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Google Wallet Working for Verizon’s Galaxy S4, as Long as You’re Rooted

google wallet nfc

The two entities Google Wallet and Verizon have had a rocky relationship ever since the service launched. Verizon jumped on ship with ISIS as the mobile payment system they wanted on their devices, so anytime you wanted to use Wallet, it has to be through the rooted channel. Thanks to the hard working guys at XDA, you can now install Wallet on your new Galaxy S4, but once again, you must be rooted. 

After making sure that your device is rooted with a custom recovery, there are still a few steps that you need to walk through to make sure everything is working smoothly. To make the deal even sweeter, this modded Wallet package will work on AOSP and TouchWiz-based ROMs so everyone should be in luck. To get the download and for full instructions on installation, hit the source link below.

Via: XDA

Cheers Open1Your1Eyes0, James, Jon and Phil!

  • Kevin Pierce

    I have a Galaxy Nexus, bought (lightly used) off eBay to keep my Verizon unlimited data plan. Is there a way to enable Google Wallet without rooting?

  • VATO

    sorry is this is a stupid question, but cant you just sideload google wallet?

  • aQuickBit

    All ya gotta do is change your build.prop to the Sprint Nexus and you are good to go. You will even be able to install it directly from the Play Store so you know its the official Google install. Best tutorial I’ve ever followed


  • jim

    Mine on my gnex hasnt worked for close to a year and im running Bamf 3.1

  • Inquizitor

    Honeslty, who cares? Does anyone use this? I don’t, especially now that the $10 gift card is gone. To be clear, I like using Google wallet/checkout when I can for online payments, but the mobile app is pretty much useless for me. I’ve never once encountered a place that accepts it and my GNex’s nfc is wonky anyway thanks to the curved back.

    • renGek

      I use google wallet pretty much every weekend on my GNex. Coffee, groceries, drug stores, macys, etc. Its all good. Last year when I first started using it I noticed that there was one type of paypass terminals out there that had a lot of problems. The cashiers at those places told me it was only successful 50% of the time. But those have been replaced (noticed them at whole foods and old navy). I haven’t had a problem with any of the newer paypass terminals (the newer ones have one green led on it).

  • Sparxx2k7

    It says it needs a custom recovery installed – does that also mean in use? I just got my S4 and I rooted it the evening I purchased it. I am extremely excited with its capabilities and don’t want to switch over to another ROM just for one applicaton. If you HAVE to use the custom ROM, why get us all excited by only saying “and you need to be rooted”? I was like YESSSSSSSSSS~!!!!!!, then read the custom ROM requirement and was quickly like AWWWWWWwwwwwwwww!!!!

    I request a title update to also include the fact that you need a custom ROM in use, if indeed that is the case

  • I gave up on Wallet. If I’m reaching into my pocket anyway, I might as well use my damn credit card which I know will work correctly.

    • renGek

      Not if the card is de-magnetized.

      I have been using GWallet for so long I forgot I even had a real amex card. I had to use it a few weeks ago at a grocery store that I don’t normally go to. The card didn’t work. Tried the card somewhere else and it didn’t work there either. Apparently, it had been de-magnetized. I don’t even know when it stopped working because all the stores that I normally shop at accepts GWallet.

  • Shamrock013

    Let’s get this working on the Droid DNA! 😀

    • aQuickBit
      • Shamrock013

        Will that actually work?

        • aQuickBit

          Definitely has on my VZW GNex several times. Last time i side loaded google wallet i got my account locked down by google for fraud protection after the first purchase. I then try this method and it has consistently worked for over two weeks now. Still says the device is unsupported due to it being rooted but it’ll even work with an internet connection. Its awesome and i love showing it off.

          • Shamrock013

            I understand that for the GNex. The problem is that the Droid DNA asks for a security element which still doesn’t seem like it’ll ever be fixed sadly.

  • Mike

    anyone got it working with a VZW Note 2? rooted of course!

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Wonder if it would work with my Maxx HD running stock, rooted!?

    • Robby Rob

      I think not, as it’s the “secure” device, or whatever they call it, has not been figured out yet on these phones. I’m rooted, unlocked and have installed the wallet APK only to see it won’t work, upon opening the app.

    • kixofmyg0t

      IIRC the HD’s stock Blur ROM has blocks in place to prevent Google Wallet from working.

      I for one, am still pissed about it.

  • S2556

    Things like this is why my phone will always have root access

  • umataro42

    I have Wallet on my rooted GNex and knowing that it’s something Verizon doesn’t want me to use makes using it an even better experience.

    • I use it all the time on my unrooted GNex on Verizon. Just have to install from the apk. Works fine.

      • umataro42

        Ok, wasn’t sure because some phones have to be rooted even if you side load the apk. And mine happens to be rooted anyway.

        • I sideloaded it on my GS4 and it doesn’t work. Says carrier not supported. I tried everything. I don’t want it rooted though so it looks like I’m stuck.

        • My biggest gripe is that, even though it says it works without an internet connection, the big grocery store chain by my house somehow has no cell signals inside. This screws up Wallet occasionally and I have to reboot the phone to use it again.

      • Dustin Trainer

        Care to share your apk and method? I’ve been trying since this device has came out and keep getting the “Add card failed” message. Rooted VZW Gnex on 4.2.2

  • tony

    Awwww… What about the Verizon Galaxy S3?

    • Open1Your1Eyes0
      • tony

        I really appreciate it but does it really work? I have tried a ton of different methods. This one I have not.

      • DanSan

        dude you’ve been killing it on the verizon S4 forums this month. awesome work

        • Open1Your1Eyes0

          I use this device personally as my daily driver so I need all of these myself. Just happy to share the work. 😉

          • DanSan

            now if we could just get an odex version of 4 way reboot menu 😛

  • James_75

    My pleasure Eric. Just used it this morning!

  • SirSoloDolo

    Verizon, darn you with your superior signal. If the other carriers had better signal here I’d drop you like a bad habit.

    • Josh C

      That is the one and only reason I still have Verizon.

      • Intellectua1

        I dropped Verizon because they didn’t get the Note 1 I’m on AT&T I don’t notice a difference in service and I DEFINITELY don’t miss missing out on good phones.. AT&T gets the best phones.. Though when I was with Verizon I was singing their praises to anybody that would listen about coverage and being the best out..

        • Intellectua1

          Oh yea back to the subject at hand.. Can’t AT&T get some of that Wallet love?? From my understanding with the AT&T model you have to be deodexed, something I don’t wanna do cause I don’t wanna lose some of this good ol TW bloat..

          • KleenDroid

            Well you are in luck then. You can be deodexed and still have all the bloat you want.

          • You can still have bloat if you so choose to

        • Zack Kolev

          I leaving VZ and going to T-Mobile. I’ll let you know how it goes. I had T-Mo when the G1 came out and didn’t really have issues with their coverage.

          • Ruvim

            i left them a month ago… vzw is night and day in the boonies… i was getting 4 bars of 4g… but could barely pull a 4g signal in my house. Tmo sucks in the boonies…. but im not out there to really care… i get hspa or “4g” at my house with no problem with tmo and get unlimited data 🙂 oh and tmos bulding penetration sucks!! but i hear where were supposed to get lte here in western mass in the summer from a buddies buddy who is working on the towers.. cant wait

        • zUFC

          Then you don’t leave home much. Sorry but I have had them all. I travel the country as well as stay around my home area (Second largest city in New England) and I’m sorry but you are 100% wrong. AT&T is the worse. I love how people say t-mo and sprint suck (which they do). But AT&T is right there with them. I wish I could leave VZ. But nothing even comes close. Its like not having a Cell Phone if your not on Verizon. You people that stay in a ten mile radius of where you luckily get service are few and far between. Sorry but it’s the truth

          • Intellectua1

            Not the truth, I live in Seattle and travel quite a lot and that includes Canada and Mexico having to switch networks and never have problems with AT&T sorry for your issues, but don’t blame a whole network because you live in New England and have issues.. Where is that even at anyway?? New England O_o ..

          • hoosiercub88

            AT&T drops to EDGE constantly all over the US, their signal strength is inferior, that can’t be argued.

            I was in Pensacola last weekend surrounded by a bunch of people with AT&T iPhones.. None of them had service on the beach, I had 4 bars of LTE on my Note II.. Later in the evening we went into one of the big touristy places to eat there on the island, down inside the place none of them had service that was usable, guess who hotspotted them some fast LTE?

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      lol – Amen to that. I’m just hoping that the Moto X will be cheap enough to buy outright.

    • Jillxz

      The same here.I would drop them in a heartbeat.

    • Blue Sun

      Same here.

    • sgtguthrie

      Ditto…same here. As long as I have unlimited and my “Talk & Text + Unlimited $20 discount” from a couple years ago, I will likely stick around. At least that is until someone else’s network comes close…who has unlimited data of course!

      • Justin Bontrager

        I’m in the same boat. I love that discount and unlimited data.

    • SamsungFTW

      **** that. I don’t care how good their coverage is. Sometimes you have to take a stand to make a point. If one person does it, it has little impact, but if everyone does it, it puts the monopolistic corporations in a tough spot.

      So you drop a few calls here and there, that’s the price of standing up for what you believe in. The strongest signal in the world couldn’t buy my dignity, and if you let a company manipulate you that is what you are selling them. If nobody gives any resistance they have no incentive to change.

      If you want Wallet, switch to Sprint or US Cellular. If you don’t care about Wallet switch to Straight Talk, or even one of the other “Evil Carriers”. AT&T is less evil than Verizon, and T-Mobile is arguable on the verge of “not evil” (their participation in ISIS being the main factor holding them back). But whatever you do, get the hell away from Verizon.

      They lock bootloaders.
      They muscle you out of plans you were grandfathered into.
      They force you into a plan where you have a tiny amount of data and then have the audacity to market it like they are DOING YOU A FAVOR by making you share it with the rest of your family.
      They offer the least value for money in terms of plans
      They offer inferior versions of existing free services, then attach a monthly fee to them.
      They block apps that compete (tethering, Google Wallet)
      They justify blocking apps by implying it’s “for security” – even though their version uses the same security protocol.
      They are the last to release new devices.
      They are the last to update devices.
      They INTENTIONALLY don’t offer devices with higher storage capacity (Galaxy S4 with more than 16 Gb) to try to encourage use of cloud storage, which uses your internet connection and will thus either cause overages or force you to increase your data limit.
      They have no respect for the customer.

      …but they have good coverage. Big ****ing deal.

      • hoosiercub88

        I’m sorry, you must’ve missed that part about owning a cellular device, in which, where it doesn’t work very well it’s not an enjoyable experience.

        You can get cheaper service from other carriers, but coverage is and should be first/foremost for someone looking to actually use the device. If you can’t use your phone all the time or you don’t have reliable coverage, then what the hell is the point?

        On the contrary, Verizon has the highest customer service rating out of ANY OTHER CARRIER in the states, so they in fact do have respect for you as a customer. Blocking Wallet is no reason to throw all your hate Verizon’s way, because unless you have Sprint, your carrier does too.

        • SamsungFTW

          If we were not to take business ethics into consideration I would absolutely agree that the most important factor is coverage. As it stands now, however, I don’t think that anyone should support any company (no matter how tempting their offering) that blatantly abuses and manipulates their customers. Yes, they provide a service that is valuable, but while you use their service you have to abide by their terms, and their terms are ridiculous. Maybe you feel that that one (most important or not) quality is enough to ignore the entire list of evil **** they do, I do not.

          I won’t argue with you that Verizon has a high customer service rating. They provide very good customer service, as I can say from first-hand experience. That is not necessarily the same thing as respecting the customer. The *customer service representatives* certainly do seem to respect the customers they deal with; that does not mean that the company as a whole does. What they do is they manipulate you at every turn and make only decisions that they think will make them more money without any regard whatsoever for how it will negatively impact the customer experience. Putting a friendly face on this does not make it untrue. You may say “they are a business, making money is the point” and you would be correct, but any business has to understand that they would not be a business without the customers, and if they consistently make decisions that are good for them and bad for the customers, those customers will leave (as I did).

          Finally, I am not implying that Verizon is the only carrier to block Google Wallet, I am simply saying that they are by far the biggest offenders in terms of manipulative/anti-competitive practices. If Google Wallet was the only issue I wouldn’t be on this rant because I root my devices anyway, so blocking Google Wallet doesn’t affect me directly. What bothers me is a continued pattern of greed and a disregard for the customers’ best interests.

        • Anonymous Coward

          I’m sorry but what? My wife and I are both on T-Mobile prepaid. $30/mo 5GB HSPA+ 100minutes blahblah, you know what I’m talking about. We love it by the way, 25ms ping times on average and easily 20Mbps download. Coverage is awesome where we live and even though I carry two phones (VZW & TMO) neither one is any better than the other and I’ve been to some pretty remote places as well as in some very isolated datacenters.

          We both use Google Wallet without ANY problems.

          Are you sure your comment is accurate about Sprint being the only carrier who allows wallet?