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[Deal] Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocked With 16GB on Daily Steals for $679

galaxy s4 deal

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is up on Daily Steals this morning for a pretty decent price of $679. This would be the unlocked GT-I9500 model, which also means Exynos Octa processor. As many of you know, the Octa processor is not included in the U.S. retail model that ships to carriers, so this is somewhat of special event. At $679, you may be thinking that the phone is ridiculously high-priced, but unlocked phone re-sellers like Negri or Expansys are selling this phone for close to $750 and beyond. 

This model also comes with 16GB of internal storage, 13MP camera, and Android 4.2.2. You can choose from either the white or black versions of the phone.

Free shipping is a part of the deal.

On a related note, the specs list out that this phone has LTE that is “market dependent,” but to my knowledge, it won’t work on any of the LTE markets in the U.S. In fact, this model (I9500) may not even have LTE at all. The I9505 is apparently the LTE version with the Octa processor. You will be able to jump on AT&T’s HSPA+ network, though.

Via:  Daily Steals

Cheers Clint!

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  • Sporttster

    I can buy at nice Tablet or even a frigging laptop for that! Forget it…that’s crazy for a phone that last two years. No thanks….

  • LionStone

    Hmm… $599./32GB or $649./64GB for the HTC One OR pay $679./16GB! for S4!? Hmm…

  • Rob Mounts

    How come it specifically mentions that it comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and not the Exynos Octa?

  • $679 for a phone that will last what MAYBE 2 years is no “deal” lol.

    • Fred

      You realize this is how much phones cost, right? The $199 price you see from the carriers requires a two-year service agreement (you pay $199, the carrier pays the rest and gets it back from you buy charging you for two years of an expensive service plan). This phone is not tied to a service contract.

      • I understand that they sell them higher than the subsidized price yes. Im simply saying its not a deal. You can get a Nexus 4 for under $300 without a contract. I can build a entire laptop computer for less than what this single phone costs. Just being portable/smaller is about the only thing is has for it.

        • Yeah but the Nexus 4 isn’t that great. Sure it’s stock android but that’s all it has that is good

  • jamie stevens

    uhm its only $629 from TMO and if you buy outright they will unlock it…

  • zepfloyd

    For $649 you can buy the Verizon one, have LTE in the US and it comes GSM unlocked for the rest of the world…

    • Digits

      Verizon uses CDMA not GSM!! Also if you were to buy from a carrier for that amount, why not just buy the international version unlocked!!

      • zepfloyd

        You don’t know much about smartphones these days I take it…


    $999 retail value? GTFO!

  • Bionicman

    i played with one at the sprint store and it was very nice. still battery life is what concerns me. i love using the hell out of my Note 2 and having plenty of battery left. gaaaaahh decisions decisions!

    • fwiw, i have an s3 now and am tentatively waiting for the note 3

      • Bionicman

        what i was thinking was to get the S4 now and when the Note 3 comes out, give my S4 to my wife and get the Note 3 lol

        • lol, now there’s a plan!

    • I feel like one of the reasons the battery life is so long on the Note 2 is because the screen is so dim. Just compare it to a Nexus 7/Galaxy Nexus/iPhone 5/etc.
      You might be able to achieve similar battery life if you just turn down the brightness to below half.

  • $679 for 9 Gigs or so of usable space. No thanks.

    • You must not have any phones. You get the same from every phone.

      • Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. All phones don’t have half their memory eaten up by the O.S. My 32 GB G-Nex has 28 GB of free space. That’s only 4 GB taken up by the O.S. The O.S. on the S4 eats up 7 GB of the 16 GB on the phone leaving you with 9ish. That’s just asinine for a 16 GB phone. On a 32 GB model that’s not really to bad. You’d still have 23 left over. And that is more then a fair amount.

    • T-Bag
    • michael arazan

      It’s samsung, just put an sd card in it, and poof 64 more gb

  • asdfsadf

    I already have a Nexus 4.


  • Nah I’m buying mine for 649 through Verizon. I’m selling my S3 with 32 gig internal and 32 gig external sd card for 300, 400, knocks that down to 349, 249 hehe. Even US Cellular is asking 749 for their’s full price lol. And the day I get it I’ll be able to unlock it meself 🙂 Not paying an extra 30 dollars for that.

    • may i ask where you’re selling your s3? i’m in a similar boat, and was thinking about posting mine at swappa, but i haven’t done it before

      • There are many options. swappa, craigslist if you want to sell local..ebay. I’m placing mine on craigslist. I do fairly well selling the phone on their. I normally put the price a little high so someone can always offer best offer. I sold my gnex last year for 275, asked 300 for it.

    • Wazzy

      I have an S3 w Unlimited through Verizon. If I sold my S3 and purchased an S4 outright through Verizon would I lose my Unlimited?

      • Fred

        No. You keep your unlimited data if you pay full retail price for a phone. You lose it if you take the $199 subsidized price.

  • James

    Meh 🙂