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Larry Page Talks About Health Concerns, Gives Word There is Nothing to Worry Over

larry page

Following some public outings and financial calls, questions arose concerning Larry Page’s health. When listening to Page, he sounded terrible; his voice was raspy and coarse, pausing for breath between each sentence. To sum it up, the tech world was sincerely worried about Google’s CEO. 

Larry took to his Google+ page earlier this morning, explaining his condition. Apparently, some time ago, Larry suffered from a terrible cold. It affected his voice, but once the cold went away, his voice never came back. After searching for answers, they discovered he suffers from left vocal cord paralysis, a “nerve problem that causes your left vocal cord to not move properly.”

Fast forward to last summer, Larry became ill with another bad cold. The same weakness he felt in his left vocal cord had began in his opposite vocal cord. Doctors are still unable to find a true cause, but Larry has been able to pull together and is able to continue his duties at Google and at home.

It’s great to hear that Larry is not actually ill, but we still send our positive vibes that Larry feels well and continues to do what he loves.

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  • Hopefully it’s nothing to do with Google Glass emitting radiation through the cranium.

  • kane

    Reminds me of the South Park episodes with Magic Johnson. How did he beat HIV? Sleeping on mountains of cash.

  • Derek Edwards

    I lost my voice like that once….had a bad cold and cough, lost the voice and it took nearly 2 months to get it back….i hope he gets his back!! Go go LP!

  • coolsilver

    Ask Scott Adams how he dealt with similar diagnosis. I know you all know who that is…. if you don’t well you should be ashamed.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    The curse of the billionaires

  • jamie stevens

    might be those teeth and gums….

  • rals


  • JG

    It’s obviously the ghost of Steve Jobs choking him from the inside. Even in death Steve Jobs will not give up.

    • At least Steve didn’t patent breathing.

      • cmiram

        Or so we think…

        • *chokes on macbook air*

    • zepfloyd

      still sounds better than Siri.

    • guest

      It is really sad how all of you define everything in relation to Apple.

      • PhoenixPath

        It’s really sad how some people would rather pretend to be offended than be amused.

        • mx

          I’m neither offended nor amused. I just find it kind of pathetic that no matter what the news is it must be somehow twisted into something anti-apple.

          • PhoenixPath

            There is no “must”.

            You apparently just need something to get all angsty about.

            I’d wager 90% of the articles on this site don’t mention Apple once. …but this one does. So you get to be all indignant.

            Poor guy…

    • hicksonjohn

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