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Google Rolls Out Rich Notifications For Chrome, Has That Google Now Feel

Since the majority of us are probably using Chrome, at least according to this poll, we feel it quite justified to talk about the world’s most popular web browser. Today, Google enabled “rich notifications” for Chrome. Think of these as little info cards that pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. They are clean and elegant, heavily resembling that of Google Now’s UI. 

Notification settings can be placed for things like Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar events, Drive, Spotify and other apps. You can even set reminders through it and a notification will go off when it hits the right time. Pretty sweet, right?

The feature is currently available through Chrome Beta, so if you want to give it a try, you can download it here.

Via: Chrome Blog

  • Mike Keehn

    This is still stumping me, and it’s driving me crazy! I’m currently not getting any desktop notifications for anything. I have the latest beta loaded. In about://flags I have:
    Rich Notifications Enabled
    Synced Notifications Enabled
    Google Now Enabled
    I have desktop notifications turned on in both my mail account and music. I have the Calendar, Mail, Music, Hangouts, etc. apps installed from the Chrome store. In the privacy settings I have it set to allow notifications from anywhere. Any other tips or ideas?

    • Mike Keehn

      And of course after making this comment, all of the sudden it starts working. The only thing I did related to this in between it not working and all of the sudden working was open the Java console to see if I could troubleshoot it. Was working on something else, and all of the sudden I get popups from Gmail. No idea.

  • Bessie Arino

    I’ve managed to get the Music card to work, and I can see the settings when I right click it and go to settings.

    But even though Gmail is enabled for notifications, I don’t get them..

  • Michael G

    Seriously, how the hell does this work? I have the beta downloaded (yes, for desktop) and I still can’t find it.

  • darn, not in OS X or Linux builds yet…

  • jboku

    Not working for me… I have Enable Rich Notifications,
    Enable Synced Notifications, and google now enabled. I don’t get a new menu setup i my tray at all. No notifications nothing. Is this because I have google hangouts installed? It’s the only option I in my tray. Anyone else having issues?

    • Chuck Norris

      Same issue

      • Michael Nichols

        exact same issue

        • jboku

          Well now it’s working. I did nothing but its not as nice as I would have liked. The notification disappears pretty quickly and there are not much settings I can change (you have to right click the notification before it closes)

  • adsfadf

    You say Chrome is “the most popular web browser in the world”, and then linked to your own poll about MOBILE browsers on an Android-based site.

    Talk about bias…

    • Michael Nichols

      BOO you suck!!!

  • Nexttonomy

    Has anyone figured this out yet?

  • Chuck Norris

    I have the following enabled
    Enable Rich Notifications
    Enable Google Now
    Enable Synced Notifications

  • HashTagHell

    Also, while under about://flags, be sure to enable both Enable Rich Notifications, and Enable Synced Notifications. Worked for me.

  • Once you enable “Google Now” in about://flags, have someone message you on hangouts. when the little notification comes up on the bottom of the screen showing what they said, right click that and hit “settings” – should have everything listed.

    • This was the only way I could get it to work. Now I have the “notifications” icon in my tasklist.

      • faganm24

        Does this work if you have the Hangouts extension installed?

        • Ahh.. Yes. Sorry. Hangouts Extension needs installed..

  • How do you get this to work? Can’t find anything in the settings.

  • ElectroGadget

    You should state that this is for the desktop version of Chrome. Looks like some people believe it’s for Chrome on Android, and the first two screenshots doesn’t help 😛

  • brkshr

    I wish I could install the beta version alongside the stable version

    • Ramit Suri

      Yes, you can. Chrome Canary builds are for this purpose only. Search fo it.

      • brkshr

        Thanks a ton! I haven’t heard of that before. Installing meow… 😉

  • Corey Hass

    How about a little “How-to” Tim, or was this only a copy and paste from their blog…??

  • Chuck Norris

    I enabled Enable Rich Notifications now hoe do I get the settings box to make selections?

    • Michael Nichols

      That’s what I’m trying to figure out too!

    • sonicyoof

      Just roundhouse it.

      • Chuck Norris

        I did, I’m running out of computers

  • Corey Hass

    How to get to this little list:
    I have enabled the notifications in the about://flags but I can not figure out how to open that dialog box

    • HashTagHell

      Once you get your first notification window, you have to right click the popup, then hit settings

      • Nathan Massouda

        A sure fire way to generate a notification is to go to tools > task manager and kill one of your extensions. You will get a notification that it crashed and a blue “1” near your windows clock.

    • c_topher_v

      have someone send you a hangout or start a song in music. When the notification pops up, right click and choose settings.

      • ChrisNacca

        tried playing a song, nothing happened.

        • c_topher_v

          Music setting> music labs and enable desktop notifications

        • c_topher_v

          Also, go to about://flags and Enable Rich Notifications, and Enable Synced Notifications.

          • b00sted

            I did all this and nada.. god hates me lol

          • Corey Hass

            God loves you, the fact that this isn’t working has nothing to do with His love.

          • Alex M Wekell

            What if I don’t believe in fairy tales 😛

      • Legobricke

        I get the Music card fine…. Don’t get the calandar or gmail cards. I have the app’s installed… so they should work… but nothing….

    • Corey Hass

      It should also be noted that you need the “Gmail”, “Calendar” and other such “apps” installed in to google chrome from the webstore:



  • Is it only enabled for Windows / Chrome OS?

    • Yep.

    • C4ravan

      no love for *nix

  • Dave

    Does Chrome open links in a new tab? One reason I like Dolphin so much.

    • Mapekz

      This is for Chrome for desktop (Windows specifically at the moment).

      For Android/iOS, yes you can tap-and-hold to open links in a new tab but there is no setting to make this the default for all links.

  • Tyler Lipshutz

    I’m not seeing any issues with how they look I have Google Music triggered to popup with whats playing and so far it shows the new style of Google Now cards. I just had to enable in about://flags the Google Now notification at the very bottom

  • No dice here either, I see some options under “privacy” for notifications, and it appears to be on.

  • elemeno

    I’m not seeing it either.

  • holisk

    I downloaded the Beta no luck. ;-;

  • Razer(x)

    Yeah, installed Chrome beta but can’t see it

  • This feature is available in the latest stable Chrome as well in about://flags.
    But it doesn’t seem to be working 😀

    • Did you activate Google Now & formated Notifications in about://flags ?

      • jmu33

        im still not gettin anything…….been sendin test email for like an hour lol

        • Nothing here either…

          • b00sted

            I can’t get it either..

          • ChrisNacca

            Not working for me either .. is it USA only or something?

          • b00sted

            I am in USA and when into about://flags and enabled the stuff so got me by the balls on why it is not “On”

          • ChrisNacca

            balls !

        • kishore

          not working..

      • Yes of course.
        I’ll download beta and check if it works there.

    • Dan Lowery

      Same here. And I don’t have and option to Enable Synced Notifications.