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Google “Play Games” Leaks Ahead of Google I/O – Cloud Saves, Multiplayer Matchmaking, and Leaderboards

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Back in mid April, information taken from a MyGlass application teardown showed Google was working on something big for the Android gaming community. Today, that previous information is all but confirmed. An updated Google Play Services app (version v3.1.36), which escaped Mountain View, has been cracked open, spilling lots of great information. Inside, there are files and strings of code detailing cloud-based saves for games, multiplayer matchmaking, player invites, achievements, and global leaderboards. Yep, this is Google Play Games

So far, the only working part of the new “app” is the ability to change accounts through the Play Games settings menu. Options to turn on game notifications and manage those who can send you game invites (all handled through Google+ accounts) is also inside. Beyond being able to view just a settings menu, there isn’t much to see. There are a couple icons for achievements and leaderboards inside, but without a game client, this serves little purpose to anyone yet.

With Google I/O taking place next week, there is almost no doubt we will see this unveiled in just a couple of days.

Google Play Games

Try and act surprised at I/O, okay?

Via: Android Police

Cheers Roy!

  • feztheforeigner

    Please allow apps to take advantage if this too. Like if I’ve cleared a notification on one device, let it be cleared on all my devices.

    Also, please back up the settings of apps and anything else the developer chooses

  • EvanTheGamer

    YES! I’ve been really looking forward to this for quite some time!

    And…Cloud Saves & Achievements FTW! Freakin’ finally!

  • rekem

    Another service crippled without a Google+ account means another service I won’t be using. Thanks for nothing, again, Larry.

    • Or you could just get a G+ account and I can friend you on it to make it worth it? 😛

      • rekem

        If I wanted to be on a social network, I’d sign up for Facebook ;-P Thanks for the offer though!

        • I just don’t get it. If you want the features, sign up for G+ then just don’t add anybody. I don’t even think of G+ as a social network. It’s more like a LinkedIn type thing the way I use it. It’s up to you, I just don’t understand the rationale.

          • Chris

            Will you friend me on G+ tim? 😀

          • Justin Hudgins

            me too, me too!

          • rekem

            What I object to is the way Page & co. are trying to herd everyone into G+, by crippling/eliminating services. If you want people to sign up for G+, then make it a kick-ass service in it’s own right, but when they choose to do things like eliminating access to your own Youtube playlists until you sign up for a + account, that’s a dick move, and the reason that I hate Google+, and refuse to sign up for it. I’m actually considering Ubuntu Touch as my next mobile OS just to get away from this nonsense.

          • anezarati

            I agree with most of what you are saying and I have a G+ account that I try to use. The problem is that if it uses G+ to send invites and interact with friends then I won’t be able to play with everyone I would like to because most of my friends don’t use G+. They are not going to realize the full potential of the service.

          • Geoff Johnson

            Google+ is a kick ass service, they just need more people using it – hence why they are doing the things they do

          • I guess you have never had to make up a account in your entire life to use a service.

          • NexusMan

            Google + is a kick ass service…but you don’t know that because you refuse to sign up for it.Of course Google wants people to use it…its called business. Every company offers benefits and perks for it’s customers to get you to use their services. Have you ever heard of preferred guest accounts for hotels for example? If you join a specific loyalty program for a hotel, then you get better rooms and other amenities that others who refuse to join don’t get.

          • The whole social networking thing turns me off too, but is it really so different from steam and xboxlive, or even psn? Sure you could see them as gamer-sentric services with a social aspect, but especially steam puts heavy weight on the social aspect of gaming. The whole idea of a gamerscore is purely bragging rights. I love steam as a service, and if Google play games is anything like that service, it should be an awesome experience that will only get better in time.

          • Steve Benson


  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Cloud save will be a nice feature. As a Nexus user, sometimes I don’t want to restore all ofy apps and game saves when trying a new ROM. On more than one occasion have in gone back to the market and re-downloaded a game to realize that I zapped my backups for it. There is a limit to how many times I have restarted Hill Climber.

    • Royal2000H

      That and being at the same save point on my tablet and phone.

      • ^^^ this. being able to switch back and forth between my phone and tablet and play the same game and have my progress tracked on both devices (or any new device i buy) would be huge for Android gaming.

    • Frank Urbanski

      Yes! That’s probably my biggest thing. I re-ROM my phone so much (I cannot help myself!) and I get sad each time when I lose my game progress.

  • Jason

    Don’t all these bigger app game companies do this already?

    • Raven

      GLU Games are the only ones that I have seen this work on so far and even that involves a scary warning and a restart of the game when switching between devices. Rovio is claiming that it is coming to there games, but so far is only in the Croods. I would love to finally see all Android gaming stored with Google where it belongs (just as long as things continue to work fine when you are offline as well).

  • fartbubbler

    Tim’s become Mega Contributor!

  • callumshell1

    Of all the things to steal from Apple, why would you choose the worst feature?

    Game Centre btw.

    • I would image it will be hundreds of times better than Apple’s… We’ll have to see what they truly have in store

    • Tyler

      We don’t know everything about this for all we know there is a client that does multiplayer stuff. What if this brought api for creating more fluid games and optimizations to make it easier for devs to create better games with greater overall compatiblity. There are plenty of services similar to what this looks to be but what truely is needed is a better gaming engine.

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        We certainly need improvements to Android’s gaming performance. We’re still getting high-end games that don’t have all the fancy graphic features enabled like the iOS version, and yet without the same lag-free performance.

  • Tyler

    What Play Games? 😉

  • Artune

    This is something i’d welcome as long as it’s not the biggest news at I/O.

    • Yes. Please don’t be the biggest news. I’ll be very disappointed

    • No need to worry about that.

      • pervbear

        Go fight yourself


      It is. Google is running out of ideas.

      • Elliot Kotis

        Idiot. HTF would you know, plus Nexus 7 2 Nexus 4 2 , Nexus Q2 I guess, Android 4.3, get off your highhorse.

        • Ignore the trolls. They have an orgy to get to.

  • You might want to black out that dude’s email


      Android Police left it like that. It’s the name of the guy who posted the article, and he doesn’t seem to care.

      • He’ll enjoy the free cruises.

        • MikeSaver