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Live: Google I/O 2013 Day 1 Keynote

google io2013-1

And we’re live from Google I/O 2013! Today’s 3-hour long keynote starts at 9AM Pacific (noon Eastern) and should feature more announcements involving Android and Chrome than you can possibly imagine. We’ve already seen the new Google Maps go live (briefly), so we know that’s coming. But after that, we could see a unified messaging service, Android 4.3, new gaming center, and more. It’s going to be a long keynote, but potentially the best one ever.

We have a liveblog and video embed below for your viewing pleasure. We’ll open the liveblog at 8AM Pacific, as we’ll be inside the Moscone Center, waiting in line, snapping pics and sharing the experience. Join us!

  • On2Vegas

    It was said early on that this I/O would focus on developers, not so much the consumer. I’m thinking Google will have a couple more events before the year is up.

  • GarnetandBlack

    I know I/O all about developers, but I have to say, I’m selfishly a little underwhelmed. The GS4 isn’t on Verizon, Babel doesn’t do SMS, no news on 4.3, less on Google TV, nothing really on Glass, no new Nexus 7… I’m hoping we see something over the rest of the conference…

    • Steve Benson

      I sure hope so.

  • coolsilver

    Talk about a reverse “shut up and take my money”. Puts cash back in pocket. Larry can continue talking if he wants.

  • Steve Benson

    Completely underwhelmed by this years I/O

    – no Android 4.3 update
    – no new Gmail app
    – no new Maps app
    – no Nexus 7 refresh
    – and this is the big one, no mother-f-ing SMS support in the new Hangouts app.

  • Josh Karwoski

    Google I/O was one of the highlights of my birthday. Keep the fun coming, Google!

  • Bizzle9

    3 Hours and not a single acknowledgement that Google TV even exists.

  • Charlie

    To all those saying there is more time left, look at the schedule and tell me in what other events these BIG announcements would come? I don’t see any. Android 4.3, Glass and a new Nexus 7 would’ve been at this keynote if they were ready. I don’t see it coming up after this keynote. We got the Galaxy S4 Nexus announcement, which was big, but not the other things. JMO

  • Bizzle9

    This I/O has really sucked from an Android perspective.

    • Royal Assassin

      Not if you’re a developer or a burgeoning developer. I’m stoked!

  • Clint O
  • hkklife

    Worst I/O ever! Apple and Google are in a pissing match over who can make the most money while doing the least to revamp their respective platforms!

  • Boom!

  • picaso86

    Oh man – no Google Glass???

    • Orion McCormack

      This is only day one.

    • brkshr

      There’s two more days left

  • So i sat here for 3 hrs to get a google music update and a google now update! I would have been better off watching the Titanic… underwhelmed to say the least.

    • dylan84

      Yup. My feelings exactly. No Android announcement, no device announcements…we got google music, now, and maps. BORING. It seems like they made a point to ignore Android as much as possible.

    • Royal Assassin

      Hey guys you do know that this wasn’t the only day they’re doing this right? That consecutive days will follow? Hello? Anybody? *taps mic* Have you guys even tried the new music app yet? I’m honestly blown away lol.

  • mustbepbs

    Where’s Android 4.3?

  • Shane Redman

    No new Nexus7? No updated/upgraded/redesigned Q?

  • zmberven

    this guy… his voice…

    EDIT: Don’t hate me. I had a brain fart and wasn’t aware of his throat condition, and didn’t recognize this as Page.

    • Tim242

      He has a throat condition right now

      • brkshr

        vocal cord paralysis stemming from a cold awhile ago

      • zmberven

        Ooo now I feel bad…. I’m sitting here thinking… I KNOW I’ve heard this guy talk before…I don’t remember this

        • Ken Bosse

          He is the batman!
          Get well soon Larry!

        • Look up Larry Page Voice you’ll see why

          • zmberven

            Ah ok. Now I’m just impressed with him getting up there and talking. And I complain about speaking to a group of 10 when I have the sniffles.

      • zmberven

        Also, that awkward moment when you brain fart and forget “this guy” is Larry effing Page.

        I’m just gonna go shove my foot in my mouth.

      • Keith0606

        sad thing is it’s sounds like it’s permanent for the most part.

    • Yeeaahhh.. It’s creepin me out

    • col3rsc

      I wish he would get to it.

  • max

    just checking in, anything a new nexus 7?

  • Sundar laid the smackdown

    …google i/o = snooze fest

    • Royal Assassin

      I dunno, I’m pretty excited for Android Studio lol

    • brkshr

      just the last 10 or 15 minutes. It was really exciting for the first 2 hours or so

    • zmberven

      Honestly this was a giant keynote filled with a lot of exciting things for almost anyone involved at all with Google on the front or back-end

  • brkshr

    Someone should send a video of this keynote to apple with a subject line :This is what innovation looks like

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I have pooped on myself so many times during this keynote. I haven’t even eaten that much today!

  • derek connolly

    Maps looks cool but the longer they talk about it the less chance we have of Google Glass or Android talk.

  • Alberto Hamade

    go to http://www.google.com/maps/beta to sign up for beta access.

  • Jwhap

    New Google music update is gorgeous!

  • derek connolly

    looking like no new version of android

  • brkshr

    Anyone else notice they keep using 4:20 for the time on their device shots?

  • Vic Gondutra is easily the most human person at Google…I wish he would work with the android team on some things

  • Peter Stover

    newbie: how do i get music all access on my phone?

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I dont know why I thought it would be later in the day than this…

  • droidrazredge

    NIce! Everyone gets a Pixel. That’s pretty cool.

  • Shane Redman

    All chrome everything! Chrome all on my tab….Chrome on all on my screen….Chrome all on my phone….don’t believe me go home!

  • Sirx

    Why Google is destined to surpass Apple – You will NEVER find a Nexus onstage doing a demo at Apple’s WWDC! But Google will break out the iPhone in a heartbeat when it wants to show off some awesome feature.

  • Firelight

    just signed up for my free month trial

  • Bigwavedave25

    hmm… SGS4 back on the radar now!

  • jamie stevens

    blah im out

  • jamie stevens

    $649!!!!!!!! why is it more than sammys version? that really sucks. but from tmo or att for less unlock and put 4.2 on yourself for less

    • Tim242

      That is not more than Samsung’s version…it’s the same price.

      • jamie stevens

        its only $629 at tmo and $639 at att and buy at full price they unlock…plus they dont have to pay sammy for their software….and android is free

        • Tim242

          They have to pay Samsung for the hardware, and provide support.

  • droidrazredge

    Google S4 Version *crowd yes yes yes this sounds cool* It will be available through Google Play Store * Crowd cheers* Google S4 will be constantly updated like a true Nexus Experience *Crowd gets ecstatic* The price will be 649$ *crickets* Thank you very much *crowd, puzzled, it’s not the Nexus experience the price is not the same!*

    • Futbolrunner

      I saw that part too..hilarious!!

    • dylan84

      Yeah, that was damn funny.

  • Keith0606

    No new nexus 7 announcement… bit surprised about that.

  • samari711

    Where’s my Xphone? Damn you Bionic!

    • droidrazredge

      haahahah the mysterious Xphone was actually the Google Galaxy S4 Version =p.

      • Tim242

        Yep hahahaha @ Bionic.

  • I’m a bit dissapointed , the android keynote is over and nothing really amazing for the OS announced smh

  • derek connolly

    Is that it for the android presentation?

  • Greg

    Silent when he announced the price of the GS4. lol

  • $649!!!