Sutherland

      That’s cool, how often have you used it?

      • ukjb

        probably never… but that’s the point… it’s a gimmick, not a feature

        • Jarred Sutherland

          You lost me .. AirDrop is hardly a gimmick. Perhaps Wifi direct on your HTC is a gimmick, simply because it either doesn’t work well (or at all) or people don’t even realize its there ..

          AirDrop on the other hand is actually useful, and people will see it the instant they pull up the control center, or use an app that supports the send to feature.

          • ukjb

            yeah… i bet you think siri isn’t a gimmick either

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Can you be more ignorant? I mean .. are you trying, or does it come naturally?

            Making assumptions about what others think is never a good idea.

          • ukjb

            Airdrop is a proprietary feature that only works between some apple products that every other computer can do very easily… but apple gives it a cool name and all of a sudden it’s a not a gimmick? It’s just like retina display… you know what retina display is? it’s not some cool technology that no one else has – it is a copyrighted term that no one else can use. Other screen manufacturers have screen resolutions equal to or better than apple’s “retina” displays, but they can’t use that term. it’s the same thing.

      • Ryan Loh

        I have used it a grand total of 0 times.

  • newoverhere

    want early access to ios7? try jb and wp today!!

  • iBooa the First

    i dont get it? the multitasking
    looks completely different [im sure android will copy it in 4.3, thats
    why there was so announcement at googles I/O] the notification center
    looks COMPLETELY different [apples version looks much better, plus swype
    up to access it will be copied by android as well]

    man you guys are delusional lol its kinda sad

    • K.

      The multitasking was copied from webOS.

      • Sven Joy

        Also Windows Phone.

    • Heilander

      I’m just confused because for the longest time whenever anyone brought up multitasking and Android vs iOS the main defense for iOS was “who needs true multitasking, you can only do one thing at once” and now this?

      • ukjb

        I’m still curious if it will be true malti-tasking and not just a recently used app list that will restart the app and close whatever is currently running

        • Sim Kern Cheh

          I highly doubt it will be true multitasking (in terms of being able to run a separate process in your app like services on Android). This goes way beyond UI, right into the kernel of the OS, which they probably didn’t modify much. Besides, introducing true multitasking will mean many of the existing apps will have to do an update because users will naturally expect online data to be preloaded in a true multitasking environment. This also means those devices not flagged for update to iOS7 will suffer.

  • Droidtommy

    IMO, its now no longer a rip-of, so much as aligning with current norm. That’s what Android is, the norm. The leader.

  • iBooa the First

    I think everyone is underestimating that Bing is actually a great search engine. I know you Android fanboys are google fanatics, but if you are willing to accept it, Bing search is just as good.

    • ukjb

      no its not… just basic word search for word search, they are comparable… but google has so many tricks, functions, better algorithms, more results in the form of cards and graph search, instant answers, etc etc that makes bing look like ask jeeves… don’t be so naive

  • pookiepookie

    That awkward moment when your friend claims that iOS 7 is the “best mobile OS”, and then you pull out your Android device and show them Apple’s “innovations” :3

  • EatUrCrap

    Am I the only one who thinks the UI looks worse than before?

  • Michalis Stavrakis

    Apple still
    not have a file manager ,Wi-Fi still locked (you can see just 1 or 2 Wi-Fi )
    Bluetooth still lock for ios devises no
    themes no more icons colors no nfc no internal radio no customization from the
    user lock screen and many no. apple lost the ios game a year ago and still
    rolling down .

    My opinion,
    in European community people are smarter and short of money cannot afford any
    more the apple locked brains.

    After a 6
    year apple fanatic, apple force me to be an android user.

    Ow and to my
    friend Keller .

    Yes I admit
    apple copy from android and Google.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Without the Nexus program, you Euro’s with larger brains would be paying the same price for an Android or iOS device. Unless you wanted some left over abortion of a phone that never received updates, etc.

      NFC is still in it’s infancy and (personally for me) isn’t yet all that useful, not to mention the reports of incorrect charges with it due to accidental bumps at payment kiosks, etc. No need for a file manager .. personally, I don’t like having to treat my smartphone the same way as my PC. I have no clue what you’re saying about Wi-Fi .. I see tons of Wi-Fi APs around me.

      • ukjb

        you don’t need this… you don’t need that… it’s funny… a year ago apple fan boys said they didn’t need multitasking either… now it’s the greatest innovation apple ever made even though android has had it for years…

        • Jarred Sutherland

          So, who should dictate to me what I need? Some rabid Android fanboy? Apple? Or perhaps, me? I use what best suits me .. why are you so worried about what is best for me?

          • ukjb

            im not worried about you per se… i just think its funny that ever fan boy has the exact same argument, and that is they don’t need a single one of the features that iOS doesn’t offer, but then the moment it is released from Apple, it is the greatest thing since sliced bread… it’s a bit hypocritical imo… hey, if the iPhone is the perfect phone for you, then congratulations. im happy for you… im more or less talking about the hundreds of thousands or more people that can’t admit to themselves that the only reason they think they dont need the stuff ios doesnt have is because deep down they are just envious that the android can do what ios can’t

          • Jarred Sutherland

            So, rather than believe that people are *somewhat* intelligent .. you feel that it is your duty to let them know they aren’t and can’t decide for themselves. Great, check that off my list I now can understand the person I am talking with a bit more.

            The fact of the matter is, on either side of the fence fanboys are at best annoying. But then, then! There is this HUGE group of people that use what they feel is best for them and don’t care what they could be potentially missing out on .. because get this .. at the end of the day it’s an electronic device. Not a husband or wife, friendship or career, making the right choice in health care or the things that actually matter.

            You are so right, everyone using Apple devices are just so envious of Android devices they are foaming at the mouth. The sad thing .. the fanboys are the only ones who can’t seem to enjoy their devices .. they are too worried about what others think of them based on the tools they use in life. If you want to see pathetic, well you probably don’t have to look too far.

            And I am done .. I don’t want to waste anymore time with you. I already have wasted far too much time which is stupid on my part.

          • ukjb

            classic… appearing to take the high road… that’s cool… i’ll be the “bad guy” just keep in mind that the points i made were completely irrelevant to the fanboy battles you keep talking about. and nothing i said was in response to one of your “opinions” but instead was in response to your many defenses against what other people said that i believed to be very much true in most cases.
            good day…

  • Adam Raviolli

    I love how they bragged about air drop. We have the same thing, it’s called bluetooth, except we can share more than photos.

    • Diegogaja

      Actually, airdrop can share anything. They just use photos as an example. As long as each app uses the correct API you can share anything with anyone.

      • Adam Raviolli

        Anything? Like music, movies, and apps? I doubt it would share things purchased from the iTunes store.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Oh so .. you want to share things for the sake of pirating stuff .. gotcha. As far as app “sharing” goes .. it simply sends you to the market for you to download the app. Ground breaking stuff there.

          • Adam Raviolli

            I’m not really directing at piracy, but if you’re that type of guy who’s into that, you have the ability if you have android. I’m aware of android’s app sharing, taking you to the play store, yet it still shared apps better than iOS (because iOS can only do it via email!) As far as sharing in general goes, Android’s sharing ability is far more superior compared to Apple’s crippled down excuse for a sharing function, hands down. It’s also limited to sharing between iOS only devices, how useless can a function designed for sharing get?

          • Jarred Sutherland

            So, in a post talking about iOS 7 and one of its new features AirDrop .. you ignore the fact that Apple stated “Any application that can use the send to function will have the ability to use AirDrop”.

            The share between iOS/OSX only is an issue, however, I am sure that bridge will be crossed by some intelligent developer in the Android world.

          • ukjb

            Jarred, im sorry but there has always been a few things android has spanked iOS at
            * sharing
            * multi-tasking
            * file/folder access
            * customization
            among a dozen or more other features, these were always the biggest things iOS either couldn’t do or couldn’t do very well… arguing that one small update has somehow pushed iOS past android is not only foolish, its borderline moronic.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Where am I arguing that a small update has pushed iOS past Android? Please, please SHOW me where I even hinted at this.

            I agree, the sharing part between apps has been fantastic on Android .. NEVER did I state it wasn’t. I was talking about the useless bump feature with NFC. I hope you’re trying to share REALLY small files, because otherwise you’re going to be in close proximity for awhile.

            Ah, good ol multi-tasking. I switched to iOS from my Nexus 4 (I’ve had countless devices .. both Android and iOS) and the difference between the two is of ZERO concern to me. Not once have I said .. oh man, I just wish I had multitasking like Android. That is not a knock at Android .. just simply stating that, I have not found a single instance where I personally cared about it.

            File/Folder access – Yup, Android lets you do whatever you want there. And again, I state, I have VERY little use for managing files/folders on my device. When I could do it on Android, it was nothing more than an irritant simply because of the touch UI. This is a phone, not a PC, the method of user input HAS to be taken into consideration. Managing files/folders is not something I want to do on a small mobile device.

            Customization. My wife likes to customize, I have zero use for it. I have more on my plate between work and personal duties to take care of than worrying about what icon set or font or whatever my phone is using. As I stated above, I have had COUNTLESS android devices and not once did I feel the need to get in there and mess with stuff. So again, that is a PERSONAL choice .. it doesn’t make the device better or worse to me. I just don’t need it. Yes, iOS lacks it .. so what, again, I personally don’t need it. If someone does, switch to Android or jailbreak the iOS device. It doesn’t matter to me one way or another.

          • Sim Kern Cheh

            NFC ‘bumping’ uses bluetooth to transfer the bulk of your file. The bumping only sends your hardware information to initiate the connection.

            File/folder access allows you to use your mobile device as a portable USB drive, something which my old Nokia smartphone was able to achieve before the first iOS device was launched. 7 iterations later you still cannot use your iOS device reliably as a portable storage.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I have been educated about NFC bump. Still doesn’t change the fact (and I have used it) that it is SLOW and about worthless to transfer medium sized or above files.

            My iOS devices act as a portal USB drive too. Never have used it .. that’s what I have my 32GB flash drive on my keychain for.

            While you guys sit and get angry about my statements, you all seem to pass up the point that I am not arguing that iOS is superior to Android. Most of what I have stated in my posts are PERSONAL preferences, just as yours are with the features you use on Android. If you want to quantify better or worse with features, Android probably comes out on top there just because of the nature of the system.

            For me, Android has never been as stable as my iOS devices are. I’ve left them stock, rom’d them, etc. I watch the apps I install, checking permissions, etc. Still iOS remains more stable for me. Personally, that is what “I” want in my mobile device.

          • ukjb

            as for your response to this statement:
            “arguing that one small update has somehow pushed iOS past android is not only foolish, its borderline moronic”

            I never said those were your words… just general sentiments i’ve been getting and i phrased it very generically, not necessarily towards you…

            as for the rest of your rant debunking the usefulness of all the features android has that ios can’t do… well, if you dont need all these cool things, if your life is just too busy, why do you even have a smartphone… just go back to a feature phone and save everyone the headache of having to argue with you… people used to say they didn’t need lock screen widgets/notifications, but now they are the coolest thing since sliced bread because they are in ios7… give me a break.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            You sure made them my words. If you got those arguments from other people, perhaps you can go address it with those people. Which seems to be your entire attitude with me, so go blow off steam elsewhere please.

            I debunked the usefullness of those features FOR ME PERSONALLY. Is your skull so thick that you cannot see that in the hundred times I wrote that “FOR ME PERSONALLY”?

            I think you need to give yourself a break, your reading comprehension is terrible.

  • Froosh Freak

    Boo apple! Android wins! We rule, right??

  • briandroid

    Good to see iOS fans can finally experience some of these features. Looks like a nice update from Apple.

  • R-Monroe

    Apple’s new software is going to confuse everyone when you hear someone say ” I can’t make a call, I have no dots” Smh!

  • panjul

    yes… what apple does become magic…. what android does become flat….

  • panjul

    yes… what apple does become magic… what android does become flat….

    • ukjb

      thanks for double posting. now i get to vote you down twice !

  • Peaky2

    To me, saying Apple is copying Androids is a bit of a hypocritical thing to say since, again in my opinion, Androids have themselves stolen features from the iOS. But here I am saying this on a Android fan website!

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      what has android stolen? I mean other than being a touch based phone os? which apple really didnt create but just improved.

    • ukjb

      we’re not complaining just that Apple copied Android… we are complaining that Apple is doing the same things it promised thermonuclear war against android for doing…

      Apple can have two stances in this fight
      1) thermonuclear war
      2) what’s good for the goose is good for the gander

      – not both –
      Fanboys have got to stop bltching about the blatant copy of iOS at this point.

      • Peaky2

        Just because I defend or speak about Apple doesn’t make me a ‘fanboy.’ I don’t deny obvious things that Apple has done wrong. I am a person who likes Apple handheld devices. I am in now way saying I do not like anything that isn’t Apple. Yes I do, in particular, prefer Apple over Android *almost* any day of the week because I have that preference.
        IN MY OPINION, Apple has not blatantly ripped off Android for things that Android has come up with themselves. Sure they used similar things but, in my opinion, Apple has used the same concepts of features on Android but they are doing it their way that is indeed different *in a way.*

        • ukjb

          “Apple has not blatantly ripped off Android for things that Android has come up with themselves”

          So, then you are implying that Android has blatantly ripped off something from iOS… would you care to give me an example or two of something that was blatantly ripped off?

  • Guest

    Self-selecting site- wont work on an apple device, so that means you are only feeding each other’s ego here… Interesting. And lame.

  • Stephen Sevenyoln

    Not to mention how much Android ripped off Windows Phone lol

  • ajm531

    I don’t know what this IOS7 is but sounds a lot like radditz, disappointing.
    I don’t know who this yamcha is but it sounds like bing. Disappointing .

  • Stephen Sevenyoln

    You bashed bing! Its really good! Oh, and bing.com/maps

  • suitjackets

    also, apple has been designing these for likely months, and you’re comparing them to google services that were just released. all access, “newest calendar app from google,” etc.

    • ukjb

      he actually said that the calendar apps dont look that much alike… same with the music app… just that there are common features… some of it is coincidence, but that’s not for you to assume all of it is coincidence, that’s just being naive

  • suitjackets

    “The new iOS Calendar app doesn’t look all that much like that of Android”

    then why are you writing about it

  • iamnotfan
  • Art

    l Gore is on the Board of Trustee’s for Apple and Laurane Powell-Jobs is Steve Jobs’ wife

  • Jimbo

    Same old stuff no leaps in technolgy

  • Nathan

    LOL!! Al Gore looks like that because he’s not the centre of attention and they aren’t talking about global warming! I’m trolling I know but hey, it’s the truth! LOL!

  • D

    For the person who wrote this article.. Airdrop is feature which has existed from a long time in Mac.. It was innovated by apple long before samsung thought of something like wifi direct..

  • Chris Mullins

    I wonder if they will integrate some sort of “swiping” keyboard.

    • ukjb

      it’ll be the biggest innovation next year at wwdc2014

      • Rob

        after all, wwdc does stand for What Would Droid Create.

  • Robert Aubey

    Great article, sums up the major points. I find Google to be more of an innovator in the mobile space anyhow, excluding major OEM’s. I also see that iOS is finally catching up with Android. However, It’s about time Apple pays homage to other companies. We’ll take it in the form of cash, or check providing a lawsuit occurs. It will be interesting to see the sales figures come Q4 anyhow. Predictions?

  • ratnok

    Man, you keep it REAL! Thanks for the comparison!

  • Ark

    Good. Apple has been lagging behind for a while now. It’s kinda sad that all their innovations are blatant ripoffs, but now that iOS has them, it’ll light a fire under the asses of the Android team. This can ONLY be good for all of us.
    Stop sneering please.

  • Alex

    I’m an Android fan, not an apple fan first of all. Apple’s new update is not really to attract Android users, I think it’s just to satisfy their own fanbase, because they haven’t really for a long time. Though I have to say, the lockscreens look very eerily similar.

  • gkinsella2

    Funny, AirDrop has been on Mac OS for some time now, since Lion I believe. Why has it taken them 2 years to put this on iOS?

  • Ivon Liu

    I completely agree with this post. As I was watching the recording of WWDC, I also immediately noticed the similarities to Android. One thing that bothered me, both in it’s closeness to Android and the awkward moment was the “back” button in the “action bar”. The almost identical “<" button followed by a word. It was squished against the title, front and center. Just felt weird. Also, shouldn't they have learned that the recents menu done that way is a terrible idea?

    • e550mercedes

      At least you don’t have to tap each and every phone to share, just press one button unlike some other phones I know!

  • Marco Machuca

    APPLE wants to call themselves innovators yet they only build on others ideas and or steal and use what others have innovated

  • Davros

    SOoooo, yeaah, welcome to 2011.

  • Guys, we know some of these are on jailbreak or cydia for ages but not everyone jailbreak their phones and those who do might not know these functionality/app exists on cydia. But on Android, these functionalities are there out of the phone as bright as daylight and a first time Android user would notice and use it straightaway. So we can safely say that these features are implemented on Android system FIRST!! (Spare a few from Windows Phone okay?)

  • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

    “Semi-live Wallpapers: Apple showed off a new wallpaper that moved the background as you tilted your device from side to side. It’s almost like a live wallpaper on Android, but even more so like 3D Image Live Wallpaper that has been on Google Play for a while. Yes, you can get down with Apple’s fancy new wallpaper feature today, on Android.”
    Although I don’t own an iPhone(or I ever had) I remember there bieng a tweak for a wallpaper being similar on iOS for iOS 4.

  • aslw26

    The camera app is something not new… I mean like look at Sony, HTC and Samsung’s app… Most of them are more feature packed than iOS

  • Masta Marc

    Just a few points. Air drop only works on wifi for new iPhone 5 users. This is bull. But I like the idea much Bette then bumping s phone or using NFC. Also the mail app has been able to swipe to delete since day 1. To save space I only use the stock mail app once I have 5 email accounts. It’s the best I’ve seen at keeping everything together without flicking through. To sum this up I was considering galaxy s4. This made me consider iPhone 5s or 6. But I must admit I can’t believe how much like android they made the OS

  • Jeff

    My coworker pointed out that their “new” weather app is a complete rip off of the Yahoo! iOS weather app.

    • Did your coworker miss the Yahoo! logo at the bottom of the iOS weather app?

  • Boops

    “Beautiful”? The new skin looks terrible.

  • KA

    Well now my IOS friends will be like “CAN YOUR PHONE DO THIS” and ill be like ” Yeah we’ev had this for a while” Then they will say “Haah no you didnt apple is better”

    • They can’t win the “we had it first” argument nowadays, so they resort to “Apple is better/beautiful” argument from now on…..

  • Ryuuie

    Ahahaha. Al Gore is NOT having fun.

    That’s my absolute most favorite picture in this article.


    “Multi-tasking! iOS 7 has a new style of multi-tasking that only runs in the background when it thinks you want access to frequently used apps. It essentially learns from your patterns to help extend your battery life. That’s kind of cool, assuming it can learn properly, which we won’t know anything about until people can spend some time with it. But in general, we like the idea of phones learning our patterns to better optimize our lives with them.”

    This doesn’t sound too bad. I admit jealousy.

  • androidjunkie11

    Let’s play, “Count the ‘original’ Apple updates”! Here’s how to play: You simply watch the video, and count as many Apple “original ideas” that Android has already released months/years before this, and post them in the comment section!

    #1 Preview of currently running apps with the app icon AND screenshots of the apps (Android already did it).

    #2 The ability to swipe away currently running apps (Android already did it).

    #3 Notifications in the lock screen (Android already did it).

    #4 Bigger, yet thinner text to look more sleek (Android already did it).

    #5 A control center for things like wifi,bluetooth, ect, all with the drag of a finger (Android already did it).

    #6 Full-screen web browsing…even though iOS 7 doesn’t even let you use literally the whole screen (Android already did it…and you can use the ENTIRE full-screen).

    #7 A slide to unlock screen that doesn’t actually show a bar to slide, but is invisible in order to look sleeker (Android already did it).

    #8 Transparent screens. (Android already did it with the options of using apps that change the launcher…something that Apple still won’t allow).

    #9 Automatic Updates (Android already did it…YEARS ago).

    #10 Photo date tagging (Android already did it).

    #11 Automatically organizing photos based on date taken (Android already did it).

    #12 Air Drop…Really? Bluetooth does the same thing without using up your data plan. (Bluetooth already did it).

    #13 The ability to see web browser bookmarks in screenshot form (Android already did it).

    #14 The ability to swipe through different internet tabs (Android already did it).

    #15 iTunes Radio…Pandora did this ages ago. (Android already did it with Google Music All Access…AND you can listen to any full song you want (combination of Pandora and Spotify))

    If this was a drinking game, we’d all be passed out by now lol…

    • AirDrop is an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection.

    • sander

      yes, Android did it, now Apple does it… in a good way 🙂

      hehe, just trolling with a smile here.
      Enjoy your phone, whatever it is. I go outside now. Where the sun is…

      • androidjunkie11

        I’ll admit that it looks really nice. But what just bugs me is not only how Apple implies that they are innovating the smartphone software world, but how they criticize Android features as unnecessary and pointless up until the day that they release the very same features…then they call it revolutionary. They have done that with many of the features they just released, and they are still doing it today with NFC and widgets. Give it another year or so, they’ll have both of those features and call it innovative…-_-

    • #1 – iOS had a previous version, now just with an updated UI.
      #2 – Before it was tapping on a close button
      #3 – Notifications have always been on the lock screen. But now you can see “Notification Center” which shows you a summary of your day including upcoming appointments in calendar and other things.
      #4 – ???
      #5 – I give that to you.

      #6 – It was part of iOS 6 and before as well. Just an updated UI.
      #7 – Yes, 3rd party UI’s did have this.
      #8 – Okay,
      #9 – Yes, that is something Android had.
      #10 – I really don’t know what you mean by that. I don’t think you actually know what was done in iOS 7. It combines dates and locations to automatically create events. So it “creates” albums of “Trip to New York” and stuff like that.
      #11 – iOS as well as every single computer has done this for the past 30 years.
      #12 – AirDrop was part of OS X and does not use your data plan.
      #13 – iOS does not do this. They just show you the “APPLE-TOUCH-ICON” property which has been in iOS since 1.x
      #14 – That is not in iOS.
      #15 – Yea, different services. Too each their own.

      • androidjunkie11

        I’ve only read your first 2 points and I can already tell you are an idiot.

        In reference to #1, I CLEARLY said that the app icon AND a screenshot of the currently running apps was the difference. They NEVER had a full screenshot of the app, they ONLY had a crappy icon. Learn to read and understand my points before replying with something that only serves to show us how little you pay attention to details.

        In reference to #2, we all know they could do that before…that was not the point. Again, you fail to pay attention to what you’re reading. The difference in that now iOS allows you to SWIPE AWAY running apps INSTEAD of pressing a VERY TINY SYMBOL. Reading helps us all grow smarter, try it sometime.

        In reference to the rest of your points, I’m not even going to wast my time explaining your ignorance to you as it would most likely only confuse you more. Good day sir.


        The 3rd party UIs you speak of can only be done by jail-breaking the iPhone. 95% of iPhone users don’t care to do that and they shouldn’t have to. Android allows non-rooted phones to do this with ease. Your argument is invalid.

        • Okay then… It seems you are the idiot that cannot read.

          I did say in number one that it is an updated UI. I never said they had something the same.

          And the 3rd party UIs I was talking about were Android skins (Touch Wiz, Sense, etc…), not jailbreak skins.

          I guess you just don’t have any other points to make. Especially the stupid points in #10 and #11.

          • androidjunkie11

            You’re right, after 15 points I finally ran out. Sorry I couldn’t find any more. Also, I posted this in one more article. Don’t act so dramatic little girl.

  • kashtrey

    “It’s not an exact copy of Android, since it scrolls horizontally and features full-screen previews of currently running apps.” Yeah, it’s pretty much an exact copy of webOS from like 2009. lol.

    Notification Sync – This one is actually kinda cool. It will push notifications to your Mac from your phone. I’m sure this is also the direction Google is doing. I’m happy that Google is finally leveraging Chrome more and more. I think Chrome is the key to Google’s dream of web apps over native, where the only really native app you need is Chrome and everything else is just the internet.

    Mail – God, I want Google to implement partial swipe to archive, full swipe to delete so bad. I can think of a nice animation where you’d swipe and it would show “Archive” then swipe a little more and the “Archive” message flips around and says deleted and you’re done.

  • mike

    There are only so many ways to efficiently accomplish certain tasks on a smart phone, which is why I think Apple’s lawsuits and patents are stupid. But it’s very funny to me that Apple users can be so amazed by features that already exist, some almost 2 years old. I understand why they copied a lot of features, but I don’t understand why some people still worship Apple and think it is light years ahead of everyone else.

    • Diegogaja

      Do you really think all iOS users live in a vacuum? Maybe they are just happy the features have finally made their way iOS. Maybe..just maybe, iOS suits them just fine but no matter who you are it’s always great to get new features. People like what they like. Who cares. I look at it this way: a lot of people like android for the variety and because they like to ticker and toy make. A lot of people choose iOS because they just want something that is easy to use, for whatever reason. To each their own.
      I think it’s funny though, some commenters on here like to say that iPhone users are just following the crowd. But the majority of “the crowd” uses android, no?

      • Jason James

        Please tell me what’s easier on ios than android? Putting in a password to update a free app? Or having to leave an app to adjust the it’s settings? Or having to remember where an app is because they aren’t listed in alphabetic order? So if there is a phone with features you want why buy one that doesn’t offer it?

        • Simon Rudduck

          Have you used both?

        • Polyg0n

          Writing a PIN in the lockscreen without having to click the “OK” button. Having to do that annoys me so much.

  • d1m1m1

    I guess the only way to solve this whole “copying” issue is for every OS UI developer to be isolated from society and the internet, with absolutely no inspiration from other developers. If their finished products coincide with other UI’s, well, that’s that.

  • David Steve Gonzales

    Al Gore is not amused…

  • orbitly

    The iPhone has had swipe to delete messages since iPhone OS 1.

  • Jason Geiger

    Wow pastels? How pretty! Haha good god….

  • qqmore12

    you android fanbois can go into your own little world

    • tomn1ce

      welcome to 2013 -_-

  • Mattpark0999

    At least apple users dont have to buy a new phone to avail of the new ios unlike the android that you have to chamge ur phone (after 2 os updates max) in order to enjoy the latest android version. Ugh!

    • mdylanbell

      Not if you buy the phone from Google, which is the equivalent of buying an iPhone.

      • zionlion02

        Also Matt – maybe you haven’t heard. Apple is NOTORIOUS for their new OS’s bricking older phones so you have to upgrade. Look it up, Champ. I’m on my 3rd update for the OS and running fine. Let’s try to make informed comments here.

        • Diegogaja

          Um..no. I have an old 3GS that I keep activated for friends costing from out of country. While many newer features don’t work, it’s far from bricked. Either don’t be ignorant or don’t be a liar. You choose.

  • Shani

    The features have always been there on android, apple just makes them prettier, i give them that much

  • Adam Medina

    It’s funny. Android “fanboys” think all these new features were copied from android. Anyone who’s familiar with iPhones and jail breaking knows most of these features are already available via cydia. And many like the toggles and notification center widgets and toggles were available in cydia before android was available to the public. I’m just happy to see great features on both platforms that I have a choice between. As I am always changing phones.

  • Purplangatang

    This is an okay comparision, but the author keeps saying how long Android has had some of these features. That doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s there now.

  • Skittlez

    wait, did they even announce a new device?

    • Purplangatang

      Nope. They just announced ios 7.

      • Skittlez

        lol all of my friends that i told, just get the S4, and they told me “i’m gonna get the 5S or 6 they announce in June”

  • Randy Henson

    Al Gore is reason enough to hate Apple right there…

  • Landon

    In iOS 8 they’ll copy our beloved widgets and an app drawer. At least now Google can make some money off law suits and use that money to make key lime pie or 4.3 frieken amazing and truly innovating.

    • Doug Green

      Google doesn’t have patents on anything built into the operating system. It is an open-source project… That means, no lawsuits unless it has to do with patents they’ve specifically accumulated through Motorola.

      • tits mcgee

        Yeah, except Android is ripped off from Sun. The lead Android engineer was a Sun employee and they found his old code in Android. That was the start of the lawsuit war. Squeaking about how Apple copied a couple of look and feel UI items pales in comparison to jumping ship and stealing a ton of intellectual property. Good times.

  • Led9000

    I’m glad to see Apple is now copying the OS they hate. Is it me or does look really similar to Android 4.0. At least Samsung can now sue Apple for copying their logos. 🙂 Also are they using Roboto. 🙂

    • mdylanbell

      I lost tons of Karma on Reddit today for pointing this out.

      • tits mcgee

        More likely because you’re a tool.

    • cryosx

      It doesn’t look anything like 4.0, and that’s a good thing.

    • mx

      Sigh. The font is called Helvetica, and if anything, Roboto is the rip off. But ignorance is bliss right?

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    In the case of Samsung, S-Beam is still the best because of that “ridiculous” bumping of phones that engages wifi direct and does the handshake for you so you don’t need to exchange passcodes…

    And on multitasking… Carbon copy of WebOS from what i see.

  • George Ofori

    To be perfectly honest it looks more like WP but Android still has valid arguments in their favour (as stated above). What baffles me is how WP and Android has had most of these features previously but Apple has been beating us consistently. It is a beautiful software though despite the borrowing of features. If you don’t believe me about the similarity to WP, google it, you’ll see some valid arguments
    P.S. Kudos to the writer of this article for coming up with so many valid comparisons, it requires a lot of skill.

  • Johnofmars

    We all know that both Android and Apple ripped off Windows Phone. Suck it!

    • George Ofori

      I concur, my windows phone brother

    • n900mixalot

      If you mean by reference to Zune/music subscription stuff, okay, but as for the rest … I don’t know about that.

  • The Man

    That thing (iOS) sucks

  • Really

    When will Gmail and Gmail App support media queries and mobile responsive design in email content?

  • Ihaveagalaxynexus

    Who cares? These are two different companies that have both copied each other in one way or another. Apple fans have iPhones and Android fans have Android phones. I don’t see what the big deal about it is? People act like they came up with the features themselves, while in reality they just adopted what the devs create. (Not trolling, just voiceing my opinion. Feel free to voice you’d below.)

    • mdylanbell

      The difference is Apple shits on Google / Android for an hour, makes remarks like “can’t innovate my ass”, and then unveils Ice Cream Sandwich as iOS 7. The design is so clearly ripped off, unless the ONLY take on a modern OS is to use the same font, same spacing, same colorization schemes, same swipe actions, same pull downs, etc. For the last 3 years Android has been innovating without all the machismo chest thumping Apple does, while Apple plays catch-up without contributing anything new (except for a fast flashlight button?)

      • tits mcgee

        Android doesn’t chest thump? You don’t have TV or internet access do you? But wait, you must because you posted this… I guess having your head in the sand is just as effective.

        • kg215

          Forget the chest bumps, who started the nonstop litigation with vague and questionable patents? They go after any competition that is successful (Samsung) then they act like they are the only innovator while they steal ideas from Android and even WebOS. They were probably looking at more things to steal as they bragged during the keynote.

      • Ḻυкα Septimus Š.

        To be fair, the “can’t innovate my ass” statement was refering to the new Mac Pro.

        • Which does have an innovative cooling system.

        • Stew

          Like iOS or not, the new Mac Pro looks awesome.

  • paul_cus

    Welcome to 2013, Apple. Kinda.

    • mdylanbell

      I think you mean 2011, when ICS was released.

      • paul_cus

        Haha, yeah, even better.

  • Drumhead

    Apples had swipe to delete emails for a few years now. I don’t think this was something copied from Android.

    Also, navigation drawers have been on the ipad for a while now so I don’t really see it as copying Android.

    • cryosx

      i imagine most of these people have never owned an apple product to realize that

    • Brandon

      I think facebook is generally considered the pioneer of the navigation drawer.

  • The Al Gore picture.. haha

  • Google still has the lead on the send to phone / tablet area! It absolutely astounded me the other day when I was searching on my tablet for directions to a new Veteranarian in town and literally seconds after I typed it into my tablet the notification appeared on my phone giving one tap directions!

  • Enable

    Apple didn’t show off navigation drawers.

    The swipe gesture they introduced was for going back in an app rather than tapping the back icon in the top right of an app.

  • Jason Kahn

    Everyone is forgetting something, Apple spent the first ten minutes or so popping up charts showing how much higher their customer satisfaction ratings are compare to Android, then proceeded to introduce a completely redesigned OS that copies every other OS available, mainly Android. I don’t get it are they saying FU to the existing customers, or did they just make up the satisfaction surveys.

  • Inquizitor

    One point though: if you have a passcode enabled, you can’t access your notifications on Android. on iOS, people could previously swipe to access a specific notification and then type in their passcode before opening the related app. no idea how ios 7 will change that, but in the past that gave iOS the clear advantage (to me).

  • BoozeRob


  • Azn_Android

    I switched to iPhone in January after having the Gnex for a year. Other than the notification light and download center, I’ve found that I really haven’t missed Android and have found that whatever things I did on Android, I could do on iOS. I just prefer the aesthetic of iOS and the simplicity. While I’m not jumping up and down about iOS 7, it’s a respectable update in the world of iOS and will only improve my experience. I’m sure Apple swiped from Android but what do I care? More love for everyone!

    • mdylanbell

      Lucky for you they exactly copied the aesthetic android has been using for the last 2 years.

      • Azn_Android

        I wouldn’t go so far as to say they copied. I respect Jony Ive enough that I doubt that he purposely tried stealing UI designs of android. I’m sure he got ideas on multiasking from WebOS and Android but the whole translucency scheme in general has been applied in such a way that it does seems genuine. It’s an assimilation to the current popular design on mobile OSes while still remaining somewhat original. And I honestly love the end product.

    • dcantal

      I did the same for a little bit but missed the amount of customization I could do on Android. I’m someone who gets bored easily so I felt trapped when I couldn’t do simple things like get a new icon pack, keyboard, lockscreen etc without jailbreaking. Mycolorscreen.com has made me never want to give Android up. Glad you’re happy though!

      • Azn_Android

        I used to be just like that. That’s the main reason I switched away from the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy Nexus. However I found myself having to tweak too much and it just ended up taking too much of my time to the point that I kind of gave up on the whole customizing scene completely. The main reason I switched back to iOS was hardware issues I had with the nexus though, not Android.

    • cryosx

      might consider moving over as well, the android community has turned a bit too sour for my tastes

      • Azn_Android

        Admittedly the community has become a bit bitter towards everything (even towards their very own Android OEM’s) but the iOS side has plenty of bitter people too defending their own OS. Personally, I don’t care as long as I’m getting a better end product every year.

  • PQ

    The lack of an obvious “BUY” button in Google Music All Access puzzled me at first. I mean, I like that it isn’t there but it seems like a more likely revenue generator if you make it obvious the track isn’t in your library and you can buy it. I might even like to know that I don’t own a track. Shhh… don’t tell Google that but I don’t understand the business logic there. I think GMAA is awesome!

    • Travillion

      My guess is they get their revenue from the paid subscription (which iRadio is not). I think few people would be eager to pay for a track that they are already listening to for free and can continue to listen to for free on demand as long as they keep their subscription up. I get there are exceptions/extenuating circumstances where someone may want to buy the track, but methinks they’re a minority and Google doesn’t want to tick off the majority of their users who have no interest in double-paying.

    • hockeytownmatt

      This is one of my biggest “complaints” about All Access…When I first subscribed I immediately start loading my library, but now I’m not sure what I own. I’d love a button that tells me that I already own it or not. Say the Buy button shows up if it’s just subscription based…

      • lengi123

        Isn’t there a tab called library in the music app? or am i thinking of something different?

  • elemeno

    John McCain should be happy now thanks to automatic app updates.

    • elemeno

      And new OSX is called “Mavericks”

  • jnt

    I get what y’all are saying here, but there are only so many ways to show recently used apps and to “swipe” them away. Heck, if anything, Windows Phone ripped off WebOs first in the general look/structure of multi-tasking.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    But can you have your apps in alphabetical order

  • duke69111

    Al Gore looks as excited about IOS 7 as I am.

  • The headphone jack is on the bottom! Psheewwwwww

  • Larissa Stevenson

    Siri as a whole uses Bing as the default search engine, not just the in-car version of Siri.

  • jnt

    The mail app simply added “more” as an option – it’s always had the swipe and show the delete button “feature”. I don’t see how that’s really copying Mailbox – if anything, Mailbox copied iOS and just moved a couple of options to each side of the swipe.

  • MrMLK

    I’m a Galaxy Note 2 user and wouldn’t consider going back to an iPhone, but the lock screen notifications are miles better on the iPhone then they are on Android. You weaken the rest of your article when you ignore this fact.

    The reason that Apple hasn’t been allowing access to the Notification from the lock screen is that you can see all of the missed notification from the lock screen.

    The day Android adds that (to me) basic functionality will be a happy day for me indeed.

    And please don’t tell me that there are third party apps to do that. I have tried them all. THey are all fairly complicated to set up, non support all of the notification I want to see and none of them work that well.

    • The Peanut Master

      DashClock is really good, I’d recommend that. I’m actually getting an HTC One, and one of the things I liked in Sense was the Productivity lock screen that seems to mimic the Apple lockscreen notifications.

    • indolent83

      Another vote for DashClock widget. I find it very easy to set up and it shows everything I would like to see. If you don’t see something you want, there’s a ton of extensions. I don’t how you couldn’t find something you’re looking for.

      • MrMLK

        Well, if Samsung and Verizon ever release a 4.2.2 update for it, I will give it a try, but from a quick look at the Play store entry, it appears to be another third party app that developers have to support. If Google would just make the stream of Notifications available to that an app could just hook into them and show every notification, it would be a lot better.

        Or, if google would just release a lock-screen widget that mirrored the notification screen, then it would catch up to what iOS has been doing for several years now.

        To get back to my original point, there are a whole bunch of ways where Android is better then iOS. Kellex writing that Lock screen Notification support is one of them makes it hard to take the rest of his article too seriously.

        • Drakemac

          Lol. You just defined fragmentation. First to market immaturity. It’s not about innovation for innovation sake. It’s about cohesive experience across devices. Android is great, but which version, running on what device. Androids core users have one device and an overwhelming number of those are phones. What about other devices, such as tablets, media devices, auto, laptops and computers? It takes a cohesive well thought out ecosystem. First to market is not always the answer.

          The screenshots above clearly show a level of superior estedics and well thought out implementation not seen in the Andriod shots. And when it rolls out, 90% of iOS devices (not just phones) will be running it within 18 months.

          Android is Pepsi. A lot of noise, but still #2 (your older version) by far.

          But let us not forget that most of the “innovations” in this space are Apples. Android had a huge head start by emulating iOS from the beginning.

  • beaumac

    air drop is a great feature I would like to see in Android. The iOS in car could be really awesome but it is not available until summer 2014 at earliest. Everything else, smh, boring

    • cooze

      like your comment, boring

  • Aaron17Watson17

    I wanna ask something. Does google have a patent on the navigation drawers? 😮 If not then any company is free to implement that idea. Apple isnt exactly in the wrong legally. Not defending Apple, just saying.

    • Doug Green

      Correct, Apple could technically take the entire Android operating system and use it on their iPhone/iTouch/iPad devices legally. However, its the way they market the features they are taking from Android and presenting them as a “New” design, after mocking the very operating systems that they are taking them from that makes them look very foolish.

      • Aaron17Watson17

        Yep, i agree. Ethically, they have ventured deep in the wrong

  • Apple Maps on desktop computers tagline: “Finally, you can get lost in your own home.”

  • hurric

    haha very awesome comparison…excellent job


    since android is a rip off of IOS it doesnt really matter

  • Adam Truelove

    Joke about Apple with your Android friends all you want, but for the love of God DO NOT bring this stuff up with Apple fans. It’s like talking to a brick wall, they just don’t get it. And even if they did understand, they just don’t care. They’re new features to them, that’s all that matters to them.

    • AnthonyMoya

      I was just thinking the same thing. They will be super excited about these revolutionary features that are new to them and will just think I’m hating and being negative when I tell them Android has already had those features for some time now. Or because it’s Apple doing them they’re going to be soooo much better than anything on Android. You’ll just be wasting your time and breath. I’ll just bite my tongue and let them enjoy their 2011-2012 software features.


        I’m doing search over the web, and found that iphonehacks was dreaming (whining?) some of these features back on 2012:
        Quote: “With all the talk that has been going around after Scott Forstall’s departure from Apple, we’re really hoping for some major changes to the iOS UI, with features that get iOS on par with competing platforms in departments that it is currently lagging behind. We’re also excited at the prospect of Jony Ive leading the iOS Human Interface design.” Unquote

    • duke69111

      I was arguing with an Iphone user the other day and her best and only response was that my galaxy nexus/android phone was inferior because the apps in the play store have lots of updates. I almost died laughing and the 5 or 6 other people around me were just stunned at the stupidity spewing out of her mouth. I’ve never seen someone so serious and jealous at the same time.

      App updates are a bad thing I guess. /s

      • Justin Winker

        They are on iOS… I’ve seen people with 50+ app updates, and they have to do them all manually. Can you imagine the hell?

        • Toni Faunus Cloet

          Lol. It’s just 2 taps. Open app and update all.

          • mdylanbell

            But only recently did they add the ‘Update All’.

          • martin

            Update all has been around for a long time. It is great that you love android, so do I, but stop making stuff up.

          • Justin Winker

            Now it’s no taps 🙂

            When did they add an Update All feature? When I had my iPod Touch (I think it was a 2nd gen?), I don’t recall having an update all feature.

        • tomn1ce

          I see that every time I pick up my ipad 2 and that’s usually on a Sunday night to make sure the alarm is set for Monday. I find a whole bunch of updates on it, but you can update all of them at the same time not one by one..

        • “and they have to do them all manually”

          Because pressing a single button is really that hard?


    i dont get it? the multitasking looks completely different [im sure android will copy it in 4.3, thats why there was so announcement at googles I/O] the notification center looks COMPLETELY different [apples version looks much better, plus swype up to access it will be copied by android as well]

    man you guys are delusional lol its kinda sad

    • Adam Truelove

      Um, they may have implemented the features slightly different aesthetically, but they’re literally the same features that Android has had for years. These “new” iOS 7 features are not new, at all. And in some cases, they are nearly carbon copies of Android features.


        haha i dont really think fandroids can talk about copying or stolen ideas when android itself was a rip off of IOS

        • SirLancelotTheBrave

          I’ve gotta know. Why are you on an ANDROID website if you hate it? Oh that’s right, you’re a mother$#&$%*(@ troll.

          • samp1800

            dont you fandroids troll on every single apple site and video?

          • sk102704


          • mobilemann

            Yes. (see how that works?)

          • sk102704

            See how what works? You mean how a pathetic troll will reply with a dumbass comment a day late?
            You are a sad sad mobilemann.

          • Travis Harvey

            No, those are the astroturfers paid by Google and Samsung, to make people think android is cool, instead of just being a knockoff free OS used by sub-rate phone makers.

          • Matthew Gervasio

            My phones betterrrrrrr (JP from grandma’s boy voice)

          • michael arazan

            No, i visit droid-life and androidcentral for all news about my android devices, carriers, and new tech information. Life is Too Short to be a Petty troll, you iphone trolls have the Best stuff in your opinions, but still feel you have to come here and try to brag about false statements like brainwashed worms? Sad iOS can’t keep you content enough in your life that you come here and spout off ignorantly.

            Maybe you should sell your iPhones and iPads and Go Buy A Life, cause clearly your iOS crap isn’t helping you with your life, like Android does with mine

          • mobilemann

            i know it’s hard michael, but did you ever stop to think there are those of us out there that are multi platform? That technology is something to be a fan of, and not the individual players?

            Cause it seems pretty pathetic to me, how many android users get upset over anything iOS 7 related.

            i rock a gs3 (running cm10.1 rc5) and a ipad mini, but i’m still super excited. And even in iOS 6, besides stuff that i don’t consider nearly essential, live wallpapers etc) My ipad is just as functional. It can VPN into my apartments network, add NZB’s to my sab server, or shows to sickbeard. Check on my ip cameras.

            Actually iOS foscam apps allow me direct 2 way communication with my ip cameras, something android doesn’t offer in any app.

            One day you’ll get over it all. Until then, shut up.

          • MordyT

            Try tinycam, works wonders for me.

          • mobilemann

            pro does mention support of 2 way audio for foscam. you have no idea how much this makes my day. Thanks again.

          • MultiMaaan

            Multiplatform like you, moblemann. Have a vanilla Nexus4, Nexus 7 and Ipad. Apart from Garageband, I haven’t found any IOS apps that aren’t available for Anroid in one form or another. Nexus 7 is smaller so I carry it when I go out. No other reason. Didn’t go with Mini because of the price. Hey, I’m writing this on my Windows 8 desktop. What do I care what the os is? I use IOS, Windows, Linux, Primos, Android. So what? Whatever works….

          • mobilemann

            mini’s are $279 from apple in the refurb section, which isn’t too bad. there’s a 32gb with LTE that’s $349 last i looked too.

            Also, you’re totally crazy about the app disparage. Somethings have gotta ton better for android (plex etc) however, comicbook and ereaders are a joke compared to the ipad mini’s much less powerful internals. Why do i get 3fps moving a high res comic page when a dual a5 does it smooth?

            let’s not get into vnc clients (i own pro versions of jump and pocket cloud) and have tried every VNC client for android (apart from the ones requiring a 3rd party broker between me and my computer, no thanks) where iteleport just crushes it’s android counterparts.

            there’s other things i do, like DAW controllers for music apps, that android is no where near on either. (the one daw app that works enables 8 tracks, and not even panning works on protools, it’s useless)

            then there’s games. iOS clearly takes the cake here too.

            Not saying there aren’t a some stereotypical iOS downsides, for example, i have to keep an extra port open in my firewall to support non jailbroken devices L2TP connections, rather than my more secure OpenVPN setup (which requires a jailbroken device)

            Still, no point in lying about which platform has better software. It’s clear as day.

          • Tired

            I have 2-way communication with all 6 of my Trendnet cams on my Android. What’s your point, troll??

          • mobilemann

            it’s one of a few things, i go in further down below, but actually, someone was nice enough to show me a cam app that does do 2 way communication with my foscam apps below. And he actually told me without being a huge dick like you.

            I thanked him below. Cute you think i’m a troll because i don’t hate iOS, cause that’s also what makes me think your a troll, troll.

          • cozybop

            Life’s too short to be arguing about technology.

          • a) youth.in.asia

            She has nothing else to do. She’s at techno buffalo as well

      • WickedToby741

        Don’t worry about it dude. This guy is clearly just trying to stir stuff up. Don’t take the bait.

      • cryosx

        comes a point when you stop caring about who did it first and start caring about who’s doing it better. now if only they’d make that screen 4.2 inches

        • Tim242

          4.2″? You forgot the /s.

        • Adam Truelove

          Exactly, another win for Google and Android.

      • Dean Har

        You know what iOS 7 reminds me of? iOS 6. The biggest similarity with the pull down menu with Android is the fact that it pulls down, everything else is different. iOS 7’s lock screen actually looks much better than Android’s and now much better organized. Also is Android the only OS that’s allowed to have quick toggles? They don’t even look the same.

        The music player and calendar… the only thing they have in common with jellybean is the white background -____- . The music player/ iTunes radio looks just like the current black music player in iOS6…. except that its now white….. And the calendar app looks like the hundreds of calendar apps found in the app store. I guess those apps all took cues from Google as well.

        As for the navigation drawers, I’ve had similar drawers in iOS apps for the longest time, so I don’t know if these apps came first or if it was google’s gmail.

        As for multitasking, there have been multitasking views like these in the jailbreak community even before Android moved away from their icon multitasking view to the page-preview multitasking view.

        As for the swipe to delete, don’t make me laugh. Who’s the one that came up with that first?


        But whatever, copied or not, everything looks better on iOS. Go ahead and stick with the “first” and I’ll go ahead stick with the better.

        • calculatorwatch

          Yeah of course iOS has a different design style than Android, it always has (though less so now). I for one am glad they’re getting rid of all those stupid looking gradients that were supposed to make things look all shiny and 3D, but it’s still a matter of opinion whose design actually looks better.

          The point is what has Apple actually done that’s NEW? For a company that claims to be so innovative they really haven’t brought any big new features to the market in a long time. Instead Apple seems content to simply try to keep up with Android in features and let their design do the talking. That’s a fine strategy and I’m sure it’ll satisfy all their users who prefer the iOS experience but if they’re trying to wow people into switching over from Android it’s not really working.

          • ar4757

            well said

        • mobilemann

          iOS’s lockscreen has always been more functional

          ‘im amped to see actual discussion here, and not just “apple sucks”

          • JasonIvers

            How is IOS’s lockscreen more functional than Android with lockscreen widgets? I can do nearly anything from my lockscreen.

          • mobilemann

            because you can directly respond to any notification. also, 4% of users have access to said lock screen widgets, no?

            Android is my phone OS, so you know.

          • Kova

            Ok that makes sense: Because only 4% (which you just pulled from where?) have this feature, we can’t count it. And “have access to said lock screen widgets” is ridiculous, anyone who wants them can type “lockscreen widgets” on the poorly-named Play Store. Crappy naming pisses me off with Android – think Google Music All Access Pass vs Spotify.

          • mobilemann


            because that’s the amount of people who run a version of android that can install it. (i’m one of them:D)

          • dreamfeed

            It’s not about what your device can do; it’s about what you can do with your device. Android is great for the <1% of the population who knows how to install a custom ROM, which devices to buy and which not to buy, etc. For everybody else it's basically just the latest crap that the carriers are shoving does their throats.

            The single most valuable thing about iOS is that the carriers have absolutely no control over it. For the average user, this is worth more than all the features of android put together.

          • damian

            iOS can’t even copy a movie to it’s device without having to install 100mb software package on PC, signing in with a iTunes account, installing an app on iOS and then finally being able to copy the movie over under the app. And then only that app can access it. What a joke. And single-SIM only iOS with a 4″ LCD….It’s tiny.

            I feel like I’m using something from the year 2000 when I’m using iOS.

            Android is great for everyone and far far more functional. Since iOS is plunging head first into the depths of Nokia land sales wise around the world, you’re in the minority.

          • Craig Southwick

            I agree that iOS’s stock lock screens once were more functional than stock android. With jellybean that became untrue. Even before jellybean with third party apps you could enhance the stock lock-screen greatly something which I don’t think Apple approves of for their devices.

            Apple – consistent experience but little innovation in last 2-3 years.

            Android – able to do a lot more but sufferers from inconsistency and fragmentation. The latest Android is leaps and bounds ahead of iOS but Google’s struggle is that too many devices can’t run it or carriers/manufacturer are being slow about updating devices.

            iOS is probably the best choice for a lot of people – but not all people. Android, iOS, and now MS and Blackberry adding innovations is a good thing. iOS 7 takes cues from all of these and probably webOS as well. That’s okay except for the hypercritical nature.

            My basic gripe with Apple is that their attitude is everyone else is a rip off and iOS should be the only OS. That’s just silly. Apple wasn’t the first at anything that I can see except they were the first to put it all together with a user interface that people could grasp intuitively. That’s important, but it doesn’t mean everyone else should just leave the playing field to Apple.

            Also, Apple sucks 🙂

          • mobilemann

            sigh kid ~

            just the fact that you think apple has an attitude (hint that thermonuclear crap died with steve) And that you know so little of it that you consider android leaps and bounds ahead (i run android as my daily driver too) just says fanboy to me

          • Craig Southwick

            Okay I’m not sure what “sigh kid” means but it means something to you. You didn’t actually dispute what i said just sighed,and suggested I was a fanboy. Where I am coming from is iOS 7’s “enhancements” are all stuff Android already has and sometimes has had for years. So that’s where the “leaps and bounds” phrase come from. Disagree? Okay then do more than sigh and suggest I am a fanboy.

            Apple’s attitude is certainly a subjective thing but even in this discussion you’ve seen the Apple argument of “so what if iOS 7 is borrowed features everything is a derivative of the original iPhone therefore it’s payback or okay”. At least the thermonuclear was honest, there appears to persist an Apple belief system that all other mobile OSs are derivative to iOS. Be honest, its all derivative.

            If you look at what I said I clearly said that iOS is the best choice for a lot of people. That’s not fanboy talk. I just shudder at the idea that it is or should be the only choice.

          • mobilemann

            sigh kid because fanboyism is a childish trait. I didn’t dispute what you said because you didn’t say anything. You said “they haven’t innovated in 2-3 years”

            it’s further cute that you can use “thermonuclear war” both a “honest” point and proof that apple are nuts.

            I just think kids who mostly use their phones to do facebook status updates (you) shouldn’t talk about what mobile OS is most advanced; because intent’s isn’t everything.

            as for android having all of iOS’s enhancements, i would love to know why android dev’s haven’t been using the game pad api; or why my facebook app updates all the time, instead of learning my usage of the app, and intelligently updating only before it thinks i’ll use it (obviously to save battery)

            oh wait, android has none of that; that was all just me showing you how little you know about what you compare the phone os you use too; and how incredibly unqualified you are to talk about this:D (kids)

          • Craig Southwick

            You don’t think the phrase “sigh fanboy” isn’t a little emo/childish? I’m not sure name-calling and sighing is the best way to point out that someone else is childish.

            I said little innovation by Apple in the last 2-3 years, not no innovation. I stand behind that. If you have some iOS innovations I have missed please share. Feel free to quote me. When doing so please do so accurately.

            I’m no expert on iOS. I don’t claim to be. I know what I know by reading and from friends who are mostly happy with their devices. If you want to say I am ignorant of iOS I’d probably agree. I love Android 4 plus but my phone is on a 2.3 based ROM. This is because of my carrier / manufacturer combination but still, Google has to do something. You can’t have users all over the place in versions it’s just messy.

            The gamepad api is a fairly minor point so I’ll just concede it. Do you expect gamepad api support to be part of the marketing campaign? I still say the things Apple was boasting about adding to iOS 7 are things Android has and has had for years. Disagree? Any examples outside the esoteric?

            Intelligent updating is a good idea. Android currently has flexibility in how updates are carried out. Right now, as I understand it, iOS has one way, manually. Android does have an option to update only on wifi which saves both data costs and battery, does iOS? I think I’ll reserve judgement on iOS’s
            intelligent updating idea. Sounds good – let’s see how well it is implemented.

            In general, iOS or iOS + the hardware handles battery life much better than Android. Battery life is extremely important to mobile users and iOS wins here. That’s one of the reasons I say iOS is the best choice for a lot of people. iOS has a simple intuitive interface whch most people just pick up and “get”. I think Android is there now but iOS has been there for a long time.

            Again, my perception of the Apple attitude is exactly that, my perception. I won’t argue the point but if you disagree that there is a belief out there amongst Apple proponents that everything else owes Apple its existence then I guess we just disagree. I’ve seen this expressed in forum after forum. Whether it is Apple the company or Apple proponents I’d say mostly the proponents.

          • mobilemann

            “I just shudder at the idea that it is or should be the only choice.” I do too to be honest; just wanted you to know this part of your post i totally agree’d with. just not all the “attitude stuff”

            I don’t want apple to be the sole smartphone maker as much as i don’t want google to be it. (or ms)

        • Adam Truelove

          “First” is based in the realm of fact. “Better” is an opinion.

          • cozybop

            Okay well go buy your Model T while I get my Dodge Charger. Being first isn’t all important if improvements aren’t made.

        • Bowersbros

          I have the benefit of making it look how I want. I’d call that better tbh.

      • Sean Royce

        No one cares that Android had it first, iOS has it now, and that’s all that matters. Apple have a completely different business model guys.

        • Mron

          Classic response from an iSheep. Keep telling yourself that it does not matter who has the features first.

          • Sean Royce

            I’m not an iSheep you ignorant tool. I’ve been using Android for the past 4 years.

          • cozybop

            People used to be fans of more important and creative things. Now people are fans of their cell phones.

        • Nevi_me

          Nobody would care if Apple wasn’t on a patent war. They threw the stones, and now the other children are doing the same

      • DMZMAN

        Apple stopped coming up with new ideas the moment Steve Jobs passed.

        • lulz

          Apple stopped comming up with new ideas the second Apple 2 came out… #Wazniak_is_the_real_genius

      • Except…if you guys had been paying attention you would know that iOS jailbreak devs have been doing this stuff for years too. I really wouldn’t run around claiming Android devs came up with this first.

        • Samsung Fanboy

          jailbreak devs got their ideas from Android., they didnt come up with them out of the clear blue. jailbreakers and jailbreak devs biggest goal is to make iOS function more like Android. period.

          • Lol. Sure thing.

          • mobilemann

            sbs settings was out before the g1 kid. You have no idea.

      • Griz2000

        It’s more about making the best implementation of features that people will actually use because of their intuitive interface and behavior.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What does that have to do with what you replied to? And the Multitasking is a blatant ripoff of WebOS but you’re obviously the blatant troll.

      • WickedToby741

        It has nothing to do with your comment, it’s just a troll tactic to comment on the first comment so that their comment is at the top of the comment section. Nothing to see here, move along.

      • Tim Buchanan

        This comment thread doesn’t run on iOS, so IHATEHIPSTERSSS seems to be confused as to how it works.

      • vettedude95

        Wow, hipstard is on here too. I thought he only trolled Technobuffalo. Take what hipstersss says with a grain of salt, because he is a complete idiot.

        • mobilemann

          please keep in mind not all iOS users are that way, he’s probably just some 13 year old. Also, keep in mind if iOS users judged android users by their most annoying and stupid, we’ would be on the same page:D

          • vettedude95

            Oh I know 🙂

          • angermeans

            and android users aren’t? If you say no then I challenge you to go back and read this very article.

          • Android4life

            That is an insult to all 13 year olds

      • Peaky2

        For me, an Itouch 4G user, multitasking has always been then just not as blatantly obvious or encompassing to the screen.

        • jacob

          There is no such thing as an Itouch 4G

          • Peaky2

            Yes there is I have a 4th generation Ipod Touch. It is the last generation with a chrome backing.
            Proof: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1353#iPod_Touch_4G

          • Ijfreak

            His point is that the device isn’t called the itouch 4G. 4G implies that the device has 4G data capabilities. I also hate when people say “iTouch.” It’s an iPod touch. It never has been and never will be called an iTouch. What you have is a 4th generation iPod Touch, as your second comment says.

      • Andre Richards

        WebOS was a blatant rip-off of iOS created by people who left Apple to create their own mobile OS. Apple stealing from someone who stole from them…? Oh, the humanity!

    • antny

      The multitasking windows looks like a flat version of Sense

      • albert

        exactly what i’m thinking just now.

      • Mick

        It also looks exactly like how WP7 & WP8 handles multi-tasking.

        • cs098

          dude web os was first everyone is copying them XD

          • mobilemann

            if anything this, but it is kinda an extension of what they were doing before.

            Why don’t the android fans talk about what’s really important? Like how iOS see’s your app usage patterns, and updates apps like FB in the background, but only when it thinks your going to use them, (to save battery)

            that’s basically out googling google.

          • cs098

            I dunno maybe because the other stuff is more noticeable?

  • n11

    I think their new UI is a downgrade from their current, even some mock-ups looked better. Its not terrible, but its not a step in the right direction imo.
    Nice to know there are still some sensible authors out there.

  • Ian Smith


    • Tyler

      They just don’t want to use Google i think. And until iSearchTheWeb comes out that’s the best they could find. Hence why there is no more youtube or google maps preloaded on iPhones.

    • Bradley White

      I actually think Google is afraid “Bing” could happen. There is no other reason I can see why Google makes all these apps for iOS, they allow their entire Android catalog on Blackberry, and expressed interest in an official agreement with Blackberry, but on WP8 and on Windows 8, Google is snubbing them hard! And they give excuses like market share, but when it comes to Microsoft, I think they are legitimately scared, and they are doing everything they can to make it seem irrelevant.
      I am not saying that people will start saying things like “Let me ‘Bing’ that for you”. But I think that Google is concerned that with enough marketing dollars, and fear of privacy, etc, Microsoft could take a chunk out of their #1 revenue stream.

  • Minh Ly

    There is a Cydia app called Lockinfo that came out back when I had the iPhone 3G which displayed information on the lock screen, so it’s been around before Android implemented it. But I agree with most points on how behind Apple truly is in regards to features.

    • kevinc

      that doesn’t count, it’s not a feature of the phone if you have to jailbreak your phone and void all warranties in order to get it.

      • PapiBone5

        No difference from rooting you android device to get current features that not part of the phone, work both ways

    • n900mixalot

      I had it on my Windows Mobile 6.5 devices … I think it’s been around for a very long time.

  • DroidGeek

    Apple should of titled their conference “The revolutionary Phone that’s finally up-to-date part 1 of 100”

    • mdylanbell

      You should learn about contractions. Should’ve = should have. Writing “should of” makes you look stupid.

  • Michael Lee


  • Anthony

    this is almost as bad as verizion’s “viva movil” presentation

    • Blue Sun

      To us yes. But the Kool Aid drinkers are loving the innovation I’m sure.

  • MikeSaver

    Hi I’m Apple, I’m going to steal everything other people are doing, say I made it, and then make fun of the people I made it from.

    I do this because Microsoft did this to me a couple decades ago and I’m still bitter about it.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Eh, what difference does it even make? Android has borrowed significantly from Apple when it was first introduced also.

      I’m all for the phone hardware and software makers taking ideas from each other and improving upon them. In the long run it makes all of our phones (iOS, Android, WP) better to use when they use the best features of each OS.

      • InfamousRunaway

        Android my have “borrowed” from apple but Steve Jobs also declared “thermonuclear war” and sued any company that put android on a device. Now apple is “borrowing” features from android and other mobile operating systems and think it’s fine. You don’t find that even the slightest bit hypocritical?

  • Martin B

    I’m an iPhone 4 user (whose phone now runs like a dog now). Have been considering the S4 since launch – I’m going to wait for Samsung’s event on the 20th and go for whichever model I like from whatever the line up is after that. I worked out that even if I move to Android and repurchase all of my apps again I’ll still be saving money over buying a new iPhone…

    • Hector Delgado

      Just as a friendly suggestion, I would wait for the new Nexus to come out later this year.

  • Tyler

    Welcome to the party iOS users! What took you so long to get here?

    • Ya boiii

      Waiting for Android features to mature before copying them.

      It’s a mutual thing for Google / Apple.

      • mdylanbell

        Too bad Apple is only taking.

        • Ya boiii

          Last time I checked, Android was a Blackberry ripoff before the iPhone came around…

    • Damn Apple Maps!!! Can’t help it… lol… Wrong turn into Legal Street, lost the way at Deny Town, spend ages looking for gas station at Creativity-ville, and finally head down Copy-and-named-it-new road.

    • iGamer

      We’ve been playing all of those games that still haven’t come out for android.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Ugh now I have to deal with all my friends that have iPhones talking about how amazing iOS 7 is and explain to them that it’s just a ripoff of ICS

    • Travillion

      I can’t tell you how frustrating it was a month ago when several of my ifriends were raving about their brand new “panorama” feature on their iPhone, and then raved about how they can dictate a text message or an email. smh….


    WHY, WHY, WHY??? I want these OS to be completely different now its going to merge!!!! Like every freaking IOS fanboy will be like pshhhh been had that! And I gotta look at my phone and say yeah yeah! Now look at……NOTHING its going to be all the same! GAHHHHHHHHHHH FML…..lol

    • One day Apple and Google will shake hand, hug and pad each other’s back and announce Apple Nexus 1. I would love to see everyone’s face…. (well just the fanboys’ mainly).

  • Blue Sun

    Didn’t Al Gore invent the iPhone?

    • Pengwn

      no, he invented the interwebs.

      • Blue Sun

        Ahh, thanks 🙂


    I have to say, iOS version of multiple browser tabs looks better than Android’s version. Sorry…..

    • Ian Smith

      i’ll give them that. but that’s pretty much it – maybe a little bit more, but not much.

  • Salem Alawi

    Al Gore… Looking flat Budd.

    • He’s just matching the new iOS UI. 😛

      • Salem Alawi

        LOL, i’m sharing that with all people i know .. best thing in the whole article.

      • n900mixalot

        It’s sooooo flat.

  • cjohn4043

    I have to say though, iOS 7 is beautiful and adds a lot of great features. I just wish more people knew about the Android counterparts. -__-

    • Diablo81588

      Yup, called vehicle mode. It opens when you insert the phone in the car dock.

      • Diablo81588

        Well, not quite the same. Guess the iOS version integrates with the car system.

  • Bing is a not designed to do a Google search for you when you are a Google hater

  • Shane Redman

    Been waiting for this post all day…Kellen, you’re the man

  • Stephen Cox

    Holy crap! Al Gore is there! Time to get super cereal about iOS 7, guys!

    • Hector Delgado

      they hired him to make sure the internet, which he invented, doesn’t go down for the demo.

    • Edward Smith

      Al Gore is bored because he has ridden the mighty moon worm. After all that this west coast – east coast $hit is meaningless.
      Peace out, y’all.

  • iamthecosmos

    The parallax effect wallpapers, remind me of the photosphere live wallpaper I currently have, and I think there’s a live wallpaper on the lockscreen now? Also, the general look of the UI reminds me of a MIUI theme. Having said all that, I think it looks a lot more better and modern now, and iOS has caught up with yet more features… to me iOS and Android are gradually becoming closer and closer

  • Aaron Svennes

    So this is somewhat of a trend with new apple announcements. They announce a bunch of features that are already present on every other mobile OS, but where they diverged this time, is they overhauled the way the OS looks. I think that most iPhone user’s aren’t concerned with what their phones do, it’s more important how they look. I think this will give apple a small market share boost because of the change that the uninitiated will see in the OS look and feel.

  • Tony Byatt

    Apple = No shame…

  • Tyler Casilio

    Google, Lawsuit? No? Okay but you can. You are the baby’s daddy

  • Eric

    I must admit though, I like the look of the new Safari (Animations) better than Chrome but that doesn’t have me switch os’s

    • But who uses Safari?? hehe.

      • Eric

        Hence why I said it wont make me switch os’s….

        • I got your point the first time. It was a rhetorical question. haha

  • Android Fan

    What can I say. Very good post. Covering all important points. Foolishness and rip off to the limit!!!

  • dylan84

    We all know iOS has been playing catch-up for years. Apple seems unable to really do anything original with the OS.

  • Guest


    • Guest

      ‘NUFF SAID.

    • gregmr

      Best graphic yet!

    • Johncarterofmars

      Sorry, but multitasking looks identical to WP. Bing it. ‘Nuff said…

      • cs098

        nope web os lol

    • osegall

      awesome graphic where can we get a copy of that… nice job man

      • Geoff Johnson

        By clicking on the picture

        • deepen03


    • The Peanut Master

      Wow, this is awesome. Good stuff. Let the pictures do the talking.

    • Beren

      Almost without exception, the changes in iOS 7 are cosmetic and are how the OS has worked for years. Suggesting that Android did these first or Apple stole these is, in most cases, ignorant or blind. An obvious example of this is the swipe to delete for email – which has been standard in all iOS apps including mail since 2007. Claiming photo filters as an Android win, is just embarrassing.

  • 4n1m4L

    I’m hoping key lime pie continues the trend of updating android without updating android. Release everything through Play. Everything modular. Every process updates independently of O.S

    • boobs

      This frustrates me being a new Nexus device owner.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        But why is that? It pushes the platform forward as a whole. You buy a Nexus device for pure AOSP (no bloatwarez), and software updates from Google themselves. You continue to have both, even with the shift to modularity for many of their processes and apps. So, why does everyone else’s experience improving frustrate you personally?

        • Rex

          cos it dilutes the hipster cred 😛

    • philnolan3d

      You can’t release everything through Play. Apps sure, but the core of the OS would have to come as a full update.

      • Richard

        They are moving a lot of features into libraries for developers as well. See stuff like the play libraries.

  • t83

    Some good points. But some of these “new features” are from jailbreaks for iphones long before they were introduced for Android or iOS. Not saying apple isn’t copying, but it’s not all from android directly. Also kellen you know the iRadio has been in development for almost 3 years now, maybe longer, thats definitely not a rip off of Googles new music program. Just post the facts without the bias. Good competition will encourage more solid performance hopefully.

    • cns2007

      “…some of these “new features” are from jailbreaks for iphones long before they were introduced for android…” Such as?

      Serious question, not being a jerk. Links would help too.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      It was a comparison between iRadio and GMusic All Access. iRadio is, essentially, a completely shameless advertisement to get you to spend more on music in iTunes by discovering more artists that you like, as proven by the large BUY buttons throughout the interface. It is free to use (surprise surprise) and ad-supported (just in case you never buy any tracks, the labels/artists still get something), but they kindly remove the ads if you pay for iTunes Match. The service draws very very heavily upon Pandora’s model, except it has been baked into the stock Music app. If it is decent at its song choice algorithms, it could take a significant amount of market share from Pandora. It is not, however, a direct competitor to Google Music All Access in any form or fashion.

      Given the above, whether it has been in development/planning for 3 years or 30 years, iRadio is a bonus, rather than a “must-have” feature. Honestly, Pandora will likely be a better alternative if you’ve used it long enough, since it has a large profile of likes/dislikes/favorites for you already. That is, if they allow Pandora to stay, citing the “replicate core functionality” clause in the App Store developer guidelines. I doubt they’d pull it, but they do have the option if they so choose.

      • t83

        I agree it’s not a direct competitor. Thats why I didn’t like the comparison. Or the fact that he compared the UI’s of the music apps navigation.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Ah, I see your point now, and you are correct. It is rather unfair to compare a “free” “music discovery tool” and a paid service with completely different usage cases, target markets, and because of that, will have very different UI’s.

  • itsgonnalast

    I’ve never seen a crowd so excited about new icons and Bing…

    • Justin M. Salvato

      Seems Apple is so anti-Google these days, they rather root for Microsoft. Strange world we live in, eh?

  • uzo ufondu

    Is it just me that thinks that the new icons are really ugly….especially the Safari one? They look so ” ’80s inspired”

    • Android Fan

      Its not only you. Count me in

    • Salem Alawi

      Same here.

    • Chris

      Looks like it was from Symbian. Yeah, Symbian.

    • Tom Luley

      It truly looks like someone took a tie-dye shirt and threw it on a phone.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      It seems like they are moving away from representing what the app does to what its name implies. They tried so hard not to be skeuomorphic in any way that some of the icons have become a bit obtuse in their meaning.

    • Blue Sun

      80’s pastel colors that seem to be the “in” thing lately with the hipsters.

      • Chris

        And who better to target. Hipsters love Apple. But then again, I thought the thing hipsters wanted was to be different. Maybe they should have a Windows Phone..?

        • Shaggy723

          They (hipsters) want to be different like everyone else…

    • Michael Ta

      they looks like someone was high on crack when they chose the colors for it.

    • Simon Rudduck

      They are gaudy, for sure. I likened it to a woman who was wearing her heavy comeandgetmeboy eyeshadow.

    • David

      This is the first comment that all commenters seems to agree on.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    lol why do i fell like this should have been announced around March 31st of this year.

    • n900mixalot


  • Mark Coppock

    Yes, I was going to say: iOS 7 multitasking is one of the most direct ripoffs I’ve seen yet in the OS wars. Even Apple’s copying of Android notifications wasn’t as close as their copying of webOS multitasking. It’s remarkable.

    • Rakyth

      It’s not like Apple wasn’t ripping off WebOS/Palm already. I have an old, 1990’s era Palm III with a UI that looks strikingly similar to a firstgen iPhone.

      • The Palm OS (right back to the PalmPilot) was a blatant copy of Apple Newton’s OS.

  • BRIM

    Blatant rip-off for sure. Surprised Kellen didn’t mention that when he listed the “Multi-task” UI.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Well, it was a very quick iOS7 vs. Android article. I assume they’ll dig deeper into this in the opinion pieces over the next few days.

  • BRIM

    I feel bad for iOS users when this rolls out with SIRI using BING as their new source. womp womp

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d


      man google is gonna lose big $$$ on that especially since IOS gets more traffic and search than android

      • Rolo P

        You iTrolls are hilarious!

        • Don’t feed the troll, it only fuels it

        • Mron

          Their hilarious looking. Little Sheep!

      • mxracer9111

        Please capitalize Google and Android, these are names. Respect them….

      • BJG

        Andriod dwarfs iOS worldwide.

    • WickedToby741

      Bing is awful, but it can’t be worse than what they endured with Maps. They’re familiar with disappointment.

      • Justin M. Salvato

        Awful how? I use Bing regularly. I can admit that the one thing I find superior on Google search is their image search. Bing is lacking there, but Bing overall is quite good.

        • WickedToby741

          I’ve just never been a fan. Tried it on multiple occasions and just find the results subpar compared to Google. Plus with Google Now it just makes sense to have everything tied into Google.

          • Justin M. Salvato

            Google Now is an impressive app. Would like to see something like that on Windows Phone but since Microsoft has been doing the Scoogle campaign, they would be eating their words if they made an app like that; Google Now relies on reading emails and such to stay aware of what you’re doing and where you’re going.
            As for Bing search results, you are factually wrong. Bing search results are not subpar compared to Google. They are on par and in some cases, better.

          • InfamousRunaway

            Which search engine you prefer comes down to personal opinion I happen to prefer Google and you prefer Bing in the end as long as everyone find’s what there searching for it doesn’t really matter.

      • hana ya

        & very familiar with denying their disappointment

    • Looks like a bad MIUI theme