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Relive the Glory Days and Turn Your Galaxy S4 Into the Ultimate Slider With This Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard

gs4 slide keyboard1

The death of the physical keyboard on smartphones happened a couple of years ago (someone tell Blackberry), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those who would give a left…arm…to relive the days of click-clacking away on some chicklets. For those who match that description, I’m pleased to present to you a Bluetooth slideout keyboard for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S4. Look at that beauty. 

They keyboard connects to your phone via Bluetooth, holds its own 280mAh battery, can be switched off or on to preserve that battery, features an LED back light to allow you to type in the dark, and can even tilt to give you the ultimate viewing angle for watching videos or replying to emails.

From the pictures, it looks like you have to drop your Galaxy S4 into a case that then attaches to the keyboard. Once attached, you can slide the keyboard in and out just like you did during the glory days of the OG DROID. Should you need to take a picture, the device (in its case) pops off to unblock the lens. Brilliant, right?

Who wants one? Oh, it retails for $80 from a wholesaler called Hypercel. Maybe that’s the reason this ended up in our spam folder.

gs4 slider keybaord3gs4 slide keyboard2gs4 slider keyboard4gs4 slider keyboard5

Via:  Hypercel

  • Chris

    I miss the hell out of slider phones. I actually bought this (well, not this one, but the exact same thing from a different shop). You see, a couple dozen different places sell this same thing, and hundreds on eBay. It’s not slim at all. In fact, it is very thick. Considerably thicker than a Droid 4 in a good case. I would LOVE to see a 5″ slider with top specs.

    • Chris

      Oh, and the space key is too small. Takes a fair bit of getting used to…especially for punctuation.

  • RyanTech85

    Dumb. About the Blackberry comment. there are plenty of business people such as myself that love their keyboard. The Q10 is gonna be my new work phone alongside my S3.

  • TylerChappell

    $80 for a keyboard. $90 for wireless charging. Samsung is the new Apple when it comes to accessorization. XD

  • Shane Spencer

    Had a Droid Incredible. Dont want a data plan, so now I have an old, old, windows mobile 6.1 Samsung i760. I actually really like they keyboard. I miss the good old days of innovation, when Samsung didn’t have complete control over Android. Theres no fun to android anymore. (In my opinion)

  • Pengwn

    Just for shits and giggles, I charged my OG over the weekend. I tried typing on that keyboard and every other work was misspelled. I just can’t imagine going back to one anymore, especially with the advancements to on screen keyboards auto-correct/text prediction.

  • bkosh84

    I would buy this in a heartbeat.. Miss my old Droid 2.. 🙁

  • I can see the appeal to something like this but why wouldn’t they make a proper full (5 row) keyboard if they were going to go through this much effort.

    I was a dyed in the wool “keyboard or nothing” user until I got a phone with a crappy 4 row keyboard, it was so bad i had to learn to use Swype and I haven’t looked back.

  • DJ

    I got this for S3. It’s way too bulky and the keys are too small. not worth it.

  • GohanBurner

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Stephen Cox

    Hey Kellen, you might want to point people to DealExtreme, they can get it for $27 there: http://dx.com/p/detachable-bluetooth-v3-0-hs-51-key-keyboard-case-w-stand-for-samsung-galaxy-s3-i9300-white-198574

  • Stephen Cox

    What would have been even better is if they would have made it “slide” into the USB port, and had an extended battery in it. That way it could charge the phone while communicating with the phone via USB HID drivers and not wirelessly.

  • akazerotime

    Seidio called, they said they own the rights to making a thin phone look bulky.

  • Tony Byatt

    Wow, the return of the slider. I thought these were dead…

  • patrick kerby

    That’s really cool, Lord willing they come out with this for the Droid DNA, please tell me how can I get HTC to do this?

  • kkanemt

    the good old SAMSUNG GLYDE

  • Tim Buchanan

    Anyone else notice that bluetooth appears to be turned off on all of the devices pictured? (No notification in the status bar.)

  • John S

    Popping that contraption off every time you want to take a pic or vid? No thanks. People complain enough about the “inconvenience” of taking pics with a flip cover. Imagine with this thing.

  • Kyle Wilkins

    Ah the glory days with my ole OG “jizzle jazzle” DROID.

  • Thriller87

    Yes they have made it so physical keyboards users are forced to adopt full touchscreen phones. Which keeps Ebay retailers in business by buying and reselling physical keyboard phones.

  • bigdav1178

    I was interested until I took a closer look at the layout of the keys: it looks like the reject keyboard the original Droid had. There have been so many better keyboard layouts released for smartphones, and they choose to go with this design??? Sadly, it’s still the closest I’ve gotten to considering upgrading from my Droid 4. I’ve got money waiting, if only an OEM would build it.

  • Butters619

    Am I the only one still sort of hoping Motorola will release a dev slider straight to Google play?

    • Bionic

      not happening anytime soon

      • Butters619

        Yeah I know that. Still it’d be cool some day. Not holding my breath.

    • Cowboydroid

      No, you’re not. It’s at the top of my ultimate gadget wishlist. Every year the sliders kept getting worse, until they just stopped releasing them. And they wonder why sales dropped. Morons.

      • Butters619

        The Droid 4 had an excellent keyboard, but an asstacular display.

  • duke69111

    You would think for $80.00 they could of created a better layout of the keys.

  • jayman1576

    So you can make your awesomely thin and light-weight phone into a thick bulky disaster…

  • Bionic

    Yanno what else $80 gets you besides this stupid thing? 4 lap dances at most strip clubs. Hell…….maybe more if she is in a good mood 🙂

    • XphoneTroll

      Lol. If only…

    • Brandon Golway

      In New Orleans at the Hustler Club it will only get you 2 and you can’t touch lol The other clubs down there were way cheaper and much better!

      • Bionic

        LOL, right on

      • Armus

        I’m still paying on a lap dance I got from a girl at that club

        • Bionic

          my wife was with me and the stripper showed her how to give me a dance, LOL. That was fun.

        • Brandon Golway

          Yea they weren’t the greatest, by far. The chick from Rick’s actually remembered me two days later. I should have gone back there instead of going to Hustler and wasting my money, oh well I’ll know for next time!

      • KOBALT

        That’d get me in the backroom for a half hour with the 17 year old strippers we got in Ohio

        • Brandon Golway

          Remember, no matter what a stripper says, there’s no sex in the champagne room!

      • michael arazan

        $25-35 at the Hustler club in east st.louis, plus tip, during the night they’ll announce a special for a $25 3 song dance a few times a night. Touching is at the discretion of the dancers there, usually means you’ll be paying double or triple the amount of the dance.

        • Brandon Golway

          The first night I got to NO I went to Rick’s Cabaret and got a ten minute lap dance from a hot young chick (I’m 27 myself) and she WANTED me to be all over her. That was only about $25 including tip. Hustler was $25 for a TABLE dance! I got a (regular) massage from her for like $10 too while watching the other girls lol Also the dancers as Hustler were always knocking over your drinks (intentionally?), of course they didn’t get you a new one so you were out $5-$8.

  • When I had my Droid 2, I thought I’d never be able to give up a physical keyboard. Once I switched to my Gnex, I never wanted one again.

    I get that some like physical keyboards better—touch keyboards take some getting used to.

    I just can’t wait for Minuum.

  • Brandon Golway

    It does look pretty damn nice and I would definitely get one just to have it (only really useful for the terminal and a few others, I love the on-screen keyboard in landscape most of the time) but I definitely wouldn’t drop $80 on it, maybe $30.

  • TrevorKai

    I lol’d at this post!

  • T4rd

    I would buy this for my Note 2. That’s awesome, esp. the front facing speaker.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    That is hideous! Besides, with a 5-inch screen, typing on the Galaxy S4 is pretty easy, though I understand some QWERTY fanatics will be clamoring for this.

    • Bionic

      Yup, i agree

    • T4rd

      I think the big benefit comes from the keyboard not taking up any screen real esate. You can type in one large field without the keyboard getting in the way and see more of the message, making it easier to format properly and proofread.

      • Raidy

        Exactly. Even on on big screen phones like the Note II, if you type in landscape mode 70%-80% of the screen is covered by the keyboard, so you cant see anything. Port mode is a lil better but its still 50%.

        • Brandon Golway

          I only used the physical keyboard on my OG Droid for when I was in the terminal, playing emulators, or few other applications. Most of the time the on-screen keyboard was sufficient in landscape.

  • phage80

    Hmmm nice looking, but it blocks the speaker on the rear.

    • bigdav1178

      It looks like it has openings (holes) for the sound to come through. It does, unfortunately, look like the camera is blocked unless the keyboard is slid open; it would have been nice if they could have worked around it such that it was unobstructed with the slider closed.

  • Uncle paul

    The biggest Advantage of getting an S4= ACCESSORIES!!!


    You LOSE!, you get NOTHING! Good Day Sir!

    • Bionic

      Yanno what you are right. Samsung has really stepped up its game in the accessory market. Unlike in the past, you can get S4 stuff right away. Its nice to see for sure.

    • socalrailroader

      Your loss.

    • jose

      If I chose a phone for accessories, I’d go with iPhone.

      • Bionic

        So when you buy a phone you like the fact that there are no OEM docks or accessories available? I dont.

        • jose

          I honestly don’t. With Android phones there is no standard shape or size so when I switch phones that dock is a paperweight and can no longer be used. The only dock I really care about is a car dock, and there’s plenty of good universal options out there.

        • Blue Sun

          Regarding docks: I usually buy a third party extended battery (GNex & my Droid X). After I bought the extended battery for the Droid X, the dock station was wasted. I doubt I would ever buy one again.

    • JMonkeYJ

      it’s a good point, but i change phones often enough that it’s a waste to even buy most accessories. maybe in a few years when the smartphone/tablet market isn’t advancing so quickly accessories will interest me more.

      the king of all accessories is a portable USB battery and the queen is the stump stand. they work with everything and solve my 2 most common issues 🙂

  • Bionic

    Why would I put that ugly asss thing on my phone?

  • Sharkh20

    So much room there, I wonder why they didnt decide to space the keys out more.

    • Dan

      There’s a lot more room than you might think… the S4 is a big phone, so that keyboard is a LOT bigger than the hardware keypads we are use to.

      • Probably too much in fact. When I used the Droid 4 the travel distance of the keys was a major turn off. It ends up being a hindrance.

    • Stephen Cox

      Because this keyboard was made for the old iPhone formfactor, they just molded a new case for the keyboard to go in to fit the S4.

      My question is… where is the one for the Note 2!?!?!

  • Mr. Snrub

    Wait what.?

  • sylent101

    Reminds me of how much I hated the og droids keyboard, horrible.

  • ezpotato

    Ha ha love the last line in this article. I love the writing on this site sometimes.

    • ezpotato

      Referring to “look at that beauty”

  • Daniel

    Shame it looks like an inferior keyboard to the one built into my Droid 4…

    • Twi

      I just wish they’d make a Droid that didn’t fall off my radar due to a single glaring flaw. I wonder if there’s a Droid 5 on the way?

      • Bionic


        • Brandon Golway

          Hahaha Verizon/Motorola finally gave up on the OG Droid line?

          • Bionic

            The X will be its own brand. According to sarge

          • Brandon Golway

            What I meant was the slider-style phone, not specifically the name “Droid”.

          • Bionic

            I know, and im telling you right now that motorola has no slider’s coming , at least nothing sarge has mentioned.

          • Brandon Golway

            I won’t miss them, I don’t think many people will. I only had the OG Droid and I know of only one person that had the Droid 3 or 4.

          • gagagaga

            many people will. i hate on screen buttons and on screen keyboards. there are lots of slider fans out there. you’re aware the Droid line was actually quite successful, no? Until they chose to start gimping it with awful screens at D3 and D4. A good spec’d slider would sell nicely I would think. There is pent up demand. I’d buy. this almost makes me want to buy a S4. If only this worked with S4 Active and Active came to VZW, it would be so awesome!

          • Twi

            Slider keyboard, removable battery, expandable storage, and durability. Those are the thing I want in in an android phone, but for some reason the tech world has decided that these things are obsolete. I look at a Nexus 4 and an iPhone 4, and they might as well be the same phone. Same BS lack of all of the above, with only specs and screen resolution as a saving grace. With my OG Droid, I had my cake and was allowed to eat it as well. Now they’re all gimped to hell. As if Moto simply didn’t want these phones to sell. What ever happened to doing what iDon’t?

          • Bionic

            Motorola didnt and hasnt made money since then. That answers your question. They had a lot of talent leave them as well.

          • Twi

            Are you saying that Moto didn’t make any money from the OG Droid? Or are you saying that the OG Droid was the last device to net them a profit? I’d be very surprised if it was the former.

          • Bionic

            Correct, they have not made money SINCE then. The OG Droid was a great success, but it was their last one.

          • Butters619

            picture a 4.3″ 720p SLCD3 display with a snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB or RAM, 3300 mAh battery, and they can actually keep the D4 keyboard. I would be so happy I might cry.

          • Thriller87

            I agree 100 percent those are the same things I look for in a phone. I don’t like a full touch screen phone I cringe everytime I go to look for a new phone as they have given up on the physical keyboard. EBay will soon be the only place you can truly find a phone with a physical keyboard.

          • Thriller87

            I agree 100 percent those are the same things I look for in a phone. I don’t like a full touch screen phone I cringe everytime I go to look for a new phone as they have given up on the physical keyboard. EBay will soon be the only place you can truly find a phone with a physical keyboard.

          • GigaJake

            How sure are you that there isn’t going to be another? I’ve been holding off on an upgrade hoping there would be news of a Droid 5 or something similar. Even if someone could tell me there definitely won’t be one, it’s better than sitting around waiting for news.

          • Bionic

            Its not 100 percent. But if they are going to make one, sarge has not mentioned it as coming anytime soon.

          • GigaJake

            Thanks. I just wish Verizon would flat out say if they were finished with slide out Android phones or not. Guess I’m stuck with my Droid 4

          • Alan

            Who’s sarge?

    • Raven

      I agree. I still use and love my Droid 4 and so does my wife. She types even faster than I do on hers and I bet could out type anyone else just using a touchscreen. (And yes, we both use Swiftkey 3 Flow for typing short things in portrait, but physical typing is still faster for anything of substance.)

      We will probably never upgrade until:
      A. A better slider comes out on Verizon.
      B. It breaks/dies.
      C. Verizon forces me off of unlimited data.

      • Rob Kahla

        I loved my physical keyboard, until I found Swype, there’s a small learning curve, but no way I could type faster on a physical keyboard than I can swipe now

      • Thriller87

        EBay is really your only refuge to find a keyboard phone.

      • Thriller87

        EBay is really your only refuge to find a keyboard phone.

  • least it looks really legit and sleek

  • Raidy

    I wish they’d make one for the Note II.

    • Kyle

      Boy if they did that you’d almost have a netbook at that point!

      • JoshGroff

        Well played.

        • anotherdayanotherguest

          and i’d buy it.

          my ideal would be a slider Note 3 ‘Active’. hard buttons, hard keys, mmm.. And Active. FTW!