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Mailbox Founder Suggests That an Android Version is Next in Their Plans


Heard of Mailbox? It’s an iOS app that was such a massive success as an email replacement at launch, that Dropbox bought it within a couple of months of its existence. Today, the company launched an iPad version of its popular app, but that’s not what Android users care about. In a sitdown with Read Write, Mailbox’s founder Gentry Underwood said that a presence on Android is next on their list of things to do. He wouldn’t specify a time frame, only that it’s on their radar now that the iPad app is out. 

For those not familiar, Mailbox is an email replacement app that wants to make you more productive while also keeping your inbox down to a minimum (“Inbox zero”), so that you don’t feel so damn overwhelmed every time you open it. Mailbox helps you get there by incorporating swiping gestures that advance beyond what you use them for on Android currently.

For example, as you swipe away an email, you’ll get a different result depending on how long your swipe is and in which direction you take it. So if you want to archive a message, you can perform a quick swipe to the left and you’ll see a green color with a check mark. If you want to delete the message, drag your swipe longer to the right and it’ll turn red with an “X.” Should you swipe to the left, you can tell Mailbox to remind you to check the message at a later date, or even add it to a list should you continue the swipe like you did to delete.

Again, the point is to make you more productive and less stressed.

I’ll say that after spending a little bit of time with it on iOS, I can’t wait for it to come to Android. Can you imagine the power that developers would have with this app and its gestures with Android’s notification system? Your productivity could enter a new level should you not have to enter your inbox.

Keep this one on your lists, folks, it’ll be a good one.

Via:  Read Write

  • JulianZHuang

    if i received an email, i will just open it and check it. why do I want to push it back or place it somewhere…… this app is just another unnecessary app.

  • akazerotime

    I must be in a rare group that uses both gmail and a pop3 account. I was just thinking today if there were any good email apps that could replace my stock email app.

  • jnt

    I used this on iOS for awhile and it’s very very nice… but with no desktop support, you have to switch back and forth between ways you handle your Gmail inbox. On your phone, and now iPad, it works as the app wants, but on the desktop you’re back to the “old clunky” way of managing everything with labels, which still works obviously. It’s pretty cool if you do 99% of your emails on your devices, but I’m about 50/50, and I found I had to change the way I already handled my inbox with stars, priority, etc, too much, so it didn’t stick for me.

  • If it has exchange support, I’d use it exclusively for work stuff.

  • digitalicecream

    Isn’t that what Google now does already? Won’t I have that same function and more from floating chathead notifications?

    Also, wont floating chatheads be even better since I would only get email notifications from those I want to hear from?

    • Mike Hilal

      I think this would replace the email app…not Gmail. I wish someone would make an email app with the Gmail app’s features .

  • evolutionx1

    Couldn’t care less. :/

    • NexusPhan69

      Thank you for using the proper expression and not “could care less” which means nothing.

      • JoshGroff

        It is always possible to care less, no matter how much you claim to not care.

        • PhoenixPath

          No it isn’t…

          • dvschnk

            by simply making a claim that you couldn’t care less, it means that you still have more room to care less. To truly care less, you can’t claim anything…because you don’t care 😀

          • PhoenixPath

            But I do care…

          • Addison Todd

            Nobody cares, bro.

          • PhoenixPath

            Of course they do…

  • Yay! This is a sexy and simple UI

    • Adam Metzner

      And Gmail isn’t?

      • randy

        You can use stuff that Google doesn’t make. It’s okay, nobody will take your fanboy card away.

        • I see where you’re going with this one, but…naw. Gmail and Google services are a if not THE key point in the android OS. I think its okay for someone to prefer to use them instead of add on applications. Especially when the Google provided services are damn good IMO.

          • michael arazan

            Even the stock e-mail for my other accounts works great along side of gmail, really see no need for this.

      • dvschnk

        Gmail doesn’t do exchange. I haven’t found a mail program that works with exchange emails that has a nice UI. The closest is probably enhanced email. if this does exchange and more specifically…activesync exchange, then I’m all over it.

        • jnt

          I believe it’s just a Gmail overlay, I don’t think it works with other mail? (someone correct me if I’m wrong)

          • AMPthe13th

            I have a hard time believing an email app that currently exists on iOS devices and not Android would be a GMail overlay. It should be a full feature email application that can do POP3, IMAP, Exchange, etc. The Android email application does Exchange but the overall interface is mediocre, the notifications are pretty terrible, and the composer interface is the worst I’ve ever used on any smart phone.

          • jnt

            I installed it on my iphone when I got home last night to double check, and it is indeed just a label overlay, basically. It looks like it’s own mail client, and as I stated in my other comment, has some nice features if you’re willing to rethink how you treat your gmail inbox, but there’s no pop3, imap, exchange support, and it will only let you add gmail accounts. It does allow you to add more than one, but still, only gmail accounts.

      • BRIM


        Have you seen GMail on iOS? It’s a shame Google makes their own apps LOOK better on iOS.

        And yes, looks does matter.

      • Eric

        Gmail is getting pretty bland tbh. Plus I have E-Mail accounts that I use as spam accounts which we’re made before I started using Gmail so it would be nice to have a good all in one option.