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Wil Wheaton Struggles to Root His HTC One – Koush Does It Instead, Names Recovery After Him

will wheaton

Last night, Wil Wheaton broadcast to the world through Google+ that he was struggling to fully root his HTC One. He was able to unlock the bootloader (likely through HTCDev), but them found the entire process of putting a recovery or rooting it to be quite difficult. He eventually gave up, leaving for the night after five hours of work with some parting words about how much he loves his “GNEX” and despises the UI of the One. So what happened after he ran off to bed? Koush came to the rescue. 

With the release of Wil Wheaton Recovery, anyone (including Wil) can root the AT&T or T-Mobile versions of the HTC One. All you need to do to get the process going is to flash this new Wil Wheaton recovery.img in fastboot, boot into the new recovery, and then reboot to Android from the new Wil Wheaton Recovery, where it will ask you to root the device. Tap “Yes” when prompted, and you will be rooted.

It doesn’t look like Wil is awake yet, so we’ll try to update this post with his much-anticipated response.

Via:  +Koush | +Wil Wheaton

Cheers Matt!

  • umbrellacorp

    As if his celebrity ego wasn’t inflated enough already.

  • Dean Milord

    Link to Wil’s reply – https://plus.google.com/u/0/108176814619778619437/posts/XpZQJpWV16z
    EDIT: Ninja’d by jpfrasier

  • Chris Dooley

    Bwhahahahahaha its better with the picture in the backround

  • Sporttster

    ‘I came here to defeat Wil Wheaton: the man who destroyed my dreams, but I can’t destroy Wil Wheaton: the man who loved his mee-maw.’

    • RoadsterHD1

      LOL, Big bang….. 🙂

  • jpfrasier

    UPDATE: and Wil is now awake and yes he noticed, and sounds grateful.


  • Stevedub40

    Is it bad that I have no idea who Wil Wheaton is?

    • AranelAlasse

      He’s the actor who played the character of Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also appeared on Big Bang Theory as (a fictional version of) “himself” several times, with references to Star Trek.

      • Lucky Armpit

        He was also the main character in “Stand By Me”, one of the greatest coming-of-age movies ever.

  • zepfloyd

    Wil Wheaton, Wil Wheaton, Wil Wheaton

    • EvanTheGamer

      Why are you saying it like that?

      Say Wheat.

      Now say Wil Wheaton.

      Wil Wheaton.

      Wil Wheaton.

      Wil Wheaton.

      Hey did you hook up with Whoopi Goldberg on the show?

      All the time.

  • EvanTheGamer

    lol…Wil will never respond…unfortunately. He’s a busy dude.

  • joejoe5709

    Wil Wheaton just found himself a place in Android legend. Our children’s children will speak of him.

    Quick! Someone please come up with a Wil Wheaton ROM or custom kernel! 🙂

  • Do it… Do it

  • Will Frame

    Why do people buy HTC and Samsung phones if they hate the UI and then immediately go to great pains to put a custom ROM on it? If you want vanilla android, why not just get a Nexus? Why buy an HTC One if you hate Sense? It’s a Sense phone. You know that going into it. Is it because they want front-facing speakers? Do these people also buy Macbook Pros and then try to install Windows on it?

    I just don’t get it. Having the ability to install custom ROMs is nice, and why I love android, but if you’re doing it just to get rid of the things that make the phone unique, what’s the point? If every manufacturer just put stock Android on their phones, it would be a pretty boring marketplace.

    • PSU_DI

      People, buy these phones like the ONE or S4 because they push the limit of the hardware technology available. They also know that despite the terrible Skins the manufacture place on these phones that they’ll still be able to get a semi-stock experience using custom ROMs.

      Also there are many people that do purchase the Macbook Airs or Pros to just run windows on them. I read an article last week that the state that the best “windows” laptop out there was the Macbook Pro.

      • Will Frame

        I understand maybe not liking Blinkfeed or the launcher (which can easily be remedied with a custom launcher), but nuking the entire ROM and replacing it with something like Cyanogen is kind of defeating the purpose. You no longer have HTC’s camera app, which is actually very good, and you lose Zoe, not to mention some great contact integration. It’s not like the difference between and Snapdragon 400 and 600 is going to be all that noticeable on stock android. Hell, the Galaxy Nexus still runs stock android really well on a crappy OMAP processor.

        At the end of the day, you go to great lengths to force a different ROM onto the phone that wasn’t designed specifically for it and it leads to missing features and some things not working properly, not to mention bugs when you could just pick up a Nexus 4 and not have to do anything except root it.

        • PSU_DI

          I agree, with your comments for the most part. If Zoes and the Camera app are important to you then sure, just flash a launcher. The same thing goes for the S4, if the S-features are important to you than a launcher will get rid of most of the visual issues.

          However, what if you prefer what Paranoid is doing on their custom ROM, or even what AOKP, Cyanogen, or MIUI is doing for that matter. My point is that you’ll always have a lot of people gravitate towards the latest phone with the highest specs, and since it’s android people have come to expect that they’ll be able to make it there OWN regardless of which skin the OEM puts on the device.

        • spursrchamps2007

          You do realize though that a lot of people even load custom ROM’s on top of vanilla android devices right? People that load ROM’s do it because there is something besides stock (whether that be just stock android or stock touchwiz) they like more. Also a majority of “features” can be loaded into stock ROM’s as well. So lets say you like the HTC camera app, just side load it. If you need a couple of other files to make it work, ask a developer if its possible.

          The truth is ROMS are getting even more customizable, The Wicked ROM for the S3 is a prime example of this. Not only can I pick the UI interface but I can pick and choose what features I want or don’t want to have on it. The purpose of a ROM is ultimately just for the user to be able to find the interface they like the most. This is true whether its a nexus device or one running another UI.

    • Please direct me to a current(-ish) generation Nexus QWERTY slider.

      • Will Frame

        Please direct me to 5 people who actually want a slider.

    • Mostwanted678452056

      Many countries don’t have Nexus 4 released to them yet. So only choice to experience Android in its full glory is to buy a flagship phone from these brands.

  • EC8CH

    Wil Wheaton Recovery… Lay in a course to the planet Root in the Koushikdutta System, warp factor 9 . ENGAGE!

  • droidftw

    “but them found the entire process of putting a” should be “but then found…”

  • reybie

    Sheldon’s not gonna like this.

    • zepfloyd

      Enjoy your accolades now Wil Wheaton. But like your time on Star Trek The Next Generation, your smug self satisfaction will be short lived.

  • Wil Wheaton is one of my favorite narrators on audiobooks. Work on Ready Player One is great.

  • EC8CH
  • jpfrasier


  • EC8CH
    • Thomas
      • EvanTheGamer

        Right on man, right freakin’ on!

    • We’re stuck in an infinite loop. AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh…….

    • vitriolix

      Even with a beard that guy still looks 13

    • Bigwavedave25

      Agreed!! So full of WIN

  • This is fantastic publicity for us! A well known celebrity going on record that Sense UI “is just gross and annoying.” AWESOME! Can you hear that HTC? Do you see that we want a choice between stock android and your Sense?

  • mustbepbs

    Of all the jams he got the Enterprise crew out of, he can’t root a 21st century smartphone?

    Picard will be disappointed in a few centuries.

    • EC8CH

      I believe he got the Enterprise into just as many jams as he got them out of.

      • First season alone he almost destroyed the ship countless times.

        • EC8CH

          Best is when he’s drunk and starts yanking out the isolinear chips.

          Classic Wesley.

  • zwade

    Wil hWheaton.

    • Butters619

      Say “Wheat”.

      Now, say “Will Wheaton”

    • Cool hwip

  • Morlock

    Will Wheaton is a douch-nozzle, so I’m not surprised he can’t figure things out on his own.

    • EC8CH

      ^ Morlock is obviously a Romulan spy.

    • James Norwood

      He was nice to me when I talked to him via email a few years ago. although lately he isn’t being so nice to some people.

  • John Jenness

    How about “Crusher Recovery”

    • Captain_Doug

      Much better.

    • hurrpancakes


      • joejoe5709

        Koush’s ReCrushery. Perfect.

        • michael arazan

          Koush’s Krusher

      • John Jenness


    • EC8CH

      ah yes… Beverly Crusher.

      Now say Beverly in your mind with a Picard voice.

      • MentatYP

        “Beverly Crahshah”

      • michael arazan

        Would rather have Troi, 7, and Beverly together in my mind

    • Jason Brown

      how about “The Wesley…..Crushers Recovery”


  • Brilliant! Love it.

  • ddevito

    Hey Wil,

    Should have gotten a Nexus.

    • muffnman

      Wil had a Galaxy Nexus. He upgraded.

      • ddevito

        perhaps he did indeed CHANGE phones, but maybe UPGRADE was too strong a word

        • muffnman

          Heh, cute.

      • OreoMan

        Or did he…

  • ddevito

    I wish to Wheaton my phone

  • fartbubbler


  • coolsilver

    HAHA nice.

  • That’s hilarious.

  • Hahhahahaha wow