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Report: AT&T to Launch “All in One” Prepaid Plans in June for $35, $50, and $70

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According to a report out of Fierce Wireless, AT&T will introduce new “All in One” prepaid plans starting June 15. The plans will likely include unlimited talk and text, but will have varying limits on data depending on the price you pay. Sources mentioned $35 feature phone plans, along with $50 and $70 smartphone plans that will be tested in Texas and Florida this month, with a nationwide rollout in June. At $50, the smartphone plan will include 2GB of data, while the $70 plan will bump data limits to 5GB. If a user were to eclipse their allotment for the month, their data speeds would be slowed.

The report doesn’t specifically mention if these new prepaid plans will work on AT&T’s LTE network.

Verizon’s current smartphone prepaid plans give you either 500MB of data for $60 per month or 2GB of data for $70 per month. LTE is not a part of the deal.

Via:  Fierce Wireless

  • I jumped ship from AT&T to T-Mobile’s $30 plan (Unlimited text, 100 minutes, 5GB data). The coverage isn’t as good as AT&T but manageable. AT&T needs to drop their price a bit more if they’re going to compete for my cash.

  • Blanca Perez

    My first question would be are these plans going to have the egregious Federal and state taxes piled on them? The rates range from 8% to 25% depending where you live.The MVNOs like straight Talk and Net1 don’t and even T-Mobile prepaid doesn’t. Where I am, those taxes would add $8 a month on the $50 plan.

    • Ctrot

      Of course the taxes will be there, Big Government always gets it’s cut. They’re just there to help after all.

  • MentatYP

    $50/month, unlimited talk and text, 2GB data, throttling instead of extra charges above the bandwidth limit. This sounds entirely too reasonable for a big carrier. What’s the catch?

  • g4danny

    Just copy Verizon. AT&T has done this with everything else

  • If u live in a limited t mobile 4glte area u can get unlimited lte for 70 with no contract. That at&t 5gb isnt bad for 70 if your not a power data user and want more coverage at&t will probally follow big red with no lte on prepaid atleast u get hspa+ which is not far behind big red’s lte

  • CrackerAzzCracker

    Verizon Too Big to Care. If a major player like AT&T were to come out with affordable all in one plans that included unlimited 4G data at a reasonable price a lot of people would dump VZW. Verizon has the best network so far but AT&T is catching up. They could really deliver a blow to Verizon by making the plans so affordable that people would be willing to take the early termination hit from Big Red to get the better deal.

  • Sporttster

    Call me when you get TRULY unlimited data for a reasonable price….otherwise, forget it….

  • Droidzilla

    Why on earth would anyone get this over Straight Talk? ST is unlimited everything for $45. Sure, they can ding you after you go over 2GB or so, but I have yet to have that happen to me.

    • Tim242

      Straight Talk is now only offering T-Mobile SIM’s.

      • duke69111

        Was Straight Talk all four big carriers before? I’m not sure.

        • Tim242

          They sell low end Android phones for CDMA networks. They sold dumb phones for GSM networks. However, you could bring your own smartphone and get an at&t or T-Mobile SIM. Now, they are only offering T-Mobile SIM’s

    • Sporttster

      How much do you go over the 2gb? I’d consider them if I knew I could go over 10gb and not get dinged. Otherwise I’m sticking with Verizion unlimited….

      • Droidzilla

        I only barely go over; I don’t think you could get away with 10GB.

        • Blanca Perez

          In other words, NOT unlimited high speed data.

  • reggie1225

    This is tempting. Especially since their $70 gives me twice what I have with my currently individual plan. Kinda happy I got my phoned hacked to run on US GSM networks now. If it weren’t for a contract (ends in september) I’d jump on this now since I live in one the test markets (FL).

  • Marty Zaluski

    If this had been the case last Xmas, it would have been an *easy* choice over the Kindle Fire HD which I ultimately purchased.

  • droidrazredge

    Come on Big Red it’s not looking good for you! Big Blue just checked you with these prices, better come up with some good moves to get out of this soon or it’s going to spell checkmate for you!

  • Nick Schiwy

    I might consider switching to this if things with straight talk go sour, I’m really glad at&t isn’t laughing in the face of t-mo like Verizon seems to be doing

  • Itchy_Robot

    Seems like data competition is finally ramping up. Their price fixing agreements must have fallen through =)
    I have actually been debating going back to a dumb phone. The fun/newness of the smartphone revolution has worn off for me.

  • I-Troll-U

    I shall stick with my $30 T-Mo plan.

  • jisaac16

    I currently pay $30/month prepaid on AT&T with the Nexus 4. $25/month for 250 minutes and $5/month for 50MB of data (using a ton of wifi to keep my data needs low & your data expires after 30 days (which is totally illegal and bogus but somehow the carriers get away with it) so it makes sense to buy the least amount and add more if you need it). Not sure how the new plans will be better but hopefully they are for the consumer.

  • brkshr

    I doubt they will include LTE, but if they do I’ll definitely be switching from T-Mo

  • EC8CH

    $70 per month for 5gb then throttled afterwards on AT&T vs
    $70 per month for unliminted on TMo

    Pretty comparable if AT&T is 4G and you value their coverage better.

    I like the throttling after your data cap instead of hitting you with a overage charge.

    • Vineet Tyagi

      Even the T-mbole throttles after a data limit and they will continue to do that. If this plan has LTE then this beats Tmo’s unlimited plan

      • brkshr

        From everything I’ve heard. The unlimited data plan is truly unlimited. Peter Alfonso (Bugless Beast Android dev… well known) works for T-Mo now & has confirmed this.

  • Interesting…I just signed up for AT&T service today, with the new Optimus Pro phone. It will cost me about 110 a month with 4 gig of data.

  • One step closer to reasonable data usage. I still want someone to offer a plan that fits me – 20GB or more for less than $100. Of course, I’m still unlimited but not everyone can be

  • Zach Armstrong

    If you can use them on LTE Then that’s not a bad deal

  • michael hopper

    Outstanding. Currently using Straight talk at&t, but the terms are unreasonable. 2Gb serves me fine, as long as I can use it as I please.

    • Futbolrunner

      I’m thinking of possibly switching to Straight Talk. What’s unreasonable about their terms?

      • JoshGroff

        I’ve heard they cut off your data after a certain amount of usage, but it’s not clearly defined. (Supposedly around 2.5GB or so)

        • brkshr

          They don’t cut off your data. They throttle you really bad (like 15kb/s) after about 2 – 2.5GB. People also report throttling after 100MB/day. There is no clear data cap defined.

          • JoshGroff

            Thanks for the clarification.

          • trwb

            Tracfone who owns straight talk along with net10 and some other mvnos, says in their terms of service (for net10 at least), that one is only allowed to use 1.5gbs of data per month. I left Straight Talk after a year because of streaming restrictions, but it wasn’t too bad if you watch your data use.

        • mustbepbs

          I hear, they cut off your fingers one at a time, and then FEED them to you!

          • JoshGroff

            Do they at least cook and be-bone them first?

          • mustbepbs


      • michael hopper

        They seem to randomly throttle ppl who are nowhere near the “limit”, also streaming media is prohibited.

        • Droidzilla

          What kind of streaming media? I do all kinds on my N4 with Straight Talk.

          • trwb

            I think their throttling is random, but it happens. I think you are less likely of getting noticed on ST if you leave your proxy feild blank in apn settings

          • Droidzilla

            That makes sense; mine is blank, by the way, if that helps anyone.

          • michael hopper

            Mine too. I have never been throttled, but just knowing it could happen is a pain. At basically the same price for piece of mind, I will switch.

          • michael hopper

            Video and Audio. I didn’t say you couldn’t get away with it, but if you read the ToS, it is not allowed. If they catch you they can terminate your service without warning

          • Droidzilla

            Huh. Never had an issue, and if I do I’ll just go with another prepaid, GSM option. Nexus 4 ftw!

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    500 mb for $50? Geez Luis man, Verizon you greedy bastards, I hope the other carriers do shake up the industry, and Google jumps in. That way Verizon profits can shrink and force them to truly compete

    • Yeah, Verizon’s prepaid is a joke, especially now. $50 for 500 MB of 3G data, no less. I’m hoping that new prepaid plans will be announced at their event in a few weeks, it needs a refresh badly.

    • Whos Luis?

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        what’s “whos”? Answer that first.

        • Say my name. *Tyler Durden*

          You’re god damn right.

    • crackerazzcracker

      Verizon Wireless Too Big to Care….. pass it on…

  • like t-mobile but no unlimited

  • Apparently AT&T at least is taking the threat from T-Mobile seriously. And I’d definitely sacrifice unlimited high-speed data for a 5GB cap for AT&T’s service area, especially with that juicy HTC One on their LTE for cheap.

    That said, its not better or cheaper than my Verizon plan currently is, so I’ll stick with this.

    • “And I’d definitely sacrifice unlimited high-speed data for a 5GB cap with AT&T’s service area”

      Wait, is this sarcasm? I can never tell without the “/s”

      • JoshGroff

        The comparison was made of T-Mobile and AT&T, I doubt it was sarcasm. Context clues are your best friend. 🙂

        • I guess the fact that he said he has Verizon threw me off. And is T-Mobile considered “high-speed” now?

          • kretz7

            They have been offering HSPA+ for quite some time now.

          • I live out in the woods, so I’ve become a bit of a Verizon snob despite their terrible policies. Forgive me for being pompous.

          • JoshGroff

            HSPA+ is about on par with WiFi, and I consider WiFi fast, so maybe.

          • t-mobile hspa+ tends to be fast than at&t hapa+ (avrg 10-12) maybe not as fast as wifi but id def consider since more phones are compatiple on at at&t with better service

          • zurginator

            I consider ~30 mb/s to be high speed, yes. And that’s typical – not the fastest I’ve seen.

          • michael arazan

            My results from speedtest app on VZW in St.Louis, piss-poor if you ask me form all the great speeds everyone else post, also added my wifi in one which is close to vzw lte here

  • htowngtr

    Basically what I’d pay per line with AT&T now for a contract.

    • They said its launching, not that it was a good deal 🙂

      • Jordan Webb

        To be fair, it’s actually better than current options on ATT prepaid. It’s getting -cheaper-.

        Current option A: Unlimited Talk/Text + 1GB = $65/mo
        Current option B: Limited Talk/Text + 1 GB = $50/mo

        Also, since T-Mo’s service in my area is really sketchy, this actually makes an excellent fallback option if I decide to jump to prepaid this fall.

  • Qbancelli


  • Radgatt

    Will we ever see a prepaid plan that includes LTE?

    • Wait for it……….T mobile.

      • EC8CH

        and many will have to… wait for it… on T mobile…. for 4G.

        • Probably. With this Metro merger and upcoming things, it’s about to get better.

          • EC8CH

            hope so,

        • JoshGroff

          Their HSPA+ is pretty fast if you have the coverage, speeds are fairly close to WiFi.

        • brkshr

          This is true…

    • Bob G

      Might be this AT&T one, just not confirmed. Verizon doesn’t do it though.

    • brkshr

      I had LTE on T-Mo in Las Vegas (on my Nexus 4) . They just need to hurry up & get LTE coverage in more places.

    • xpyroxcorex

      Virgin and boost?

  • If it’s not LTE then it’s useless.

    • Blanca Perez

      Right! Everyone needs LTE regardless of how they use their phone. If you are not streaming or tethering it makes little difference. Not everyone needs 50mps internet and not everyone needs LTE, especially when it more the doubles the bill.