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CyanongenMod Nightlies Popping Up for HTC One GSM Variant, Oh Sweet Vanilla


Owners of the unlocked GSM variant of the HTC One (that means it’s not locked to a carrier) can start flashing some CyanogenMod hotness. Official nightly builds are beginning to hit servers on the web, so start prepping that device. CyanogenMod will bring vanilla Android 4.2.2 with a hefty ton of customizations such as navigation bar tweaks, notification bar tweaks, and the list could go on forever. 

If you are sporting an unlocked HTC One, you can download the builds as soon as they hit servers here.

Via: XDA

Cheers Darshan Shah!

  • Bryce Mrozinski

    Been running the Alphas. Was so stoked this morning when the camera fix was merged! Love my One and love CM! Marriage made in heaven!

  • Marcismo

    Yeah buddy!

  • droid dna doesnt exist. am i that little of a minority to have s-off?

    edit: good for the one though, i’m jealous.

  • Kev

    Does this apply to T-Mobile One’s that have been paid in full?

    • Darshan Shah

      Yeah it works on all GSM HTC one’s as they’re all built the same

  • jamie stevens

    come on CM please include making the HTC button configurable

  • sylent101

    Ehhh the rooting and romming has become a little stale for me.

    • Yeah, I’m too lazy to put custom roms on my Nexus devices. But for something heavily skinned like this, I might have to get back into it… #firstworldproblem?

  • Tim242

    Eeeek. That will make a bad camera worse.

    • Fozzybare

      true that…

    • niuguy

      What is this bad camera you speak of?

    • Yeah, talk about a bad camera and putting bad software on top of it. Makes me sick to just think about it.

  • Ian

    Ah, I was going to say, how is CyanogenMod considered Vanilla but you clarified with the heavy modifications bit.

    • Yeah, as in there is no OEM skin atop Android. Just lots and lots and lots of custom tweaks. 🙂