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Google Now Allowing All App Developers to Respond to Play Reviews

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The value of comments anywhere on the internet can range from very bad to very useful. When it comes to Google Play, the best way to get feedback on an application is to read the reviews from the people who have actually used it. To cultivate more interaction in reviews, Google now allows all app developers on Google Play to respond to reviews on their applications. 

Google has been testing this feature with certain developers for a while now and has received enough good press that they feel ready to roll it out to everyone. Google says that this allows developers to more easily “identify and prioritize bugs, reply constructively to both negative and positive reviews and to get ideas about new improvements or features.”

If you are a developer, check your Google Play Developer Console to find the new reply feature.

Via: Android Developers

  • umataro42

    There are times I wish other users to could reply to each other, some of them leave really stupid reviews, based on their phone not being compatible or trying to use a root-required app on a non-rooted phone.

  • Glen E Ston

    Google now has nothing to do with the play store or reviews. how would this confuse anyone?

    • Mark Mann

      that’s what was confusing to people…the fact that the title, as written, leads readers to believe that it does

  • T4rd

    I thought Devs were able to reply to reviews for a while now. So the few times I’ve seen their replies, they were just able to “test” the feature?

    • Raven

      Not quite. To start with it was limited to certain bigger developers with high numbers of downloads. Now it is available to all.

      • John Burke

        For a while now small Devs have been replying.

    • TheWenger

      That’s what I thought too. I knew it was a test group but I remember a story several months ago about all devs being able to use it.

  • MikeCiggy

    Title should say ‘Google is now’. Title is confusing considering there is a service. called Google Now

    • EvanTheGamer

      Agreed. Sorta threw me off for a second there, that is until I started reading the actual article.

      It was like…wait a second, Google Now allows developers to reply to Google Play Store users directly within itself? lol

      • Blue Sun

        I was thinking the same thing till I got through 40% of the article

      • Tyler Bowden

        Google, reply to A Google User’s negative comment, you’re holding it wrong.

    • JoshGroff

      It’s not that confusing, but I do see your point.

      • EvanTheGamer

        It’s pretty confusing……for a monkey! HAHAHA!

      • MikeCiggy

        I’m not confused… because I read the article and I knew what he was talking about but it COULD be confusing for someone just tuning in. I’m not one to be a grammar Nazi just thought the word is would help clarify.

        • EvanTheGamer

          No, you’re definitely right. The title is a bit misleading.

        • michael arazan

          But if you Google This Article, the answers will give you “Google Now” articles in names rather than a “Now” time frame. That is the point people are trying to express I assume

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      • Mark Mann

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  • fartbubbler

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