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Samsung Reaches 10 Million Galaxy S4 Sales Within First Month of Launch

Samsung Galaxy S4

Last week, Samsung’s CEO J.K. Shin announced that the Galaxy S4, the company’s 2013 flagship device, would surpass ten million unit sales within their first month of launch. Just six days later, shy of just one full month on the global market, they have reached that goal. In retrospect, the Galaxy S3, another one of the top selling Android devices of all time, reached the same ten million mark in fifty days. This goes to show just how hard Samsung is pushing this device. 

The Galaxy S4 launched globally in sixty countries on April 27 and to this day, Samsung claims there to be about four new Galaxy S4 phones purchased every second.

Sort of comical that the device has reached this milestone and it is just launched on Verizon today. Go get your new phone and stand proud with ten million other humans.

Via: Samsung

  • Very good and has many improvements and exciting new.

  • Apple may have to file several lawsuits to stop Samsung. Samsung’s products are what the public really wants.

  • Damian Salvatto

    First its they shipped out 10 mil, now in a day they already sold ALL 10 mil according to you guys here? Hmmm something doesn’t sound right. Anyways i guess they had to ship all those units out before Apple freezes their shipments out again for this phone. lol

  • anguy

    Samsung is lying again. 10 million phones were SHIPPED not sold. I think half of them is still sitting in stores. They were so desperate that they created pure Google phone after all.

    • Tim242


  • frankandsimple

    Scamsung.. Undisputed King of 3rd world markets!

  • chris125

    The plastic isn’t what makes it feel cheap, it’s that slippery finish they put on their devices. Nobody complains about cheap plastic on the one x or Nokia devices which use the same material.

    • LionStone

      Agree with that Chris, good point!

  • ezpotato

    i just got the DNA from a hook up, and I must say, it’s awesome. I’m coming from a RAZR MAXX HD, and if I was to upgrade right now, i wouldnt, as I am waiting for the HTC One. jUst have a soft spot for the underdog, but the S4 is nice… till then, non-removable 2020mAH battery will have to do. (Screen on DNA is just incredible, as is speed) I’ll just bring my 2000Mah battery pack with me everywhere hahah well done to Samsung to push Android to this level.

  • Geoff Johnson

    People are buying this because Samsung has great marketing, not because they prefer plastic phones.

    • BrandonP

      At the same time it proves the ‘build quality’ craze is just something tech sites mention for a story to write. Mass majority doesn’t care about the phone being made from plastic, aluminium, glass, etc… 9 out of 10 people have cases on their phone…

      • LionStone

        The build quality doesn’t change just because people don’t care about it and cover it up, its still looks and feels like cheap plastic, it is what it is. Marketing will take care of that just like the software is still horrid even though many people will buy the phone, through marketing.

        • r0lct

          Keep telling yourself that if that’s how you sleep at night.

          The fact is you’re not in the position to decide what qualifies as good build quality and looks. You just have your own opinion which is not shared by many.

          The notion that people would flock to buy something in such large numbers that broke easily and hurt their eyes because of a commercial is nonsense.

          • Big EZ

            People can dislike something about a product and still buy it. I have the cheap look and feel (the creeking bugs the sh!t out of me) but overall I love the phone.

          • r0lct

            I agree. However those people who buy it anyway I have to believe don’t think the build “sucks” or is “plastic garbage”. They just don’t see it as a positive or a minor negative. Not the big f’ing deal some people make it out to be.
            I’m more addressing the all or nothing people.

        • The problem with that view is that build quality and look and feel are actually completely different things. Spiderwebs look and feel flimsy, but are stronger than steel. Polycarbonate looks and feels flimsy, but is lighter, absorbs impact better, is more easily manufactured, and is less expensive than aluminum.

          Objectively from an engineering (read: NOT industrial design) perspective it’s the better material to build a mass market phone that’s prone to drops and physical abuse from.

          • LionStone

            I don’t agree that they are completely different…I feel that materials used and fit and finish also play into the build quality, just as you have mentioned the beneficial qualities of the polycarbonate ‘material’. I would prefer a little heft to my phone rather than light as a feather. High strength epoxy, like polycarbonates are super strong but it cracks too. Dropping a plastic phone doesn’t ensure that it will bounce back up for you to catch it unscathed either. Also objectively from a designer/builder perspective 🙂

      • joe

        The majority also likes McDonalds as a food. Doesn’t mean it is good.

        • BrandonP

          So completely different man come on lol

    • Perhaps, but if the Galaxy line were crap consumers would have figured that out by the GS2 or GS3. Clearly that hasn’t happened.

  • mcdonsco

    Im STILL trying to find a way to have / enable spell check with the stock samsung keyboard. I know I can just install another keyboard, but I actually like the samsung one.


  • EC8CH

    Until they ditch the idiot button… do not want.

    Apparently millions don’t care, but I need on screen buttons.

    • This is becoming less and less important to me. I like my GNEX on screen buttons, but it creates some serious screen burn. I’m starting to careless if I have to push a physical button or not.

      • rals

        you’re right on the money. It’s heavily burned now, including the search bar and the notification bar, it’s more clear when the screen is dim. I actually like touch the home button to wake the screen, and not pick it up and hit the power button.

      • LOL real talk, the GNex screen burn-in after a year+ is ridiculous.

        • michael arazan

          My Gnex is 1 1/2 years old, no screen burns, I must be special, i also keep my screen 40% lit

    • mcdonsco

      That is the only thing that im having a hard time getting used to with this, the physical home button.

    • brkshr

      I prefer on screen keys myself, but my biggest gripe with the S4’s buttons is that they are not all the same. 2 capacitives & one physical just annoys the hell out of me. I either try to ‘touch’ the home button &/or I try to mash on the capacitives. They need to be all physical, or all capacitives or none.

    • I felt the same way at first, but I “glide” across my home button on my GNex almost too much and would now prefer the physical button so it’s not so sensitive.

      • Big EZ

        I have the same problem with capacitive buttons. I love the physical buttons on my Droid X. They were small and iI never accidentally hit them, iI just didn’t like the loud tactile sound (it would wake up my wife at night)

  • binqker

    You can’t always cater to all the people. They always want something better!! If you want something better make it YOURSELF!! Stop complaining!! Geeze Go Drink A STFU!

  • ezpotato

    and without a Verizon launch in the US. thqat’s gonna help a little!

  • chris125

    But but but, it’s not aluminum or metal so it’s junk, why are people buying this phone it sucks? /s just goes to show majority of people don’t care and only the whiny tech blogs do.

    • EvanTheGamer

      All about the page views!

    • jhouk

      It also just goes to show that some people want to have a premium feel in their pocket. That’s just creepy and sad all at the same time.

    • Big EZ

      Just because someone doesn’t like the look and feel of the phone doesn’t mean they won’t get it. I hate the plastic look and feel on my Note 2, but overall I love the phone.

  • zorak19620

    This is more or less the best phone on Verizon right now. Too bad they’re not carrying the HTC One. Being a Thunderbolt owner, I still can’t find myself to buy a HTC device. It took my 3 years to forgive Samsung for making the Omnia (my second smartphone), but in all honesty I love my Galaxy S3, so I know that my grudge against HTC will fade away in time.

  • Wow, all that negative commentary in reviews about the S4’s “cheap,” “plastic” feel and subjective (read: imaginary) “build quality” really had a huge impact on sales, guys. Clearly no one wants this thing.

    LOL. I really hope this stops the incredibly dumb build quality attacks on the Galaxy line. Plastic works just fine, no one cares.

    My plastic GNex has never had a hardware issue where as my metal Droid 1 had to be warranty replaced in under a year. “Feel” and actual durability are largely unrelated.

    • Dale Kimball

      From what the Samsung rep told me yesterday it’s not plastic, it’s poly carbonate? Maybe he’s lying though.

      • Technically, you’re right. But “plastic” is the pejorative term most commonly thrown around on DL, especially in reviews.

        • Dale Kimball

          Damn shame because poly carbonate is a great material. It’s light, durable, and overall pretty awesome.

      • gokusimpson

        Polycarbonate is a plastic. It is a thermoplastic. It’s just the name for the actual compounds used in the chemical structure. Although it is plastic, polycarbonate has unique sets of material properties which are good for use as exterior phone cases.

    • PhonesAPhone

      As much as I love the build of my HTC ONE… There is NOTHING wrong with the Galaxy line! My Note 2 is just fine and after 2 weeks you dont even think about it!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Exactly! As long as you don’t let your 2 year old throw it about, then it will be just fine. It’s also not like the plastic makes it look any less appealing. It looks really nice. I wish all the reviewers would just get off their high horses and forget about it.

      • LionStone

        Uh yes, the plastic really does make it look less appealing.

        • EvanTheGamer

          You know what I mean. lol

      • r0lct

        The problem is reviewers a little and much more so commentators live in this bipolar world of it sucks or it’s the best. It’s like they don’t realize looks and build quality don’t have to be at either extreme. Sometimes it feels like some are too dumb to realize there’s a whole range of options like: acceptable, above average, needs work, etc. and they should save sucks and terrible for devices that truly are deserving.

        If someone truly thinks a HTC One or Galaxy S4 “sucks” then they are likely an idiot.

        • @r0lct: So true. Unfortunately it seems hyperbole is the only language form in the blogosphere.

    • chris125

      It won’t because that is all the naysayers have to use against the phone

    • zorak19620

      I think it shows how small the Dev/Root community is in the android world. For all of the hullabaloo that we’ve created about how bad the S4 was, it’s selling like hot cakes.

      • Dave

        We are the. 0001%. Haha

    • mcdonsco

      I previously really liked motorolas because of the build quality, but had enough other issues that I got the s4, first non motorola android for me. Build quality is noticeably off, but all my phones go into an otterbox immediately anyway, so I no longer care…as long as the phone works / performs well, I dont care what the build quality is…

      now if I can just find the samsung keyboards spell check.

    • My Glock is poly and it works just fine… LMAO

      • Dave

        You mean a Motorola Block wouldn’t hold up better? LoL

        • Dave

          Glock….nice auto correct.

    • Big EZ

      Just because people don’t like the plastic look and feel doesn’t mean they wont buy it. I hate the look and feel of my Note 2 but overall I love this phone.

    • Ramit Suri

      Exactly. Even I love my plastic GNex. Nothing wrong with it. I enjoy it more than I would a metal or glass phone as I’ll always have the thought in the back of my mind that if I drop it, it’ll be broken. But seriously Samsung should start using matte finish on there phones. Glossy isn’t nice. Matte looks classier.

  • Timothy McGovern

    Fake and gay

    • mcdonsco

      You are?