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Fleksy Keyboard Beta Released to Google Play, Join the Group and Try it Yourself

fleksy android

Third party keyboards are very popular on Android and with the number of choices available through Google Play and even the ones that come pre-installed on devices, that fact is easy to see. The newest board to catch our eye is Fleksy, a keyboard that relies heavily on predictions and autocorrections. 

The developers, the same team that created BlindType, state that looking at your keyboard to type is no longer a requirement, as their app delivers a more natural typing experience. Watch our very own Kellex go hands-on with the newest keyboard.

To try out the beta, head to their Google+ community page here and enter yourself. Once entered, you can download the app from Google Play via the Play store link below.

Play Link


Update:  We’ve got video of the secret full-screen hidden keyboard over here. Be sure to try it!

  • Jay McClain

    not impressed. couldnt even recognized the word Finland…keep trying to correct it to command. uninstalled

  • Kimberly Degener

    I look it up on google play, and nothing comes up. Bummer I wanted to try it

  • Artune

    I’m still getting use to the keyboard but I like it. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Karega

    I get an “Item Not Found” message I have a Nexus 4

  • NihhasInAsgard

    Love this keyboard. Its really cool and simplistic, took me a while to figure out how to prevent the autocorrect which became annoying.

  • Kree Terry

    Dangit, keyboard are one thing i miss about android!!! This keyboard looks awesome!!

  • joejoe5709

    Of course it’s not perfect. Such should be expected from a beta. I’m not really fond of the font they use for the keys and for some reason I keep mistyping far more than the stock keyboard but maybe I just need to get used to it. Overall I really like the idea of it and I hope this keyboard takes off! The best part? Swiping for the spacebar and such gives me more screen space and there’s much less threat of accidentally hitting the PIE triggers. Honestly, if the stock keyboard had these types of features I’d be very very happy. Great job, guys!

  • nycebo

    Tried it out but just don’t think that it’s for me. The predictions were all over the place and I find myselft stumbling over words regularly…which then meant I needed to go back to correct them. I guess it’s back to trying to figure out if I still want to use Swiftkey, but I’m sort of liking Keymonk these days. Double finger swiping is growing on me.

  • Matt Upton

    Tried it out, but still going with Swype as the keyboard. Very satisfied. The invisible keyboard is cool, but it gets irritating when you want to go back to a previous word- you have to close out the keyboard first. Minor irritants like that are not worth it.

  • Today I learned that a lot more people like gesture typing than I thought. I always found it to be more of a hassle to swipe around all over the keyboard than to just type what I want. Maybe I should try all these new keyboards out after all.

  • Joshua Polivka


    • Kie

      you first have to join the google+ community. Link is within the article.

  • gb3

    Seems the Google Play link is broken?

    • gb3

      Nevermind … I read the instructions closer. You have to Join their G+ and then scroll down to the beta tester network link.

  • Royal2000H

    I’m liking the keyboard so far.

    One tip I found: If you’re typing a non-standard word and swipe right to space, it gets auto-corrected. You swipe up to bring back the original word, and can swipe up again to have it remember the word. BUT to save time, you can type the word then swipe up (instead of swiping right) to add the space and remember the word.

    And one missing feature: no google voice typing button 🙁

  • AB

    play link is down D:

    • Royal2000H

      No you have to sign up at the G+ community, then go to Google Play from G+ (not from here)

  • David Nguyen

    I saw this awhile also. It was preview on AndroidSpin I think. It looked really cool but he didn’t give the link to join the beta. I’m definitely going to try it out. Looks interesting! Thanks guys!

  • Joseph Wynant

    10 clicks on Version under About Fleksy in settings pulls up Hidden Settings!

    • saint_stephen

      Checking the ‘invisible keyboard’ option there makes no change on my Nexus 4… Bummer.

      • saint_stephen

        Ah, didn’t realize I had to double finger swipe downwards to activate it.

  • yodatom10

    what soft key mod are you using ?

  • DroidzFX

    This keyboard is really fast. Checking it out for a few minutes and could not slow it down. I have been using swiftkey for a while now but this could definitely give it some competition.

  • Steve Tu

    This actually seems like quite a novel concept!

  • Jason13L

    Really takes a bit to get used to. I found myself deleting words because even though you swipe up and down to select different options I wanted to swipe left and right to select the word. Swiping left deletes what you wrote! Otherwise, I will give it a few days before I make a conclusion.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’m in Google play but it won’t download for me?

  • Drome

    swiftkey is so overrated, especially for gesture typing. I actually love the stock AOSP keyboard.

  • addicuss

    nothing ive found has come close to matching the speed of swiftkey

    • mjmedstarved

      I still prefer Swype over Swift.


      • Silver Veloz

        I’m still a Swype-r here also. It’s funny(after all this time) the reactions I get when people see me Swyping.
        What are you doing? How are you doing that so fast? I usually say, “What, you don’t know about Swype” Then I show them.
        I do have to admit, I haven’t tried Swiftkey or any other keyboards.

        • wh1te_mag1c

          Swype really is better than SwiftKey, but only if you need to type in
          English and English only. In my case, I need both English and another, more obscure language. So not only does SwifKey allow me to type in both languages at once (without necessarily having to manually switch over to the alternate language), but it also uses neural networking/AI to learn/guess the particular words I’m typing in my alternate, more obscure and strange language.

          • Cory_S

            I didn’t know it supported Klingon..

          • addicuss

            I really don’t see how swype is better. It’s designed for one thumb input. That alone makes it a slower input method. and swiftkeys prediction, once you’ve fed it enough sources, is way way more accurate> I type faster on my phone than an actual keyboard.

      • addicuss

        I’m a fan of swype, it’s a great input method for one finger… but there’s really no way to type faster on swype if you’re using two thumbs for input. People have tried to argue one way or the other and I’m sure there’s different results for different typing styles, but there is no way dragging one finger from letter to letter will ever be potentially faster than tapping letters with 2 fingers at a time. Especially when you only need to type 2 letters of most words.

    • JasonWhite

      Swiftkey is the beeeest.

      “Ignite your swiftness”


    • Kie

      Swiftkey has been lagging a lot on my Galaxy Nexus since it updated to 4.0, ruins the user experience for me. Actually went back to the stock keyboard for a while and it’s nice, swipe and predictions work well, but looking for something with more customization. Have never tried swype, but after swiping with the stock keyboard i’m intrigued.

  • 51mb really?

    • DroidzFX

      Yes really.

    • Jason13L

      I didn’t notice, I haven’t had a problem with storage since my original Droid (OG). Unless the app is a Gig I don’t blink.

      • DroidzFX

        Your eyes get dry a lot?

        • Jason13L

          In fact they do… And all this time I never new why. Guess that was an elephant in the room!

          • Cory_S

            I guess the cure is…more big apps. I love big apps and I cannot lie..

    • DroidzFX

      have you seen the invisible mode? Its pretty slick.


    • moew

      What about the permissions to read ALL of your contact info?

      • DroidzFX

        it pulls in contact names into dictionary.

        • moew

          Not sure that is something I would want with a “keyboard”.

          There’s a contacts app for names.


        • moew

          Not sure that’s something I want unless specified in writing.

          Droidz, are you speaking on behalf of them?

        • moew

          Ok. I’m sold after playing with it for about half a day!.. This keyboard is slick.

    • Nathan D


    • Ioannis Verdelis

      Ioannis from Fleksy team here. Just to confirm the next release will have a considerably smaller footprint and larger dictionary set. We expect this in a number of days.

  • Dan

    And it’s gone?

    • Patrick Chapman

      You have to join the Google+ Community before it will show up in your Play Store.

    • John Sanatar

      The Play Store URL doesn’t work unless you join the G+ community.

      • DKDigitally

        I joined and it still isn’t showing up?

        • PSU_DI

          Did you click the link that was giving after you signed up for the beta it should bring you here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.syntellia.fleksy.kb

        • Jason13L

          Click Join Community. Then you will see the post with the download play link. Click THAT link and it will ask you to log into your Google credentials. It will ask you to join the developers . Once you have done that there is a link on the bottom of the page to download.

          • moew

            The fix:

            The post with the link after you sign up is at the BOTTOM of the G+ plus page.

            Keep scrollin’ son! no really…. keep scrolling after scrolling… it’s the last one on the page.

            Then you have to agree to be a beta tester, sign up, log into your google account, and THEN wait for the play link to be active.

            Everyone missed this, but it was obvious during the signup process.

    • William Ku

      its not gone. you have to join the community first and the link will “activate”. says so on their G+ page.