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Download: Samsung Apps Store With Access to Photo Editor, Wallet, and Others for the Verizon Galaxy S3

samsung apps

When Verizon updated the Samsung Galaxy S3 yesterday to include Multi Window and other new features, they left out the Samsung Apps store that most Samsung devices ship with these days. In the Samsung Apps store, you’ll find things like Samsung’s Photo Editor, Video Editor, Game Hub, Samsung Wallet, etc. Many of these apps aren’t in the Google Play store (or they may not work if they are), so Samsung Apps is your way of experiencing many of Samsung’s own apps. Thanks to a direct link to a download of Samsung Apps from a reader, you can experience all that Samsung has to offer with a couple of clicks and a download. 

Visit this Samsung link to download Samsung Apps.

From there, click on the “Download Samsung Apps” button, then “Galaxy S4” (yes, the .apk for the GS4 works on the GS3). Your device will download the Samsung Apps .apk, which you can then install and enjoy. In order to install apps, you’ll have to create a Samsung account, so keep that in mind.

Cheers Christopher!

  • Michel Yeager

    I don’t see a “Download Samsung Apps” link anywhere…

  • paul

    Did not work on chrome. Had to use the stock browser

  • crazynow

    Omg, am i crazy, trying to download apps on my tablet(Samsung) it keeps giving me this”ERROR” crap, whats a girl to do?? Please help me

  • Scott in MA

    I am getting some of the same errors on my SIII. I called VZW Tech Support. The tech looked up the symptoms I mentioned (4G emblem when in WiFi, unable to swipe to call, training suggestions won’t go away, and I think battery is worse) and all she said was that the update was from Samsung and VZW has nothing to do with it. I tried to tell her that VZW is known for holding up patches until it has evaluated them, but she insisted is was all on Samsung. Strange.

  • Your Grandma

    You have to be using the browser in mobile mode to see the download.

    • Steve Benson

      Thank you! This would have been helpful to know from the beginning.

  • does this work for the verizon s4? I cant seem to find the samsung app store on my phone either. Pretty sure they left it out right?

  • Steve Benson

    I must be blind, I’m not seeing the “Download Samsung Apps” button in the directions…

  • mike

    ok, i’m fairly sure i’m stupid…but i don’t see the download link once i’m on the sammy page

  • bigw34

    Those with the GNote2,did you download the “GS4” apk or the “Other phone” apk?

  • Tpreludesh

    This also works from the Note II

    • jofficus44

      How? I’m on the VZW N2 running AOKP, and none of the 3 versions of the APK will install. All of them say App Not Installed after trying …

      • e_droid

        He might be running stock still where you’re running AOKP.

        • Christopher Lee

          After download for photo editor and video editor, instead of installing, try getting into root explorer and manually adding the apk files to /system/app and changing permissions to -rw -r -r and reboot. No promises that it will work due to the touchwiz framework not being backwards compatible with aosp, aokp, or CM framework, as I’m running root stock of the latest OTA, but its worth a shot… Not sure about wallet as I haven’t spent much time with that…

      • Tpreludesh

        The Note 2 that I was able to do this on is running Beans 17 and all I did was access the article from Facebook, click on the download link, select GS4 as the phone type, and selected the ES File manager as the program to download with. Once complete, I used it to open the file and install. There was no need to change permissions or anything like that, it works immediately after downloading.

  • mini-me

    I have the samsung app store APK for almost 2 years. Works fine. It updates more than the playstore

  • Tim242

    Samsung Wallet isn’t there.

  • herooftimeloz

    Do the Samsung apps (Photo Editor, Video Editor, etc.) work on CM/AOSP?

    • FlyingPenguin

      Just tried on my GS3 running LiquidSmooth (AOSP)… gets to installer and just gives me “app not installed”… so i’m assuming no. Unless there’s a build.prop tweak or something necessary.

  • MikeSaver

    Is Samsung wallet just Google wallet?

    • Christopher Lee

      No… its like crapples passbook app… store travel tickets, ID’s, and membership rewards cards info….

  • Jon Drain

    Works for the Note II.

    • Radgatt

      Are you sure if this? Do you need the NFC sim?

      • Jon Drain

        Cant seem to find the Samsung Wallet app but up but all the other Samsung apps show up.

  • feztheforeigner

    Thought this was a way to get Google Wallet working…

  • Corey Hass

    I saw “wallet”, skipped over the “samsung” part and got excited…then I re-read it 🙁

  • Guest

    Does this work for tmobile gs3

  • Mark Mann

    time to ask what may be considered by many a silly question…but you could load the blur launcher on non-moto phones, can you load a working samsung appstore on non samsung devices…i’d be willing to make a samsung account to try out wallet

  • Payaso

    So I upgraded from the s3 to s4 for nothing??

    • KleenDroid

      There are other nice upgrades however if I owned the S3 I think I would wait for the S5.

      I came to the S4 from the Gnex.

      I would never update to a new phone for just software upgrades.

      • Dave

        They announced before it launched that the S3 and GN2 would both get the same software suite as the S4 in time.

        • michael arazan

          A while back I tried To Download The Samsung app store to My Gnex, being made by samsung was hoping they would want all phones made by them to access their market, Sucks The GNex can’t access it.

    • DJyoSNOW

      For all the must have gesture features…. Looking away to stop videos, page scrolling etc.!! DER