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All-in-One Root Tool Released for Verizon Galaxy S4

verizon galaxy s4

For those of you who finally have your shiny new Galaxy S4 in hand on Verizon, I think you know what time it is. If you are looking into rooting and flashing some custom ROMs, you will definitely want to check out this newly released all-in-one rootkit. After installing the program on your Windows desktop computer, simply hook up your device, make sure the drivers are installed and press “Go!” It’s as simple as that.

From that point, you can root your device and also flash a custom recovery, allowing for system backups and the flashing of custom ROMs which are popping up left and right on the forums.

If you want to give it the once over or are ready to get to hacking, follow the via link down below. Happy flashing.

Via: XDA

Cheers Ben!

  • Xander

    it is so cute. love to have one Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services Seattle

  • Brendan Rowan

    Worked flawlessly

  • Fafi Rodriquez

    Can we get it back to stock if wee did the root?

  • Taylor Levesque

    I’m sorry, I hate one click methods, if you don’t know whats being done it’s hard to fix when something goes wrong.

  • Flooded Texas

    Why R all the root methods using ODIN? What happened to command line in Linux/Mac; like utilizing ADB? I hate Windoz, and will only run it as a VM. Windoz VM running even Kies doesn’t detect S4, so ODIN is useless to use. Where R all the CL gurus when U need them? If I wait for the Google Experience image which is only built for GSM/LT3 radios; I am assuming it will not work/load using ADB sideloading for the VZ S4 (CDMA/LTE)? Any thoughts about that? Thanxs……

    • Mark2134

      Odin is necessary for Samsung phones. It creates the interface link needed to communicate with the tgz Samsung has as it’s language. You have to play in samsungs sandbox. Granted the last Sammy I wrote for was the charge but we had to do everything via Odin in order to get the phone to respond. Build package and deliver tgz’s. And correct, the GE image will not work on CDMA especially at the kernel level. I’ve been out of the build game for awhile so I apologize if I’m incorrect on this. 😛

      • asd011

        does this mean there wont be a one click root tool for mac users

        • Mark2134

          Correct unless you’re running wine or vm windows

  • Bharath Kannan

    I just want cyanogenmod….

  • disastrousrainbow

    Just beautiful. Now just need for some ROMS to bake in the oven (the damn phone has only been out a week on Verizon) and I’m gold. Hopefully someone does a clean port of the Google Galaxy S4. That would just be…brilliant.

  • XphoneTroll

    What if I want to go back to stock..?

    • 13bgarli

      I’d also like to know this… What is the file we would need to obtain and the process we would have to go through to return to stock (I’m kind of new to Odin)?

  • Ray Gray

    The process was already easy it was like 3 steps

    • KleenDroid

      I was going to write the same thing. I dont think it could have been any easier. Then just install twrp through goo.

  • Trevor

    Now I just need my S4 delivered…

  • mjmedstarved

    I didn’t have to wait that long to not have to jump hoops to gain root; thanks!

  • WhiteWolf

    Sure AFTER I have a panic attack from last night when it went in to protection mode. Oh well I got it taken care of and root is finally there along with Google Wallet. 🙂

    • Caleb Martin

      How do you make Google Wallet work?

    • Carter Baller

      Ya, I call BS. I tried sideloading the newest Google Wallet apk and get the message that my carrier doesn’t support it.

      • Derek Gelinas

        You don’t know how so it can’t be done and anyone who claims to is lying? Terrific.

        • MichaelFarese

          I’ve read in numerous places that GWallet works on rooted devices…

  • Is this only for Verizon? would it work with my Tmobile S4?

    • WhiteWolf

      From the looks of it I believe it is Verizon only.

    • michael arazan

      Each carrier has different kernals on their phones, I’m guessing that has a lot to do with it, as well as the software for the radios, and probably more. It’s more than just a standard operating system, a lot of different software for each carrier’s network is involved as well