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DashClock Opens Up Play Store Beta Program

dashclock beta

During the 3-hour Google I/O day 1 keynote, one of the few Android-focused announcements that jumped out to us had to do with official beta testing through the Google Play store. Google announced that devs would no longer have to beta test their apps through 3rd party means, and that they would now be able to setup testing groups through Google Play, so that updates could be pushed just like they do with their stable apps. The first (at least that we have seen) to implement this new beta program, is of course a Googler. Anyone ever heard of a little lockscreen widget app called DashClock? We thought so. 

Roman Nurik, the app’s founder, has opened up a DashClock community G+ that by joining, will grant you access to new beta builds for the app. At least one beta (1.5 beta 2) is already live and can be had as long as you follow a few instructions and join the program. In this new build, Roman mentioned that there are new DayDream settings, but nothing incredibly major. You may remember that he previously released DayDream functionality to a beta build that was not a part of this new Google Play program. The big deal here is the beta program itself.

Joining the beta program (further instructions):

1.  Join the DashClock Google+ community.

(If the “Join” button isn’t working, go to the Apps section of the community, then click Join.)

2.  Visit this link and click the “Become a tester” button.

(To leave the beta at any time, visit that same link and opt-out.)

3.  Download the newest beta through the DashClock Google Play page.

Via:  +Roman Nurik

  • jab416171

    SF Launcher is also using this, as you can see in the “What’s New” section of their app.

  • Alter

    Doggcatcher has been doing beta this way for a week as well. I wish more apps will start doing this, as well as cloud backup.

  • Stuck on stupid 4.1

  • beta link no longer working

  • Matthew Runo

    The Zappos android app has a beta program as well 🙂 (https://plus.google.com/communities/102975497310349655958)

  • Jonesable

    Why is DashClok only available for 4.2? Drives me crazy I can’t use it.

    • dylan84

      Because the lock-screen widget feature is one that is only available in Android 4.2

      • Thats true but its still dumb they dont have it compatabile for 4.1 too. We want the dashboard widget!

        • Steve Benson

          Blame Google, not Roman 🙂

        • yeah, thats interesting since this is not JUST a lockscreen widget. contact they guy, he might open it up to everyone.

  • howie

    I wish HTC would hurry up and give the One 4.2.x already. I miss using this app.

    • buford ford

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      • Geoff Johnson

        I admit, this was a clever use of non-alphabetic characters.

  • Intellectua1

    I love this idea.. Tapatalk has a new Beta 4 app in the Playstore… It’s amazing..

  • Nasko Hristov

    That uber-cool, I really like this idea of beta testing, it is really simple and easy on both worlds /developers & users/. Thanks

  • Pengwn

    I was having issues joining until I paused my adblock. After that, I was able to join just fine.

    • valapsp

      Thanks for that, I was like what the F*** is wrong with that? I kept signing in and it kept asking for signing again.

      • valapsp

        I actually can’t join the community! that worked when I clicked on the “Become a beta tester” button below the “Join community”.

    • valapsp

      Tried joining thru the Google+ app and it worked fine.

  • John Burke

    SF Launcher has a BETA through the Play Store too.

    Definitely a fan of BETA’s being done this way.