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Did Google Tease Us With Key Lime Pie During I/O Developer Sessions?

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 2.03.32 PM

Before last week’s Google I/O, rumors were almost certain that we would see a new version of Android announced. In case you haven’t heard, we didn’t get one. Nothing.

Although, during the conference, Google wasn’t prude about dropping some clues/hints about the next Android release during certain developer sessions. The image above was taken from a video during one of the developer presentations and looks to show our little Android eating some Key Lime Pie

Of course, that was not the only reference that was found either. Below, you can see that one of powers listed is Key Lime Pie, along with Jelly Bean and Chrome. These two little easter eggs are not a confirmation that the next version of Android will be named Key Lime Pie whenever we see it, but Google has been known to do little jokes like this before.

According to reports last week, we will more than likely see Android 4.3, still known as Jelly Bean on June 10. That’s right around the corner.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 2.09.40 PM

Via: Reddit

  • Weber

    I can’t figure out the whole argument of “OH IT’S GONNA BE KLP! YOU’RE SO WRONG!” or “NO, YOU STUPIDIOT, IT’S STILL JB, YOU DUMB N00B!”
    Really, what does it matter? Either way, you get a newer version of Android that’s (supposed to be) better than the last. What does the name signify? And what’s so wrong with JB that people NEED a new version of Android? I’m all for updates and new stuffs, but what happened to stability? It’s bad enough I feel the need to run roms constantly because I’m unhappy with certain things. Why change all that and end up having everyone bitch about how nothing works?
    JB is just fine, imo. Make it better. Improve upon what we have.

  • NEWS FLASH: any android fanboy knows that android 5.0 will be code named Kettle Corn, you’re all suckers. Get in the loop

  • asdfsfdsffsf

    Funny how you guys aren’t taking credit for being first to report on some of those 4.3 rumors that didn’t pan out.

  • TheWenger

    I caught that first one during Reto’s presentation.

  • I wanna play that RPG! Hook it up Google. Final Fantasy with even better summons and a playable android mage!

  • Does that make Key Lime Pie Android’s Ultimate Weapon?

  • looks to me like some employee’s poke at the fanboys.

  • ddevito

    What sense would it make for Google to make a major Android iteration upgrade without having some form of formal announcement? 4.3 will still be jelly bean.

    • okungnyo


      Key Lime Pie (5.0) can come in the fall with updated Nexus devices.

      And they’re just teasing us for not having released any new version at I/O.

      • I didn’t think Google held any other major events except for I / O?

  • EC8CH

    someone’s score is Pi… 3141!

    • Kenneth Schefer

      There aren’t “scores” in RPGs, you noobinsquire! That’s his HPz!

      • EC8CH

        *knees and bows*

        I concede to your obviously far superior dorkitude.

      • Stychill

        Yes…shame on him for not knowing.

    • Pedro

      And e. And the Golden ratio. And Planck’s constant.

      You didn’t think Google would stop at one hidden number, did you?

  • booourns

    Will propably need a G+ profile to activate the phone anyway.

    • Then get one and don’t use it.

      • Wish someone would tell that to all those people complaining about FB accounts needed for certain apps.

        • Kenneth Schefer

          Except most people use their FB accounts, so that doesn’t work.

          • There’s no shortage of people going “facebook only? WAAAAAAAAHH wont install!” along with any variation of “i hate facebook” or “I dont use facebook cause im too good for it”

          • n11

            Facebook is stupid.
            Explain to me why its better then myspace.

          • Comment isn’t about it being not stupid or better than anything. Just made a dam account and dont use it if you want to use an app that requires it. Or dont complain about it. Takes all of 3 seconds to register.

          • Anthony Lee

            Yea! We should all have to make misc accounts just to access apps and services… cause that’s totally how it should work.

          • It is since the services NEEDS that account in order for it to work.

          • Azn_Android

            Would you say the same about android? I mean, you have to have a google account to use an android phone.

          • n11

            Not sure if I can take any app seriously (didn’t realize that’s what this was about) if it requires you to have a fb account, juvenile.
            Why not require people to have a myspace account instead?

          • Because Myspace doesn’t have an api or social graph.

          • sirmeili

            I’m one of those people that screams, but mainly for 1 reason. I don’t mind using a Google signing to sign into Google products. If this means I have to have a g+ account to use other Google services, I’m fine with that since it stays withing Google. I don’t like it when a site requires me to use a third party sign in to access it. I’m not even a huge fan that I’m using my twitter account for Disqus.

            If Facebook had more services that I wanted to use that I needed a Facebook account to access I don’t see a problem with it. But for instance when iHeartradio required Facebook logins to get access, I emailed them and said “Let me know when I can create an account with you instead of using my Facebook account”. And eventually they did and I now use their service. It’s as easy as that.

            BTW, I don’t think it has been absolutely required to sign in to Google to use an android phone (I always have, so I’m not 100% on it). I think you just lost out on some of the backup features and you of course needed it for the play store (I believe). It never stopped you from using the phone and I seriously doubt it ever will.

    • Martijn van der Linden

      Supposing you are using the Play Store, you already have one. It’s just the @gmail.com account with a different name. Get over it already.

  • but then why is the little girl eating ice cream? why is it not in sandwich form?!?! what if that’s jelly bean pie! goooogleeeeeeee

  • Tim242

    I do not believe there will be three versions of Jelly Bean. Hopefully this means it will be KLP.

    • Why not? There were three versions of Honeycomb. Plus, all the empirical evidence we have points to Google working on JellyBean_MR2 which would logically be Android 4.3. Nobody has yet to find a Google build number starting with “K” yet in benchmark logs, browser logs, or any of the other usual places. If KLP were launching any time soon, we’d have seen some kind of an indication of it by now.

      • Tim242

        It’s possible, but I’m doubting it. Honeycomb was a different beast. It was tablet only and sucked.

        • Nex

          LOL Perfectly summed up honeycomb

          • I agree. Honeycomb was Android’s Windows Vista, but it was a necessary evil. Android wouldn’t be where it is today had Honeycomb not happened.

          • Morlok8k

            Or would it be more apt to say that gingerbread was Windows ME before they switched to the NT-line creating Windows XP?

          • Simon Belmont

            Nah. Gingerbread was actually good, so I’d call it Windows 98.

            Windows ME sucked. Plain and simple.

    • Nick V

      I have a hard time believing that this update will be KLP. I believe that when they introduce the next Nexus Devices later this year, we will see the evolution of Android with KLP.

      • Tim242

        Anything is possible.

        • Nick V

          Absolutely. Although, why would they unveil KLP without a new Nexus Device?

    • Simon Belmont

      Nope. The servers logs from Google IP addresses show build numbers with a ‘J’ as the first letter for Android 4.3.

      That would indicate that Jelly Bean is still the name. That’s all.

      • Tim242

        Those have been known to be faked. That’s all.

        • Simon Belmont

          Faked, but verified to be from Google’s headquarters? I don’t think so. 😉

          I don’t think Google has the time to troll us on fake build numbers. Shawn below pretty much says what I believe to be true. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. If you end up being right, I’ll buy you a beer. 😛

  • Chris Phillips

    oh that google, such a trolololo.

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  • oh google….you are so silly.