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Nexus Q Officially “Incompatible” With Latest Version of Google Music (Updated)

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Not only did we not get a new version of the Nexus Q yesterday at Google I/O, but to make matters worse, anyone who has one of the original versions from last year has found that they can no longer use the media center with the newest version of Google Music. Once the new version of music has been installed on your phone, there isn’t an option to switch over to the Q. That’s right, the number one reason to own a Q is now not even an option. 

A Googler named Paul, who has been responding to feedback over the last month at their official product forums concerning playback issues on the Q confirmed that the Q is now essentially nothing more than a paperweight:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. As you noticed, the latest version of Google Play Music isn’t compatible with the Nexus Q. The Nexus Q devices given to last year’s I/O attendees and provided free of charge to those who ordered are not compatible with the current version of Google Music.

Read into that however you want, but he didn’t exactly say that the Nexus Q is 100% dead, he just said that this version of Music isn’t compatible. That could mean an update will add functionality or that the Nexus Q app simply needs an update. For now, though, this news shouldn’t exactly excite anyone.

For weeks now, the Q has suffered from playback issues that Google admittedly was “aware” of and “working on.” In fact, two days ago, Paul told frustrated Q owners that the streaming issues were still something the Nexus Q team had on their radar. And now, this happens.

I for one am not happy about this as I have a Q and even purchased a set of bookshelf speakers to be used along side it. But forget me, there are people out there who purchased (as in paid good money for) a Nexus Q through say eBay or other outlets and are now left with a product that no longer works. Frustrating, to say the least.

Hopefully, we see something change for the better in the very near future.

Update:  Google Support pages have been updated to display the following message:

Please note that currently, All Access can be accessed through the Google Play Music mobile app or a desktop browser and is not compatible with Nexus Q.

So don’t rule it out yet – there is still a chance that the Nexus Q will live on.

Via:  Google Product Forums

Cheers Dr0me and John!

  • Mike

    Google needs to open the Google Music API for other companies, to have a Q like device in the market and NOT let Sonos have the same access, for example, is NOT correct.

  • david corona

    Ummm…..Kellen? Justin Bieber recently added to my library? 😉 Good one buddy

  • Long Live the Nexus Q!:) Please…..

  • http://www.tuneclone.com/play-itunes-music-on-nexus-q.php
    I found this and hope its work.
    Resurrect our Q ASAP, GOOGLE!!!

  • Scott Hartman

    I bought a Q, and love the product (when it works), but this pissed me off. Fix it, Google!

  • joejoe5709

    Hang onto them. They’ll be a rare collectible relic (and possibly a forerunner noted for being ahead of its time) in 10 years.

  • Tyler Casilio

    They really don’t want to be associated with the Q anymore

  • Dr0me

    Credit to James for this beauty.

  • Dr0me

    sure, they gave them away and no future updates were expected. But what myself and others did not expect was for its functionality to be broken. I bought one on the secondary market for a decent chunk of change and got some speakers and banana plugs to work with it. All that money was spent for nothing as the thing no longer works now. If you bought a galaxy nexus right now off the secondary market (which are no longer being sold officially), you wouldn’t expect google to change something on the back end so that the phone simply stops working. It should remain in the state that it was bought in even if it stops receiving updates. Android Central even recommend them as a good gift for xmas since the thing worked so great.

    • wetzilla

      Google never actually sold one. It’s not their fault you spent a ton of money on an unreleased product from a third party. You can’t compare it to a galaxy nexus because they actually sold those to people.

      • Dr0me

        hindsight is 20/20. when I bought the thing it was fully functioning and awesome. No one expected the functionality to break on the back end. Not you, not developers and hell not even google. Google even acknowledged that they were aware of the issue and working on it. But obviously getting the new music streaming service done trumps making the Q work properly with the new framework.

        Thanks for having some empathy for a bunch of fellow google fans who were screwed when they tried to invest into the google ecosystem. This is one of the things I always hear from my friends with iPhones, “the ecosystem is better on apple products by the way they work with other apple products”. Google just made that statement a little bit more true by killing the Q.

  • I always thought the Q was a waste of money (if sold). why not just connect speakers to headphone jack. I get it was wireless but still not worth the cost. Sucks that they just canned support for those that have one though.

  • Bmc777

    I purchased one on Ebay and been working on a warranty for it for 5weeks. Google has canceled my replacement once and is “working” on replacing it again. However Google Play support has dropped the ball on this a few times already.

    • wetzilla

      I’d say the fact that they are trying to replace a product they gave away for free is pretty good.

  • Dustin Gerlach

    Are any other Keynotes planned? Or was yesterday the only one?

    • Tyler Casilio

      good question. I thought there was one today

  • booourns

    Completely unacceptable.. The ecosystem is starting to fail

    • joejoe5709

      Lol. It was just an experiment that went no where. Calm down. It’ll be back with a better concept in 12-18 months.

  • Q Man

    Looks like it is time to head to e-bay and pick up one really cheap. Then celebrate when they are supported again.

    • Havoc70

      I would take one, hell i still have an old phone with the old version of the app so it should still work as long as i don’t update the app right?

      • No. Even with older music app, the Q’s have a problem: Audio will stream for about 40 minutes, then require a reboot.

        • Havoc70


  • Octotron

    So they made a product.. sold it to some people.. and then discontinued it and completely stopped supporting it?


    • MichaelFranz

      even though it was sold, those people got there money back i thought, it was like it was free just for pre-ordering

      • yeah, i don’t think they officially ever sold them. just people that pre-ordered got one for free.

      • jaymonster

        There were those (as they were talking about… not me), that got them for free and then sold the Q on eBay to people who did not get in on the pre-order but wanted one, so they bought it expecting that support would come eventually.

    • Havoc70

      They sold it but then gave it to anyone who ordered it for free right? at least that’s what i remember. If someone paid for it off ebay well…..that really isnt Google responsibility. But i would have to agree that this turn of events does suck for those who own one

      • Guest

        Wasn’t it some sort of buy one get one? I dont remember exactly what though.

        • Tony Allen

          Nope. All those that bought it got it for free because Google decided it wasn’t ready for primetime.

    • Ian

      I don’t think anyone actually gave Google any money in exchange for these…

    • athom07

      They didn’t sell it, they discontinued it and then gave it away for free.

    • They never actually sold it. They put it up for pre-order and when they finally got them out they basically said, “Here, for those of you who got in here is the free thing.”

      So the only people who paid for them bought them used.

    • John

      Kinda like Boxee

    • Jon Lambert

      They didn’t sell any because they canceled all the pre-orders (which is what they were) and gave them to those people for free. No one spent any money on a Nexus Q.

    • feztheforeigner

      Hard to say they sold when they never charged a dime to anyone…

  • MichaelFranz

    i almost bought one a few weeks ago on ebay for cheap…glad i didnt

  • So does this mean that Google will give away all the extra Qs they have since they are worthless now? Because I would gladly take one.

    • Havoc70

      Same here, i would be happy to take one off Google’s hands

  • Strange, and unfortunate. I think this thing could be really cool and useful without much effort. Its not like this is just some software they can brush under the rug, its an actual piece of hardware they designed. Leaves a bit of a bad taste that something that was a major launch at the last I/O, is just an aborted robot octopus a year later.

  • Ian

    I guess they gave the Q’s away for free…couldn’t be too torn up about that. Wonder if the devs will get them back to the relevant state.

  • Um, so these were all just given out for free anyway, right? It sucks, but it’s never something that was officially released. It was basically always an experiment/toy.

    In any case, can you load up an old version of Google Music, or a different media player app?

    • JoshGroff

      You can always use an earlier version of Google Music, so there’s really no problem aside from not being compatible with their streaming service.

      • Dr0me

        this isnt a good fix. Even before the latest music update the Q would lose its stream every 10-20 min and had to be powered off and then on again. That is the best you can roll back to.

  • I feel bad for anyone who spent money on a Q, that does kind of stink. But, it was discontinued just a few days after launch. What kind of support did you realistically expect?

    • Jeff Tycz

      well no one spent money on it because google gave it away free to anyone who ordered it before it was canceled

      • 4n1m4L

        I spent money on 2 from eBay.

        • T4rd

          Well you dun goof’t.

          • 4n1m4L

            Still nice hardware. If nothing else I’ll load up cm10.1 again