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Android Distribution Numbers Updated for May – Jelly Bean Jumps Slightly to 28.4% of Devices

android distribution

The Android team updated their OS distribution numbers for the beginning of May this afternoon, showing what appears to be a slight jump for Jelly Bean at 28.4%, which is up from the 25% it topped off at in the beginning of April. We’re seeing a decline in Ice Cream Sandwich’s piece of the pie, which is likely due to devices running Android 4.0+ jumping to Android 4.1+ over the last month. We have seen a number of Jelly Bean updates, after all.

Gingerbread dropped to 38.5%, Honeycomb is barely alive at 0.1%, Froyo dipped to 3.6%, and the rest of the numbers didn’t move for Eclair and Donut.

You can see April’s numbers here, if you’d like to compare. Keep in mind that this numbers are now built using data collected from each device when the user visits the Google Play Store

Via:  Android Developers

  • schoat333

    What popular phones are still on GB? I’m guessing phones like the Droid X and such?

  • zombiewolf115

    still rocking that donut ;3 . jk lol but ahh i remember them days of donut way back over yonder

  • The list seems small… but seems like aeons ago that I was using Donut. Random kicks of crack flashing probably doesn’t help that sensation.

  • JetBlue

    Froyo dipped to 3.6% when the picture says 3.7%?

  • Capt. Crunch

    So is that 2.3% on 4.2 all of the nexus owners?

    • JetBlue

      It’s anybody on said version that visits the Play store but most of the people that are on 4.2 are probably GS3, N4, N7, N10, and soon to be GS4

      • Gnex

        • EC8CH


      • Capt. Crunch

        The GS3 is only on 4.1, I checked my girlfriend has one.

        • I have a GS3 and I am on 4.2.2. A lot of people are on a custom ROM.

          • notrootedgs3

            Since we’re making numbers up. I’d guess less than 2% of GS3 owners are on a custom ROM.

          • I didn’t know that “a lot of people” was a number. I wish there was a way to check how many people on a GS3 are actually on a custom rom but we can’t.

            Also, if it is only 2% then that would be 1mil people on a custom rom (because 50mil GS3s were sold). Last I checked 1mil was a lot of people.

  • yungqb7

    I’m still on gingerbread (2.3.6). I’m just waiting for the gs4 on verizon to drop

    • Simon Belmont

      Yeah. My wife is still on Gingerbread (2.3.7) on her EVO 4G, waiting for the upgrade to come along in two weeks.

      Heck, my old HTC Hero, which I use for an alarm clock now and sometimes streaming of music, is on Gingerbread Android 2.3.7 as well. It will be a long time before it dies out completely.

  • Simon Belmont

    Heh. Donut will not die.

    Actually, it took a long time for Cupcake to die. So, I guess I’m not that surprised.

    • Justin Winker

      Heh, read the fine print. Anything with less than .1% is not shown – Cupcake lives on, but not with very many people 😛

      • Simon Belmont

        Yeah. I’m aware of the less than .1% thing. 😉

        All flavors of Android live on with SOME devices. The pool just gets smaller and smaller. 🙂

    • michael arazan

      3 Froyo devices in space on 3 different satellites, 2 by NASA and 1 by the European space agency. The european one is testing to see if sound can be detected in space at different frequencies. I think all 3 are Nexus devices too.

  • oh gingerbread

  • gsDroid

    I thought the Razr and Bionic updates to JB would have made more of a difference.

    • Justin Winker

      It was about a 3% bump from the end of March. I’d like to think that’s all because of the Bionic, but it’s probably less than 1%, while the others are new phones or other phones being updated.

    • carlisimo

      The T-Mobile HTC One S was also part of that 3% bump.

  • mike

    Holy gingerbread!

  • The numbers for the 4.2 are going to jump up a lot within the next few months with the GS4 blitzkrieg

    • tyguy829

      yeah but it won’t matter assuming 4.3 is announced at I/O. It’s like they are on a hamster wheel

      • Even if 4.3 does drop, it is unlikely that they will separate it out from the rest of the Jelly Bean versions in the overall numbers. They have an excellent product in 4.2, so hopefully it will be more refinement than redefinition.